The only rat race Hazey is running, is for dinner, in the jungles of Savusavu. Another hectic day in paradise.

The only rat race Hazey is running, is for dinner, in the jungles of Savusavu. Another hectic day in paradise.


I wasn’t always an island hopping fool.

5 short years ago, at this time, I’d be reading numbers off of a container in Port Newark, NJ.

I was a security guard. Not a bad gig, but it wasn’t for me. The Universe said so, as it forced my hand when I was fired.

Fast forward 5 years. I’m looking out on gorgeous Savusavu Bay on Vanua Levu island in Fiji. I’ve traveled the world for 41 months straight.

I’m a digital nomad.

How did I go from fired security guard to island-hopping, full-time, pro blogger? How did I fund my travels and boost my savings through my blog?

I knew why I wanted to live this life.

Being free (and taking you with me) is my WHY, and being free was more important to me than doing uncomfortable stuff, so I did the freeing but uncomfortable stuff to do, to arrive here.

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Click here to pick up Blogging from Paradise: How to retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging.


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I believe in you. I know you can go from part time travel blogger to full time, pro blogging, continual traveling digital nomad.

You can go from 9-5 office worker to professional island hopper because I did it, and if I can do it, anybody can do it.

You will be required to do freeing but uncomfortable stuff. Building up your mental tools, automating, engaging, surrendering, trusting and learning how to make the greatest impact wherever you are, those are but a few steps to take, to go from Port Newark, NJ, to Savusavu Bay, in Fiji.


Blogging from Paradise: 5 Years Ago


5 year ago, I was dreaming what I’d do with the 5 vacation days I received each day. (European readers, stop convulsing)

Today, I’m planning for our trip to Ubud, Bali next month. Heading from Fiji to Bali. Much different than a few years back, when a visit from the docks to the lunch truck qualified as a trip to me.

I made this radical shift by doing a few key things. I’ll chat about ’em below. I’ve followed each tip to mold my freeing, digital nomad, way cool lifestyle.

I admit; although I was blessed to be working 5 years ago, earning a steady paycheck, chilling at an easy as hell job, I kinda like living in Fiji, and typing words into a laptop, and making friends, and watching lizards sprint all crazy-like around the walls, here in “Melanesia”, now, verses wondering if the last truck was gonna be shoehorned out of the terminal at 10 PM, in good old Port Newark, 5 years ago.

Hey, if I can go from da docks to da cliffs of Savusavu, Fiji, and if I can go from straight-laced, average Joe (or RB) employee, to tiger-taming, monkey feeding, Fiji living digital nomad, anybody can do this, Anybody can live this gig, if you really want to genuinely and authentically be free, because I’m living proof that someone with no knowledge of running a business or doing much of anything online can become a wickedly happy, inspired digital nomad.


Why Be a Digital Nomad?


Well…you’d be free to:

  • travel all over the world
  • be free
  • travel all over the world with mobiles sources of income
  • grow like a weed; traveling does that to you
  • live on some tropical island for as long as you want to
  • inspire others to become digital nomads
  • no set schedule
  • no set salary

You’ve seen how I live. Not only do I live a ridiculously cool, blessed life, I must say that my biggest thrill now is inspiring other folks to follow in my cyber footsteps. I get a kick out of folks who are leaving the 9-5 behind to chase their dreams, just like I did not 5 years ago.

I love hearing how more travel bloggers are becoming full-time, freed, professional bloggers, who need only return home to visit family. These ideas inspire me because I am becoming more free each day, and I intend to take you with me.

Retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging is possible, then, when you think about it, up there in that noodle of yours, it’s quite probable, then, when you dwell on the idea, it becomes a certainty, then, you’re flat out living your dreams.

Remember, if you want it – and I just KNOW many of you do dream about living the digital nomad life – I’m taking you along for the ride, so we can sit for some kava, in Savuavu, or so we can go for a bure together, in Bali.

Let’s dive into the tips, shall we?


Know Why and Tie it to Being Free


I want to be free. OK, I’m becoming freer each day, living in paradise, doing the digital nomad thing. I’m releasing eBooks, offering services, and loving the ride.


I do the freeing things that lead to a freeing lifestyle. I am not immune from fear, but my love and passion and zest for being free is stronger than my fear of doing uncomfortable stuff.

A fired security guard had to do many freeing but uncomfortable things to become a digital nomad. I knew why. I wanted to be free.

Do the same. Know why you want to do the internet lifestyle bit and tie the reason to being free, and you’ll do the stuff necessary to free yourself, and to live this lifestyle.




Meditating is truth serum. Expanding your awareness exposes to you the limiting beliefs which need to go if you’re to go from employee to entrepreneur.

Kelli Cooper is a meditation warrior. She sits for 60 minutes some days. I do 20 minutes, with 1-2 hour’s worth of exercise, myself.

Years ago, I carried these limiting beliefs:

  • I’m an office worker
  • I’ll just work jobs my whole life to get a steady paycheck
  • I’m not really talented in any area of my life
  • Traveling is boring

Yeah that was me, saying that stuff to myself. Meditating helped me unearth and listen to that head trash, so I could free myself to do the opposite things. I chose to be:

  • A world traveler
  • A professional blogger and prospering author
  • A damn creative dynamo
  • An inspired traveler who is gaga over globe-trotting

Meditating helped me observe and change my beliefs, so I could free me.




I automate via Hootsuite Pro. I’ve saved myself 2-3 hours daily using this goodie.

Check out my helpful review to learn more about the tool, and of course, pick it up if you vibe with it.

My Hootsuite Pro Review

When you begin to travel, boy does time become valuable. Surrendering some activities to let folks or apps handle them is beyond necessary. This saves you time, and you need time when you’re traveling from Fiji, to Sydney, to Bali, and then, from Bangkok to NYC a month later.

My friend Brittany Bullen wrote a smart post about automating. Click to read.

Super Secret Ninja Blogging Lessons all the Pros Are Using

Automating frees your time to do what’s important, while you globe trot. Leverage. Pay for tools which promote your success.


Make the Greatest Impact Wherever You Are


The old me tried to get by doing the minimal bit. I had all the time on earth. Or, I had 40 hours to 50 hours each week, to work with, plus plenty of free time away from the office.

The new me knows, to be a successful digital nomad, I must make the greatest impact through:

  • Each eBook I publish
  • Each post I publish
  • Each comment I publish on authority blogs
  • Everything that I do

People who run prospering online businesses from their time zone of choice MUST make the greatest impact in the minimum amount of time.

Stop playing a numbers game. Play an energy game. Play a people game, by making a serious impact on each human you interact with, and by going over the top each time you create a blog post, eBook, product, or service.


Learn from Digital Nomad Jedi Knights


I consider Yaro Starak a digital nomad Jedi Knight. He’s mastering the skill of earning a fortune from any spot on earth and he teaches folks how to do it.

When I went live with Blogging from Paradise I patiently reviewed his recent posts. 1 idea jumped out at me; inflated traffic numbers don’t count, but a few hyper interested readers who’ll hire you, do.

A handful of targeted, rabid fans/brand advocates can build your digital nomad empire quickly.

Check out Yaro’s post explaining how quality traffic is THE traffic you should target:

You Don’t Need as Much Traffic as You Think

I ran across another digital nomad Jedi Knight too recently.

Natalie Sisson is a pro’s pro. She’s smart and her training courses are thorough, top notch offerings. Follow her.


Enjoy the Ride


I love my offline journeys as much as I love my online journeys. You know that. I spend hours daily doing fun stuff in Fiji, or getting buff in Bali, or trotting through Thailand.

Digital Nomad. Digital = works online. Nomad = travels. What’s the point? Helping folks to travel and prosper online, AND to enjoy the freeing, traveling, internet lifestyle.

Enjoy your travels by setting aside 3, 4 or 5 hours daily to soak up the local environment. Detaching from your blogging business is fun, and it also accelerates your online growth. Try it.


Understand Relative Wealth Verses Absolute Wealth


Many folks who think they don’t have enough money to travel fail to realize that their 1 USD, which seems like a pittance in my home state of New Jersey, would buy them a wholesome, nutritious lunch in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Digital nomads embrace this idea: building your blog into an income generating tool allows you to travel to lands where your net worth doubles, triples or grows even greater based on favorable exchange rates.

Kelli and I have been blessed. We can afford to stay in higher end places, in many tropical hot spots, but since we value staying in really nice, clean places, with some trimmings, we choose to spend and save our money through different channels.

But, when we rented an apartment for $650 a month, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and we knew that it would have run from $1,500 to $2,000 a month in Hoboken, NJ, we WERE staying in a high end, fancy, gorgeous, spacious spot.

That’s relative wealth. Making money from anywhere. Absolute wealth is making a ton of dough – the absolute part – but while you’re making it, you’re stuck in one spot, or bound. Digital nomads know that they’ll make and save even more money by having their “job”, or online business, being able to travel with them to anywhere on earth.


Take Plenty of Selfies


I had to say it. Just look at my sidebar.


Planes Are Your Best Friend


I may just complete my next eBook on the plane ride from Bangkok to NYC, in late November. We will see. At a minimum I’ll churn out 2-3 posts, most likely, because plane rides – long ones especially – offer you the opportunity to create posts, eBooks, products, or anything you wish to create, to make your digital lifestyle brand take off. (get it, the plane reference?)

Hey, watch the Green Hornet. That’s what’s playing now, right, on planes? Do your hourly walks. Enjoy the food. Chat with a fellow traveler….but please, my digital nomad buddies, or nomads in training, use the 1, 2 or 15 hours wisely.

You’re blessed with time. Use it intelligently to grow your blogging business from your tropical paradise of choice.


Sell the Dream


People don’t buy my Blogging from Paradise eBooks.

 ASIDE: Hmmm….did I tell ya I released ANOTHER eBook just 2 days ago? This one is all about How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook. I give practical tips to help you build your brand by publishing successful eBooks.

People buy the dream I’m selling, of traveling the world non-stop, as a pro blogger.

The invisible why in the visible what goads you to make the buy.

Look at my sidebar. It’s all Selfies, Sales and Subscribing. Subscribe to my blog, (please do it, up top) to receive my latest updates, buy my eBooks, or Hootsuite Pro, to prosper, you digital nomad junkies, and well, as for the selfies, you want a dream.

You see me, and may envision yourself doing this too. Or you just want to see my kisser from some place with a bunch of coconut trees.

Whatever. You like eye candy, and to run a successful blog based on living the internet lifestyle folks will have to buy into the dream you’re selling, to be on board.


Exercise….or Else…..


A cruise ship docked in Savusavu Bay, last week. 3,000 people flooded into town. 80% or more – and I’m being kind with that estimate – were fat. I mean, I felt compassion for them, because the majority of folks were really overweight.

As a digital nomad your creative energies will relate largely to how well you take care of your body.

Kelli and I exercise daily. I do 1 hour, or sometimes, 2 hours, each day, which is why I’m able to write 6,000 words a day (thanks Jane Sheeba, check out her blog and my guest post, please), or more.

Exercise on the road. Walk, run or jog daily. Do pushups. Creativity flows easily through a circulating body. Take care of your home.


Check Email Once Daily


I’m in and out of email in 5 to 10 minutes daily.

I’ve went mad in the past, trying to correlate time zones, trying to pop back in, minutes after checking my email, to reach that guy or gal who’s going to bed soon in NJ, or who’s waking up now, in London.

Forget about that.

When good matches are good matches, and when you check email once daily, you’ll connect. The Universe will see to it. Respect your time. Respect their time. Check your email once daily, digital nomad kiddies.


Don’t Forget to Network


Some travel bloggers forget that other travel bloggers and other digital nomads can expand their presence a thousand times more quickly than trying to do things on their own.

“Rich people build networks. Everybody else looks for work.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Gotta love RK, right? The dude knows helping others and detaching is the quickest way to help yourself.

I’ve yet to meet a digital nomad lone wolf who’s been successful.

Based on bonds that I’ve built, in this past week alone, Marc Andre and Josh Coffy mentioned me/interviewed me on their blogs.

Thanks guys!

Check ‘em out.

26 Bloggers Share their Monetizing Strategies

Ryan Biddulph Interview on Flight Media

Network, my nomad buddies. Promote others to promote yourself, and your presence will expand at a blinding pace.

Goats on the Road (Nick and Dariece) are superb examples of digital nomad networking machines. They are everywhere. Follow them pronto.


Embrace the Local Culture


From Tieland to Thailand does such a wonderful job explaining how to embrace the local culture in Thailand. Follow their blog.

While crotchety expats b*tch and moan, and angry, law-breaking farang start walking their Dirtbag Trail of Tears, from Thailand, to Cambodia, after the recent crackdown on tourist visa chicanery, Chris and Angela teach you how to embrace and enjoy local customs, and how to go with the flow.

This is a must for digital nomads, for wherever they’re traveling. Appreciate differences with a smile and be grateful for similarities, between cultures, and you’ll get how to do this travel thing right.


Publish Double Figure Themed, Tips/Steps/Reasons Posts


They flat out draw in other digital nomads, like bees to honey, or like Fijian Flying Foxes to papaya.


Your Turn


Folks, book #4 has been released but don’t forget to pick up eBook #3. Digital nomads, you’ll love reading about my travel experiences – you’ve likely been there – and my successful blogging lessons.

Buy the paperback version. Click this link.

How My Wildest Travel Experiences Can Help You Become a Successful Blogger

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What tips can my fellow digital nomads add to this list?

Are you friends with any of the awesome bloggers I mentioned above?

Are you struggling to become a full time digital nomad?

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