Me high above Kathmandu Nepal

1 Question You Need to Ask Yourself as a Travel Blogger


I want to pull back from pictures of Phuket.


I need to relax with showing me balling in Bali.


Chilling in Costa Rica? No need to show me doing that today.


I want to dive into one ever critical question that all aspiring or even established full time travel bloggers need to ask themselves:


“Do I love writing about my travels?”


Because in truth, a stunning number of travel bloggers do not enjoy writing of their travels. This crowd loves traveling. But has little interest in actually covering their travels.


This lack of interest in being a travel blogger manifests as:


  • laziness
  • arrogance¬† and delusion (aka, I have been travel blogging for 6 months; I demand this big name brand to pay me $1000 for a sponsored post on my blog with 50 visitors a day that has not been featured on major media outlets….and fuck them if they don’t pay me!!!)
  • a general lack of passion for writing about and documenting your travels


My Story


When I blogged in a different niche I did not integrate my travels into my blog. This made sense. And it did not make sense. Because even though I blogged about how to make money online you would have enjoyed an image or 2 of me in Bali, just to let you know the dreams you live through profiting online.


Anyway, I scrapped the old blog to make room for Blogging From Paradise.


But even though I worked my travels into Blogging From Paradise it was a blogging tips themed blog. To this day, most of my blog posts are blogging tips themed. I tossed in some travel posts here and there, but decided to publish blogging tips topics on the blog, for posts.


A few months ago I decided to hop into travel blogging full bore by publishing travel themed blogging pages daily (Ya know, pages like your About Page or Contact Page).



I publish these travel blogging pages regularly because I finally enjoy documenting my travels so I can help aspiring travelers and established travelers and all types of travel bloggers with my content, my experiences, my tips and my insights.


I hated blogging/writing about my travels for years. Even though I loved traveling. This is why I chose not to be a travel blogger for years.


Logic Is Often Wrong


I do things from a heart-centered space.


I rarely call upon logic because logic is limited, and by default, faulty, because it sprouts from the limited and often fear-based human mind.


Logic is often wrong.


Logic would tell you to be a travel blogger if you travel the world. As a way to make money online. As a way to fund your travels. As a way to avoid coming back home to work a full time job to boost your savings for the next trip.


But logic, as we have established, is often way off. Logic lies to you.


Many travel bloggers connect traveling with blogging, based on logic alone, and struggle like hell to make money with their blogs. The struggle manifests as anger, bitterness, sourness, an unwillingness to be generous, stubbornness and a resistance to learning, to being kind, to giving and to serving.


Most of the time, these travel bloggers are in the game to get, not to give.


Your intuition does not lie. It is true because it is perfect. It is heart centered too.


Your intuition will alert you to whether or not you have an insatiable, overpowering, loving, fun passion to cover/document your travels as a travel blogger.


I waited many years until I had an intense love of blogging, to start travel blogging. I began making money through my travel blogging posts almost immediately because my blogging skills and love of telling vivid, colorful, fun stories helped me pop up on the radar of brands and businesses immediately.


(Transparency alert; it does not hurt that my DA is 51 and I have over 18,000 links in to Blogging From Paradise.)


But like with all my success online, the passion has fueled everything.


Ya gotta love writing, telling stories and helping people become more informed travelers as much as you love globe trotting to succeed with travel blogging.


Ya gotta love entertaining, serving and being generous to kill it in this niche.


Capuchin Monkeys Manual Antonio Costa Rica


To become a successful travel blogger you need:


  • a passion for traveling
  • an even deeper, more powerful, loving passion to document your travels
  • a love of writing
  • a passion for telling stories
  • an openness to learning how to blog, how to monetize your blog, how to create helpful content, how to format your posts and how to generously serve big dawg travel bloggers to build friends with these dynamos


I think of brilliant travel blogging buddies who have that passion, that fire, that love of travel blogging.


They love travel blogging as much as they love traveling. Which makes them so damn good at what they do.


My travel blogging buddies Jyotsna Ramani at Wander with Jo, Meg Jerrard at Mapping Megan and Will Hatton at The Broke Backpacker are highly successful, must follow travel bloggers.


Each has that it energy. The passion for blogging, and travel.


Each obviously loves writing about their travels.


You need to ask yourself: do I love writing and telling stories about my travels as much as I love the travels themselves?


If you answer an honest “yes” then you have the energetic foundation of building a successful travel blogging career.


Blogging Buddies


Meet and greet my blogging buddies. Comment genuinely on their blogs, promote them and have fun befriending them. Accelerate your blogging success.



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