1 Bizarre Blogging Limiting Belief Concerning Honesty and Making Money

  September 5, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Ortahisar, Turkey


I recall following a well-read forum for a bit.


Some members professed how one cannot make money by being honest. In their warped minds, telling the truth hurt these individuals. Lying your pants off seemed to be the only way to actually haul in blogging profits. Not only does this odd limiting belief handcuff you, the idea leads you down a dark blogging road guaranteed to lead to reputation-loss and failure.


Frame reputation-loss as: people will know you lie. Eroding any trust leads to no profits. Bloggers who earn no profits always quit unless the individuals blog mainly for passion. Alas, anyone who believes that lying precedes profits blogs for money, not passion.


Spreading the bizarre belief that lying promotes profits damages the blogging niche. Convincing bloggers that telling the truth leads to struggles further solidifies this deluded belief. Honest people succeed. Liars fail. Allow each idea to sear itself onto your mind to better understand how to become a successful blogger. Honest people thrive. Everyone else fails. Seize this truth. Note how honest people prosper. Spot how liars fade into oblivion. Be comfortable with befriending honest bloggers. Lose comfort with befriending bloggers who use hype, false claims and other lies as foundations for a shaky blogging career, at best.


Lying is not wrong, horrible or evil. Like any ego construct, in truth, lying just is.  Fear in ego scares people into lying not to help people, but to hurt people either intentionally or unintentionally. At the core of the process lies a fear-filled human mind who fears loss and pines to do anything possible to avoid experiencing loss. Lying follows. But solely fools draped in fear commiserate in circles common to liars who temporarily profit and honest folks who sometimes seem to struggle, blogging-wise. Exit these circles immediately. Migrate toward blogging circles consistent with kind, generous, honest bloggers who succeed.


Surround yourself only with honest bloggers who teach:


  • being generous
  • kindness
  • honesty
  • being genuine
  • integrity


because each quality prospers. Learn through osmosis. Hang with truthful bloggers who succeed to be truthful and succeed. More importantly, learn how being honest promotes success. Let go any idea that being honest promotes failure. Release concepts that lying promotes success. Succeed by blogging with integrity. Profit by blogging honestly. Be straight with your readers. Prosper by being genuine.


Being honest inspires readers to trust you. People buy your eBooks because these individuals trust you. Clients hire you because clients trust you. Clients trust you because you told them the truth through your blog content. On the flip side of things, dishonest bloggers may turn a quick profit but lose all income long term. After making a quick profit these individuals lose trust for the lies the bloggers share. As trust dissolve, so do blogging profits.


Pedasi, Panama.

Pedasi, Panama


Evolve out of blogging circles heavy with:


  • fear
  • loss
  • scarcity


to migrate toward circles heavy with:


  • love
  • gain
  • abundance


Let go blogging circles consistent with following dishonest bloggers who use hype to manipulate profits. Stop trusting lies. Do not believe hype. Release dishonesty to move toward honesty.


My blogging trajectory changed based on my decision to let go particular forums worshipping hype-ers. I stopped believing that nice guys finished last. I also slowly began to understand how manipulative bloggers eventually lost everything because one cannot keep fooling readers with smoke, mirrors and lies indefinitely. Readers eventually become wise to their dishonest blogging game.


Follow honest bloggers to get a gander at what it takes to succeed. Allow these glowing examples to lead you in the right direction.  Being led by the truth pulls you along the profitable blogging path. Anything else leads to long term blogging failure.




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1 Bizarre Blogging Limiting Belief Concerning Honesty and Making Money

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