2 blogging tools. Fijian chicken flavored peas and my laptop. Both help me write in-depth blog posts, and both are critical ingredients in the Blogging from Paradise brand.

2 blogging tools. Fijian chicken flavored peas and my laptop. Both help me write in-depth blog posts, and both are critical ingredients in the Blogging from Paradise brand.


First off, I have ANOTHER exciting announcement to make.

I have published eBook #3 in the Blogging from Paradise series. Pick it up if you love my zany travel stories because I make some neat correlations between being nibbled on in Nepal, coked out in Peru, beat up in Bali and your blogging success lessons.

How My Wildest Travel Experiences Can Help You Become a Successful Blogger

And yes….that is me on the cover, overlooking the bay in Koh Lanta, Thailand during my cue ball days.

On to the post….

Wow……I have to hand it to Seth Godin. He pops up in the “blog post word count” debate frequently.

I admit, I used the guy to defend my frequent, short, ok, outright miniscule posts on my old blog. I referred to him and his level of success, using a tangible example for the short and sweet post crowd.


Blogging from Paradise: How Do I Churn out eBooks Like Most Folks Change Clothes?


That’s based on the assumption you change clothes frequently of course. But anyway, how can I publish 3 eBooks within 3 months – writing #4 as we speak – along with running a blog coaching and freelance writing business, along with publishing three, 2000 word blog posts weekly, along with living in Fiji, and doing Fiji stuff, along with circling the globe, traveling, being busy as heck, along with exercising 2 hours daily, along with meditating for 30 minutes daily?

(I also read, watch some TV, relax, sleep, prep dinner, perform my duties as a cat slave, and take more than a few selfies as you know by now, during the course of a normal day.)

I do it all by practicing writing. I write for hours each day so my eBooks and blog posts are taken care of. Then I have a bunch of time to do blogger outreach and all of the other stuff on my daily to do list.

My Blogging from Paradise eBook series is inspired. I am freeing myself, more each day, and I want to take you with me. Holding this pure intent inspires me to write….but then I need to write! I need to practice, so words flow from my mind to the keyboard with increasingly less effort.

When you practice one skill for 2, 3 or 4 hours daily, you become damn proficient in that skill/area. So since I write, and write, and write, for 2, 3 or 4 hours daily. Churning out eBooks every 3 to 4 weeks is easy, if you value doing so, because no matter what you’ll write each day, and let go low energy activities that don’t advance you or your family.

Why WOULDN’T I be prolific? I practice. Writing comes easily to me. I do what I value; I value writing and I want to inspire you through my writing, so I write. Simple.


The Convergence


So here’s where my eBooks, the Blogging from Paradise brand, word length and posts, and Seth Godin come together.

You need to put in the time to become hyper successful, creating extensively through SOME channels, to make things look easy through some, or all channels!

Example; Seth Godin. He wrote hundreds of thousands of words, published wildly successful books, built a world renowned consulting business, and became a world renowned public speaker….by….spending tens of thousands of hours writing, writing, speaking, speaking, consulting, consulting.


Have you written for tens of thousands of hours? How many best sellers have you written? What TED speech of yours went viral?

When it comes down to it, how much time have you spent honing your craft, establishing your authority, building your brand, influencing inspired leaders?

Seth Godin spent tens of thousands of hours to make his bones. He practiced….somewhere…and even though his blog is brilliant, most of his practicing IS NOT done on his blog. He may gain greater clarity in posting 200 or 300 or 20 words a day, to his blog, and may polish his skills a bit…..but that was after writing hundreds of thousands of words through:

  • Books
  • Consultant reports
  • Etc, etc, etc….

Unless you have written hundreds of thousands of words (offline, online, wherever), and have published kick ass, best selling eBooks, and have consulted as a pro, Seth Godin is a poor guy to use, as your argument for writing short posts.

Seth Godin can write 20 words posts not because he’s Seth Godin, but because Seth Godin spent tens of thousands of hours writing hundreds of thousands of words, in books, eBooks, and all over the place.

He put in the time, practiced writing, practiced, practiced and practiced, and naturally, the guy became an authority, so his 100 word posts make people take note.

He’s an authority. Much of what he does, turns to gold, because he put in the work.


Your Deal


Unless you have:

  • Practiced writing for ten thousand hours or more
  • written hundreds of thousands of words
  • published best selling eBooks
  • spoken at TED events
  • spent 3 to 5 years of your life, building your life around honing your writing craft

….you ain’t yet put in the time kiddies. And you better not use the Seth Godin argument for writing short posts.

He put in the time.

You haven’t yet.

So…..you need to knock people’s socks off, by creating thorough, in-depth content. 1000 to 1500 word posts for starters, 2000 words, 2500, 3500, and on up.

AND…..here’s the kicker….you’re writing these posts to over deliver, not to reach an inflated word count. You’re writing to inspire, to grow, to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, to….become….your version of your best self….to put in the time like Seth Godin…..or Chris Brogan…..or Ryan Biddulph.

Seth and Chris are famous, world-renowned cats. Ryan has a growing circle of influence. I’m a baby, these guys are masters. The cool thing is, though, as I churn out these 2000 word posts, and connect with authorities, and churn out inspired eBook after inspired eBook, I knock people’s socks off.

You need to knock people’s socks off by spending thousands of hours creating content that inspires folks to command authority.

Seth Godin did it. Chris Brogan did it. Ryan Biddulph started out on his journey, 3 months ago, when he decided to knock people’s socks off with the Blogging from Paradise brand.

I am putting in the time, going super in-depth, so I see a nice 1-2-3-4 punch here:

  • my writing skills are improving quickly
  • My posts are consistently in-depth, “knock your socks off” type creations
  • I am repeatedly popping up on the radar of many influencers
  • I am publishing eBooks at a breakneck pace

Do you honestly believe that I would have my first TWO eBooks tweet-endorsed by a New York Times Best Selling Author if I was writing 500 word blog posts? Of course not. I’d be cheating the Universe, or if I was a newbie, I wouldn’t have put the time in, yet, to command authority.


Who Short Posts Work for


OK, short posts – 500 to 700 word deals – work for a few folks.

  • Bloggers who have been blogging for 2 weeks or less
  • Famous people who have devoted 5 to 10 years or more of their life, to writing….meaning they are uber successful, and have authority, that they earned….so anything they say, will go viral, or close to it….


Who Long Posts Work for


OK, now we know, if we aren’t famous, or a newbie blogger, or a struggling veteran blogger, 2000 word or longer posts work for:

  • Ryan Biddulph (again, look to the right, kiddies…verified endorsements)
  • Anybody who needs to release the limiting beliefs “I am a poor writer, I struggle with writing, I am not a good writer like you Ryan, you’re a natural (of course, and you’d be too if you’ve write hundreds of thousands of words, like me), I have no time to write…yada, yada, yada…”
  • People who want to publish eBooks
  • Bloggers who want to boost their traffic and income
  • Bloggers who want to catch the eyes of influencers
  • Bloggers who want to inspire more folks
  • Bloggers who want to build a branded powerhouse
  • Bloggers who want to put in the time, to become an authority

OK, a question I get these days…..


The Number 1 Question I Receive


“Ryan, how do you find the time to do all that you do? 2000 word posts, eBooks out the yang, how, how, how?”

I build my day around what I value. I have all the time in the world to write eBooks and long, in-depth, detailed posts, because I build my day around these 2 activities.

Then I post long, thorough, inspired comments on authority blogs, to make friends, and to spread the word.

I spend 2 to 8 minutes each day, per activity, on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google plus
  • Checking email

So I make 15 hours or more, for me, daily, to write blog posts and eBooks…then, I do some serious blogger outreach as well.

By the way, if you want to see a guy who knows how to blog, check out my friend Andrew Warner’s post: 7 Actionable Tips You Should Use Today to Improve Your Blog

I definitely go heavier on the outreach bit, by far, but I write 2 to 4 hours every day I’m breathing….which is the kind of stuff Seth Godin and Chris Brogan did (or they wrote more)….which is the kind of stuff that catches their attention, as the quality, depth and inspiration of my work, shines through…

…which is why Chris endorsed 2 of my eBooks, and why my endorsements page is pretty chock full of authority bloggers, like Marc Andre, and which is why I’m rocking out this Blogging from Paradise bit.


The Verdict


I’ve seen the Seth Godin short post point made, and impressed, on both struggling veteran and newbie bloggers, and I had to nip it in the bud. I know many well meaning bloggers have shared this example but it’s damaging reputations and more than that, it’s misleading lazy or ignorant bloggers into believing that they can generate traffic and cash in before they put in their 10,000 hours or more.

Read this Malcolm Gladwell book to see what I mean.

The day you start blogging, write 500 words that day and every day. Don’t publish anything yet. Publish one, 1000 word posts, in 2 weeks…..then work your way up with each new weekly post.

When you’re publishing a 2000 word post in 2 weeks, and you’re beginning to build your brand, and knock folk’s socks off, while most other bloggers feel too afraid to challenge their limiting beliefs, sitting in their comfortable, tidy, neat, 500 word post comfort zones, wondering how the heck you did it, so quickly…..you don’t need to thank me….just promote this page so we can spread the word.

Ryan Biddulph’s eBooks

Go long guys.

Writing 2000 word or longer posts makes it so much easier to put in the time, to develop your skills, to establish your authority, to impact influencers and to inspire so many folks.


The Freeing/Uncomfortable Thing


This practice – writing in-depth posts – is SO freeing, and very uncomfortable at times, because you’ll be forced to face every single limiting belief you have about your blogging and writing skills.

If you want examples, scroll down to the comments….you’ll see them. That’s the fun part; dissecting, through a freeing, but uncomfortable practice, what you can’t do, to make room for what you can do….and as you may imagine….

….honoring this practice is the reason why I’m looking out of this window, right now, soaking up this million dollar view, as I’m writing, from Savusavu, Fiji.

Do the freeing but uncomfortable thing which will inspire so many more readers. Go long, or don’t go at all.

And remember, unless you’re famous, or unless you’ve made your bones, you darn well better practice persistently, and get thorough when it comes to word count, length and depth, blog post wise, to make an impact.


Your Turn


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Do you enjoy writing short posts because you can avoid facing your limiting beliefs?

Or do you enjoy writing long posts because it forces you to address every limiting belief you hold about your writing skills?

Are you putting in the time?

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