1 Cool Tip for Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

  September 9, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
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Does writer’s block assail your mind?


Slamming into this mental block makes blogging challenging.


But following one easy strategy reveals a supply of unlimited blog post ideas, on demand, to keep writer’s block at bay.


Unlimited Blog Post Ideas


Open Google.


Type one common keyword aligned with your blogging niche.


Tap the space bar.


Type the letter “a”.


Record those 10 blog post ideas.


Clear the search bar. Type the popular keyword again. Tap the space bar. Type the letter “b”. Record those 10 blog post ideas.


Repeat the process through letter “z”. Record 260 blog post ideas.


However, tapping “ab”, then “ac”,  then “ad” then proceeding through the alphabet taps you into unlimited blog post ideas. Literally, bloggers can access 1000’s upon 1000’s of blog post ideas by not only traversing the entire for different combinations for 1 dominant keyword, but choosing 5, 10 or 20 dominant keywords for the strategy exponentially increases blog post ideas.


As for “unlimited”, no blogger needs even 1,000,000 blog post ideas for this lifetime. 1000’s to 10,000 plus does the trick for mere mortals blogging for a few decades. Google supplies you with unending blog post ideas via this semantic search option based on user queries.


Appreciate the targeted nature of semantic search. Users explicitly type these queries based on the alphabetic combos you type. Following this technique drives targeted Google traffic to your blog.


Writer’s block beats a hasty retreat before this tactic. Google gives you blog post ideas on demand via a few short keystrokes.


Watch the video to see what I mean:


1 Cool Tip for Unlimited Blog Post Ideas


Practical Example


Imagine a blogging tips blogger querying the popular “blogging” keyword.


Typing the spacebar then “a” reveals:



Record each of these ideas. Play around with topics resonant with you and your readers. Do thorough research to lay the foundation for the blog post. Or call upon your rich experience to write and publish the post.


For example, I wrote this post after using this strategy:


Blogging Around the World


At the time of publish date, I had experienced some highs and lows of blogging in rural Panama. Blogging around the world yields sweet pros and rough cons. No one enjoys Infinity pools, banana daquiris and back massages 24-7, 365, independent of what some Instagram travel blogger accounts suggest. I broke down pros and cons of blogging abroad to give you a clear idea of how the experience unfolds. Now you can make a better informed decision whether or not blogging from paradise is for you.


Proceed to other competitive keywords from your blogging niche.


For example, type “blogging tips”,  tap the spacebar, then type “a” to reveal:



After recording any intriguing blog post idea, type “blogging tips”, spacebar, then “ab” to mine more blog post ideas.


Idea Source


Google gave me this idea based on an easy semantic search option. But before Google gave me the idea Sue-Ann Bubacz shared this writer’s block busting gem with me; shout out to her.


A few ideas to keep in mind:


  • not all blog post ideas Google yields seem applicable to your specific audience; pick and choose based on reader feedback
  • in the example above, rotate through competitive blogging keywords like “blogging tips”, “how to make money blogging”, “blog tips”, etc…..
  • let go blog post ideas completely outside of your wheelhouse to focus on the 100’s of topics within your area of blogging expertise
  • massage Google key phrases a bit to create genuine content more appealing to readers and search engines; note the title above “Blogging Around the World: 5 Pros and Cons of Blogging in the Tropics”


I do not need to cyber chew your ear off with a 2000 word treatise on fleshing out this simple strategy. Practically use it now to access blog post ideas on demand.




Do you need a blogging resource?


Check out this course:


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

  1. Nirodha Abayalath says:
    at 1:10 pm

    Hey Ryan,
    This is a really fantastic trick which I’m gonna try for my next blog posts. One more thing I wanna know.
    How do you explain things beautiful and especially with the minimum number of words?
    You have hired the best editor in the world or just practice????
    However, thank you very much for sharing this unique trick with the blogging community.

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