1 Big Blogging Boo Boo

  August 4, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read



I opened my eBook/book and picked a line to find a video and blog post idea. Talk about leveraging.


My peepers found this line:


“My biggest blogging mistake was trying to force my blog to make money.” 


I did not see my blog as an ATM, per se. But I did see my blog as a way to pay bills. I saw blogging as a key to boosting my income. Not good. Not good at all. Blogging is a GIVING medium, not a GETTING medium. The getting happens easily if you focus 99.99% on giving. Few bloggers adopt this mindset.


Seeing blogging as a getting medium moves you lower down the energetic scale, into the realm of fear, lack, limitation and poverty. Not a good look.


Of course guys; if you struggle with blogging, you too likely try to force your blog to pay bills, to boost savings or to pay for a flashy car. Your blog could give a rat’s ass, less; money takes its sweet-ass time flowing to you once you let go the getting/force/fear-filled energy associated with your blog, and once you use blogging to generously give, helping folks and expecting nothing in return.


I cannot stress enough how attempting to make your blog a virtual ATM spitting out bill-paying cash is perhaps the ultimate blogging error. Legions of bloggers storm the online world daily keen on making this titanic boo-boo. Why? Most bloggers blog for money solely because financial heartache drives the individuals to blog. Some despise their jobs. Others greedily desire a few extra bucks even though their full time job pays handsomely.


Holding this intent mucks up your blogging campaign. Blogging does not work like an ATM. Forcing blogs to yield profits for survival blows up in your face. Like all business ventures, success flows to entrepreneurial bloggers slowly, steadily and exponentially over years. Re-read the prior sentence. Focus on: *years*.


Beach, Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia


Imagine beginning a blog now in late 2021. After working your blogging campaign for 1000s of hours spanning years you may see some sweet success in 2023 or 2024. Does that sound too long to you? If so, blogging is not for you. Most greedy or desperate bloggers set month time frames or even week time frames. Bat shit levels of delusion fueled by money-hungry fears warp minds from realism to looney-bin aspirations. Blogging cares not about your bills to pay. Blogging demands years of your time, energy and work in order to sufficiently appease the blogging gods.


Blogging simply does not care that you need money 2 months from now because setting 2 month income goals does not change the rules of blogging. Few understand this. Rules of blogging do not change based on your individual money fears. Ramping up time frames to expect money in months or a full time income in a year does not change the core rules of blogging. Understand this truth. The world does not change for you. But once you change your consciousness you will definitely see a different world.


Change your mind. Face fears fueling desperate or greedy blogging pinings. Clear fears supplying unrealistic expectations. Frame blogging as a business. Businesses grow organically at a slow and steady pace. If you need money in a set time frame go get a job. Earn a salary. Get paid every Thursday to cover bills. But never believe that blogging behaves in such fashion.


I filmed a short video to remind you of this blogging boo boo, if you need to own it and correct that sucka.


Video Length: 0:58 seconds


Click the link to enjoy the video.


1 Big Blogging Boo Boo

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