1 Keen Way to View Blog Content

  March 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Desert in Oman


This video definitely puts a little twist on how most bloggers view content.


I explain from my trip to Oman.


You can click the link to view the video.


1 Keen Way to View Blog Content


How do you picture blog content?


Do you see each blog post you write and publish as…..just being a blog post?


Or do you see each piece of content you create as a brand ambassador?


As a rule, most bloggers completely undervalue blog content. Folks usually see one post as one post sitting there; after an initial traffic surge on your promo push, traffic dies down to nil. Old content long forgotten does nothing for you. But imagine seeing each blog post as a brand ambassador spreading the blogging word for you. Do you think you may treat content differently if you frame a post as an ambassador spreading the word for your brand?


I promote old blog posts from Blogging From Paradise aggressively. Why not get 1000 plus posts posts working for me? Why not hire 2500 brand ambassadors to spread the word for me around the clock? Each post serves as an ally. If each post behaves similar to an ally it would be foolish to write off or ignore each piece of content I published on Blogging From Paradise. Right now, 1000 plus blog posts beg to work with me. Why would I not promote old posts? Why would I not update and re-publish old posts?


Updating old posts seems to be one of my favorite practices these days. I am big on making old work continue to work for me. Bloggers have 100s to 1000s of blog posts and guest posts combined, floating around their niche. But most obsess over 1 post – their latest post – to ignore 1000 posts. Does that make sense? Does that sound like smart leveraging? Stop obsessing over 1 blog post. Focus heavily on promoting 50-100 blog posts. Spread the word on 50 posts. Retweet old posts. Update and re-publish old content. Publish new content, too. Adopt an abundance mindset.


15 years into my blogging career I find myself updating and re-publishing an old blog post formerly just a link and a few words. I linked to a video. I added roughly 50 words of text. Prior to today, at least. But now I am in the process of making each Blogging From Paradise blog post a bit more to allow all posts to be smart brand ambassadors. Even 600 words works. I published ample SEO-optimized numbers. Now I just beef up a high volume of posts to add a steady amount of content to my blog. Google loves content flowing from a domain.


But beyond Google, each post gaining traction – whether 600 or 2000 words – behaves like an employee for the Blogging From Paradise company.  I do not currently run an actual company. I employ no one. But my blog posts serve as employees as each circulates around the blogging tips niche permanently. Toss in my blogging buddy network; we have Blogging From Paradise Inc. over here.


One of the worst blogging errors to make consists of de-valuing blog content. Bloggers publish a post. Perhaps bloggers email the post to their list. One retweet, Facebook Share and LinkedIn Share later, the post slowly but steadily dies. How can you expand brand awareness if you allow each blog post to die after a bit of organic traffic via the initial publish push? Why not see each post as an ambassador for your blogging brand? Each post you publish can and should work for you. The challenge lies in reminding yourself of this simple yet powerful truth consistently.


I also retweet many old guest posts I published. On a daily basis I share at least 10-20 guest posts of mine if not more. True; guest posts point to brands other than Blogging From Paradise. But one Blogging From Paradise backlink resides in all guest posts I place. Readers can and do click links to find Blogging From Paradise. Think abundantly. See yourself as being everywhere. Follow up by getting busy BEING everywhere through your generous service, clarity in speaking your message and by framing each blog post as an employee spreading your blog brand word, far and wide.


Your Turn


Do you frame each blog post as a brand ambassador?


How can you value every blog post you publish more deeply?


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