1 Blogging Lesson that Took Me 13 Years to Fully Understand

  June 1, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


Honest blogging teachers freely admit they do not know everything there is to know about blogging.


Genuine blogging teachers admit knowing some stuff about blogging but not knowing a bunch about blogging, too.


Real blogging teachers share how they:


  • learn new blogging lessons daily
  • learn old blogging lessons in a new way quite frequently
  • fully understand certain blogging concepts 1, 2 or even 20 years into their blogging career


I have zero issues sharing how I learn stuff I resisted, buried or avoided learning for years. Why? Help. Sharing my experience helps you become a successful blogger. Sharing my experiences in honest fashion reveals someone who lives a neat life learns new things about blogging – and himself – routinely.


One blogging lesson took me 13 years to fully understand:


Speaking-typing-chatting with every individual who expresses interest via blog comments, emails, social media comments, DMs, Messages, Likes, Retweets or any other form of engagement is a core key to growing traffic and profits.


Exhibit A:

Good Morning from Panama

Scan every comment from my recent Instagram post. I thank every human being who Liked the update. I began this practice on Instagram last night. My:


  • followers
  • Likes
  • comments


increased quickly since last night.


I ramped up engagement 1-2 weeks ago across all online platforms to my highest levels ever because even though I understood engagement is a core key to blogging success I did not *fully* understand this concept until a few weeks ago. The *fully* idea simply means: beyond creating problem-solving content addressing your reader’s needs the only thing that matters is engaging with all people who engage you in a supportive way via any-all methods online. Friendships, trust, credibility, bonds, traffic, profits and peace of mind sprout from these 1 to 1, human, genuine interactions.


Sue-Ann Bubacz is the best in the world that I have personally seen in this regard. She replies to everyone who Likes or retweets her stuff, let alone engaging commentors. Sue-Ann built a thriving business through the power of speaking-talking-typing-chatting up human beings who Like her stuff or comment on her stuff.


Is Replying to All Like-ers Spam?


If someone you met in a coffee shop said:


“I like your blog.”


would you ignore them for fear of being annoying, agitating or spammy? No. You would say:


“Thank you.”


Saying “Thank you” via a tweet, Facebook comment or LinkedIn comment to humans who Like or RT your stuff is the same as saying “thank you” offline.


Note; the only exception to this rule – when saying “thank you” becomes spammy according to FB or LI at least – is when your thankful comments reach a specific threshold. Nobody knows what that number is but unless you are Gary Vaynerchuk reading this post, you are not generating that number of Likes or Retweets.


All of you bloggers reading this likely do not receive 100 plus Likes per FB and LinkedIn post. Knowing this, you can slowly, surely and patiently thank the 1, 5, 10 or 20 human beings who Like your post with a “thank you” comment on FB and LI.


Social People Make Many Friends and Position Themselves to Succeed


Social people offline make many friends. Friends help them with any problem they have. Friends prosper them. Social people online – who engage folks 1-to-1 every single day – make many friends. Online friends help them with any problem they have. Online friends prosper them.


El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


Before you publish a new piece of content, engage with all engagers via your prior piece of content. Commenting “thanks” to Like-ers and retweeters gives:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram


instructions to provide these posts with greater exposure in front of like-minded, targeted users on these networks. Increased traffic and profits tend to follow but only for patient, persistent bloggers.


Google gladly gives your blog posts greater exposure if you optimize posts effectively and boost engagement via befriending and chatting with:


  • retweeters
  • FB Like-ers
  • LI Like-ers
  • FB Sharers
  • LI Sharers
  • blog commentors
  • FB, LI and Twitter commentors


Show Patience and Persistence


Be patient. Be persistent. I erred for years in each department because I did not patiently and persistently engage everyone who engaged my content. I have 100% learned my lesson. Doing my best to engage all or most humans who engage me online via all forms is my #1 intent before I create more content, to:


  • have fun
  • make friends
  • help more people
  • gain exposure


Traffic and business takes care of itself, from there.


$200 Million Does Not Lie


The aforementioned Gary Vee is estimated to be worth up to $200 million USD.


Gary does not care about money. Nor do I. But on a worldly, ego level, the $200 million represents a titanic amount of:


  • 1 to 1 engagement
  • value shared


over years. Gary Vee built much of that empire by using his phone to:


  • comment with folks on Twitter, FB, IG and other sites
  • begin running discussions with individuals via social platforms online
  • ask questions
  • answer questions 1 to 1


Before you create a new piece of content simply fully engage all humans who engaged your prior piece of content. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and all sites online yearn to give you greater exposure, targeted traffic and increased blogging profits because exposing valuable, highly engaged content makes them look good.


Chat up engagers to prosper.




  1. Ash says:
    at 11:57 am

    Hey Ryan,

    Did you say “1”? I kinda missed several lessons in all these years (and you already know several of those by now) 😀

    Doing what Gary does or even what you, Anthony, Lisa, and Donna do is just as hard. 1-to-1, the human stuff, the actual relationships nurtured over the years.

    All of that is way harder than writing blog posts, if you ask me.

    But if and when this is done right, it’s pure gold, eh?


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:02 pm

      I am still learning plenty more than 1 Ash LOL. The human chatting felt hard as can be up until a few weeks ago. I stopped trying to do much by myself because I saw all pain and suffering it caused me. I also noted for various stretches online how easy blogging felt when I engaged 1-to-1 quite a bit. Pure gold indeed brother. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Anthony Robert Gaenzle says:
    at 3:54 pm

    Hey, Ryan. You’re right, Sue-Ann is great at this. She’s on top of it, and her brand is thriving as a result. It’s so important not to just publish or post and walk away. Treat the comments you get as though you were at an in-person even and someone came up to you to say “thanks for what you do.” If you just ignored them and walked away, you’d get a reputation as a jerk, or at least someone who doesn’t care. Making an effort to say hello back and get to know people is so valuable!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:00 pm

      Wow…what a powerful offline analogy Anthony. I can visualize that interaction – or lack thereof – clearly in mind now. Thanks for the rocking add.

  3. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 4:22 pm

    Hi Ryan, oh yes, engaging with others everyone online is always key by selling good morning or how are you. I’ve been to different places online of late but once the engagement ramps up the traffic usually follows along too. It is amazing to see it happen. I think if you treat people like you would in person that can make a huge difference.
    Sometimes after being on the same networks for years you need to mix it up with new ones and of course making the rounds on blogs too!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:59 pm

      Excellent advice Lisa. Treating people online how you would treat them in person helps bridge gaps and energizes you in the process. When sometimes disconnect human from avatar in the online world. Tossing in new networks definitely spices things up too. You are a pro’s pro in keeping engagement fresh and interesting….especially on Twitter 🙂

  4. R C STEPHENSON says:
    at 7:30 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    I am glad to be back here after a very long time. I agree with you totally that engaging with other bloggers is the topmost priority item that we should always remember in our blogging journey. Building relationships with fellow bloggers is a must need thing without that there will not be a prosperous blogging career in the long term.

    Hoping to come back again to read more updates from you soon. Have a good time networking with fellow bloggers.

    Kind regards

    Reji Stephenson

  5. Rob Dyer says:
    at 6:17 pm

    Your post Ryan is bang on.

    Your guest’s comments here too.

    I always wince when I watch a really helpful, engaging and informative video on YouTube, for example, turn to the comments (usually a great source of additional, helpful related info), and a viewer asks a question of the creator. And the host can’t even be bothered to answer *any* of them.

    That’s just bad manners, arrogant and selfish.

    Worst still, the biggest culprits are those creators that simply ignore viewer’s questions, but then *do* take the time to type a quick “Thanks!” to those who post nothing but gushing praise.

    That’s pure ego right there.

    Nothing to do with *genuinely * helping others. Just broadcasting theirs views.

    They’re not interested in other’s views, nor are they actually interested in helping or engaging with other people.

    Often the very followers that helped put those creators in their figurehead position!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:23 pm

      What absolutely phenomenal points Rob. Creators on YouTube and other platforms have no time for the very people who put them in successful positions. Odd, right?

  6. Philip Verghese Ariel says:
    at 6:05 am

    Hi Ryan,
    What an amazing share!
    That took 13 years to understand “FULLY”
    That’s really interesting!
    Yes, I fully agree with you that, engaging with our fellow beings is the key to success.
    As far as I know and understand that it’s one of the basics. This key lesson I learned years back. But sad to note that I miserably failed to fulfill fully, and that really effected my blogging journey too. There are so many reasons for this during this last year, one of the main is the departure of my beloved wife from this Earth (4th October 2021) that shattered me literally, and now I am back with a bang.
    See you all soon with a rocking Round up post, which is in fact pending for a long time now.
    It’s getting ready to go air soon.
    Thanks Ryan and all associates for your support.
    Keep sharing
    With all good wishes from Philipscom Associates Hyderabad, India.

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