1 Question You Need to Ask Yourself as a Travel Blogger

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Me high above Kathmandu Nepal


Do you dream of getting paid to circle the globe?


Do visions of being comped for coverage dance around in your travel blogging dome?


Hold your horses buddy.


Take a deep breath.


Before putting the travel blogging cart before the horse you need to consider what it takes to become a professional travel blogger.


I want to dive into one ever critical question that all aspiring or even established full time travel bloggers need to ask themselves:


“Do I love writing about my travels?”


Because in truth, some travel bloggers do not enjoy writing of their travels. This crowd loves traveling but has little interest in actually covering their travels.


This lack of interest in being a travel blogger manifests as:


  • laziness
  • arrogance  and delusion (aka, I have been travel blogging for 6 months; I demand this big name brand to pay me $1000 for a sponsored post on my blog with 50 visitors a day that has not been featured on major media outlets….and fuck them if they don’t pay me!!!)
  • a general lack of passion for documenting your travels


Skewed Expectations


Travel bloggers tend to fail horribly due in part to being deluded about what it takes to go pro.


People think travel blogging is simply writing and publishing blog posts before getting paid to circle the globe.


But when visions of lounging in Infinity pools with chicks stacked like Vivid girls and guys chiseled like underwear models morph into getting 2 visitors a day to your blog 6 months into your budding blogging career, ridiculous delusions either goad most bloggers into quitting and a few into gaining blogging clarity.


Splash cold water onto your face. Get your blogging wake-up call. Step back into reality.


Travel blogging is simple but a highly uncomfortable skill to develop spanning 1000’s of work hours lasting years of your life.  Travel blogging requires a ton of work. First and foremost, practicing your writing to become:


  • skilled
  • clear
  • confident


as a writer is step #1 in monetizing your blog successfully.


Advertisers need to feel confident in your writing to pay you for:


  • sponsored posts
  • embedded ads


Publishers need to see a large, loyal blogging community flocking to you rabidly in order to offer you a book deal. Skilled writers – and networkers – draw large, loyal blogging communities.


Clients and customers need to trust your writing in order to buy the premium versions of your products and services.


Highly passionate writers practice writing enough to go pro while disinterested writers struggle, fail, flail and quit.


You better love writing or you will not be travel blogging for very long.


My Story


When I blogged in a different niche I did not integrate my travels into my blog because neither niche seemed related.


Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand


I eventually scrapped the old blog to make room for Blogging From Paradise.


Blogging From Paradise organically morphed from a solely blogging tips themed blog to involving travel-themed posts.


I enjoy blogging about my travels. But you helpful readers made the ultimate difference by asking me to cover my travels in addition to sharing blogging tips. People speak. I listen.


Recently I have published one blogging tips themed post and one travel themed post daily. Perhaps I will change the blog post frequency for each topic but only because I genuinely love writing about my travels.



I did not prefer to blog about my travels for years. Naturally, I wrote and published few travel themed posts because if it doesn’t feel fun I don’t do it. Following this core life mantra helps me enjoy the ride.


Logic Is Often Wrong


I do things from a heart-centered space.


Logic is often wrong.


Logic would tell you to be a travel blogger if you travel the world.  But being a travel blogger involves developing a collection of skills far outside of the traveling realm. Faulty logic overlooks the skills of:


  • becoming a clear, confident writer
  • evolving into an eagle-eyed observer
  • developing the art of transmitting keen observations into words via your blog posts
  • monetizing your blog effectively as an entrepreneur


Many travel bloggers connect traveling with blogging based on logic alone and struggle like hell to make money with their blogs. The struggle manifests as anger, bitterness, sourness, an unwillingness to be generous, stubbornness and a resistance to learning, to being kind, to giving and to serving.


Most of the time these travel bloggers are in the game to get not to give.


Your intuition does not lie. It is true because it is perfect. It is heart centered too.


Your intuition will alert you to whether or not you have an insatiable, overpowering  passion to document your travels as a travel blogger.


I waited many years until I developed an intense love of blogging to start travel blogging. Passion preceded my decision to document my travels.


Rockingham Recreational Trail Manchester New Hampshire

Manchester New Hampshire USA



To become a successful travel blogger you need:


  • a passion for traveling
  • an even deeper passion to document your travels
  • a love of writing
  • a passion for telling stories
  • an openness to learning how to blog, how to monetize your blog, how to create helpful content, how to format your posts and how to generously serve big dawg travel bloggers to make friends with these dynamos


My travel blogging buddies Jyotsna Ramani at Wander with Jo, Meg Jerrard at Mapping Megan and Will Hatton at The Broke Backpacker are highly successful travel bloggers.


Each has that it energy.


Each obviously loves writing about their travels.




You need to ask yourself: do I love writing and telling stories about my travels as much as I love the travels themselves?


If you answer an honest “yes” then you have the energetic foundation of building a successful travel blogging career.


Your Turn


Do you love traveling but dislike writing?


Or do you genuinely enjoy reporting on your travels?

  1. Pronay Sarkar says:
    at 5:17 pm

    Hello Ryan Sir,

    I love travelling, writing and reading. But you know this damn pandemic everything ruins it. Perhaps I visited a lot of places in India, only foreign country visited yet in my life, but I want to more.

    For two years, I haven’t left Delhi (Where I live), but I wish near future, I visit some new places and write about them, make some videos and share with friends.

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