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  April 1, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Savusavu Bay, Fiji

Savusavu Bay, Fiji


Do you lack motivation for your blogging campaign?


Train your mind.


Mind training is an instant blogging energizer. In one moment you appear to lack motivation. In the next moment, blog post ideas flow to you. Or perhaps you access deeper stores of energy for networking genuinely. Perhaps you write and self-publish a blogging manual. Or maybe you create a blogging course.


Training your mind reveals how the only thing appearing to stop you is fear in your mind. But since fear is an illusion it is not real, the fear in your mind is not real and nothing can stop you.


Training your mind reveals that you are:


  • an infinite spirit
  • unlimited mind


Does an infinite spirit lack motivation? Nope.


Does an unlimited mind slam into mental blocks? Nope.


Does an infinite spirit with unlimited mind need a blogging energy boost? No.


However, the ego tries to trick you into believing that you are a limited body. The ego tries to scare you into cowering from blogging for all of the fears you need to face to go pro.


This is why training your mind is important.


Going within gives you an instant energizer.


But sometimes you need to face, feel and release fear to remember who you really are.


How to Train Your Mind


Simple observation of the mind as it is forms a solid mind training campaign.


However, most people gravitate toward rituals to learn how to observe the mind as it is.


I resonate with reading and applying A Course in Miracles.


Other ideas include:


  • meditating
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • EFT tapping


The list seems to be limitless.


Focus less on any single mind training method. Focus more on simply observing your mind in a quiet room.


Why Does Training Your Mind Energize You?


Training your mind dissolves the illusory fears that appear to sap your energy.


Dissolving fears energizes you immediately.


But digging deeper into mind reveals uncomfortable emotions because the unconscious mind pushes:


  • guilt
  • grief
  • rage
  • self-hate


along with other deep, pulsating fears from awareness.


Facing, feeling and releasing these fears feels unpleasant. Feeling guilt feels unpleasant. Hugging grief feels uncomfortable. No one deeply enjoys feeling rage or self-hate. But feeling and forgiving each of these emotions is necessary because each fear appears to sap your energy. Forgiving the fear lets go the energy sap. Letting go the energy sap energizes you. Energized bloggers create and connect:


  • organically
  • from a relaxed vibe
  • from a trusting vibe
  • from a generous vibe


Training your mind shifts your intent from fear to love. Shifting from fear to love moves your focus from limits to the limitless. Feeling limitless energizes you.


Hard Work Alone Does Not Cut It


Most bloggers burn out, fail and quit because most bloggers attempt to work without mindfully searching for the intent behind the work.


Mind training purifies the intent, allowing you to evolve from fear to love.


But most bloggers do not train the mind to eventually realize that humans tend to operate from:


  • the ego
  • fear
  • poverty
  • loss
  • scarcity


Since your experience is your mind reflected back to you, no matter how long and hard you work at blogging you will struggle, fail and quit if fear dominates your mind.


If you work for 20,000 hours with deep fears buried in your unconscious mind those fears will be reflected back to you through your experience as:


  • struggles
  • failures
  • frustrations
  • depression


But if you root out these unconscious fears you will blog from love and see increased success reflected back to you through your improved mental state.


Pay close attention to cheery, relaxed, trusting bloggers who succeed by working-blogging far less than struggling, work-a-holics. Each knows the secret: everything is mind.


This happy crowd feels energized routinely. This successful crowd understands that all is mind. This peaceful crowd prospers by understanding this basic truth:


“as within, so without.”


Train your mind.


Energize yourself.


The work becomes play if you train your mind.


The work becomes easier if you train your mind.


Success occurs more easily if you train your mind.


Go within.

  1. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 9:28 pm

    I love this line: “ Most bloggers burn out, fail and quit because most bloggers attempt to work without mindfully searching for the intent behind the work.”

    Blogging like crazy without understanding the intent and without the proper mindset will lead to burnout, and often times, quitting.

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