1 Incredibly Difficult But Freeing Idea for Struggling Bloggers to Accept

  December 22, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Ortahisar, Turkey


Gary Vaynerchuk published an Instagram update a while back.


Gary Vee said he spent from 7 PM to midnight every single day for 5 years replying to everyone on social media and hitting his niche hashtag because he knew giving a shit genuinely matters. He reasoned that someone responding to you on social media inspires you to follow them permanently. He speaks the truth. I always remember celebrities who spent time engaging me. I recall Brian Tracy tweeting me by name almost 10 years ago. I recall Richard Branson tweeting me by name a few years ago. Both chats mattered. Big time.


But…if I poll struggling bloggers, right now, 9 out of 10 say Gary Vee is wildly successful because:


  • he is lucky
  • he had big bucks to invest in his online brand so his money made him
  • he is blessed, talented, or some other idea that adds a passive nature to his success, completely excusing his full time commitment and overtime workload to succeeding online


As a rule, most struggling bloggers have a terrible time accepting this idea: You GET what you GIVE to blogging. Gary Vee is worth hundreds of millions of dollars now in part because he spent 5 years giving 5 hours every single evening only replying to people on social media. He inspires me to spend 1-2 hours daily replying to people on Twitter alone. Few understand that spending hours engaging people 1 to 1 on a daily basis is the way to grow a rabidly loyal tribe that takes you to great heights. Either you put in the time for years to build your doggedly devoted tribe or you do not.


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If someone appears to experience extraordinary success they put in extraordinary effort through an extraordinary commitment to working their craft THE RIGHT WAY.


Gary Vee did it the right way. He is worth hundreds of millions of dollars NOW because he spent 5 years of his life from 7-12 every night replying to people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. How long do you spend replying to people on social media nightly? Do you spend 5-10 minutes replying to people on social media before calling it a day? I did. I suffered because I did not work social media the right way. Spending 5-10 minutes daily engaging on social sites made no real impact.


But deciding to spend hours engaging people on social – after observing Gary’s stunning commitment and success – boosted my presence quickly on Twitter. I built a loyal tribe perhaps nowhere near Gary Vee’s in size or scale now but enough to where it takes me up to 2 hours daily to reply to every one individually on Twitter.


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This is a freeing idea for struggling bloggers but feels difficult to accept for the fears one needs to face, feel and release in order to put in the 1, 2 or 3 hours daily on social media to begin growing a large, loyal following. Oodles of fear invade the mind of the average new blogger concerning putting in hours daily on social media. Gary faced, felt and released the fears of:


  • wasting time on social
  • getting nothing in return from social media
  • seeing little to no growth as a new social media user


because he is an unenlightened human being with fears in his mind. He conquered these years over years, put in 5 hours of work daily for 5 years and look at him now. He is a super star celebrity. YOU will need to face, feel, release and conquer the same fears in your mind which will seem highly difficult but in truth are simply highly uncomfortable to embrace. Take it from a guy just diving in to his work day at 10:00 PM on a week night after a day of traveling. Conquer your fears to get the work done in order to lay a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.


Success awaits struggling bloggers who conquer their fears to put in the work – the right way – for a long time.

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