I wanted to punch a wall, I was so frustrated.

You see, I’m not an SEO guy. Never was. But I knew that targeting your content to attract interested readers/potential customers was the way to go, if you wanted to grow an online business.

I’d read boring, bland SEO posts in the past. These articles left a poor taste in my mouth. I thought I was back in the lecture hall, studying atmospheric thermodynamics, like I did in college. Bleh.

I’d also reviewed a few BS black hat techniques that were guaranteed to blow up in your face. Gaming the system always ends in ruin. Always.

Anyway, after being sick of both bland-ass white hat and dangerous black hat SEO strategies being shoved down my throat, I’d about had it with SEO.

Cue the point…..where I wanted to punch a wall.

Except, that I’m lying. I admit. I fibbed a bit.

I didn’t want to punch a wall at ONE point. I wanted to punch a wall at MANY points during my online career.


Frustration and SEO


If you’re a regular reader of Blogging from Paradise you probably want to grow your business through blogging. Or you flat out what to grow your blogging business. Learning SEO, you’ve been told, will help you grow your online business because doing so helps you to attract interested readers, aka, potential customers, to your blog.

Now, if you’re like me, an SEO-averse kinda guy or gal, you’ve probably wanted to punch a hole through  a wall one or 2 times when it comes to embracing and learning SEO principles.

I’ve been flummoxed in Fiji, vexed in Vietnam, confused in Cambodia, and lost in Laos. Then, my SEO confusion spilled over into anger. I was angry in Angkor Wat, seething in Sihanoukville, and pissed off in Phuket. Yes, I’ve lived in each country, and city, for a minute!

Anyway, you probably know my frustration with SEO if you’ve been at the online game. All the terminology, the changing landscape, and the ever fickle Google, rearing to smack down your blog and business site with its malicious new updates.

I promise you though, your anger ends today.

Your confusion is a thing of the past. You no longer need to fret, or stress, or flip out, because I’ve found *the online SEO course for beginners*.

I went from being ready to punch a wall, being so darn frustrated with SEO, to learning and using SEO principles to attract targeted, buying traffic to Blogging from Paradise.

The online course I’m about to review today played a chief role in my SEO transformation.

I just took the course, and I’m sold.

Get this; the course developer is actually offering this gem of a tutorial for 50% off, which is a limited time offer exclusive for our Blogging from Paradise community. Not bad, eh? More details on that below my kiddies.


Blogging from Paradise I Will Teach You SEO


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New and veteran SEO students, I want to introduce you to:


I Will Teach You SEO


This course is the brainchild of SEO Wizard Matthew Capala.

I don’t waste your time. You know that by now. I’m still getting over jet lag after our 25 hour flight from Bali to NYC. I can’t afford to waste time.

I’d never do an outright idiotic thing like writing a negative review of some product on my blog. As a matter of fact, I’d never review something unless I believed in the product or service 100% and  believed that the product would change your life in a ridiculously positive way.

I just spent my morning reading and listening to this course, and it’s that kind of product.

This is the number one SEO training system on the web.

Matt actually inspired me to develop a budding love affair with SEO. Say it ain’t so?

Remember, I want to free you. I want to take you with me, to paradise. So naturally, I will make sure the time you spend here is well worth your while, and I’ll make sure your time is well spent by sharing life-changing products with you. This product rocks on many levels, a few of which we’ll dissect here.


Benefits of I Will Teach You SEO


First off, let’s go by the numbers. This online Udemy course is bursting at the seams with oodles of value.

Gain access to:

  • Hundreds of tested SEO techniques (Matt tests and proves everything he teaches)
  • 6 and a half hours of video content
  • 50 plus lectures
  • 10 years of SEO experience
  • A 50% discount by buying through my blog

Matt has 10 year’s worth of experience with SEO. He’s not a fly by night type of guy, practicing BS black hat techniques in his parent’s basement. He practices sound, diligent, proven SEO practices. I know this first-hand, as I’ve been stalking Matt for over a year now, watching him operate from my island paradise of choice.

He knows his stuff inside out. Anybody who knows me, knows that I only associate with the highest energy folks, the online guys and gals with the greatest integrity. You can call me any name in the book if you don’t like me, but you darn well know by now that I associate only with “good peeps.”




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Matt’s not only a good peep, he also knows SEO inside-out. The guy has the track record to prove it.

He practices white hat, value-sharing, disciplined SEO practices and shares these same successful strategies with you through this online course.

Matt generously provides you with over 50 lectures and 6.5 hours of video content (wow, inspired content it is, as I just took the course). He’s a content creation machine and a public speaking pro, and shows off his wares through this course.

You have lifetime access to the course and it’s accessible at any time on any device. Whether you’re a busy employee or student squeezing in a few minutes of study during your commute, or you’re a full time pro blogger like myself you can access Matt’s seemingly endless store of knowledge on demand, which is pretty darn sweet.

OK, I know it sounds like I’m a bit gaga over Matt and his course, but I have to be honest: not only do I deeply believe in the guy, I feel that he’s a budding superstar among SEO guys. He really, really, really knows his stuff, as both the depth and detail of his work is astounding.

One point Matt hits on is the need for symbiotic relationships to do SEO right. He explains how we aren’t gaming a system to make money. The goal in SEO done right is building friendships with niche leaders, and with our ideal customers, for the benefit of all within our niche.


Quick Hitters from the Course that I Vibe with


  • Build symbiotic relationships
  • Play to your strengths: writers would publish blog posts, eBooks, etc
  • Proper SEO requires analysis and critical thinking
  • Test and optimize religiously
  • All content needs to tell a story
  • Follow your blogging bliss

These few sound bites demonstrate why I dig the course so much. Matt’s focused on doing SEO right by building your campaign on sound foundational pillars. He’s really, really good at doing exactly what Google wants you to do: that is, creating massive value and building targeted bonds with niche leaders. As you may imagine, if you do what Google wants you to do, you’ll have found the key that unlocks a deluge or targeted, rabid, buying traffic.


Why the Course Rocks for Beginners


Matt both writes and presents in a simple to understand, practical teaching style. He knows that SEO can be an intimidating and quite baffling topic for beginners so he lays out these concepts in a clear, direct fashion.

I remember bumbling and fumbling through SEO, from my newbie days, until a few years ago. Hell, I didn’t know SEO from a CEO, when I began blogging 5 years back.




(image copyright SearchDecoder.com)

This course takes the confusion and guesswork out of search engine optimization. Remember earlier, when I was ready to put my fist through a wall? Well, this course helped transform my anger and frustration into joy and elation.


I went from being annoyed by SEO to actually understanding and then, applying, some of these concepts. Make no mistake about it: I am quite allergic to meta tags, at times. I may break out in hives when thinking about keyword density. But “I Will Teach You SEO” quelled my worries, and cured my ills, by teaching me how to connect with my ideal customer by learning basic SEO concepts.

I particularly loved the module explaining how to think like Google. Brilliant.


What’s Inside?


First off, Matt starts you off with an introduction to SEO and inbound marketing. He hits on the death of old skool whacked out SEO tactics and also discusses what you need in your toolbox, pronto.

He delves next into how you should build your content strategy, including tips on how to get global traffic. In case you didn’t know, getting global traffic adds a passive nature to your online business and also maximizes your online income. Yep, take it from a buy who blogs from paradise!


50% Off I Will Teach You SEO for a Limited Time (for Blogging from Paradise Readers Only)


Then Matt gets all nitty gritty with keyword research and technical optimization. Dive into the recipe for Google’s Secret Sauce as well as the basics of a perfectly optimized web page. You’ll also learn how to audit a website as well as how to get your technical optimization toolbox in order.

Get the 411 on how to build your backlinks and credibility. Matt talks about guest blogging done right as well as how to earn high-quality, in-demand backlinks to your website.

Social media and influencer marketing is next. Learn the art of visual storytelling as well as how to flat out win on social media.

Matt wraps it up with a beginner’s primer on how to make money online, then he puts the ball in your court.


Why Buy It?


Hmmmm…..it should be painfully obvious by now, but if not:

  • Get found on Google (this means a high volume of targeted, buying traffic, finding your website)
  • Get found on social networks (social network traffic = trusted traffic)
  • Add a passive element to your marketing game (in this case, if you build it RIGHT, they will come)
  • Pinpoint hungry visitors (if you’re going to attract traffic, why not attract people who need your product or service, and who’ll be buying customers, right?)

This course covers each base beautifully, meaning that, after you take the course, and apply the lessons, you’ll be able to soak up these delicious benefits.

Search engine optimization can be a confusing topic to tackle. Matt skillfully explains at a beginner level how to use SEO to grow your traffic and income online.

The real reason for buying this course is in the details. MC goes so in-depth, and provides you with such helpful, practical information that you’ll see a hefty return on your investment.

What I’m saying is this: if you’re after the Big Picture of growing your online real estate, you won’t think twice about your investment because the course is so darn thorough, and actionable, that you’ll be cursing me out – under your breath I hope, ha! – wondering why I didn’t review this online SEO course months ago.


The Only Drawback?


The depth of the course is highly impressive yet it’s not so dense that it would scare off newbies. If there would be one drawback to the course, it may be the sheer volume of information for an “SEO greenie” to digest, but then again, that’s a wonderful problem to have, right? A few students may deem the wide-range and depth of materials to be a bit intimidating, perhaps.

I believe most if not all students would be more than happy at Matt’s generosity though. I know I was floored by the thorough array of both lectures and video content.

He went above and beyond to create as thorough an online SEO course as I’ve ever seen and I genuinely believe my readers at Blogging from Paradise would see immense benefits from purchasing I Will Teach You SEO.

SEO is a tough enough subject to learn for newbies, then you have so many false SEO prophets out there who mean well, yet disseminate garbage information.

Matthew Capala is a respected, in-the-know, flat out SEO guru who has created an inspired, helpful online course here for any SEO student who needs a bit of guidance – or a fresh new perspective – on a critical topic for website owners.


The Slideshare Deck


This Slideshare deck breaks it down. Check it out!




The Final Verdict


I am giving this online SEO course a hearty thumbs up because I saw what it could do for an SEO curmudgeon like me, so I KNOW what it could do for anybody who wishes to get their SEO game in order.

Here’s an added bonus: buying through the below link entitles you to a 50% discount (you need to use coupon code: BloggingParadise2014 and yes I am compensated for each sale). Yes, that’s half off a course that is as an in-depth, thorough, detailed SEO training module as I’ve seen.

This is an SEO steal. Remember, we’re talking about 6 hour’s worth of practical, dead-on SEO lectures which will help you grow your audience and your business online.

Pick it up. This is a time sensitive offer so hop on it now.

Make sure to use the coupon code: BloggingParadise2014 to receive your 50% discount.


Buy I Will Teach You SEO Here


Blogging from Paradise I Will Teach You SEO

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