1 Blogger Networking Benefit Nobody Talks About

  September 21, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Misfat Al-Abriyeen, Oman.

Misfat Al-Abriyeen, Oman


Every blogger talks about increased blog traffic and profits and all that good stuff as sugary sweet benefits of networking.




But why do bloggers totally skip over this benefit?


1 Blogger Networking Benefit Nobody Talks About


Why do most bloggers ignore this delightful networking dulce? Most bloggers seem traffic and profits focused per being outcomes focused. Make blogging buddies. Drive more traffic. Earn more chedda. Enjoying each benefit is all well and good. But the benefit I discussed in the video amplifies your reach exponentially more because it is all about leveraging.


Oh yeah….the benefit:


Connected bloggers who engage in genuine outreach gain invites into large, supportive, active blogging tribes amplifying their traffic, profits and support system.


Connected bloggers who engage in genuine outreach gain invites into large, supportive, active blogging tribes amplifying their traffic, profits and support system.Click To Tweet


Every single tribe I discovered flowed to me complements of my blogger buddy network. One blogging friend told me about Triberr. Another blogging friend invited me into an exclusive travel blogging tribe. Across the board, blogging buddies I met through blogger outreach introduced me to tribes amplifying my blog:


  • traffic
  • profits
  • support system


Do not overlook growing the size, scale and scope of your blogging support system. Wait until the white screen of death kisses your blog. All blogging buddies you met through massive, supportive tribes quickly refer you to skilled specialists or practical solutions to fix blogging problems. Tribe-mates promote your blog posts around the clock. Of course, you better generously promote and actively engage fellow blogger tribe-mates tirelessly too. We get what we give.


Joy Healey noted recently how she shared her blog posts on Viral Content Bee. Aha! Another tribe I joined after a blogging buddy brought my attention to the tribe.


Google will only take you so far in terms of finding active, strong blogging tribes. Minus a few tribes who pay to advertise or others who reach page 1 based on the value of the tribe, you will not find many good blogging tribes as a blogging lone wolf. But engaging in a generous and genuine blogger outreach campaign allows you to make blogging buddies who mention dependable tribes to you. By being “dependable”, I mean active, supportive tribe members who:


  • promote your content
  • befriend you
  • comment genuinely on your blog
  • answer your questions
  • genuinely help and engage you


Tribes whose home page become a selfish projection of link sharing frenzy dripping with fear, desperation and rank greed are not the tribes you want to join. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about each other in these disjointed groups of bloggers out only for themselves. Almost across the board, these useless tribes come to the attention of solo bloggers who are on the outside looking-in, being strangers with no blogging buddies because they avoid engaging in blogger outreach.


Connected bloggers who make friends by being truly helpful attract blogging buddies who point them to engaging, genuine tribes who authentically amplify your blogging success but only as you promote and engage other tribe members freely. In blogging and life, people whose intent is to be truly helpful love the ride and position themselves to be wildly successful.


In some cases, the only way to get invited into a powerful, highly respected tribe of influential bloggers is via a referral from a fellow influencer. Having blogging buddies in high places has its benefits!


Dwell on this sweet benefit of blogger outreach as one more motivator to begin helping and engaging bloggers in your niche.


Succeed online by making blogging buddies who amplify your reach through the power of active blogging tribes.

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 5:17 am

    Hi Ryan, yes I think many do miss that opportunity and try to do things solo or with a select few. I love Triberr and Viral Content Bee. I wish there were more places like those to participate in today.

    • Poulomi Basu says:
      at 6:24 pm

      I ditto that, Ryan, Lisa. I have found so much value in helping people and building connections. 10x the support I give out comes back.
      Triberr & VCB have really made a huge difference to my traffic and business. I also tried sharing my posts on Zest, but somehow that didn’t work the same way.
      Did either of you try Bizsugar?

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 12:45 pm

        Good communities Poulomi! Funny you note Biz Sugar; I cannot even log in or sign up for an account. Looks like programming bugs or perhaps a firewall issue on my end.

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