How is the online empire building through blog commenting guy advising that blog commenting may damage your blog?

How is this numskull gonna explain that blog commenting kills your effectiveness?

How many questions can one blogger ask to lead off a blog post?

Today in Costa Rica….


The roaring rapids of Rio Chirripo woke me up. And I ain’t mad at it.

Kelli and I lazed in bed for the first hour of our 1st wedding anniversary (Not fishing for congrats).

I took an icy cold shower – being the nut case I am – and then meditated and then ate a delicious breakfast consisting of:

  • a piping hot cup of Costa Rican coffee
  • Costa Rican cornflakes
  • Costa Rican milk
  • Costa Rican sugar cane

After eating a leisurely breakfast I published my most recent blog post.

I then spoke to my web designer Phillip Dews for 45 minutes as the cleaning lady limpio=ed the apartment in stunningly gorgeous, peaceful Rivas.

Adonde Voy?


Where am I going with this?

Here’s where: I am able to enjoy the internet lifestyle, being free to laze the days away, while doing some fun work, because I have a sound, effective, efficient blog commenting strategy in place.

On some days I work/play/have fun more than other days. Because I do not *need* to comment on a set number of blogs daily. Nor am I married to commenting on any 1 blog because even though I comment regularly on a handful of blogs, if I ain’t having fun with commenting on a set day, I ain’t commenting.

TOM: The Old Me


The Old Me (he’s making another appearance) failed to vet his blog commenting campaign. I talked anywhere and everywhere. I added more work to my schedule daily because I *needed* (shitty energy) to comment on friend’s blogs or they would not read my blog (BS limiting belief). Clinging to this crappy, low energy, limiting belief led to:

  • 10-12 hour work days
  • stress
  • tension
  • increasingly less blog traffic
  • missing out on many of the stunning tropical paradises where I visited because I was so darn busy commenting on a gazillion blogs each day

Why Damaging to Your Blog?


You’ll come across advice from bloggers: you *need* to make friends and you *need* to comment on blogs to make friends. I offered this advice for years. But it is not true. You do not *need* anything.

You are whole and complete. As is.

Many top bloggers built monstrously large, rabid followings without ever commenting on another blog.

Here’s the rub: if you have fun commenting on blogs then feel free to comment on blogs. If it does not feel like work, you’re doing it right. But if it does feel like work you will damage your blog and kill your effectiveness because you will:

  • be miserable at needing to comment on blogs, and miserable bloggers cannot create inspired, fun, colorful content
  • run out of time
  • create a lop-sided, ineffective, inefficient blog marketing campaign

.all of which lead to a failed blog, a failing blogger and in most cases, these cats quit blogging all together due to their intense disgust of failing.

Here’s why blog commenting may be killing your blog softly (L Boogie reference)…..

1: You’re Not Having Fun


I recall being an BCI: Blog Commenting Idiot.

I commented on anything that moved. Or, on any blog.

I felt I *needed* to make friends. Didn’t have much fun commenting on blogs with 2 readers.

One day, it hit me: wouldn’t it be fun and save time and leverage my presence if I just commented on blogs like Pro Blogger Dot Net?

Wouldn’t it feel fun to write a 3-4-5 paragraph, creative blog comment on such a blog?

Wouldn’t that expose me, my blog and my brand to some 300,000 active followers of Darren’s blog?

I have fun most of the time. This is me. Post Gollum tryout. In India. Look to your right. Please. From 2013.

I have fun most of the time. This is me. Post Gollum tryout. In India. Look to your right. Please. From 2013.

Wouldn’t me and my blog be 100% relevant to Darren’s audience?

Wouldn’t that save me 3-5 hour’s worth of work a day – or more – so I can chill in Chiang Mai or skip through Savusavu or run through Rivas or ball in Bali?

Wouldn’t this expand my presence quickly and grow my readership and increase my blogging income?

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

Where did it all start? I chose to do what felt fun to me. And nothing else. Because that “fun” energy made me into the creative, free dynamo I am today. How do I draw parallels between seemingly impossible topics? I have fun. How did I appear on world-renowned, famous blogs? I had fun.

When you’re having fun, work dissolves into fun, and hard-working folks will wonder endlessly about your secret. Because they only know work and straining and striving and fighting and struggling…..and you only know, doing what’s fun.

Blogging Tip

Do you genuinely enjoy writing comments on blogs? Really?

If blog commenting feels fun to you feel free to keep on blog commenting. That fun, playful energy makes you hyper attractive to an increasingly growing group of interested individuals. Which leads to more targeted traffic and increased blogging profits and which also halves or quarters or 1/8ths or 1/16ths your blogging work/play load.

2: Forced Blog Commenting Progressively Adds More Drudgery to Your Daily Tasks List


Forced” blog commenting. Emphasis on the first word.

Fun blog commenting is a barrel of laughs.

Check out Adrienne Smith‘s comments. She loves commenting. She’s having fun. Genuine, authentic, whatever you call it, she has “it” in all things commenting so no way in Hades is commenting drudgery, or endless misery, for her. She enjoys commenting. Ditto for Don Purdum and Donna Merrill. Each loves commenting, so they comment.

No force. No drudgery. Fabulous examples for you aspiring bloggers out there!

For me – and all other sentient beings – forced blog commenting is akin to being slowly digested in Sarlaac’s Pit.

I felt a desperate need to comment on a set number of blogs daily back in the day. That desperate, low energy driver added hours upon hours of hard, grueling blogging work to my day.

Your Energy Creates It All

Force negates.

Power attracts.

Meaning, hard work, grinding it out and struggling with an increasing workload – and adding more folks to your commenting list adds to your daily work load – scares off the results you desire.

Work hard today, and you’ll need to work harder tomorrow to barely make end’s meet.

BUT….if you comment from a fun-loving space and if you comment on a few authority, well-read, relevant blogs daily, you’ll be using power instead of force. Using power ensure that you’ll attract:

  • more traffic
  • more readers
  • more subscribers
  • more blogging income

.with significantly less effort than the hard working crowd.

Ever see those bastards who seem to be all over the place despite working only a handful of hours daily? Yeah, jerks like me, living in paradise, included?

We follow our joy, make a tremendous impact with a few mindful, present, fun actions daily, and our presence expands. It’s not about smart work. It’s about detached, high-energy, joyous play. SO few folks go the Power Route which is why SO few folks live their dreams and have free time and change time zones like most folks change pants.

The Solution

Comment on 2-3 high profile, massive audience having, relevant blogs daily. Or on 1 of these suckers daily.

Write a 3-5 paragraph, in-depth, insightful and creative comment on each of these blogs.

It makes more sense for me to write a monstrously large comment in front of Darren Rowse’s 300,000 active followers today than trying to comment on 25 mid to low profile blogs. Because in the end I want to have fun without working much at all while building a strong bond with Darren while exposing myself and brand (not that way) to his 300,000 active followers.

3: You BELIEVE (on a Deeper Level) That Your Readership Will Only Read Your Posts ONLY if You Comment on their Blogs


This had been the biggest mental block for me to tackle. Until I house sat in Buena Vista, Costa Rica.


"I fully endorse detached blog commenting as a legitimate blog marketing strategy." ~ Squeaky the Squeak Man, Bali

“I fully endorse detached blog commenting as a legitimate blog marketing strategy.” ~ Squeaky the Squeak Man, Bali


I worked for about 12 hours during that 6 week stretch. I worked for 2-3 hours on 5 separate Fridays. Saturday through Thursday I lived in a jungle hut with no electricity or internet or plumbing. So no blog commenting or visits to The Throne for those 6 weeks – I only checked email and published posts – yet I appeared on:

  • Richard Branson’s blog
  • Forbes
  • Neil Patel’s blog

I also saw 4 separate, new blogging income streams pop up during the first week I spent offline.

I received direct, clear evidence that this limiting belief was a crock of crap. Utter bullshit. I appeared on some of the world’s most famous blogs. Didn’t leave 1 damn comment during that time frame to receive those invitations.


I had fun doing what I did on those Fridays.

I largely detached from blogging outcomes during those 6 weeks.

I realized that readers will flock to a blog which appeals to them whether or not the blogger comments on blogs.

I Strongly Advise that You Continue to Comment on Blogs if……


  • you have fun commenting on blogs
  • it does NOT feel like hard work

I love writing 1-3 in-depth blog comments on highly visible blogs for at least 4-5 days each week. A few hour’s worth of play/fun which leads to increased exposure and tighter bonds with top bloggers.


I Strongly Advise that You Cease Commenting on Blogs if….


  • the reasons I mentioned in this post resonate with you

Your Turn


Do you love blog commenting? Honestly?

Or do you hate it?

Do you feel overworked or taxed out the ying yang by blog commenting?

Or are you having gobs and gobs of fun with blog commenting?

Call to Action


What a ringing endorsement for blog commenting, eh?Commentingebookcoverblog

In all semi-seriousness I do believe in this marketing and bond-building approach if you enjoy it and write a handful of comments only on super well read, relevant blogs daily.

Which is why I invite you to read:

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting (Amazon eBook)

and you may as well listen to the audiobook while you’re at it:

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting (audio book)

The read and listen offers you practical tips for building a profitable, influential blog through the art of intelligent blog commenting.

See ya in paradise!

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