Me by Rawai Bay Check out the water and the Thai Longtail boats. Is that gorgeous or what?

Me by Rawai Bay. Check out the water and the Thai Longtail boats. Is that gorgeous or what?

I have to admit; I’ve changed. Before we dive into Paradise Picture Friday I have to be honest with me. And you. I am still the high energy guy behind the Blogging from Paradise blog and eBooks but I lost my way a little.  I’m still seeing a great deal of success – thanks Universe – and I’m largely a happy, jolly guy, and boy do I love writing, and publishing posts, and eBooks, but somewhere along the way, my intent changed. I went from wanting purely to take people with me, to paradise, toward publishing a set number of posts and eBooks. The seedlings of the eBook bit were an intuitive nudge which I feel was cool, but ramping up my posting schedule was a bit of a mistake.

My bad.

Actually, my good. I received some solid writing practice and much greater clarity, by watching my intent shift over the past 2 weeks. Hey, I’ve had to turn away interview requests left and right and I certainly am not hurting in the monetizing department but I felt a shift in why I was doing, what I am doing, and I had to address that immediately. Which is exactly why I’m leading off my post in this fashion. I am a successful dude, largely, but I am human, and sometimes, in my excitement, I may make a boo-boo here and there. Or, I guess you could say that more than most bloggers online, I fear not failing, or better yet, I fear not experimenting and learning, even if I shift my intent during the process.


What Happened


Somewhere along the line I stopped trying to do well in search engines, and I stopped targeting “blogging tips” bloggers, and I moved away from writing in-depth, 2500 word or longer posts, which of course get the most *interested* views. At least for me. Posting became a little bit forced. I mean, I admit….I’m a solid writer, so the opportunities and prospering kept on flowing in, but when you sit in quiet or better yet, when you feel burned out, you begin to see why you’re doing what you’re doing. Long and the short of it, I became a little bit of a slave to a posting schedule, and I didn’t put out my best quality work, and, foolishly, I did not target the “blogging tips” crowd who sees immense value in my blogs, and in my eBooks.

Now folks, I understand that you’re probably not disgusted about this. I’m not admitting being a puppy killer here. I am a positive dude and I still seem to be inspiring folks to blog from paradise. I’ve received awesome, high energy feedback on my new frequent posting schedule and feedback which indicated my posts were too thin. I appreciate both, but to be honest, I cared *too much* about both forms of feedback.

I’ll be so honest with you, so brutally honest, that if you accept this statement, you’ll understand the secrets of both my prolific nature, and of my happiness, and of the fact that I’m probably the only guy that you know who went from broke, penniless, depressed security guard to speaking at NYU in about 3 weeks.

When I am clear on some idea, I rarely listen to feedback, because I already received Divine Feedback through my level of clarity.

Example; when you eat a filling dinner, let’s say, spaghetti and meatballs….and you have 3 servings….and your gut is about ready to burst at the seams, you are full. Stick with me folks, because this blogging tip will save your life, blogging-wise, and it’s one of the keys that’ll help you become a retired, full time, pro blogger like me. Anyway, your gut is busted and you are stuffed. One more bite and you would hurl. So if somebody asks you in this state if you need dessert, you’ll turn it down unless you want mom’s spaghetti on your nice shoes.

My point is… are full already, so you need no more…..or……you are whole and complete, as is.

So, when I am clear on some idea, I am whole and complete as is. Meaning, even attempting to process feedback would be like forcing down dessert, after that “huge ‘a bowl ‘a pasta”, and you know what’s gonna happen next. Blogging-wise, you will be stuffing so much more into your daily tasks list, doing stupid stuff, non-income generating stuff, dumb stuff, the type of stuff that causes most bloggers to fail. All because you entertained feedback from people, when you already received all the feedback you needed from a Higher Power.

Well, when I received some lukewarm feedback over the past week, and when I got a bit annoyed by it, I knew the truth of the matter; I hadn’t eaten enough dinner. I had room for dessert, which for me is a bad, bad thing…..not because I love having some pseudo washboard abs, oh no…but because it meant I lacked clarity in what I did. The feedback in and of itself didn’t tell me to do something different but it did alert me to my lack of clarity, and to my shifting of intent. So I listened to my lack of clarity, felt it through, took a few hours off from my daily blogging routine today, and here is my post. And going forward, I will publish a post when I feel like I have 3,000, or 10,000 words – or more – to express, intelligently, in a clear and focused way.

Put bluntly; I am clear, because I am whole and complete, as is, so I’ll be changing things around the Blogging from Paradise shop. Because I am fully back to being more detached from this blog, and I am fully back to wanting to take you with me, so I’ll publish posts, that will make you want to be on board.

Here’s what I’ll be doing:

  • posting when I want to publish a really in-depth, inspired, post
  • posting when I want to publish a really in-depth, inspired post, written exclusively for people who want to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging
  • paying more attention to SEO….i.e., inspiring blogging tips type bloggers and travel bloggers to find me through Google
  • writing more eBooks, of course, but aggressively promoting the 10, kick-ass, inspired, some of which are endorsed by maybe the best business mind *on earth*, Blogging from Paradise eBooks – and combos – which are stocking my library shelves, as of this moment (pssst….I may have sent you one already, for free….lucky you!)
  • servicing my freelance writing clients
  • servicing my blog coaching clients
  • promoting Hootsuite Pro – my affiliate product especial – because, well,it will save you 2-3 hours a day
  • enjoying paradise… in Bali, or wherever I am at the time

Folks, I hatched Blogging from Paradise after:

  • a week spent offline
  • trashing 3400 posts on my old blog
  • being clear on why I was blogging and who I was blogging for

Well, after a mini break from being online during our flights from Fiji to Bali, over the course of 3 days, and after that whole “being full/feedback” analogy I noted above, I do feel authentically, and genuinely, whole and complete, again. I feel clear. Heck yeah, I listen to feedback so do keep it coming, but just know that the clearer I get, the more finely I process and heed the feedback. Don’t take it personally, as it’s just trusting The Universe and its Perfection above all else.

Going forward, I will share posts centered on:

  • offering blogging tips
  • offering neat travel stories

The frequency will likely drop off, but considering the dept of my posts going forward, you’ll need it to drop off, because it’ll take a while to digest what I have to offer. I’m doing this because I feel clear again, and what a wonderful feeling it is!

Just stay subscribed guys. Whether I publish 1 or 2 posts weekly, they’ll be mini eBook sized, entirely free of course, pieces, that will help you get through your blogging blocks. I see so many part time bloggers with full time jobs who are just bursting at the seams with potential, and I know that the ones who are a bit unhappy with their jobs can become full time, pro, island hopping bloggers like me. I know it. I believe so deeply in you, that I can actually see you with me, in the room, here and now, in Ubud.

So my dear readers, I wanted to gain full clarity in saying that, I am clear again. It feels wonderful. Let me know what you think in the comments section, OK? Now let’s talk about paradise.


Paradise Picture Friday


Imagine crystal clear waters, Thai Longtail boats and more seafood restaurants than you can shake a stick at.

You have Rawai Bay, Thailand. A blogging tips blogger’s paradise. Or anybody’s paradise for that matter, right? Look at the imagery. So many branded photo opps and all in inexpensive, sometimes downright dirt cheap, Thailand. One of my favorite spots on earth and it’s not because it’s so inexpensive, either. The people, the climate, the beauty and the Thai culture fascinates the heck out of me.

I selfie-snapped the above image by Rawai Bay on a gorgeous high season day. Thailand has a high season and low season. The high season is typified by sunny skies, dry weather and the spotty rain shower or 2, here and there, and the low season is called the monsoon season.

Don’t let the “monsoon” term fool you; heavy, persistent, torrential downpours for hours on end don’t happen in this neck of the woods. We’re not talking India monsoon, we’re talking maybe a storm here and there. Sometimes you’ll see 1 or 2 full days of rain but even that’s rare in Phuket.


Rawai Bay in Phuket Thailand


Kelli and I would often walk down the main strip in Rawai for our daily cardio. We’d pass the many bars, restaurants and endless convenience stores – 7-11, Tesco Lotus, Family Mart, etc, etc, etc – on our way to the pier, or we’d hook a right to check out the bay scene.

Nikita’s, and a full array of Thai seafood restaurants line the road as you make your way toward Promthep Cape and Nai Harn Beach. It’s quite the road. I’ve met a few online entrepreneurs and fellow bloggers who vibe with Phuket. Actually, 2 hyper successful bloggers stayed right in our hood. One lived in Rawai, a hop skip and jump up the street from where we always stay and another blogger lived in a house by Nai Harn Beach. Both raved about the place and hey, who wouldn’t? It’s a big island, and if the touristy Patong is not your thing, you can do the southern or northern tip of the island to see a much different experience.

We count Phuket as one of our favorite travel spots on earth. We are obsessed with Thai vegetarian food and appreciate that the Thai appreciate banana shakes.

On a side note, why do so few people in the tropics – in Asia particularly – NOT know how to do banana shakes? In Vietnam they are served warm, which baffles me considering in Hoi An the heat index reached 125 degrees on some days. Also, no shakes here in Fiji, on the street? Come on guys! You have work to do, to catch up to Thailand.

Anyway, we’re in love with the overall vibe in Thailand, especially on the south end of Phuket. Gorgeous views, lovely beaches and if you avoid the tourist traps like Patong – unless you want to catch a movie and head to the mall – you’ll see some of the best that Phuket has to offer.

Phuket is not all Patong, folks!

I remember so many peaceful nights spent walking out to the end of the pier. Kelli and I would watch the locals fish, or just hang out. We also saw the Sea Gypsy kids doing their thing, running up and down the pier, playing with soi dogs, just having a blast. During low tide the kids would pop into the water and run around like mad, so happy to be in the bay, enjoying life. I learned a lot from those kids; many of the Sea Gypsies had little money, but they were happy. Happiness comes from within, and after you visit a guest post i shared on my fiancee Kelli Cooper’s blog:

It All Comes from Within: How to Feel Happy Even if Things Don’t Go Your Way

you’ll naturally see why I’m a happy guy most of the time. Yep, I’ve done through my fair share of crazy scenarios, in life, but I almost always managed to keep on smiling through the ups and downs, and the highs and lows, of online and offline life. I share my secrets in the guest post on Kelli’s blog, so make sure and click through to it, OK?

Blogs to Follow and Developments on Blogging from Paradise


Do you want to read a really smart, cleverly branded travel blog? This travel blogger is a real dynamo, and a creative one at that. I’ve been following her blog for many months now, and the design, to the overall layout, and her funny writing style make for such an attractive brand and blog.

Check out Sabina’s blog:

Girl Versus Globe

She’s a high energy young whippersnapper who’s taking the travel blogging world by storm. Get to know her.

Richard Branson reminds us it’s not about the dollars, it’s about purpose. At least if you want to grow a successful business.I share blogging tips here but this post is appropriate for an online entrepreneur who wants to improve their energy and who wants to grow business. Thinking about your purpose over your check allows the checks to flow in more smoothly. When you start thinking paycheck over purpose, you’ll be in big trouble, folks. Pay strict attention to this post boys and girls.

Think Purpose Not Paycheque

Sammi at My Tan Feet featured the world’s most well know pair of goats, the guys who seem to really be all over the place. I mean it! They’ve been featured here, there and everywhere over the past few months it seems, and I must say, they’re one of the true online hustlers…in a good way. I find great inspiration in their insane networking campaign. Sounds like something I’d do, right?

Travel Interview with Nick and Dariece from Goats on the Road

I’ve been releasing eBooks at a pretty sweet clip. I’m sharing blogging tips freely here, and I’ll continue to do so as long as I run this blog……but I’m also spreading the blogging tips love through my eBooks. Heck, I also share eBook publishing love over on Amazon, and on Selz, too. I want to spread the wealth. I want to share my know.

I want to take you with me. That’s always been my intent on Blogging from Paradise. I write to inspire, to entertain, to inform and to sell a dream. This intent has certainly not failed me because the more I help other people the more I seem to align myself with bigger and better things.

It brings me joy when I read that bloggers are becoming full time digital nomads because of the inspiration I’ve been serving up. That’s the reason why I’m doing this. That’s why I’m Blogging from Paradise.

With that in mind, I wanted to tell you, that you can create and publish successful eBooks to:

  • Set up a passive online income stream
  • Establish your digital nomad authority
  • Create a value-packed manual for your audience

To address these issues I’ve published:

Blogging from Paradise: How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook

Add it to your Blogging from Paradise eBook collection.

I was asked more than a few times about how I’ve published so many eBooks and am about ready to do an interview for awesome blogger Marc Andre soon. Questions are on deck. I figured, if so many folks wanted to pick my brain about the topic I may as well speak my mind, right? To help you out. Because for the longest time I was beyond terrified to venture into eBook writing territory. I was a bit worried about formatting, and really worried about how to create something that would be like 10,000 or 15,000 words long. Well my friends, I got over the fear, and here I am creating an eBook for you, explaining how to create and publish a successful eBook.


Why You Should Publish eBooks



  • establish your authority
  • gain clarity around your expertise
  • establish a passive online income stream for your blog
  • enjoy exploring your blog topics and eBook topics inside-out
  • improve your writing skills
  • get a nice little ego boost….”I am a published author”, sounds nice, right?
  • pop up on the radar of Big Dawgs from your niche

New York Times Best Selling Author and Business Consultant Icon Chris Brogan and Millionaire Mentoring Blogger Yaro Stark both gave my eBooks a thumbs up (look to your right) so I figured, why not share my eBook publishing secrets with you, right?


Click the pretty picture.

Click the pretty picture.

Please don’t forget to write a nice little review for me here, as a comment on the blog and as a review/testimonial on Amazon.

Here’s the blog post:

Blogging from Paradise: How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook


Here’s my Amazon Author Page.

.Post a review on the Amazon eBook page and you’ll help so many more folks blog from paradise. We can retire a bunch of bloggers to a life of island hopping through smart blogging, and, even if they just want paradise to be at home, in small town USA, or in the big city, or if home is in the Far East, or Central America, or if it’s in Jakarta, or Mumbai, we can inspire folks to blog from paradise, based on my eBooks and your helpful customer reviews.


New Posting Bit (to Drill My Point Home)


I’m slowing things down a bit. You know that by now. I really loved doing the daily posting gig for a few weeks – or more – but have chosen to do something that feels better because I did lose my way, as I discussed above. I will cut down on frequency to get back to 2500 word *or longer posts*. Probably/Definitely longer than 2500 words. Why? It feels good because I’ll be targeting my readers more effectively(see above). I am still writing for folks who want blogging tips, and many of these folks want to make money blogging. I get that. I also feel most fulfilled when I’m writing a bunch. Or, when I’m doing more in-depth stuff here on BFP.

That’s the neat thing about changing your intent; you need not do it from a low energy space. I was a bit unclear, then I got clear. I was still a bit hungry because I lacked clarity, then after some feedback, I got clear again, filled up, and now I’m whole and complete.  You can actually feel quite awesome about changing your approach and since I do, and since I am feeling the search engine traffic thing, and the clearer feeling on branding and targeting, here I am. I didn’t blog from paradise by following anything other than my intuition. It hasn’t gotten me in trouble yet.

I’ll still be doing feature days but if anything, one time each month. I’m not even sure I’ll be posting 3 times weekly.I do know that each post will focus on sharing blogging insights, tips and tricks, and that I’ll naturally reach a higher word count because:

  • it feels good to me
  • I enjoy writing in depth posts
  • my most visited posts are higher word count posts
  • I’ve seen enough Infographics on Neil Patel’s blog to understand that 2500 word posts get the most search engine love and they get the most traffic

Not only do these type of posts get the most traffic, they nail down the most targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is my goal, because I want to take you with me. I’m selling a dream. I’m blogging from paradise, and I intend to help you blog from paradise, and since everybody’s deffie of paradise is different I may get some island hoppers, and others folks who want to work from home in India, or in the USA, or in Switzerland. If I can tune into your attention span, by creating a post that feels wonderful to me, and by creating a post that’s targeted, and meaty, than I am set. I’m on the right track. Hence the different posting strategy.

It all comes down, however, to feeling good, and even though I enjoyed the heck out of creating shorter, daily blog posts, and even though I had success with this approach, I do things that feel good to me, AND that my intuition tells me to do. My intuitive nudges pointed me in this direction, so here we are. I feel clear listening to the Silent Voice, that speaks to us in feelings, so going forward, expect less frequency, and hella in-depth posts for you to feast on. And of course, download one of my eBooks already if you want a bit more to chew on between my blog posts.


Today in Ubud


So today, I’ll be spacing out scheduled updates, I’ll be going uber light on networking, and I’ll be beefing up the 4 or so posts I have scheduled, to make them ready to go when I go live with them. Folks, I can’t stress enough how you need to quiet your thinking mind, and get clear on the intent of your blog, to maintain clarity in why you’re blogging and who exactly you want to reach. I want to reach bloggers, first and foremost, so I’d be wise to create the type of blogging tips themed posts that would most easily reach my blogging tips craving audience.

Don’t worry though. I’ll still be selling a big old, hairy dream. I’ll still be blogging from paradise so I’l be talking about what I did in Ubud, Bali, or what I did in the past, in Fiji, or what I did in Costa Rica, and I’ll be working in how these experiences taught me blogging lessons, in more than a few of these posts. That’s what my blog and brand is about, and that’s where my happiness lies. Do what makes you happy, I say, and of course, that’ll align with the direction of your purest intent, and you’ll attract the most awesome, like-minded folks, when you get super clear on why you’re blogging, and who you’re blogging for.

Well folks, I’m going to turn things over to you. I have plenty of writing to do today. Blogging duties galore here, and as the pigs are snorting in their pigsties, on the farm beside our place, and as the ducks are quacking in the rice fields, I need to meditate. Yep, I cheated. I did a bit of writing before meditating today. Oh well. I am human after all 🙂 But off to sitting, breakfast, than a fun day of writing and living in paradise in Bali. I’ll go for a walk, and Kelli and I will do lunch, then who knows what’s next? It’s all possible when you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging, and since Kelli and I are on the digital nomad, island hopping board, we’re doing our best to bring you along for the ride.

Your Turn


Have you visited Rawai Bay? Or Thailand, for that matter? What spots in Thailand do you most vibe with?

Did you meet any awesome new bloggers above?

Or are you digging the new developments on Blogging frm Paradise? Happy to see the 2500 word posts back and in effect?

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