1 Critical Distinction Among Skills, Niches and Tools

January 15, 2019
Picking papaya from my Fiji trip.


5 years ago I prepped for a 4 month trip to Savusavu, Fiji.


If someone handed me a 15 foot long bamboo stalk at the time, I would have said, “What the freak do ya do with this?”


Awkward, like a yearling skating on ice, I would have stumbled about. Even if someone told me so much money making potential sat within the pole/stalk, I had no clue how in the hell to use the damn thing. 4 months after spending every day harvesting papaya from the 20 plus trees on the property, different story. I spent many hours learning how to deftly poke papaya. Too much poking, it bursts. Wrong poke spot, it breaks. Plus, fruit bats poke holes in some; you need skip those ones.


But we enjoyed paw-paw for breakfast in Fiji daily because I chose to practice using a tool to become skilled enough to where I harvested papaya daily. 2-5 every day. Not easy either; imagine using a 15 foot long, thin bamboo pole to deftly nudge papaya 20 feet above your head, then ya gotta catch the suckers! I coulda make some decent side coin taking papaya to market daily, preferred to eat those suckers.


Imagine if, before my Fiji trip, people told me:


“There is SO MUCH MONEY in using this pole to harvest papaya! Papaya is a hot fruit this year, flying off of the shelves!”


I would believe the money was in a stick, or in papaya, as people suggested. After fumbling around awkwardly for a few minutes, or days, stabbing paw-paw, I’d have declared:


  • the predicting gurus to be liars
  • papaya picking to be TOO HARD, for making money
  • papaya selling to be a slow niche, actually, with little potential


when, 100%, the money-making depended on:


  • my consciousness (money is in consciousness)
  • learning how to pick papaya
  • practicing how to pick papaya, daily
  • screwing up, stabbing papaya, picking paw-paw nibbled on by fruit bats and tossing ’em aside


I only enjoyed paw-paw breakfasts with Kelli and could have taken hundreds of papaya to market, with decent profit potential, because I spent many hours practicing, using the right tool for the job.


The tool itself does nothing. The picker and their practice determines the yield, and profit potential.


Before we proceed, if you have tried to hack your way to landing features on famous blogs with tools and techniques, to no avail, buy my blogging course.


Blogging Tools and Niches


Bloggers advise tools make money. Not true. Skilled bloggers who practice using the right tools, make money. If I used a baseball bat to harvest papaya, I’d be 20 feet short. I practiced using a long bamboo pole and picked those suckers freely.


Tools do not make money. Generous, practicing, persistent bloggers make money, using the right tools. Tools are worthless, solo.


Ditto for niches. No niche makes money because a niche is an inanimate concept, capable of….nothing. If I do not develop my skills and use the right tools, I ain’t harvesting papaya, taking it to market and getting paid.


But many bloggers inaccurately describe tools or niches making money, the tool or niche itself doing the work, and you watching the tool or niche making money itself. Nope.


I assure you; Ivan puts in the work. Lisa does too. I see both working all day long, it seems. Each successful blogger uses tools but knows the tool user puts in the leg work, which leads to success.


Peep my eBook.


Click to buy.


Does the eBook ITSELF make money? No. What I dump into the eBook from my:


  • years of writing practice
  • years of blogging experience
  • years of observation


makes money. Empty eBooks? Useless. eBooks filled with crap information from inexperienced, unskilled bloggers? Useless. But a skilled, experienced blogger who knows their stuff inside-out? The blogger puts out helpful, valuable money makers.


Blogging niches or tools simply mirror back the commitment and skills of bloggers using the tools and working the niche.


Remember that before you believe tools or niches make money.

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