His jaws locked onto her cheek, like a Great White Shark ferociously tearing into a hapless sea lion.

Jackie was after blood. Or some play. Or maybe he was just doing the stuff that wonder puppies do.

Make no mistake about it; Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy has grown into legend in these parts.

I’ve heard tall tales spun by local tribal chieftains here in Ungasan, Bali. Jackie is a ferocious, furry freak.

He laughs at the savage Bali street dogs we see during our walks, often scoffing at their piddly barking, snarling, and in Jackie’s mind, thinly veiled, wimpy threats.

Jack’s got Balinese balls, killer cajones.

I admit it; even though I’ve already retired to a life of island hopping Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy is the sensei, the Padawan Master, the pimp puppy of paradise island hopping because he does the stuff that I do, without thinking about it. He just is. He does. That’s it.

What a playa!

Kelli and I are a few weeks into the best house sit on earth.

I am Higgins, Magnum PI and Zeus and Apollo all rolled into one.

(That’s the Holy Trinity of House Sits, all rolled into one….hell they’re from the same TV show, but whatever……hey I had nothing to do on Friday nights, prime time, in NJ… I tuned into Channel 2 CBS….)

Puppies and Retirees


Jackie housed Roxy.

It looked stupid silly.

Jackie is a 5 pound Balinese puppy with large, fluffy, floppy ears.

Roxy is an 80 pound Rottweiler not much shorter than a small pony.

Watching them fight is like viewing a spider monkey lay into King Kong. Titanic mismatch, you’d think, but Jackie don’t play. He hangs from Roxy’s cheeks. He lays into her legs. He snarls. He bares his vicious, mini-chicklet-sized fangs, he throws spittle, he froths at the mouth, and he does his best “Little Engine that Could AND Will” impersonation.

1080 HD Video of Jackie and His Doggy Friends in Action


Watch the video. Me, Jackie, Roxy, Artie, Harvey in the Jimbaran Hills going for the daily walk.

If I were one of the spitting cobras, monstrously-large monitor lizards or powerful pythons in the fields or on the property here in Bali I wouldn’t mess with that Mfer.

He’s a boss.

Size matters not when you have a serious attitude. The thing is, in Jackie’s mind he’s a 100 pound pit bull or better yet, he’s Godzilla, ready to destroy any dog, human or sentient being foolish enough to stand in the way of this Demolition Dog.

I’ve yet to see a puppy with his feistiness. Maybe it’s the Balinese dog in him. These dogs are born and bred on the streets. Can’t afford to be milquetoast wimps. The streets will swallow them up, like a sumo wrestler greedily scarfs down rice and fish.

Island hopping retirees would be wise to study Jackie’s terrible ‘tude. Or, his tenacity, his belief in self, his fearlessness, his joy and his fascination with everything.

It takes cajones to live this life. Jack’s got ’em. In spades. He’s a puppy boss, a determined dog, a crazy canine who mindfully devotes his energy to 1 task and sees things through.

Me and Hopping Islands


I am an island hopper. There. I said it. I’m not ashamed to admit it. (who the hell would be?) I am gazing upon the Indian Ocean now. To the East. To the West, we’re talking the farmland around Jimbaran Hills, a most pristine, peaceful area on the Bukit of Bali.

I live in paradise. I wear Joe Cool shades. I’m so tan I’ve been confused with local Indonesians, sand is stuck between my toes because I just returned from Balangan Beach and I polished off a banana and coconut cream shake a few minutes ago.

How’s that for a ridiculous stereotype?

How’s that for a parody?

Biddulph in Bali.

What a dream life.

What a blessed life.

The Freeing Factor


I had to act like Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy to make this life happen. I had to desire being free more than I feared doing uncomfortable stuff. I couldn’t cower to my fears; island hopping retirees can’t do that, or else they wouldn’t be island hopping retirees.

I was more obsessed with being free than I was terrified to:

  • let go a steady source of 9-5 income
  • publish my first blog post
  • publish my first video
  • start my online businesses
  • buy a domain and hosting

When I watch Jackie battle Roxy, the roaring Rottweiler, I can’t help but think of David versus Goliath.

Get this; David wins in this version, too!

A soaking, wet rat, disguised as a cute puppy….a little creature that would be knocked down by a 5 MPH Balinese breeze….a lightweight, appearing to be as aggressive as a glass of warm milk, a delicate little flower, seemingly…..kick’s Goliath’s big old ass again and again.


Single-mindedness wins.

A mind focused on 1 intent, or 1 end, wins. In the end, it’s almost like watching the Golden State Warriors versus the New York Knicks (and yes I am a Knicks fan, for all of you NBA guys and gals out there); by the time the 4th quarter comes around you just know the Knicks will have mailed it in, facing the top team in the league, during the 4th game of a 7 game West Coast swing. They are giving up, being fed up with losing, finding it much easier to mail it in and to fight some other day… the future…..WAY down the road….maybe….never?

Jackie is like the Golden State Warriors – if Stephen Curry had long, black floppy ears and smelled like a dirty little puppy, which would be weird, right? – in that he’s gonna win, most of the time. His creativity, his single-mindedness, his brutal persistence, and his unparalleled ability to make everybody around him feel amazing, through his sheer presence (damn the Warriors play an entertaining brand of ball!), are all traits we present, and aspiring, island hopping retirees need to embrace, to free ourselves.

Don’t ya think?

If you do, or don’t, PLEASE share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Let’s dissect Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy! No not that way. Although I betcha he’d up and walk away from the dissection no worse for the ware, that little delightful doggy Doppelganger of the ultimate, unstoppable puppy.

1: Jackie Is Fearless (Most of the Time)


Dodo the Savage, Dodo the Cruel, Dodo the Merciless (I watch way too much Sci Fi) met Jackie, glare for glare, baring his ferocious fangs, intent on scaring the essence, the soul, out of Jackie the Wonder Puppy.

Jackie glanced back at Dodo casually and said…:

That dog ain’t shit!”

Or at least, he gives off that vibe each time we walk by Delightfully Yours Dodo (thanks Kelli), the Bali dog next door who diligently and religiously guards his property with piss and vinegar (literally on the former).

Dodo’s threatening posturing doesn’t stir Jackie one bit. He’s not impressed. He’s quite fearless actually, because considering Jackie weighs less than a bucket of KFC hot wings and Dodo is a kinda rugged, protective, intimidating Balinese street dog with some juice, you’d think Jackie would piddle in his puppy pants….or diapers. But really, he thinks Dodo ain’t isht.

Honest. He even told me himself (in my dreams).

Jackie is just as fearless when Roxy tosses him around like a rag doll. Roxy is a beloved Rottie living here on the grounds at the villa. She’s big. REALLY big. And although she reins in her strength a tiny bit she doesn’t really spare Jackie the rod, when it comes to both play and punishments.

She gives it to him. Yet Jackie bites her, and hangs on, pulling her cheeks, her legs, her body, hell, anywhere he locks on like a little game pit bull, and he fearlessly bares his tiny fangs, showing off his “weaponry” when he gets a bit annoyed by Roxy bossing him around.

He knows that Harvey – another Balinese dog on the grounds – would probably kill him if he got too worked up, yet still dives in to grab a bite of Harvey’s grub at times and isn’t beyond toying with him from time to time. Suicidal, I tell you, because Harvey DOES NOT PLAY.

J Money wanders the grounds, traipses through the tall grass (or as I like to call it, python and cobra home) and pretty much runs roughshod through the wilderness. Sure we keep an eye on the littler bugger but being not a cyborg, we can’t track him everywhere.

He dives fearlessly into just about any situation and even when he does incur a sharp snap from the doggies or swipe from the kitties, he yelps for a second, learns his lesson, then moves on fearlessly. That my friends, is a boss puppy, an alpha male in the making, a shot caller running Jimbaran Hills from his little puppy throne.

Retirees and Fearlessness


Retirees need to channel Jackie. No, I don’t recommend that you poop in the bedroom or wee wee on the kitchen floor, nor do I suggest you go and bite 80 pound rottweilers on the cheek, but feeling Jackie’s fearlessness can inspire you too to dive into potentially scary, uncomfortable situations like:

  • reaffirming that you have enough money saved to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging
  • sitting down for a numbers crunching session to decide on your “I can retire now that I have this amount saved up” choice
  • dealing with the criticism/peanut gallery/anger/jealousy directed at you from unclear friends, family members and strangers
  • facing and embracing your self doubts
  • facing fears about traveling to and through exotic, tropical lands where cultural differences and customs may make you feel like an alien (it does, sometimes; in Myanmar I once read a sign referring to tourists as “Alien Friends”)

The fears could go on forever. In some folk’s minds, the fears replay like a broken record, an endless mix of terror, anxiety and anger with their current conditions, creating a helpless, hopeless concoction that goads folks to fear even more, to act inspired less and less, and to look at folks like Kelli and I as being lucky, fortunate, and just plain living this life as some sort of cosmic accident.

Fearless Blog to Follow


Cory Lee is a fearless, inspired travel blogger who soaks up the world from a 2-wheeled perspective.

He’s got an AWESOME vibe and is a must follow travel blogger.

Clickie clickie.

Curb Free with Cory Lee



Island hopping retirees made the bold, “we have some serious balls because we crave freedom above all else” decisions that other folks chose not to make. Jackie is bold. Jackie’s got some hefty stones for a puppy. Hell, he has a massive set for a little rat. He dives in, and shows fearlessness is virtually all situations, and you’ll need to do the same if you want to retire to a life of island hopping.

Trips to the Throne


I was terrified of seeing a python on my way to the pot.

I may just see a terrible lizard on the way to the throne.

During our first 3 days here Kelli and I lived in the studio down about 3 terraces on the grounds.

The studio area included an open air bathroom.

Yes my kiddies, “open air” means “visitors of all shapes and sizes can enter and join you for a chat at any time.”

Needless to say, since I feel as vulnerable as a swaddling babe, sitting in the woods, when I am….um…..”resting” in the rest room, I was quite scared to traipse through the tulips to do # 1 or # 2, in the open air bathroom.

I had to grab a flashlight, look down for the entirety of my walk, for scorpions, spiders, centipedes, snakes, or for crocodiles, or tigers (the last 2 were lies), and after arriving to the bathroom, I did a spot check to ensure I wouldn’t be relieving myself in front of a captive serpentine audience.

I make no bones about it; when I’m in SE Asia, in open air homes or bathrooms, I am scared to visit the loo. But since nature calls, I listen, and get to releasing, via a fraidy cat forray to the bathroom.

The point is this: to do the full time, retiree, island hopping bit you’ll need to dive into your fears if you don’t feel fearless. Even Jackie gets scared sometimes, and heck, if you want to live your dreams you’ll learn how to dive into fears, to free yourself, as no human being in history has acted from an inspired, fearless space, 100% of the time.

Practical Tips for Acting Boldly


Aspiring retirees, and new retirees, you should:

  • dive into your fears
  • surround yourself with bold people
  • study bold animals; these guys have stones the size of Texas, like Jackie the Boss of Bali, the Primo Puppy, the Big Shot of the Bukit
  • observe how other full time island hopping pros did it (hint: find the hideous green bar at the top of this page….sign up for my emails…..thank you)
  • spend 60 minutes or more daily working on your mental tools, getting all committed and what not to your personal development
  • eat more papaya. Papaya gives you courage (I’ve no clue in hell if this is fact or fiction, but the Balinese papaya council told me to say this)

Alright retirees, or aspiring retirees, or folks who are terrified to retire, you’ll be acting with fearlessness more regularly now. Because Jack says so! And you don’t want to make him angry…..or his Pez-sized teeth will sink into your fanny!

2: Jackie Is Creative


I pulled away my flip flop.

Jackie found my sneaker for chewing fare.

I pulled away my sneaker.

Jackie laid into Kelli’s sarong.

We made the sarong out of play.

Jackie sprinted outside to work the grounds, looking for new chew toys.

That’s the thing about Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy; he’s always looking for new ways, always being creative, finding different ways and means to sharpen his teeth, to keep himself occupied, and to satiate his endless need for doing something funny, naughty, or something somewhere in between.

Jackie is mind-numbingly creative without trying to be creative.

He just is.

He’ll find a way out of the sliding doors, even though the tiniest of cracks.

He’ll find new victims to torment, whether it’s Sari the Cat or Henry the Rooster.

He’ll explore new ways and means of play attacking Roxy the Rotty.

That little guy, his wheels are turning, like, all the of time.

He’s a doggy dynamo, a prolific puppy, a creative canine, all by nature. All by him simply being himself.

My retirees, and aspiring, island hopping retirees, you’ll land in Bali for a 4 month stay on a bed of creativity. Or, your creations will inspire readers, customers and rabid fans to support you, to help you become a full time island hopping blogger.

Your creations will include:

  • eBooks
  • blogs
  • videos
  • online courses
  • podcasts
  • reviews

..among other forms of content.

Creators don’t compete. Creators rise above the competitive plane.

In laymen’s terms, I’d simply say that people who create a ton of helpful, inspired content, find their cupboards full, and actually, overflowing, kinda like some mountain streams ’round these parts after yesterday’s torrential, tropical downpours.

Creating helped me stand out from the crowd.

I mean, who else – on earth – creates 7,000 word blog posts about blogging from paradise? Posts chock full of traveling stories, linked into blogging tips?

If you create, a ton, you won’t have to compete much at all.

So commit to creating, and to being as creative as lil’ Jackie, and you’ll attract the traffic and blogging revenue and community upon which you can create an inspired, dream life, free of any bondage you are experiencing right now.

The Employee Versus Entrepreneur Bit


If you’re hungry to crack the digital nomad lifestyle code I have a little warning for you; there’s a legit chance that you’re thinking, feeling and acting like an employee, instead of thinking, feeling and acting like a creative entrepreneur.

I spent a series of years facing, embracing and releasing employee tendencies, including:

  • waiting around for some authority to tell me what to do
  • expecting a weekly paycheck independent of the work I did – or didn’t – do
  • looking for a water cooler to hang out by, to shoot the bull, only realizing that Balinese farmers (we’re in farm country now) aren’t as well-versed in office politics, or Western Pop Culture, than I expected (damnit how have they NOT seen the movie Office Space????)

I am a full-fledged entrepreneur. I have let go most if not all of my employee tendencies through personal development, through doing freeing but uncomfortable things and by surrounding myself with inspired, creative entrepreneurs.

You’ll be wanting to do the same, if you want to rock out this online bit.

Product Placement Time


This is what we call in the business, self promotion.

BUT, the promoting from paradise benefit you too.

If you want to think and feel and act like a successful, prospering, island hopping blogger, pick up my eBook Blogging from Paradise: Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger.


Buy the eBook Here

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

So, create, a bunch, to become more creative, to stand out from the crowd and to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

I know that eBook’s in ya guys. Go for it! Start writing one today.

3: Jackie Displays Single-Mindedness


The world is a Giant, Enticing Chew Toy, to Jack.


Flip flops.





Roxy’s cheeks.

Roxy’s legs.




Dead animals (I think).

Cat feces (I know, unfortunately).

If it is, Jackie’s game to chew on it.

It matters not how often he’s redirected; he’ll find a way.

Through his creativity, and his persistence, he’ll chew.

There will be chewing.

Single-mindedness may be Jackie’s most powerful trait in one way because where your attention and energy goes, grows, and Jackie’s focused primarily on chewing stuff these days.

Until he’s focused on dinner-time. Or eating. Then he’ll raid Roxy’s food dish, a little, puny, floppy-eared puppy bullying a stout, 80 pound Rottweiler off of her food dish.

Jackie may even – gasp – dive in to Harvey’s food dish, risking life and limb by foraying into the realm of a ferocious, “I don’t threaten I bite” kind of Bali street dog, who snaps first and bares fangs later.

When it’s time for sleep, Jackie sleeps, passing out as Henry breaks glass, eardrums, and any semblance of peace with his hearty calls, being just 2 feet away from the slumbering puppy.

Jack devotes his FULL attention and energy to 1 thing at a time and gets that one thing done. No matter what. He sleeps, or he chews, or he gets the food he wants to scarf down because his focus is legendary, for a human, although it’s quite normal for a puppy. Jackie’s a boss because he intuitively knows that where your attention and energy goes, grows.

He’s being 1 thing at a time, and that being is infinitely powerful.

Blog to Follow


Dan and Casey do 1 thing really well over at A Cruising Couple.

They bring you adventure travel with a dash of class.

Clickie clickie, my little chickies, to connect with this inspirational duo.

A Cruising Couple

Retirees Do You Get the Hint?


8 months ago I was jack of 48 trades.

Imagine a doctor who’s also a:

  • lawyer
  • security guard
  • garbageman
  • teacher
  • coal miner
  • economic hit man (click to check out John Perkin’s inspired story)
  • soldier
  • big cat wrangler
  • movie star
  • dog walker
  • blogger
  • personal development coach
  • cop
  • fireman

…and on, and on….and on??

Offline this not only sounds impossible, it sounds ludicrous.

Why in the heck did I think I could get away with it online?

I mean, I was a blogger who covered topics like:

  • personal development
  • law of attraction (bride bribe; read Kelli’s blog….or else)
  • making money online
  • social media
  • online business growth
  • spirituality
  • inspirational posts
  • motivational posts

.and about 32 other topics, give or take the time of the year, the alignment of the stars and what my horror-scope told me to do, for that day.

I also would toss 3 pinch-fuls of salt over my shoulder, and would offer a prayer to my favorite demi-god of choice, to determine my “area especial” for the day.

Then, the most fortunate thing happened. Or, something the Universe had been slapping me upside the head with, for months, had finally reached a boiling point.

Imagine crabs inside of a pressure cooker, screaming to be released.

I was one of those crabs, and the boiling point was now, and my shell had softened, and the life force, my essence, was flowing out of me.

Hi. I live on the ceiling where Ryan and Kelli are. I am a Tokay Gecko. Named Gill. Funny, right?

Hi. I live on the ceiling where Ryan and Kelli are. I am 8 inches long. I am a Tokay Gecko. Named Gill. Funny, right?


I needed to trash my blog, and all 745 categories I thought I had mastered.

Ummm…..imagine seeing your doctor taking out your trash in the morning. Might be a breach of trust there, knowing those seemingly steady surgeon’s hands were taking out a medley of filth, grabbing mom’s spaghetti, dirty diapers and a collection of rotting fruits and vegetables that would make a cockroach turn its nose up at the putrid smell (or would the cockroach turn up its antennae?).

The next afternoon, the lawyer/garbageman shows up at your lawyer’s office. He’s an ambulance chaser.

Damn, does this guy get around!

He’s like Frank Abingale, but he’s all these characters at the same time. Brilliant!

Of course, if you took a collection of enlightened beings, let’s say Jesus, The Buddha and perhaps the Dalai Lama, for good measure, and if you melded these brightest of lights into one form, and then if you fed Red Bull, intravenously, into this Holy Trinity of Enlightened Beings, mixed into one, the Chosen One many times over would not be able to pull off working 37 jobs at once.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Now you get why I was the Village Idiot – here on tropical islands, they do he village thing – for publishing posts on 7,632 topics on my old blog.

Retirees, geez! Do 1 thing. Do that 1 thing darn well. Be a single-minded pro. Devote all of your creative energies to mastering one niche.

When did I REALLY experience my massive online breakthrough?

Easy peasy; when I chose to create Blogging from Paradise.

That Magical Moment


I went from wearing 753,234 hats (haha the number keeps changing) to wearing 1.

I decided to do 1 thing really well.

That one thing:

I Help You Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

Single focus. Single energy. If you devote your energy to one end all of your power is directed to that end.

Yep, imagine Green Lantern – I am a geek – focusing his imagination on one end, and the magnificent manifestations he creates.

You are the Green Lantern of island hopping bloggers.

You’ll retire to a life of island hopping because you’ll focus your attention and energies towards one end.

Nope, you won’t try to become a:

  • social media
  • make money online
  • home businesses
  • personal development
  • blogging

…guy or gal all at the same time. You’ll just become really good at one thing.

My Story


I let go wearing 5,765 hats to wear one. It’s kinda easy to wear one hat. Because then you can just blog about blogging tips. Or you can tell whacky travel stories, and relate those stories to blogging tips.

Or whatever.

Have you kinda noticed that the quality and depth of my blog posts increased markedly over the past 8 months?

OR, that some 3 months ago I put things into even higher over drive, with the 7,000 word, in-depth, story-telling, entertaining, sometimes humorous, bit?

Yeah…..that’s a bunch easier to do because I decided to share blogging tips. Or, I decided to help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. 1 goal. 1 focus. 1 energy. GOBS worth of power.

Becoming a Full Time, Pro Blogger


Your head will be spinning enough, making such a marked change in your life. Devoting your attention and energy to a new lifestyle is enough to make you go for the barf bag once in a while, nerve and pukey inducing energies flowing through your being.

Don’t compound your anxiety. Do 1 thing. Do it well. Become a pro’s pro, inside of that niche. If you’re a really clever bear – or human being – you may even nail down a niche.

I know some hairless guy (now, thanks to an electric razor) who ironically dons a Chia Pet haircut. He’s weird.

He decided a while back to cover a niche he hadn’t seen before: bloggers who want to retire to a life of island hopping. Or, sharing blogging tips for folks who want to become traveling pro bloggers.

He stepped out from the:

  • travel blogger
  • digital nomad
  • make money online
  • online business

.niches, and decided to focus on a new one.

It has not sucked for him, I can assure you that.

But even if you don’t establish a pretty neat, new niche, you can still do 1 thing really, really well, by adopting Jack’s single-minded approach.

Practical Tip


OK, this one’s easy.

Do what you love doing.

Pick a niche not your nose.

Or, pick a niche you feel passionate about.

I ran with blogging tips, combined with island hopping, and I stuck to the “blogging tips for full time, pro bloggers who love island hopping” niche, devoting my attention and energies to that niche.

Pick your niche, aspiring – and current – pro, full-time, traveling bloggers, because you’ll be so darn busy soaking up the scene in paradise that you’ll only be able to cover 1 niche as it is.

4: Jackie Is a Persistent SOB


Jackie is a thorn in Roxy’s side.

I’m watching that little SOB right now. He doesn’t give up.

He’s the Cal Ripken of puppy-dom, the Iron Dog, the persistent puppy who shows up for work/play every day. I give Foxy Roxy her due; she does her best to NOT give in but in the end, Jackie snags the chew toy from her, every time. Because Jackie knows that persistence wins.

He’ll test every way possible to jail-break this house, pulling his best Shawshank Redemption impression. Or Raising Arizona impression depending on your pop culture preference.

I can see Jackie’s muddy paws rising up through the earth, with rain, lightning and thunder creating a dramatic scene as the Wonder Puppy makes a mockery of our warden skills once again.

Kelli and I do a fine job keeping Jack indoors but damn, does he persistently test, prod, poke, and use every dirty trick in his Bali book to get the hell out of dodge.

Roxy is Public Enemy A1 in his book. Or his best friend, a mama mentor, and she bears the brunt of his rugged, brutal persistence.

From nipped lips to torn-at tendons to jabbed jowels, Jackie is all over Roxy like a cheap suit, every day, again and again. He’s playing, and she’s playing with him, but both creatures push themselves to the point of exhaustion.

Their energy is something else but more than that, each dog’s wicked persistence in the face of being entirely fatigued is something I marvel at.

Picture Robo Cop, Married to the Terminator, being pumped full of Special K.

Hold that image in mind – however disturbing it may be – and now inject the essence of this monstrosity into a tiny little black puppy, with floppy ears, and cute little brown eyes, and a set of tiny chicklet teeth.

Weird image, right?

But that savage persistence consistent with the meld of 2 unstoppable, mindless machines, that there embodies my boy Jackie’s persistence when it comes to….heck…..everything.

Jack falls and gets up (check out my sister Kim’s post; it’s irreverent).

Blog to Check Out


Agness and Cez are 2 super persistent travel bloggers and great folks, too. And they’re eTrampers. Click this link to get to know them better.


Me and Persistence


I didn’t arrive to this spot by giving up.

I published more blog posts than TMZ trashed celebrities. I screwed up more times than you’d ever believe. Picture a guy who actually believed it made sense to publish 65 posts a day between 2 blogs (most of those videos weren’t half bad, either!). I went through this maniacal, “I am blogging like I’m coked out” phase for a few months. I went through other phases too. Like the:

  • I want to win contests phase
  • I want to set the world record for posts published phase
  • I better check my emails hourly or else I may die phase
  • the I ain’t doing jack sh*t because I’m disgusted with being online phase
  • I’ll publish kinda long form posts and they’ll work nicely and I’ll get great feedback on them but then I’ll ditch the strategy when I haven’t made a fortune in 2 months phase (repeat this phase like 3 or 4 times, for a month or 2 months, each time)

I went through so many phases it’d make you puke, from the head-spinning, mind-numbing, confusing stages/phases I tested, then proved, then disproved, then, I’d punch holes in walls – and I’m not really that strong – or I’d have a breakdown after said phase didn’t yield what I expected the phase to yield.


..through it all……

.I persisted.

I’m Convinced


I’m genuinely convinced that the island hopping, retiree bloggers of the world just kept at it longer than the rest. We just persisted through thick and thin, through all types of miserable failures, through spamming, through annoying the hell out of folks, through attracting folks, then pissing off these folks again.

I liken my online career, PBFP – that’d be, pre-Blogging from Paradise – to a roller coaster on the International Space Station. I was all over the place, up and down, inside and out, underground, above ground, confined by gravity, zero gravity, twisting and turning, and still, after that wild ride, I persisted. I always wanted to be free more than I feared the uncomfortable stuff I suffered through, and yes, I was kinda masochistic, my own Dominatrix, whipping myself silly because I had some bizarre, non-fetish (or was it?) self image stuff going on, that I needed to purge from my being, to get clear, and to really rock out this online thing.

Your Practical Tip to Take to the Bank


How in the heck did I persist like Jackie, through all types of wild situations?

I wanted to be free more than I feared going through wild situations.

That’s how.

And that’s what you need to do: to build up your love of being free, or retiring to a life of island hopping, though smart blogging, so you’ll do the freeing but uncomfortable things one must do to live this freeing life.

The reasons are different for each retiree. You may:

  • crave setting your own schedule
  • crave setting your own salary
  • crave being able to say, “Ummm, I want to fly to Fiji next week”, then, booking a flight (that one’s kinda cool)

.or whatever your version of freedom is.

The thing Is though, you’ll need to dwell on that freeing feeling to allow it to seep through your being, like, if you received a transfusion of blood, chock full of freedom.

Once that freedom blood coursed through your veins you can’t help but to be free more than any other emotion.

Or, if you’re a sugar freak like me, imagine Kool Aid flowing through your system.

Grape please. Even if it makes you look like an alien.

Once you crave freedom more than you fear making uncomfortable decisions a miraculous tipping point occurs. At that point, persistence is never an issue.

You don’t need to *try* to be persistent anymore. You’ll just keep going. Through failure. Through success. Because you’ll love being free more than anything else, so you’ll gracefully and naturally become a kick ass, inspired, professional blogger who hops islands like most people change their pants.

This is assuming most people are hygienic. I hope they are.

So, How Can You Make the Big Old Mistake that Leads to NOT Being Persistent?


I saw some guy named “Eve2432San” on the Warrior Forum the other day.

He wanted to know how to make some quick money online.

Actually, I lied.

I’ve seen that guy – under different names – ask the same question, 343 times a day, it seems like.

Greed, fear, ignorance, delusion and being asinine are root causes for “2321Sam” asking the same question today that “BobP43213” asked last year.

And it goes on.

And on.

This question, this inquiring into how you can make money quickly, or just plain making money your end goal, KILLS YOUR PERSISTENCE.

Chasing money is the #1 persistence killer because like 0.0001% of sentient beings on earth have NO money stuff/blocks, and this tiny crew hits their money goals quickly, and carries on.

IamsAClown976” does not persist because his goal is not to free himself. Oh hell no. It’s to do the opposite thing; it’s to bind himself to some arbitrary number, then when said number/goal isn’t reached in a short amount of time, he or she quits.

Throws in the towel.

Or they persist a bit more, but flagellate themselves with wet noodles, creating a bizarre scene admired perhaps by Chinese chefs.

These folks beat themselves into submission, complaining, whining, getting annoyed, frustrated, fighting, spamming, scamming and then, in the end, burning out much like a moth who gets to close to the light, and vanishes into the ethers, in a wisp of smoke.

If you chase numbers, not only will the numbers tend to flee from you, you’ll give up, lose your persistence mojo, and quit for good on this blogging journey.

If you want to persist like that savage little Jackie, that Balinese Wonder Puppy, focus on freeing yourself and freeing your audience. That driver makes you invincible, unflappable, and the closest thing to Superman combined with The Hulk that this Universe has ever seen (except, you’ll be emotionally balanced and unphased by Kryptonite).

Folks, persist by knowing why you want to persist.

Then you’ll become a cyborg.

5: Jackie Makes Everybody Around Him Feel Better


Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy is like the Chairman of the Board.

The guy’s like a Little Sinatra; when he enters the room, people take note.

More than that, people smile like the Cheshire Cat on seeing Jackie and his little bag of trick/antics.

The guy is eye candy, and nose candy, and rainbows, and sunshine, all rolled up in a fluffy little package of energy, positive-ness and cuteness that’ll make you want to gouge your eyes out after seeing him, and it’ll also make you want to climb back into bed….because after feeling how you feel when you meet Jackie, what in the hell’s gonna top that?

Feeling Alive and Feeling Free


Lil’ Wonder Puppy Jackie makes you feel alive and free.

He’s like a young babe, full of potential, piss and vinegar, fire, brass ballz, joy, feistianess and an overall sense of “Now THIS is how this life thing should be.”

That feeling is infectious. Catches on like wildfire, as J-$ casts his good-feeling spell on all those helpless souls around him.

Damnit Jackie! Roxy bearing fangs. Jackie don't care.

Damnit Jackie! Roxy baring fangs. Jackie don’t care.

We are in his world. We can do nothing about it.

As for freedom, Jackie:

  • craps on the floor; we laugh and pick it up
  • whizzes on the floor; we laugh and mop it up
  • tears up flip flops and sheets and curtains and everything else; we laugh and toss it out
  • runs around all day
  • sometimes does #1 and #2 outside
  • plays much of the day
  • sleeps much of the day (like a baby, but he is)
  • brings joy to your local Balinese backyard
  • bounds buoyantly as he sprints around the yard

The puppy is alive. And free. What a delicious combination.

What a feeling!

Imagine what it’s like to be alive. To to be free.

(I am NOT giving you the trump card to do #1 and #2 inside of your house, although if your spouse or kids clean it up with a smile, you know that they really love you.)

I am asking that you who wish to become full time digital nomads, or you aspiring travel bloggers, or you folks who are ready to become professional, island hopping, blogging dynamos, well, you guys need to become accustomed to feeling this way.

Because you WILL be feeling this way, when you are living the life.

Retirees and Freedom


Other than for waking up for early morning flights I haven’t used an alarm clock in 7 years.

I know, I can see you reaching for rotten vegetables to throw at me now. You fans of stock comedy. You peanut gallery you.

Before you get too jealous, understand this: I practiced generating the feeling of being free and I did a whole slew of freeing but highly uncomfortable things to live the type of life where I wake by alarm only to take early morning flights to places like:

  • Savusavu, Fiji
  • Jimbaran, Bali
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Cusco, Peru
  • Krabi, Thailand

I am largely free. Still chained a bit here, and there, but on the whole I have freed myself from bondage.

Because I am largely free I make people smile. Yeah, I’m smiling, authentically, and genuinely, so other folks can’t help but to be infected by my silly smiling.

I spread my positive energy, cheer and happiness from paradise like that pandemic virus spreads in the movie Outbreak. Or like in the Planet of the Apes series of movies.

I prefer not to wipe out humanity – at least not today – so I spread love, joy and good vibes.

Much of your success as a professional blogger hinges on inspiring people to feel good, even if their life circumstances appear to be crappy.

Most aspiring retirees WANT to be as free as Jackie, and they want to feel alive, and they oh so bad want folks to feel good, and inspired, whenever said aspiring retirees come into contact with folks, but something, or someone, binds them. That something, or someone, is……themselves.

Examples of being bound:

  • complaining that you have no money to invest in a domain and hosting
  • complaining that you have no time to start blogging
  • worrying about writing from your heart, then, publishing bland, boring posts
  • looking at someone like me as being lucky
  • looking at someone like me as being blessed with some magical talents that you will never have
  • looking at someone like me as being blessed without realizing that I spent a larger portion of the past 7 years of my life mining those blessings through devout personal development and effective, focused action

I can light up a room like Jackie – okay, NOBODY can light up a room like Jackie – without pooping on the floor. Or without wee-wee-ing in the kitchen.

I can do it without weighing less than an oven stuffer roaster, and I don’t even have the hairy, floppy, fluffy ears that Jackie has (I would look fascinating if my big noggin harbored such ears, a mix between a Magwai and a Gremlin).

I bring da energy and light up a room – cyber or otherwise – by being authentic, and by holding the intent that I’m here to free me and to free you.

Personal Development


I started the day with my Power Hour.

I’d done so for the past 3 months.

I felt invincible. It wasn’t just the Balinese coffee either. Although that packs a punch. Not because it’s weasel crap, either (Luwak Kopi = Coffee beans found in weasel poop). Not that I’d eat weasel poop. On purpose at least.

Nope, the reason I felt like The Mad Titan (from a positive space) was because of my daily infusions of Source Juice. Or, because I did the Power Hour thing, daily, for months.

Or, because on waking, I spent 30 minutes meditating and 30 minutes listening to an Unlimited Wealth subconscious recording, from my main man Steve G. Jones.

Emphasis on the “G”. Because he is a G, a Gangsta of Wealth, a real G from the street of high rolling coaches.

Ya see my kiddies, spending 1 hour every day working on your mindset on waking inspires you to become the type of person who lights up rooms. Physical rooms, and cyber rooms.

You get like little Jackie, a beacon of barking, biting, hope, amid a sea of hopelessness, or maddening malaise, by spending 30 to 60 to 90 minutes or more daily working on your mindset.

Working on your mindset may mean:

  • meditation
  • affirmation
  • visualization
  • reading inspirational books
  • taking inspirational courses
  • listening to subliminal programming

.or you can do about 1500 other things, to work on your mindset.

How in the HELL can you expect to brighten up other folk’s days and how in the Hades can you inspire others if you’re not a bright, inspirational light, yourself?

Personal development is the answer.

I’d go as far as to say you should toss your laptop out of the window, or smash it with a ball peen hammer, if that aggressive action induces personal development. Get rid of the freaking thing, for at least an hour a day. Then after your power hour, go buy a new one.

Or take the less dramatic – and far less entertaining approach – of placing your laptop in another room, outside of your power hour room, and treat it as if touching the laptop will induce vomiting, diarrhea and blindness. That one works for me.

Power Hour or….More?


Or less? I’ve no idea how much time you should spend on personal development but I’m guessing it should be at least 90 minutes. Because most folks have tons of mental homework to do, clearing our lower energies from their being, before they can become an inspirational dynamo, the type of pro blogging, full-time income earning, boss man or boss woman who can light up a room.

30 minutes minimum. 60 suggested. 90 or up, if you’re having some saddening issues in your life.

As within, so without, as I’ve noted 5,423 times over the years on my blogs.

If some body – ahem – looks lucky, or appears to have it all – ahem – or if some guy seems happy and buoyant most of the time – ahem – goodness knows he/she spent a significant chunk of their life in quiet, clearing out the mental demi gods, the demons, the Papa Legba, the Haitian Voodoo energies that tend to drag people into a miserable or mediocre spiral, for the entirety of their lives.

Work on your mental tools!

Free yourself and inspire the living stuffing out of your audience.



Much of the time Jackie is fearless.

Be a fearless – much of the time – blogger. Dive into a new, freeing way of living. Have cojones. Be bold. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Paradise awaits you.

Jackie’s a creative little rascal.

Create good things for others. Free yourself. Free your audience. Become a content generating machine to engineer a freeing lifestyle. For you. For other island hopping pro bloggers.

Jackie is single minded.

Focus on doing 1 thing damn well. Wear 1 hat. Where your attention and energy goes, grows, so grow that venture – one you feel passionate about of course – into something special, a freeing gig that inspires you and inspires others to retire to a life of island hopping.

Jackie is as persistent as hell.

Be tenacious by knowing WHY you’re doing the online bit and tie that reason to being free. The tipping point; when your love of being free is stronger than your fear of doing uncomfortable stuff, for a period of months, or years, you’ll be my neighbor in Bali.

Jackie lights up a room with his infectious energy.

Unless you plan to:

  • shrink yourself to the size of a small, meek opossum
  • grow floppy ears
  • sprout a fluffy black coat of fur
  • be fearless in this little package

.then you better work on your mindset for 30 to 60 minutes or more, daily, to raise your energy to, “Goddamn that guy/gal is irresistible, I GOTTA be around them because they make me feel SO good” levels.

Call to Action


First off, thank you for your unending support.

My list is growing like a weed. I am reaching new levels of happiness, clarity, abundance and joy.

You played – and play – a huge part of my success. Heck you ARE my community. Without ya’ll, I’m writing a diary.

Thank you. I love you guys.

Now, in the tradition of Balinese police officers, I will bribe you, to sign up for my list.

Each Wednesday – usually – I publish a 7,000 word or longer, eBook-sized, fairly helpful (I hope) blog post. If not Wednesday, Thursday. Rest assured, you’ll get one each week.

Each post will inspire you to retire to a life of island hopping. Or each post will help you transition to becoming a pro blogger.

Or each post will help you move up about 15 notches if you’re already a pro blogger.

Find the ugly green bar at the top of this page (Look up my kiddies). Sign up.

Oh yeah, make sure to share this post with all of your buddies if you feel Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy deserves to go viral.

Thank you! Don’t forget to pick up an eBook on the way out. Look right. Click. Consume.

Until next time……enjoy paradise.

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