1 Blogging Success Tip Often Ignored

  April 14, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
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Nizwa, Oman


Google any competitive blogging keyword.


Lists of simple, practical tips grace page 1 of Google.


Why do few bloggers succeed if we all have access to the simple, practical tips popping up on page 1 of Google?


Bloggers often ignore explaining this important blogging tip: mindset *is the sole determinant* between blogging success and blogging failure.


Bloggers often ignore explaining this critical blogging tip: training your mind to be incredibly strong separates the top bloggers on earth from all other bloggers.


I recall coming across a blogger who generated $30 million over his career. He simply said how it becomes impossible to beat someone who never gives up. He left an important clue; training your mind to be super strong is the direct way to develop dogged blogging persistence. However, few top bloggers explain in vivid detail how to be strong-minded. Even fewer explain how their success is their mindset as the ego wants all the attention for the work it appeared to execute versus dissecting the mind from which all of the work flowed.


Most top bloggers do a fabulous job explaining how to succeed with practical blogging tips. Few top bloggers explain in crystal clear detail why your mindset makes the difference between following practical tips from a generous, trusting intent or not following the tips at all. Few top bloggers explain why following success-promoting tips from a scared, desperate intent leads to failure ******no matter how long and hard you work******.


I wrote 10,000 to 15,000 word full blogging manuals mixing blogging mindset tips with practical blogging tips to address this need. I observed how many pro bloggers ignore explaining why mindset makes the difference between success and failure, 100% of the time. I also discuss in detail how to strengthen your mind to follow proven blogging tips generously, patiently and persistently.


Think about it. Most bloggers read posts listing success-promoting tips. If going pro was dependent on simply following practical blogging tips millions of bloggers would easily go pro. But since this is not the case only a small percentage of bloggers become professional bloggers.


Bloggers quit because of fear in their mind. Almost no pro blogger explains with clarity, simplicity and confidence why and how to overcome fear in order to keep blogging by strengthening your mind.


Top pro bloggers do not withhold this secret deliberately. Top pros simply do not even realize how their mindset completely influences their blogging campaign. Other top pros forget their painful early day blogging struggles before blogging came easy to these individuals. Teaching blogging from a “this is SO easy” perspective alien to virtually all beginner bloggers reveals how these pros seem completely ignorant of how their mind became stronger over the years.


I became utterly fed up with struggling blogging-wise many years ago. But since my mind still seemed weak I worked harder and harder to will myself to thrive. However, working harder and longer with a weak mindset led to increased blogging failure. My fear-filled mind reflected back to me as fear-filled failure.


Eventually, I finally realized that mindset is everything. Top pros thought, felt and acted like:


  • generous
  • abundant
  • relaxed
  • trusting
  • detached
  • peaceful


bloggers well before going pro.


Established pros faced deep fears keeping their mind weak in order to become strong minded. Being strong minded influenced these individuals to follow simple blogging tips for years before the money arrived. The money arrived eventually but felt like a bonus to these blogging leaders. Strong minded people live life for the fun of serving people. Weak minded people desperately sprint through life in a panic of self-preservation,  living in survival mode.


Train your mind. Check out A Course in Miracles. Meditate. Do yoga. The path matters not but training the mind matters most.


The only way that you will follow simple blogging tips for years before going pro is if you are strong-minded.

  1. Mr M F Pavey says:
    at 2:45 am

    The technicalities and skills required for business are never the real problem. They are in fact quite simple.

    Entrepreneurs must conquer their psychological blocks, fear of being seen and abandon impostor syndrome.

    What we learn as we go on this journey is, no matter what stage people are at, we are all figuring it out as we go.

    It goes without saying that consistency is also key! You demonstrate this perfectly Ryan. It’s a pleasure to have discovered your blog! Thank you!

  2. Miron@Llandrindod Wells painting says:
    at 1:31 pm

    What You wrote here is in many ways similar to what blessed memory Kobe explained in his latest book “Mamba Mentality”. I think Adressing that the mental barrier is one of the most important factors to overcome, no matter what we do. Very interesting blog, will read more here, thanks and best wishes for Easter.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:56 am

      Kobe was a mind master, Miron. He, Michael Jordan, and all the greats in sports have powerful minds that reflect back to the world as their bodily achievements, passion, work ethic, attention to detail and a burning desire to never, ever quit. Thanks my friend.

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