1 Quick Test to Show if You Are a Fraidy Cat or Clear on Your Blog

  May 8, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

New Zealand


We are chilling in New Zealand as of this post publish date.


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Last night, wifey and I cruised in the rental car to grab frozen yogurt in Christchurch. We saw 2 friendly, spunky girls working the counter. I immediately chatted them up, sharing how we travel the world through our online businesses, Kelli and I.


After mentioning house sitting the duo WOWed at the concept.


Before we left, the fro-yo duo being dazzled with our life, I casually mentioned how they could follow my journey at Blogging From Paradise Dot Com.  But years ago I was a blogging fraidy cat. I rarely mentioned what I did online because I feared doing so for reasons like:


  • believing folks would not be interested anyway
  • believing folks would press me for questions on how to live the life, and that I’d not be able to answer, and would appear to be a fraud
  • believing folks would never buy my products or hire me or buy my eBooks or follow my blog anyway
  • believing mentioning my blog and eBooks would be a waste of time


All reasons why I used to be a fraidy cat concerning mentioning Blogging From Paradise were selfish, greedy, fear-driven intents, none true, all illusions. But feeling these fears and releasing said fears helped me get clear on my blog to where I clearly and casually mention Blogging From Paradise and my eBooks to anyone without feeling uncomfortable, awkward or resistant to mentioning Blogging From Paradise.


The Quick Test


The next time you meet someone in public, a seeming stranger, strike up a conversation with them. After a 2 minute dialog observe how much resistance you feel prior to mentioning your blog. See if you mention your blog. Observe how you feel. Awkward? Embarrassed? Anxious? Like a shill? Like a fraud? What comes up?


If any tension or resistance arises you are unclear on your blog. This lack of clarity means that your traffic, profits and overall blogging metrics pale in comparison to what would be if you got genuinely clear and confident on your blog.


The more genuinely clear and confident you become on your blog the more you succeed.


Some Bloggers Talk a Big Game But Walk a Scared Walk


Little old newbie blogging me conned myself into believing that I was a supremely confident blogger.


But anytime I mentioned blogging to my family and friends I felt:


  • uncomfortable
  • awkward
  • ashamed
  • embarrassed


Each fear triggered revealed how I deeply doubted myself and my blog.


I told some people how I felt like a confident blogger. But speaking to other people revealed how little blogging confidence I genuinely possessed.


You may talk a big blogging game but walk a scared blogging walk.


Feelings, not hot air, mean everything in blogging and life.


Fake it and you will never make it.


You and I live in a universe of feelings not fakings.


You and I live in a universe of feelings not fakings.Click To Tweet


Why This Test Is Important


Scared bloggers hold back and fail.


Clear bloggers give it all away and succeed.


Blogging struggles grow from fear sitting in your mind. Being afraid to mention your blog to anyone means that you fear some aspect of:


  • blogging
  • your blog
  • your blogging skills


Fearing some aspect of blogging scares you into holding back. In essence, you shy away from the world. Shying away means turning down opportunities to help people and succeed. Turning down opportunities to succeed prolongs blogging struggles and failure.


Mention your blog to people. Clear self-conscious fears. Release blogging doubts.


Become clear on your blog. Become a confident blogger.


Clear, confident bloggers thrive because you hold nothing back from fear.


Instead, you give it away to gain skills, credibility and exposure enough to succeed.


Your Turn


How clear are you on your blog?


Do you feel a bit of resistance aka fear when mentioning your blog and how you help folks to strangers in offline settings?


Or do you feel clear, comfortable and detached in mentioning your blog to anyone?

  1. Lisa P Sicard says:
    at 7:13 am

    Hi Ryan, How was the frozen yogurt there? Frozen yogurt is one of my favorite foods!
    I have gotten clearer with my blog and business as I had the homepage redesigned this week with that clarity in mind. I show my services now on the homepage. People know just what I do and what I can offer.
    I have been getting better telling people about it but I must carry my business cards. I often forget that little/big detail. That way they can go to it when they go online.
    I used to hid behind it all the time and didn’t even show my face on it. I was the fraidy cat for years!
    Thanks for this inspiring post today Ryan.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:32 pm

      SUPER tasty Lisa 😉 I was a fraidy cat too so no worries on that LOL. All it takes usually is one bold/clear act, no matter how uncomfortable, and you will be good to go. Thanks so much my friend 🙂

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