1 Easy Way to Engage

  August 9, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Bahla Fort Oman


The moment someone publishes a comment on your blog click their blog link and publish a comment on their blog.


Engage engagers.


Doesn’t this seem smart?


Bloggers sometimes bemoan not getting enough engagement on their blogs. But suffering through a lack of engagement mirrors back YOUR lack of engagement to you. If no one seems to talk to you I guarantee this; you are not actively talking to anyone on their blogs. Social people attract engagement. Non-social people draw little to no engagement to them. Talk!


Be chatty. Be social. Scan comments. Click links. Comment on fellow blogger’s blogs.


Begin an engagement train between both bloggers. I routinely publish comments on blogs run by bloggers who comment on Blogging From Paradise. Replying to blog comments forms a bond. Clicking blog links run by buddies who comment on your blog forms an even stronger bond.


Be social to gain engagement. At first glance, the policy makes perfect sense. One enjoys a quick engagement boost by speaking to human beings via their blogs. Give to get.  Be social to attract social people to you. Boost engagement. However, being social by commenting on other blogs unearths fears concerning:



among other ego-induced fears. Few bloggers engage in a genuine blog commenting campaign for any sustained time for cowering to each fear in the mind. But if you want engagement, knifing through these fears becomes the first barrier to more comments published to your blog. Be with the fears. Let go the fears. Generously, patiently and persistently put in time by easing through these energies. No one enjoys feeling fear. But once you face fears routinely the benefits of commenting genuinely on blogs include:



Think through the process. Read a comment published to your blog. Reply to the comment. Click the link provided by your fellow blogger. Spend a few minutes reading their latest blog post. Spend a few moments publishing a 2-3 paragraph-long comment in response to their latest blog post. Does this task sound hard or easy? Even though ego loves making a horse race out of everything, seeing clearly reveals following this tactic is quite easy. Read. Reply with your opinion. Enjoy the sweet rewards of publishing genuine comments on other blogs.


Contrary to popular belief, blog commenting is not a waste of time. However, do not expect to receive direct SEO benefits for blog comments published. Most comments are No Follow links. Google learned long ago how bloggers tried to game the search engine system with spam comments. Frame blog commenting as a gateway activity. Publish genuine comments to:


  • drive traffic through the comment itself via interested parties who click your link
  • bond with fellow bloggers who offer you backlinks via mentions and guest posts invites
  • add valuable content to other blogs, boosting your blogging karma


Comments add content to blog posts. Adding relevant, valuable content to blog posts boosts blogging karma. Do good deeds for bloggers. Bloggers do good deeds for you.


We all know of the basic law of karma but few ponder how simple, easy actions executed over the long haul boost blogging karma. Few understand how comments add content to a blog post. Dwelling on this idea for even a moment reveals genuine blog commenting is not too unlike publishing a guest post. Save not receiving a Do Follow link and experiencing slightly lesser billing, sugary sweet benefits still flow your way if you comment genuinely on respected blogs from your niche.




I recorded a video to delve into this topic.


Check it out here:


1 Easy Way to Engage


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