I have a big tongue. I’m living beside a fast-moving river now. Rio Chirripo in Costa Rica.

Peep the video. You’ll see both. Note; Switch settings to 1080 HD for a clear, crisp video.

Kelli and I – being full time entrepreneurs – often pass afternoons gazing at beautiful scenery in paradise. OK, that’s a lie. We rarely gaze. And we don’t spend entire afternoons staring into space. At least we aren’t doing so when NOT house sitting in East BumbleF**…..

We may however spend hours digesting stunning scenery in places like:

  • Costa Rica
  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia

The more exotic the spot, the better.

Anyway, after napping earlier I decided to fire up the old tablet to film a quick, 1080 HD video of the river. I admit; this rio is mio security blanket. Can’t seem to fall asleep until the soothing, peaceful flow of white noise puts me to sleep at night.

Popsicles and Frozen “Stones”


After reading a Tecumsah biography I am also toying with the certifiable idea of jumping into the river each morning in lieu of my equally disturbing habit of taking an icy cold, outdoor shower in 50 degree temps.

Fahrenheit, not Celsius. More like Mr. Freeze not Lucifer.

Old T Money dove into freezing cold waters as a wee Shawnee to earn his stripes. I just do the cold shower bit to raise my vibe, to WAKE the HELL UP and to have a bit more fun each day. It’s physiologically impossible NOT to be in an appreciative, fun mood after taking an icy cold shower.

I’m just happy I still have my cajones entact after exiting my little, mild, mock cryogenic chamber each morning.

Diving into Rio Chirripo would be a jump though. Freaking thing is almost freezing. Which would no doubt shock my system as if I wore a coat of electric eels while getting struck by lightning while sticking my fingers into 10 electrical sockets.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle


Since I have like hundreds of videos on Youtube which I have not promoted at all yet I may be publishing “video only” blog posts here and there to spread the word.

I want you guys to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle. More importantly, it feels really fun to inspire you and hey, if I am having fun and enjoying the ride why not share these little vids of paradise, right?

Call to Action


If you want to see more 1080 HD videos of where Blogging from Paradise has been subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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