Thumbs up, dude! Chilling in Bali.

Thumbs up, dude! Chilling in Bali.


Blogging from Paradise comes to Bali!

Kelli and I landed in Bali a few days ago after our trip to Savusavu, Fiji. We loved Fiji but were super excited about coming to Bali.

Ubud is our current location. Look to your right to see me chilling in the rice fields.


Paradise Picture Friday: Ubud Bali


Check out this stone god.

Yesterday Kelli and I strolled through the town center.

Ubud is dotted with many fascinating temples. Heck, the whole of Bali is a collection of temples and stone carvings large and small.

Before Kelli had a massage – and myself a fade/haircut – she snapped this image of a stern looking god outside of a temple. He looks like business, right? You’ll see stone carvings and temples like these throughout the whole of the island.

Paradise Picture Friday is a fun series to create for you because I want you to feel what we feel. If you’re suffering through a cold spell in your neck of the woods maybe a heart-warming Bali picture can lift your spirits. Or if you’re like me, maybe seeing a guy or gal doing the full time digital nomad bit will inspire you to do the same.

Whatever floats your boat.

The past day spent here flew by. So much fun to do in Ubud. We cruised through the rice fields, KC had a massage and I got faded, we ate a nice vegetarian lunch at Vege Table (clever name) and bought dinner at Coco’s.

Ubud is famous for being the spiritual and art center of the island. Picture a whole slew of spas, art galleries, wood carving shops and more healing centers than you can shake a stick at in town, and in the surrounding areas.

We plan to visit Monkey Forest soon. Pictures will be interesting, as always.

As for the stone dude up top, I hope he lightens up a bit. I mean, the Balinese are so warm, kind and laid back, you think it would rub off on him eventually, right?

The neat thing about Bali – especially Ubud – is the range of things to do. We’re sitting on the deck now. Picture an open, inviting space, in a Balinese neighborhood, bordered by the rice fields.

We’re sharing a plot with chickens, pigs, and if you go a bit beyond, ducks and cows are working the rice fields.

The cool thing is that we’re in a Balinese village/compound. This is the real deal folks, SO different from going to a hotel. I feel few experience Bali as the locals do, and we’re blessed to be doing this travel thing right and proper here on the Island of the Gods.

That’s it for today folks. Kelli and I have another fun day planned. Heading into town in a few.

See you for next week’s Paradise Picture Friday!


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