Travel Stereotypes: 1 Arrogant Mindset to Release

travel stereotypes

Yangon Myanmar

1 Form of Traveler Arrogance You Need to Release to Empower Nations


As a traveler you may get caught up in memes or travel stereotypes.


I do sometimes.


One form of traveler arrogance masks itself as a meme that many globe trotters seem to pass on to one another.


I caught the virus. At one time. Now I know better.


The meme?


The belief that your money supports a nation.


This is Western arrogance spread from traveler to traveler. Agreed upon. Nodded upon.


Travel Stereotypes


But when you think about it for a second you understand that the United States was a “money-poor” country centuries ago. Americans decided to become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship morphed into commerce and industry.


Now we have a mix of solo entrepreneurs, small business owners and big business owners, who help form a wealthy nation. Wealth in money, at least.


Nobody came in and supported Americans. We just decided to be business people, We honed our skills. Created helpful services. Received money for service rendered. Economy grew. Here we are.


Where was the money before Americans saw it? In consciousness. Not in anybody’s pockets.


Foreign Lands


If you are spending time in what some would say is a 3rd world nation, the local folks living in that nation determine their economic future. Not you.


Our money does not support economies, or people, or even tourism for that matter. Money is in consciousness. Meaning, when more folks in Thailand – which is already the wealthiest land in SE Asia – follow the lead of the Thai billionaire who founded Red Bull, more big businesses will grow and Thailand will become even more of a powerhouse.


Do you think that guy waited around for tourist money to fund his billion dollar empire? Nope. He knew that money was not in farang pockets, but in consciousness.


Money Helps


Money helps. For sure.


Money changing hands between citizens of nations can help one another. But the split second you believe that your money, and you, are the deciding or supporting factor in keeping a nation afloat, your arrogance turns the help, into harm, and also turns empowering gifts (like extras, or, icing on the cake, or, a cherry on top) into disempowering forms of charity.


The happiest billionaires of the world – see Richard Branson – empower human beings to be as rich as the billionaires are. This is the great secret to being an awesome digital nomad, tourist or expat: you can assist, teach, help and gift, but you are not the lifeline, the cause, the savior.


Give some help. Maybe offer some prospering insight and a bit of dough. Then get the hell out of the way.


The most compassionate, heart-centered thing you can do for a country is to see them in such an empowered light that you know they would thrive without you or your money.


This is the energetic shift, occurring right now, that will help make 3rd world nations, 1st world powers.


The Disempowering Thing


Although we all need to own our experiences, people in 3rd world nations may in their fear inaccurately believe that foreigners and tourists are the key to their success in life. We (Westerners) are the money. Americans. Europeans. But this is totally not true.


The key to their prosperity is to understand the idea that money is an idea. Money is in consciousness.


Right now, most human beings can gain access to a smart phone and internet minutes – and if you disempower people by believing this is not so, you are responsible for allowing your fear-based beliefs to infect other human beings – and from there, they can lay the foundation for a profitable online business. Or, billions of other ideas knock on their mind’s door, all around the world.


Is it challenging to make money in any land? Yep; most human beings are raised with a predominant fear vibe around money. But you only make people’s jobs harder by believing the arrogant concept that you – not consciousness, or not the Universe – are the prime means of support for a nation, or a people.


Guess what happens if tourism dollars dry up somewhere? The people either resist this situation and suffer, or they stop resisting and find other ways to make money. The time line is totally up to the people and the government, but one sign of wisdom is allowing every country to do what they do, in their own time, at their own pace, without judging or interfering.


Your money supports no one. Consciousness supports everyone.


Believe this idea and you will instantly begin empowering every human being on the planet, one at a time, by allowing your loving, nurturing, clear energy to open up the collective awareness of humanity.


Why Do Travelers Tend to Think this Way?


Laziness. Or, lazy thinking. Or, no thinking.


Travelers tend to do things through their limited, fear-based mind, versus doing things from their unlimited, love-based heart.


Ego says “I am important to this country” in an arrogant way.


The heart says “I am just a part of the whole” in a humble way.


If you really want to empower a nation, lose the arrogant belief that people or lands need you.


Getting off of my traveler high horse has made me more happy, more prospering and yep, it has allowed me to connect with a wide range of folks from all over the globe.


I’ve also experienced something neat; by not trying to empower people, but by simply loving them and helping them and feeling grateful for our connections, I realized that my energy, not my money, is the ultimate factor in showing folks who awesome they are and how much they can create their dream life, no matter where they are from or what circumstances they were raised in.


Money is in consciousness.


Not in some arrogant tourist’s pocket.