1 Quote that Will Create Blogging Miracles in Your Life

January 29, 2017
Me in Bali. From a while back.


On Monday night Kelli and I will fly to Qatar.


We will be house sitting at a 5 bedroom mansion.


For a month.


In the wealthiest country on earth.


We have lived in Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica for months at a time, among other exotic spots.


To think I was a depressed, fired security guard 5 years ago, and to see what I am experiencing now, shows that miracles do exist.


Our lifestyle of traveling the world indefinitely is certainly our dream come true.


But I’ve experienced many blogging miracles too, including:


  • being featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Forbes, Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post
  • writing and self-publishing 126 eBooks (that’s the store to get your shop on)
  • living the digital nomad lifestyle through my blog


But things were not always peachy keen.


Poop Storm


I ran into major league struggles for years on the blogging front.


My miracles were mired in energetic muck, screaming to manifest, begging me to:


  • face
  • embrace
  • release


my fears.


From running into all manner of obstacles and getting 3 visitors daily and getting blog comments as frequently as Haley’s comment blows through and seeing tumbleweeds slowly and casually rolling through my then single cash flow stream, straits were as dire as when I did my best Gollum impersonation in 2013 in India, when I nearly bit the big one after losing 20 pounds in a week through giardia and severe dehydration.


How did I go from blogging joke to laughing at whatever life serves up for me? How did I create blogging miracles in my experience?


How can you manifest blogging miracles in your life?


I began to authentically embody this quote:


“Thoughts increase by being given away. The more who believe in them the stronger they become. Everything is an idea. How, then, can giving and losing be associated?” ~ A Course in Miracles


Stepping into the spirit of this quote has helped me live an amazingly delicious life.


Stepping into the spirit of this quote will help you co-create blogging miracles in your life.


The Turning Points


I slammed into the floor like a Redwood tree which had been hacked by Paul Bunyon.


After 4 months of selling my first eBook – pre-Blogging From Paradise days – I checked my stats. 4 sales. 1 sale a month. I had purchased a domain, published 100 plus posts, promoted the piss out of the eBook, and….4 sales.


I collapsed out of grief. I cried. And cried some more. And more. And more.


I experienced a handful of similar turning points over the years, by simply facing, feeling and releasing my fears. Through these situations, I learned that energetically, you can’t shine shit. Or that you can’t outfox your fears. Or that you cannot create blogging miracles from an energy of fear.


Even though I published 100 plus posts on my “eBook selling domain” (great energy there, eh?) , my energy was predominantly FEAR. I could have published 450 million posts. If my energy was predominantly FEAR, that FEAR will mirror back to me through failure, struggles and nightmares.


I had to cry to clear the fear. I had to grieve to clear the fear. I had to get pissed off and flip out to clear the fear. But as I embraced, felt – however strong the feelings were – and released the fear, my energy became LOVE and FUN, more and more.


I also reviewed my blogging successes. I noted how the neat results were the product of my energy. If I did something for the love and fun of doing it I manifested cool results. If i did something from a place of fear and scarcity I manifested struggle and failure.


Back to the Quote and Why Your Monkey Mind Fights it


“Thoughts increase by being given away. The more who believe in them the stronger they become. Everything is an idea. How, then, can giving and losing be associated?” ~ A Course in Miracles


A Course in Miracles is so delicious because it is The Truth. (BTW, high buy on that book)


No mind filters. No ego filters. The book stands on its own.


When you read it, you know exactly what I am talking about. It is not of this world.


The authors were former skeptics who channeled The Voice (Aka, Jesus Christ, or God but it could be Buddha or Allah or any Being of Pure Light and Love) into this book of Truth.


Papaya harvesting in Savusavu, Fiji.


The book is beyond importance, or recommendation.


It is Love, Freedom and Fun, and the Transcendence of Fear, helping you rend the veil of scarcity-based illusion.


That sounds like a good endorsement to me. Unless you are living from the level of Christ Mind. And if that is the case, you probably don’t need to read the book.


Anyway, your mind fights the quote because of fear. Some fear you cling to based on scarcity appears to  goad you into thinking:


  • you will “burn out” if you create “too much”
  • you can’t give away the entire farm
  • you are against anything or anyone
  • you have competition
  • someone can take anything away from you
  • that anything other than love is real
  • that poverty exists


Time to revisit the quote again. To break it down.


“Thoughts increase by being given away. The more who believe in them the stronger they become. Everything is an idea. How, then, can giving and losing be associated?” ~ A Course in Miracles


Thoughts increase by being given away.

  • how many times have you acted in reverse, holding back your thoughts and creations and gifts and talents and loving energy, because you believed that thoughts DECREASE when you give them away, and that doing so exhausts you, and that giving an increasing number of thoughts and things away will make you broke?
  • how are you holding back your thinking, to benefit yourself, without giving thought to the increase you are depriving others?


The more who believe in them the stronger they become.


  • how many times have you explicitly clung to creative ideas because you FEARED other bloggers would steal these thoughts, dissipating your power, to your loss?


Everything is an idea.


  • how frequently have you made idols out of money, blog traffic, blog comments, numbers of posts written, and social shares, forgetting all these THINGS are just ideas, manifest…..nothing special, just the fruits of your energy, icing on the cake, cherries on da top, to be neither feared or revered?


How, then, can giving and losing be associated?”


This last quote is The Truth. But goodness it may be hard to swallow. Like trying to scarf down a Dagwood-sized hoagie with a guppy’s mouth (Google “Dagwood”).


If you are like me and most other humans you likely lived most of your life in fear because you believed:


  • the more you give the more you lose/lost
  • in the idea of sacrifice (how can you lose anything if everything you give freely multiplies exponentially?)
  • you had to work hard (aka, carry the energy of fear while moving into action, versus doing things with love) to get stuff
  • you needed to take care of yourself before you take care of others (ummm….when you take care of others, first, giving freely, and helping, your GETTING increases exponentially)


You can clear out all these limited states of mind by clearing out your deepest fears.


This involves feeling your deepest fears. Which can be highly unpleasant at times. But unless you are already enlightened you gotta eat a shit sandwich sometimes.


This means feeling kinda depressed sometimes, or crying uncontrollably until you dry heave, for like 30 seconds, sometimes, or punching a pillow like Mike Tyson on speed, sometimes.


Or maybe your deepest fears are not that deep. Who knows? Only you do when you step into your fears versus resisting them or clinging to them or burying them.


Note; these intense sessions may occur for a few seconds or minutes, 2-3 times a year. Not that bad. At least when you REALLY dive into these deep feelings. Over time, you won’t have to dive DEEPLY into your feelings because you already cleared them out. They ain’t no longer there. So your mind won’t care. I had to share. Bear. (Dr. Seuss, rest easy.)


Bali Boobies and Burying Fears


My eyes popped out of my head like Roger Rabbit.


A comely young woman – who ironically, was shaped not unlike Jessica Rabbit – dropped her trow, threw her top into the rice fields and dove into the irrigation stream for a bath.


We were living in the rice fields about 15 minutes outside of Ubud, Bali. Local folks are not ashamed of their bodies. They sometimes bathe. In public.


Since I had not fully embodied A Course in Miracles at the time of the Bali Boobs and Bathing Sighting I was prone to the pleasures of the flesh. She arrested my attention, a Southeast Asian version of Skinemax happening live and direct at 2 PM in daylight versus at 2 AM with my finger on the remote, ready to change the channel when any sentient being stirred in the next room.


Anyway, the way this lady appeared to grab my attention is exactly how fear grabs your ego’s attention. Except the mind does a bone-headed thing; the split second your mind notices the inklings of any fears which feed all the damaging, miracle-dissolving, nightmare-creating, limiting blogging beliefs, it buries the fear. Puts it away. This appears (ie, illusion, is, not true, ie, pure bullshit) to make you long “strong”.


Make no mistakes though. The fear will arise. Eventually. The more you bury it, the more it grows. As a mild or deathly illness, or as losing all your money, or in the form of strained, damaging relationships, or drug addiction, or alcohol addiction, or overeating, you energetically cannot bury a fear forever because…..


…..fears only die when you face them, embrace them and release them. 


So this is how the pre-miracles prep work goes:


  • find a quiet room
  • grab a pillow
  • take a deep breath
  • be gentle with yourself
  • ask yourself a few questions, from where you are in your life, right now….to how you feel about your job, or your blog, or your business, or your relationships, or your finances/money
  • wait for answers
  • as the answers flow in, take a few deep breaths, relax…and then…..allow feelings to arise
  • tell yourself “it’s OK to cry” (this may open the floodgates, which is awesome)
  • tell yourself “it’s OK to be angry” (keep the pillow handy; I smashed my knuckles and wrists in walls a few times because I didn’t honor my pillow rule)
  • allow whatever arises, to come to the surface of your consciousness


After one or two or three or four of these fear-clearing sessions you will be being – and blogging – more from an energy/space of love, versus coming from a place of fear.


This is the springboard for creating blogging miracles.


I suggest you meditate from 5 to 30 minutes daily. Start at 5 minutes. Add a few minutes every few weeks.


When you meditate regularly, you will cease resisting feelings and start feeling them. Sometimes you will feel a bit blase. Other times kinda depressed for a day or 2. Or maybe you cry like a baby for 20 seconds, bawling your eyes out.


It’s just fear. Don’t worry about it. Just a bunch of squiggly little itty bitty energy waves in the mind that go away when you feel and release them.


Me with friends in Hue, Vietnam.


And don’t worry about the time element in this fear-clearing process. I can say that 3 or 4 outbursts for a few minutes over the course of the past 2 years create blogging miracles in my life.


Spirit doesn’t know time. God doesn’t know toil. Love knows not the idea of effort. God just reflects love back to you, always, but if your life doesn’t feel that way, you gotta clear some fear, to see that love reflection.


By “love reflection” I mean miracles, and the beautiful, fun, fulfilling steps that lead to miracles.


How Embodying the Quote Creates Blogging Miracles


Now that you are regularly clearing out deep fears – instead of burying them – you are both spending more money on tissues and seeing miracle seeds develop in your life.


This is fun!


Because now you see the truth in the quote, and live it, by:


  • blogging for fun, predominantly
  • blogging with love
  • spreading love by promoting other bloggers freely through social media and your blog
  • writing 1,000 words daily for practice
  • weaving stories into your posts
  • blogging from a heart-centered space
  • focusing on passions over profits
  • focusing on fun over finances
  • letting go the idea of hard work
  • guest posting on blogs you never dreamed you could be featured on
  • landing interviews on top blogs
  • becoming a blogging light in your niche


The blogging miracles will steadily build as you experience your fears, move away from the energy of scarcity, give for fun, with love, and see the amazing increase around you.


Gotta roll guys and dolls.


I got some Qatar packing to do.


Your Turn


What blogging miracles are manifesting in your life, right now?


What blogging fears are you clinging to that are blocking miracles?




I want to share a few resources to help you manifest blogging miracles in your experience:



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  1. Hi SMN,

    Oh yes, that is one of my secrets 😉

    Doing stuff from your heart – aka divine center – helps all things flow freely and easily.

    Example; I am feeling love writing these comments after a 23 hour journey from New Jersey to Qatar. So I write. Because it’s about love. Not fear. But since I am ready to get some sleep in like 10 seconds I will skip writing a blog post this morning on Blogging Tips. Because if I did, with how I feel now, fear would definitely be the driver versus writing the post for the love of writing the post.

    Thanks a bunch brother.


  2. SMN Zaman Says:

    O I see!! that’s the secret of you!

    I was thinking that it was nature that made you so passionate about blogging.

    Now I see that the quote made you achieve the passion and love that you pass through.

    By the way, I find your blog very much interesting as you’re seen at different places on different photos. Moreover, we can assume that your writing comes from your heart, not from your brain which is a great notion for quality writing.

    Thanks a lot for sharing wonderful posts on a regular basis,

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