It was a cool, dry evening in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kelli and I casually strolled into Thamel as we did each night during our stay in this ancient city.

The traffic was heavy. Motorbikes, cars and pedestrians littered the streets and sidewalks, the line between the 2 blurring ever so more as we worked our way into the city.

I crossed one particular corner where a few of the local homeless men congregated from time to time. As I cruised through the area I instantly heard a recognizable plea; one of the more colorful characters on the block yelled at me.

He wanted money for a roll.

As was my custom, I ignored him and moved forward.

Only today was a little different. I felt him reaching around to snag my arm. In an instant, everything changed. He went from harmless homeless man to nutzo Wildman.

This once nice Nepali sunk his teeth into my arm. I couldn’t believe it. Homes went Jaws on me, placing him chompers onto my right bicep.

He was a fool for that; gotta really dig deep to cut into my pipes.

The point is, after this bizarre episode on the streets of Kathmandu, I learned how to become a better blogger……


Was this Story Compelling Enough?


I mean, how many people in the world can share a similar story about being knawed on by a Wildman in Kathmandu, Nepal? Now, narrow that focus group down a few notches. How many blogging tips bloggers can share this story? I’m guessing, about…ummm….1 person. Ryan Biddulph. To the best of my knowledge at least.

This is, far and away, reason #1 why you should subscribe to Blogging from Paradise.

But here is the #1 reason. I’m embarrassed to say it, but, here we go.


I Am More of a Dirt Bag than this Corrupt Polisi


I will bribe you.

To goad you into subscribing to my email list.

I will offer substantial discounts on my new – and old – eBook prices to my list subscribers.

Look to the top of this blog and enter your email address. I am sorry, to be so unethical, but I just had to bribe you. It’s for our good, both of us.

Now, on to the Balinese cop.

2 years ago near Kuta, Bali, Kelli and I were pulled over by a cop. I didn’t have my license on me. My fault. So naturally, the Polisi – more than a few of who, are horribly corrupt – folded his arms and said to us (literally), “Hmmmm….what do you want me to do?”

We shook our heads. Had no idea what he was thinking of.

Then he said, it’s either a 1.2 million Ruppiah fine (cool your pits, that’s only $100 USD) and a trip to court tomorrow or 360,000 Ruppiah ($30 USD) paid directly to him, and we forget about everything.

Hell, we paid him. But first, since we didn’t have that $30 on us, we followed him to the local ATM machine. I am not kidding. We really, really followed a cop to the local ATM machine to pay him to forget everything.

Sue me. I felt like a dirt bag but I didn’t want to mess around with the Polisi or the always just Indonesian law system, in Boolie-dealings, so I paid and got the hell out of there.

Anyway, I had to recount, to underscore my bribing you.

I am joking of course. I am not bribing you really. I am asking for your email address to give you access to time sensitive discounts, from time to time.

Subscribe up top and keep your eye on your email.


Blogging Tips Blogs


How many blogging tips blogs have you read today? How many recounted how a blogger learned blogging tips after encountering a nut job who used his arm for a Nepali roll? If you did find such a blogger, please, introduce me to him. We have notes to compare and stories to share.

I could go on, and on, and on…..and believe you me, I will in this post, but don’t worry, you’ll love it…..about why I’m so wonderful, or why my blog is a one of a kind, special resource, for:

  • Blogging tips hungry bloggers
  • Digital nomad bloggers
  • Travel bloggers
  • Those who wish to retire to a life of island hopping
  • Those who wish to work from home (working from home is paradise, for many folks)
  • Retired folks who want to live their golden years in Bali, or Phuket, or Fiji, to do the expat thing

I know these folks dig my blog, and my style, but more than anything, I believe you should read Blogging from Paradise because I blog FOR you, NOT to you.

Re-read that line guys.

If you blog for your audience, and not to them, you’ll make a ton of friends and you’ll also attract a rabid community of supportive, prospering readers.

That’s how we do things here.

I’m going to delve into a critical topic, even before we dive into the list.

You should read my blog – and subscribe to my newsletter/email list – because of 1 key, overpowering reason.

It’s the reason why I’m blogging from paradise. Usually, I hold this idea in mind. Most of the time.

This reason is ignored by most folks who struggle through blogging and who struggle through life. I am not immune from this struggle but I do largely hold this idea in mind, so I’m able to create something inspired for you on a regular basis.


Why You Should Subscribe to my Blog


I know why I want to blog, and the reason is to free me and to free you.

The grand majority of bloggers mean well, and they are doing awesome jobs, but I get the sense that they may be blogging from outside of themselves. Why? The masses may see some success – and others, major league success – but these folks are still binding themselves.

So they may blog to free others but in the process, they stifle their creative energies, because their intent, binds them, and prevents them from freeing themselves.


Example: Donald Trump


Donald Trump is no blogger. But I bet you he has 30 things to do today. He probably woke at 5 AM. He’ll live like Gordon Gecko, staring at a watch, timing each interaction, and then, after 14 hours of such a day, he’ll do the same thing tomorrow.

I admire the guy. I think he does amazing things, and is an inspiration to all.

But like many titans, he’s a slave to the schedule, a slave to time.

Is this bad? No way. It’s good in many ways, because he’s freeing so many people through his business ventures, yet he’s not freeing himself in many ways.

He has loads of dough. But he probably couldn’t, say, drop everything and live in Fiji for 4 months (like I have).

He likely has:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Business meetings
  • Public appearances
  • TV interviews

… New York City, in LA, and all over the world, many days of the year. Fame, and power, can really change your life for the better. I’m all for him doing what he wants to do. But he is kinda bound, methinks.

I on the other hand, have freedom. I have not the money old DT has, but I can – and do – book trips to Fiji or Bali at the drop of a hat.

I have a large, supportive, loving audience at Blogging from Paradise, who promotes me, who buys my eBooks, who hires me, and heck, who flat out really, genuinely loves me. They carry me in many ways and they allow me to live the life of freedom that I live, because I freed myself first – largely – and my intent is also to free them.

My blog frees you. But it frees me first.

I am not advising anybody to live a hedonistic life. I just figure, that engineering my life around freeing me, would make me the best me, to free you.

Does that make sense?

Because of this predominant intent, to free me and you, I know specifically why I am blogging, my energy flows to and through my work, here, and through my online businesses, and it makes my delivery pretty darn appealing to folks who want to be free.


The Typical Bloggers’ Day


The typical blogger awakes to a ton of things to do.

Commitments, meetings, schedules, orderliness, stuff, flights, podcasts, posts to write.

The process is mechanical. I know many top bloggers enjoy the process, but many top bloggers also have an addiction to being busy, or to doing stuff.

This addiction – which I am afflicted by, sometimes – is a binding obsession. I used to con myself into thinking that if I kinda enjoyed my work, and if I was inspiring others, I was freeing myself.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I was slowly become busier, doing things which tied me down. I whored myself out. I chased money. I chased stuff. I chased opportunities. I did more and more, to become more and more bound, and I became less and less free.

After changing my intent  – and by fine-tuning it, daily – I learned why I wasn’t largely free.

I also learned why people weren’t stark raving, mad, over my blog.

I mean, even if I blogged from paradise, through my old blog, and through my new blog, how could I teach people to be free, if I was myself bound, most of the time?

I couldn’t.

But as I’ve progressively shifted my intent to blogging, to free me and you, I’ve been able to attract more freedom in the form of:

  • More money, with less effort expended, to make the money
  • A 4 month house sit in Fiji (rent free)
  • A 4 month house sit in Bali (coming up, and of course, rent free)
  • More passive income streams
  • More opportunities to live in countries where my net work skyrockets because of the USD’s strength against the local currency

If I were hustling around NJ, in a home, paying a mortgage, personally, I’d be dying because I’d be binding myself. I would be sprinting away from freedom. Personally, that’s my take.

Sure I’d have a ton more stuff, but I would be bound to a schedule, and duties, and tasks, and through this binding, I would sprint in the exact opposite direction of what we all want. Freedom!


I Respect World Renowned Bloggers


I love them. They are doing so much good, and I learn so much from them, and I know that they enjoy their rides, largely, but I offer something so much different here.

I have no desire to ever speak in front of a massive audience. I’d rather do a podcast for 50,000 people online from Savusavu, Fiji. I have no desire to leave Bali, to fly to New York City, for a convention.

I want everybody to come to me. It’s not arrogant; it’s just the way a free person thinks.

I want to have my cake, and I wish to eat it too, and so far, I am doing a pretty good job of feasting. All thanks to the Universe. Thanks Universe!


The Blogging Dream Catalog


Right now, you’d be smart to subscribe to this blog, because you’re receiving a neat little monstrously-big catalog of dreams to choose from.

You can live in Chennai, India, or Jimbaran, Bali.(next stop)

You can live in New York City, or San Diego, or New Jersey.

YOU Choose. I will inspire you to get your mind right, so that you can make your dreams come true. Your paradise is your paradise, but whatever paradise it is, I’ll help you so how much you’re binding yourself, so that you can free yourself.

Do that make sense to you?

The blogging dream catalog is everything, any lifestyle, and you choose.


What You’ll Get from a Couple Blogs on Earth


Most of the top blogs are really, really good, at teaching you how to do things, to get things, like money.

This is why some brilliant, inspired bloggers build their blogs around income claims.

More power to them!

What you’ll get here, and from like, a few blogs on earth – is a manual, a free resource, and a premium resource through my eBooks – on how to engineer a freeing lifestyle.

For example, when Kelli and I traveled to Fiji, we met an Irish sailor. The man owned a boat and had been on the seas for years, sailing from tropical paradise to tropical paradise. He was free.

He always found creative, enjoyable ways to make money in tropical hot spots, and he always had the option to come and go as he pleased. He woke, when we wanted to wake up, worked, when he wanted to work, and he made as much money as he wanted to make through these creative ventures.

The man was not bound. He had lived in Fiji for 6 months up until that point. Doesn’t that sound like a freeing life to you?


Monteverde, Costa Rica. July 2013.

Monteverde, Costa Rica. July 2013.


That, my kiddies, is exactly what I am teaching you to do here. Not many blogs on earth share tips, to inspire you, to free you. I run one of them.

We are not trying to GET too much here. We blog, to BECOME FREE.

Of course, I work/play in paradise. I published 10 eBooks in 4 months. I write an eBook-sized post weekly for me, and for you. I network with pros. I connect with new readers. I promote other people aggressively. I am advising you to do as I do; work for the joy of it to free you, and to free your audience.

Most blogs offer insights into how to do more stuff, to reach more people, to get more things.

Here at Blogging from Paradise, I offer insights into how to do things that feel amazing to you, although at times, hella uncomfortable, and in the process, you’ll reach more targeted people, who’ll help free you by supporting you. At that point, you can decide whether or not you want more things, which will tie you down, or whether or not you want more freedom.


It’s a Feeling You’re After


I blog to help you maintain the predominant vibe you want to maintain.

Or if I don’t want to sound like some manifesting wizard, I blog to inspire you to do good-feeling blogging things, which will help you create a good-feeling life.

Can I make it any simpler?

Probably not.

I don’t blog to teach you how to acquire stuff, I blog to help you do freeing, amazing things which will help you live a freeing, amazing life.

Some folks who may just need to subscribe to Blogging from Paradise today:

  • Stay at home moms who want to free their family a bit more by establishing an online income stream through blogging
  • Digital nomads who want to fund their trips on the road, without needing to return home, to pad their savings
  • Aspiring travel bloggers who want to become full time, professional, prospering prospering travel bloggers, who need not return home to fund their trips with part time or temporary jobs
  • Anybody who wants to create a freeing, joy-filled lifestyle through blogging, and who wants to inspire others to free themselves

This blog really is all about me, and all about you, so we can both build a community that inspires others to free themselves through blogging.

I am in love with what I do.

I am in love with writing posts, writing eBooks, doing podcasts, and all that amazing stuff, yet in the same breath, I am in love with waking up whenever I want to wake up, in whatever tropical hot spot, I wish to visit, because being free is so damn important to me.

I want to take you along for the ride.

So, now that we’ve drilled down through the most important reason – I will help you free yourself through blogging – let’s dive into the other reasons, shall we?


1: Entertaining Travel Stories


I gabbed about the Nepali Wildman above. You know about my epic bout of giardia in India and my devastating motorbike accident in Bali. I didn’t even delve into my encounter with three, 400 pound apex predators in Thailand.

No, I’m not talking about fat Thai tuk tuk mafia drivers.

I tell fun, entertaining, colorful stories to get my point across because I know that stories sell.

As I write, I am waiting with baited breath for the day I decide to watch the new Hobbit movie. Or, the last Hobbit movie. Stories sell, and stories inspire us, and entertain us.

If you want a good story or 3, follow Blogging from Paradise.

This post in particular generated some serious buzz. I loved it. Immensely. Well,  loved writing it but I didn’t necessarily enjoy having an alien grow inside of my stomach, in Muhamma, India.  I did however turn it into a wicked story.

I have so many other stories to share too; all will help inspire in you, your innate storytelling ability, which will naturally make you a freer, more prospering, blogger.

Here’s the post: Coked out in Peru

I blog to entertain. I am a bit of a showman. More than that I hope to bring that entertaining streak out of you, to help you free yourself.

I remember one travel incident vividly.

2 weeks into our trip we moved from Bali to Phuket, Thailand.

On our second day in Phuket Kelli and I strolled to Nai Harn Beach. Or, we intended to.

After learning that a few kilometers according to Thai street signs can mean many miles by Western standards we decided to turn things around. After turning things around, in a strange, foreign place, we were pelted by a vicious rain storm.

KC and I were pissed at each other, soggy and quite upset, yet we learned a critical lesson for our travels and for our blogging careers:


“If you explore new lands you’re apt to have new, fresh experiences to recount.”


New, fresh experiences usually sound exciting. Like, traveling to paradise, in Phuket, Thailand, per se, or, writing your first blog post.

But new, fresh experiences can be heart-breaking, frustrating, maddening, annoying, and quite debilitating, based on the wide range of human emotions you’ll feel through the experience.

Like, getting caught in a hellish thunderstorm after getting lost because those stupid Thai street signs weren’t accurate while getting chased by annoying soi dogs and fighting with your girlfriend yadda yadda yadda…..I assure it, it was a new experience, and very fresh.

On the blogging front, that new blog post may just be the most frustrating experience of your life. I recall so many false starts, in those first few blogging days….then, I finally, after all types of frustration, and anger, and nervousness, published my first post.

After about 7 month’s worth of blogging I worked my way up to this.

Remember this, the next time you want to call me “a natural”, OK?



No matter where you are in your blogging career, I have probably been there. I also know how to get you storytelling, whipping your readers up into a frenzy. Stick around!


2: Entertaining Travel Stories Related to Blogging Tips


Telling stories isn’t enough for the blogging tips crowd.

I’d be a travel blog if I didn’t tie my tales into tips.

But I do. I tell the story, I relate to blogging. That’s what I do here at BFP and that’s why folks seem to be buying into what I have to say.

The great teachers of humanity used – or use – parables to drill home points because parables, or relating, helps the masses better understand the point being made.

Ever wonder why Jesus spoke in parables?

Simplicity is power, and simplicity speaks to the masses.

Even if you’re hyper targeting your audience – and you should be, if you want to prosper online – you darn well sure better make it easy for them to understand your stories, your tips and your overall message.

Enter the parable. Or, the colorful travel story, which I’ll link to some blogging tip.

I get it: practical works, really, really well. We need the mental clearing first. Then, you follow up with practical tips.

I tie my stories or my flat out blogging experiences into neat, effective, proven blogging tips, to help you rock it out, blogging-wise and lifestyle-wise.


3: Free eBooks Gifted Weekly (Disguised as Blog Posts)


I publish one, 7,000 word post weekly. I call it my newsletter. Or, my free eBook. As you may garner, someone who publishes a 7,000 word post weekly spends more than 20 minutes:

  • Writing the post
  • Proofreading the post
  • Formatting the post
  • Promoting the post

Yeah my little minions, I intend to give you the best of the best. I spend a significant amount of time making my posts, the best of the best, so that if you build your morning around reading my latest blog post or that if you buy my eBooks you won’t be disappointed.

As a matter of fact, I think that you’ll want to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging after reading my posts and after buying my eBooks.

You can benefit tremendously from helpful, inspired, thorough content. It ain’t information overload if you need it, ya know, and any post you’ll read here is helpful, inspired and crafted lovingly for your consumption.

I always wanted to create resources for you. In the beginning, I had a vision of a 2,500 word resource. The vision changed for a bit when I started publishing posts daily. After I established more clarity around my blog and brand I ramped it up to 6,000 word posts and now, 7,000 word posts. I find the length to be just about right, to keep your fannies in front of my blog and to give you a comprehensive resource for blogging from paradise.

If you’re like most folks, your very tendency to want to rush through the day is the cause of your blogging downfall. ™

Or, being obsessed with 400 or 600 word posts, because they’re bite-sized, is giving you exactly what you tune into. Meaning…..if you’re not researching your niche inside out, by investing your time and energy, and by digging into really meaty, in-depth posts, you can’t impress your audience enough to grow your business.

Even if you do publish 600 word blog posts  – with success – you had to learn your craft. What better way to learn your craft than by following a blogger who posts resources, not blog posts, each week?

I post resources for folks who need to soak up and use as much information as possible on the blogging side of things.


Vegetarian Restaurants in Phuket


You just knew that I had to interject with a travel story, didn’t you?

Kelli and I love haunting vegetarian restaurants in Phuket, Thailand.

We had a few on our list over the years but 1 was a cut above the rest. The price was right, the quality of the food was out of this world, the servings were beyond generous and to top it all off, the owner spoke English, which was a rarity when visiting such Buddhist vegetarian restaurants in Thailand.

The thing that really stood out though was the lady’s generous servings. She’d pile the plate high with 3 curries and a bed of rice for like 65 Baht per person.

For all of you folks who don’t know the Thai currency exchange that comes out to a little over 2 USD per person. Not bad. Wow, the lady was generous.

Fast forward a year. When we returned to Phuket, we didn’t see the woman working the restaurant. Not only that, the servings were meager. The prices stayed the same. They may have even jumped a tiny bit.

Each day, we noted less and less food being served for the same price. It became ridiculous.

We stopped ♥ing it, immediately.

Finally we decided to check out the veggie restaurant down the street. For a cheaper price, we received a huge pile of Thai vegetarian. Amazing quality, beyond generous servings, and heck, even if it cost a bit more we’d make it our favorite veggie spot in Phuket, at least by the Chalong/Rawai area.

My point is this; if you hold back, it will be held back from you, as the Good Book says. I don’t hold back and it sure as heck hasn’t been held back from me. If you stop by Blogging from Paradise you won’t leave wanting more, unless you’re an idiot savant who can read 7,000 words in like 3 minutes, or, if you have a supernatural view of a what a “valuable blog post” should be like.

Stick around for a bit.  Grab your fork and knife, or chop sticks, and dig on in!


4: My List (and Limited Time Offers for my Subscribers)


I finally caved and decided to build an email list.

This way, you’ll get my post sent conveniently to your email a few minutes after it goes live, whether I’m in Kuwait City, or Sri Lanka, or Laos, or Peru.

So yes, this is another reason to read Blogging from Paradise. You’ll get some kick butt free, valuable information sent directly to your email address.

You’ll also get exclusive discounts offered only to my Blogging from Paradise subscribers.

Yeah, I know you live in your email inbox. Most folks do. Even I do. Sometimes.

Just yesterday I saw Kelli check her email a handful of times. I knew it was time to get that list going.

Sign up for it. Scroll up and take 3 seconds to enter your email address. Keep abreast of my eBook releases and all that good stuff.

I know that you are a creature of convenience. You like to get your blog posts, quickly, and easily. Well, all of you iPhone and iPad users, and all of you Android tablet users, and all of you laptop guys and gals, and yes, the desktop crowd too, you can get my latest updates sent directly to your email, like, right after my posts go live here.

All I’ll do is give you a little intro, then I’ll link in. Convenient, quick and easy.

Benefits of Subscribing

  • posts send directly to your email
  • free eBook-sized posts, that is
  • free updates including special, exclusive, limited time discounts for my subscribers

I’ll offer limited time discounts on both my new and older Blogging from Paradise eBooks and I discounts for my coaching services too. Have you been bribed?

Either way, subscribe to Blogging from Paradise to get your BFP fix via email.


5: I Sell a Dream


I sell a big old hairy, overpowering dream here.

Just look at my pictures.

Fiji Airlines? Bali? Koh Lanta? Scroll up and down, and then, soak up my post.

I don’t really sell eBooks, or my blog coaching services, or my freelance writing services. I sell a dream.

You are not staying up at night, dreaming about my blog coaching service. If you do, you may have some problems.

You stay up dreaming about working from, after you quit your job.

Or you dream of living in Fiji for 4 months.

Or maybe you dream of holding onto the full time job that you love while opening a nice income stream through your part time blogging efforts.

Here at BFP we have built a thriving community of folks who have engineered a freeing lifestyle.

They are all successful folks, and they are really, really kind, and generous, spreading their wisdom through my comments.

Guys like Don Purdum, who graciously spread the word about Blogging from Paradise when he met a former All Pro linebacker recently.

We live the dream, and we sell the dream, and you’ll get an overflow of inspiration content here.

I sell the dream. I am a smiling fool, a jolly fool, most of the time, and I want to infect you with that energy, so, look on up and down this blog. Is that enough dream for you? I hope so. I intend for you to buy into my dream because we all want to live our dreams before anything else.

Think of it; on your headstone, would you want to be noted for the fact that you published a mean newsletter or that you blogged from 50 countries? Do you want to be known for your mean autoresponder sequences or for your absolutely outrageous lifestyle, petting tigers, living in Fiji, living in Bali and doing all of that epic stuff?

We live, to live our dreams.

I sell that dream here. In a pretty in your face way, so I can inspire you to live your dreams.

Hop on board, dreamers and doers!


6: The Subject of these Selfies Is Easy on the Eyes


Whether you’re drawn to:

  • My smile
  • My strong jaw line
  • My overall slender yet athletic physique

….or, my goofiness, I think Blogging from Paradise readers tend to believe that the Ryan Biddulph guy is photogenic.

Maybe the photographer who “discovered” me before my little modeling career many moons ago was on to something. I don’t know.

Either way, I feel like my energy is infectious and I honestly believe that my energy flows to and through my endless selfies snapped in paradise.

I love being a bright light and I ain’t gonna stop being a bright light any time soon.

I know life can be very, very tough at times. I also know that when you’re surrounded by positive, bright, cheery folks, or a positive community, you’ll be able to get through the toughest of times.

We’re here for you.

Bloggers, you’ll go through ups and downs, and I’ll share my ups and downs with you, to pick you up during the down times and to keep you vibing high during the up times.

My blog is a haven for folks who need their positive fix and it’s also a paradise for people who want to keep riding that high.

It’s so much more than a blogging tips blog. At least I think so.


7: I Stay on Topic


My posts are about Blogging from Paradise.

Some posts may go a bit heavier on the blogging side of things while other posts go heavy on the paradise side of things.

For example, I published a post a while back about my most awesome home office views on earth. Here’s where the dream selling side of things pops up. Who wouldn’t want to blog from these spots?

Add the fact that I actually lived in these places for months at a time and you have an authentic dude who’s simply sharing his inspired experiences, and you sure can’t hate on that, right?

I’ve screwed up in this department in the past. Not so much with this blog but with a few of my prior blogs. Our visions may change from time to time but when you find yourself changing post topics daily, or weekly, you risk alienating your audience.

For example, if I visit Problogger I know that I’m getting blogging tips. Nothing else.

If I visit Blogging from Paradise I’ll learn how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Plenty of kick butt blogging tips along with that infusion of paradise, which helps me stand out from a bit from the crowd.

Kelli and I frequently see shops in Thailand which make us laugh. I would call them, multi purpose. Like, a shop may offer laundry services, notary services, internet, international phone calls and about 4 more services. It seems funny and amusing, and it may work on some level in these scenarios, but if you’re a blogger trying to pull this off, you’ll almost always be terribly disappointed in the long run.

I said in How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging that you can’t be Perez Hilton and Darren Rowse at the same time.

This means, stay on topic!

And, you’ll see me stay on topic here, so stick around.


8: I Keep Things Practical


I do not offer complex, tough to grasp tips here.

I’ve been there, done that and trust me, it doesn’t work.

Folks don’t respond well to complex but boy do they love simple, because simple and practical both mean “powerful.”

On a side note, I’m not smart enough or clever enough to make things difficult to understand.

Some folks offer feedback on my blog or eBooks, stating that the information shared is awesome in some ways but not groundbreaking, necessarily. I agree with all of these folks. Fully. Does that seem weird to you? Well it’s not, because one of my mentors wrote exactly about this topic on his blog.

Here’s the link:

Seth Godin Said It Already

Now, with that in mind, nobody on earth has my delivery, or my story, or my authenticity. My blog is 1 in 200 million, or 500 million, or however many blogs litter the web these days.

But I know the drill; we’re all working off of basic marketing and business building fundamentals. The folks who keep things simple live in paradise, or become world famous authors, or speakers, and Seth, well, they’re 2 of those geniuses, and I’m the bum who lives in paradise.

We all keep things as simple as possible.

Now CB and Seth are really up there; I’m working my way up, but I’ve still created something pretty darn remarkable here.


9: The Community Thing Again


I mentioned a buddy of mine up top.

Here are some other buddies who mean the world to me.

These folks are but a few awesome members of our blogging community here.

I don’t have readers and commentators, really. I have Blogging from Paradise community members. I respond to every comment. Unless I mistakenly miss one and if that’s the case, lash me with a wet noodle, 45 times.

I really love all of you. Deeply. I wish to meet all of you in some far off, tropical locale. Even if you aren’t a fan of traveling, or of beaches, or of paradise, I’d love for us to meet on a weekend trip to the Caribbean, or Costa Rica, if that works best for you.


10:  It’s Fun


What do you REALLY want? I mean, more than anything in the world, what do you want? You may want stuff, and/or freedom, or some fame, or a bunch of fame, or power.

At the bottom of everything though you want to have fun.

As we are knee deep into the holiday season I’ve spoken to folks who enjoy family get togethers because of the kids. The adults? Nah, they don’t do it for them. They want to be around the kids more than anything because the kids are having fun.

The kids ARE fun, the embodiment of fun, so kids are naturally showered with gifts and become the center of attention.

The average blogging tips for beginners themed blog is not too fun. Serious bloggers offer serious, cut and dry advice. I believe most bloggers mean well but they have lost their way, just a bit. I’m here to teach you – and them – how to have fun again if you’re struggling a bit in that department.

When is the last time you laughed deeply after reading one of your blog posts?

I mean a deep, laugh out loud, belly laugh?

When did you last scroll down through your sidebar or through your post to see something funny, enlightening and just flat out entertaining?

Do you laugh frequently? Like, every few hours, each day? How frequently do you dance?

Here in paradise, Kelli and I laugh and dance quite a bit. I allow that authentic, genuine, fun energy to permeate through my blog.

I intend to build a fun, loving, laughing, smiling community here. I feel that my intent is manifesting quite nicely.

You’ll likely, after visiting Blogging from paradise:

  • Laugh at some of my travel pictures (with silly captions)
  • Smile at me, smiling
  • Enjoy my travel stories
  • Enjoy my travel story/blogging tips analogies
  • Leave my blog feeling better than when you arrived to my blog

Hey I do get it; you’re largely a super positive, happy audience, but I know that I can probably help you bring it up a few notches on the happiness front, helping you feel like a kid again.

I am no magician but I do know how to make folks laugh, out loud, and I know how to lighten up the mood.

Just ask Kelli!

Blogging should be fun.

Blogging should never, ever feel like work.

As I think about my time spent soaking up one of the world’s ultimate views, from the crib in Savusavu, Fiji and as I dwell on the jaw dropping sunrises we were blessed with, from the house on stilts in Koh Lanta, Thailand, I feel like what I do, is work, but isn’t really work.

I play for a living.

I want you to play for a living.

I know that more than anything in the world, people just want to have fun. People want to play like kids and they want to be free and of course, most folks wanting to live a worldly life want to make a fair chunk of change, too. It’s OK to want to make money blogging but I just do a little bit of a redirect here.

I can inspire you how to create a freeing lifestyle so that money and prospering opportunities and blogging traffic and sales and ridiculously inspired trips to tropical paradises fall into your lap.

That’s my specialty.

That’s in my wheelhouse.

At the core root of each thing, each achievement, is a feeling of having fun, a feeling of being elated.

I’m here to:

  • Inspire you to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging
  • Help you make money blogging
  • Help you craft a work at home life
  • Inspire you to leave your 9-5 job (if that’s your desire)

Join me.

Subscribe to Blogging from Paradise.

I think I’m being a bit more generous than the corrupt Balinese Polisi, although, I gotta admit, he gave us a nice $70 discount.




You’ll get:

  • Entertaining travel stories
  • Entertaining travel stories related to blogging tips
  • Free eBooks gifted to you weekly (in the form of my blog posts)
  • Access to valuable, free email updates
  • An exciting dream
  • Good-looking selfies (potentially, although this one’s open to debate)
  • Relevant posts
  • Super practical tips
  • A loving community supporting you, and nurturing you and helping you, and inspiring you
  • A fun experience each time you visiti!

If I were pondering whether to subscribe to a blogging tips themed blog, I’d be in. Then again, I’m horribly biased and yes, I guess I love myself.

I’m not in love with myself but I do love myself because I learned many moods ago on the road in the tropics that if you love yourself you can inspire yourself and others to do amazing things.

I have engineered a freeing lifestyle and I just want to take you with me.

I want you to hop on board.

You’ll live your dreams. I know you can. The real, palpable, powerful secret is in becoming more excited with your love of being free than you fear being uncomfortable.

Once that tipping point occurs you’ll become unstoppable.

I’ve helped coach my blogging clients to inspired results.

I’ve given clarity to confused bloggers.

I’ve seen that if you really want to live your dreams than you can blog from paradise.

You can do it, because if I did, than anybody can live this type of life.

Are you in? I think that you are.


Your Turn


Was this a compelling argument for you?

Why do you dig my blog?

Have you subscribed yet?

Why is the sky blue?


Call to Action


Today, I want you to do one thing.

I know that you’ve already subscribed to my list – which I appreciate – and I know you’re all hot and bothered about getting my email updates, but I wanted to give you some Blogging from Paradise homework.

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My eBooks cover topics like:

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  • Creating the mindset of a successful blogger
  • 13 steps to become an unstoppable networking machine
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  • How I published 10 eBooks in 4 months (and how you can too)


Guys, I love you.

I appreciate your support more than you can believe.  You guys have made this community. Without you, I’m writing a diary from the tropics.

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