Me and Wifey.

Me and Wifey.

What do obnoxious cocks, Belloq’s exploding head from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc and living your most spectacular dreams have in common? Each is a topic covered in today’s exciting Blogging from Paradise interview with my wife, and Life Made to Order Founder, Kelli Cooper-Biddulph.

During my morning meditation session a thought hit me: my fingers are FREAKING tired! Time for a break. Who better to interview than the women most responsible for me living my dreams. She and my dad are the 2 chief causes/people who made this life possible, pulling me through the lowest of lows so I could be that guy, that you know today. Today’s interview is gonna be all about how to live the life of your dreams, whatever your dreams may be, all from the Queen of Manifesting herself.

Kelli’s Qualifications (to give ya a gander into her dream life)

  • went from broke joke to traveling the world for 4 years straight as a full time income earning professional blogger
  • has lived in Fiji, Costa Rica, Bali, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Peru, Nepal, India and Vietnam for months at a time
  • successful life coach who has built a rabidly loyal community on her blog
  • manifesting freaking machine who raked in that sweet, sweet paper at a sick clip when old RB wasn’t making too much dough online, during some lean times for me
  • has overcome tons of crap – ie resistance – to create this charmed life….e’ll talk about these nightmares in the interview

OK….who would LOVE to listen to this interview? A few folks, methinks, including:

  • aspiring digital nomads
  • aspiring travel bloggers
  • law of attraction fans
  • professional, full time digital nomads and travel bloggers
  • any living, breathing human being who wishes to live their dreams
  • people who would enjoy waking up in paradise for months – or years – at a time

What We Chat About


Well, other than the obnoxious cocks, exploding heads and a few other humorous tidbits Kelli and I delve into our sometimes not too pretty stories, to show you how 2 folks who want to be free can live a charmed, inspired, really goldang neat life.

Kelli shares some of the nightmarish scenarios she had to overcome to live her dreams. We also speak about:

  • Kelli’s biggest obstacle to overcome to mold this life that jealous people may want to strangle us over
  • What drives Kelli, and why, to live her life made to order
  • Her #1 tip to help you live your most spectacular dreams
  • practical tips for getting through life’s challenges with the law of attraction

Guys, if 2 former drifters (like, drifting through life aimlessly) like Kelli and I can engineer this freeing a life imagine what YOU can do! I am here to free me, and to free you, and I am so excited to share Kelli’s thoughts, insights and wisdom with you today.

Enjoy it guys!

Note: this is an audio interview (only) because I want you to listen, not to read it, so no transcript! Hey, YOU try writing 10,000 or more words a day 😉 Sit back, relax, hit the play button, and listen to our inspiration, our humor, our stories and that special blend of positivity that will make you a dream-reaching machine, a successful cyborg, immune to failure, and irresistible to greatness.



By the way, that background image was snapped by old RB in the rice fields around Ubud, Bali.

Your Turn

What part of the interview did you enjoy the most?

Did you know Kelli was my wife before listening to the interview?

How are you living your most spectacular dreams?

Did you learn a wacky thing or 2 about Kelli and I after listening to this?

Call to Action


Kelli is a kick butt coach. I mean, she’s REALLY nice, loving, caring and compassionate, but she’ll just get you to where you want to be, point blank.

She is single-highhandedly responsible for pointing me in the right direction with Blogging from Paradise.

Here’s the call, my BFPers: visit Kelli’s coaching page to learn more about her services.

Subscribe to Kelli’s blog too to live your life made to order.

Until next time….enjoy paradise!

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