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  May 29, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
From our days in Doha, Qatar, at the Souq Waqif. Magical place throwing you back to Old Arabia.

Doha, Qatar, at the Souq Waqif


I currently find myself moving:


  • blogging courses
  • blogging manuals


from Selz to other digital storefronts like:


  • Gumroad
  • Payhip


If you want to check out my current course click here:



Check out the manuals here:


Blogging Manuals


Yesterday I clicked the “Buy” link for one of my courses on Selz. Selz told me; we are not accepting payments. If Selz does not accept payments I cannot accept payments. Hmmmmm….


….so after tweeting Selz I looked up the platform on Google News. Turns out, Amazon decided to shutter Selz.


I researched a few digital storefronts. I already use Gumroad but prefer to diversify income streams through storefronts since sites can and do shut down somewhat frequently. Payhip looked solid. I began loading one course and a few manuals to Payhip.


The Blogging Time Saver


Anyway, I am now spending way too much time updating old posts directly linked to:


  • Selz manuals
  • Selz courses


Linking directly to Selz was a bad idea because now I need to remove each link since dead links:


  • give readers nothing
  • earn me no money


How could I have saved time?


Only inter linking to:


  • Blogging From Paradise blog posts reviewing courses and manuals
  • Blogging From Paradise pages reviewing courses and manuals


means I would have spent only a few seconds changing links and embeds from Selz to Gumroad or Payhip via the Blogging From Paradise review post or page. After a few seconds every link or embed on my blog would point to the new Gumroad or Payhip link or embed. Job Done!


I published Blogging From Paradise review posts and pages. I inter linked to these posts and pages. In truth, I saved myself some time at least. But I made the mistake of also linking out to Selz links and embeds on posts outside of my reviews and list posts. Now I need to spend a hefty chunk of time changing Selz links.


Do not make my mistake. Learn from what I did correctly, too. I feel thankful to have partially inter linked to Blogging From Paradise review posts and pages. Easily, I saved myself 20 hours’ worth of updating. But I am also spending hours deleting and replacing links and embeds.


Run Every 3rd Party Product or Service through a Product or Review Page


Last night I uploaded this helpful manual to Payhip:


  • Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger


I only added that Payhip link to the Blogging From Paradise manuals page to save time. I will also find and update the page I published reviewing the manual. When-if Payhip shuts down or I decide to sell the manual through another digital store front a simple 5 second link edit for both pages changes all links pointing to the manual globally on Blogging From Paradise. Running every 3rd party product or service through your blog means only linking to the product or service via:


  • one product review post published to your blog
  • one page pointing to a list of products published to your blog


Never link to a 3rd party digital storefront product via a random post because:


  • searching for
  • editing
  • updating


each random page consumes hours of your time.


Imagine how long it will take me to search hundreds of posts to find, edit and update posts pointing to now dead Selz links?


However, I did save some time by also linking to Blogging From Paradise review pages pointing to each course or eBook along with dedicated product pages.


Practical Tips


Follow these practical tips to save time:


  • publish one page on your blog listing all of your products
  • anytime you publish a new product simply add the 3rd party link to this product page
  • publish one product review post on your blog for every new 3rd party product you publish; link to the 3rd party product via this post
  • when you write a new blog post or page (or update an old one) never link directly to the 3rd party link!
  • only link to posts/pages published on your blog reviewing or listing 3rd party products when you publish a new post or update an old post


When you move products from one online store to another you just spend 10 seconds updating 1 or 2 posts from your blog to globally update your blog. Done in 10 seconds!


Forgive Yourself


Editing this post revealed how I mindlessly linked to a 3rd party link above before I caught the error.


After chuckling I just removed the link.


Lesson finally learned….I hope.


I made this mistake many times since 2014 by linking to:


  • Amazon
  • Selz
  • Gumroad
  • various affiliate links


outside of my:


  • single product review page
  • single product lists page


Admittedly, you will still find dead Amazon links and embeds to this day. I do what I can and surrender the rest until I get the complete job done.


Forgiving myself lets me move forward.


Forgive yourself if you make this error. Correct old posts. Make updates. But save time moving forward.


Link to 3rd party products via one review page dedicated solely to the product and through a product list page. Whenever you mention the product through a new or old blog post link only to the dedicated review page and/or a product list page published to your blog.


Save yourself time.


Your Turn


Have you made this blogging mistake?

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