Henry on my bed. Kelli is wearing short shorts. Promise.

Henry on my bed. Kelli is wearing short shorts. Promise.

Henry may want to kill me.

At the very least he wants me to hang my head in shame.

I am eating his kids. Before they hatched. Oh well. Even in paradise, you’re gonna make some enemies.

I am enjoying 3 fresh eggs from the backyard/hen house, delicious sunny side up eggs, courtesy of the hens on the land here in Jimbaran, Bali.

Amazing, how eggs taste if the hens aren’t injected with steroids and all types of other crap (read this, America).

Here in Bali, “organic” is the norm. And I didn’t pay a dime for these organic eggs either. Just tossed out a cob of corn for the little hennies – and Henry – to chow down on here and there.

Henry is the resident rooster, by the way. Look up. Say Hi. (more on him later)


Exciting Interviews Coming…First, Phil Dews My New Theme Creator


I’m publishing a quickie today to highlight where I’ve been and to discuss the taste of my new blog theme. I genuinely feel you can taste a new experience; whether you’re changing the layout, severely reducing the load time or doing anything with your blog, an either savory or not so tasty experience follows the change.

I tasted some might – t – fine, homegrown eggs a minute ago. Heavy on yolk, light on whites. Amazing. Fresh. The flavor just POPPED.

I wanted to ask you; have you tasted the theme difference here?

Now I hear you clamoring from afar; same layout, or nearly identical, and nothing else seems to have changed…..but……if you’re really on the ball you’ll have noted that my web designer waved his magic wand and lowered my – this blog’s – load time from infinity to something far, far less.

He created a brand new, bespoke, custom built theme for our Blogging from Paradise community and I am SO thankful that he did!


Before We Go Any Further I Had to Thank…..


..my main man Phillip Dews (click that link). Aka, my web designer. Aka the guy who makes things go smoothly on Blogging from Paradise when I am due for an overhaul.

That's a long picture of Phil. So you never forget that mug. He's your web design guy.

That’s a long picture of Phil. So you never forget that mug. He’s your web design guy.

I am highly allergic to my backoffice. I break out in hives when talk of:

  • plug ins
  • widgets
  • load speed
  • tags
  • fonts
  • layout
  • forms

.and the like worms its way into conversations.

Phil did a brilliant job reducing my site’s load speed – is that what you call it – from like 15 years to under a second. Or something like that. Through the new theme he built for little old me. Or, for little old us.

Take a look-see.


It should be under a second for most users. Lightning fast stuff which helps you digest my content much more quickly, via laptops, mobile, hell, everywhere.

He totally steam lined my site and did an amazing job creating a nearly identical replica of my prior design, except, this is his own, bespoke, authentic creation.

My BFP kiddies, he’s the guy to talk to if you’re keen on redesigning your blog or business site.

I just wanted to add, please let us know if you run into any issues with forms, etc. We tested things out but would love to hear your feedback regarding site usage, layout, readability issues.

We are a community guys. This is a team sport.

Thank you!

OK, now on to where I’ve been over the past few weeks.

I wanted to highlight 2 interviews I did because hey, it’s not every day you get to hear me, old RB, gabbing from paradise here in Bali.


Possibility Partners Show


Ande Lyons interviewed me live, from Bali, for her wildly successful Possibility Partners Show.

Since this video has generated a whopping – for me at least – 382 views already I feel the social proof, along with my somewhat infectious positive energy, and some SWEET Bali background shots, including 1 of Sari the Mischievous Bali Cat, makes for an inspired video.

We talk about whether or not you should create your own products, or do the affiliate bit, a secret for networking effectively (RB quote inside on blogging) and a bunch of other blogging topics for aspiring – and current – pro bloggers to soak up and use.

Click the linkie linkie to enjoy Ande and I chatting, from paradise.

Blogging from Paradise with Ryan Biddulph

Please comment on the video and share it with your buds.


Kim Willis Interview


Seasoned and successful internet marketer Kim Willis interviewed me from Bali a few days back.

We had a fun chat about blogging, prospering online and how to really build those powerful bonds that precede a pretty dang awesome life.

Click to watch/listen.

Ryan Biddulph Interview – Champion Blogger Blogging from Paradise

Please leave Kim a comment and share this video.


Blogging from Paradise Books, Books and More Books


I am on Amazon.

No; I’m not in the Amazon – not yet – but my Blogging from Paradise eBooks, and books, are on the search engine for books and all that good stuff.

Pick yourself up a copy to get a taste of paradise.

Clickie clickie.

Blogging from Paradise Library on Amazon

By the way, if you want to know how I’m nailing down all of these inspired interview requests pick up this book today.

I will help you become a networking machine by sharing practical, real world tips for making buddies with the Big Dawgs, the High Rollers, the Champion Chieftains of the online world.

Click here to buy:

13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine

Oh yeah….

..as promised…..

.the rooster in my bed.




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