I swear, I did not bribe Chris, Zac or Dino. Scout’s Honor. Except I wasn’t a scout. These guys are spreading the Blogging from Paradise word. Thanks Titans!


After waking I meditated for 30 minutes. I then listened to an audio file for 30 minutes. Subliminal reprogramming bit. I want to be a mindless cyborg, who churns out posts at a mind-numbing rate.

No, I just want to free myself and you a bit more each day.

After that first hour I lazed in bed for a few more minutes. 10 minutes of exercise and stretching.

I opened the door. Saw this:

My home office view in Bali.

My home office view in Bali.

Not bad, eh?

I fed cats after that. 3 of them. Princess Sari, Squeaky and Batman. I petted Jackie the Wonder Puppy. He’s a celebrity. I enjoyed a nice breakfast of toast and jam. Downed some H2O. Gotta hydrate or I run the risk of withering into a weathered, wispy shell of nothing. It’s that humid here. It’s so humid that humid days in New Jersey feel like a trek through the Sahara, compared to here. But I love it. Because I can hop into the villa pool in a pinch. It’s 4 levels down. Yes, LEVELS. I do 15 minutes a day, my mini laps, my cool off.

Living in Paradise


After eating I posted comments on authority blogs for 1 hour. I promoted my buddies. Then, I took a break. If I so chose, I could visit Pandawa Beach. It’s a 15 minute motorbike away. A neat motorbike ride because I drive through a fun little Balinese neighborhood to get there.

Bali dogs stare at me like, “Who’s this Booley?” Not a lot of white meat back here. Love it.

Pandawa Beach costs 40 cents to access the grounds. It is one of the mot beautiful beaches on earth. Stunningly clear water, turning turquoise blue when viewed from a distance.

Also, you may be mobbed by cute Indonesian chicks who take pictures of you – with them – and who beg you to kiss them. (not kidding; they really did) On Pandawa Beach.

In NJ, years ago I paid $8 to go to a beach where the girls were too busy trying to win a spot on Jersey Shore that they didn’t ever look in my direction. The beach wasn’t *quite as pretty* as Pandawa, either. Love ya NJ. Just saying.

Kelli and I go out to eat in Bali daily. Dinner for 2 costs between $7 and $10. $5, if we bring our own Tupperware for takeout. Sizes are “Holy Ish that plate’s stacked up way too high” style, consisting of delicious Indonesian fare. We also eat Thai. Italian too. GOOD Thai and Italian.

We are living off the grid. Brilliant colors dot the villa compound. Coconut trees, passion fruit vines, fresh papaya and bananas, all on the premises. Freshly-picked, daily.

We also get fresh eggs daily. Thank you, 35 chickens on the grounds.

This is our life.

This can be YOUR life too!

This is what happened after we retired to a life of island hopping.

Kelli and I will be living in Jimbaran, Bali for 5 months. Or 6 months. Whatever. We’re one month in now. We’re digital nomads. We can do it. We cracked the lifestyle code here, and now I want to share my practical, freeing-lifestyle-building strategies with you.

How in the Hell Did a Depressed, Broke Guard Arrive Here?


Good question.

I explain in the eBook.

How in the hell can you do it, too?

Good question.

I tell all in the eBook.

Whether you want to retire to a life of island hopping or simply want to retire from the 9-5 bit, to work from home, this eBook’s probably for you.

This ebook is for:

  • aspiring digital nomads
  • aspiring travel bloggers
  • full time digital nomads and travel bloggers who want to bring their game up to the next level
  • people who love a good travel story
  • people who love a funny travel story
  • people who love the Blogging from Paradise style (whatever the hell that means)
  • anybody who wants to break free from bondage

That last one is pretty encompassing, right? I wrote it to free you.

I wrote How to Retire to a life of Island Hopping, The Sequel, as a follow up to my successful launch of How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging.

I know you may be frustrated, wanting to find a better way to live.

I have been there, AND I have figured out the better way, and I am here to detail that way for you, today.

I ask a few things of you:

  • after picking up a copy please write a review for me on Amazon
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I chopped my prices down to $2.99 per eBook recently for 1 reason: I want to get these eBooks in the hands of millions of people. Millions. I believe my story is inspiring, so inspiring in fact, that it can move millions to retire from a life of bondage, to create a more freeing experience for themselves.

Freedom Part


In truth, you want to be free more than anything. Money? Just a vehicle through which you can free yourself. Ditto on leaving the 9-5. No longer need to put up with dweebish geeks at the water cooler chatter meeting daily, of course, but you want to retire to NEVER have to wake up by alarm.

Visualize it


For 2 minutes, visualize yourself here. Can you imagine how freeing it’d be to actually be living in Bali? For 5 months in a row? Put yourself in my place. Feel the freedom. Feel the joy, the excitement.

Taste the Nasi Goreng (it’s good, trust me).

Gaze upon the dazzling blue skies in Bali.

My inspiration generally comes from within but damn it doesn’t hurt to live in paradise. To chill in the tropics.

If you visit more than a few tropical islands around the world your net worth will triple on landing at the airport. Another added bonus of living in places like Bali. Imagine your pension tripling? Imagine your savings increasing in value 4 fold? Insane, I know. And the Amazing Kreskin ain’t doing this. Just the power of some seriously kick butt exchange rates combined with your willingness to spend some time in the tropics.

Chapter 1: You’re Not Going to Believe What I Just Did
Chapter 2: Authenticity; The #1 Tool in Your Island Hopping Arsenal
Chapter 3: Forget Blogging for a Moment; Cultural Considerations
Chapter 4: How to Deal with Terrible Internet Connections
Chapter 5: Choose Your Freeing Driver
Chapter 6: The Not So Secret Secret of Leveraging Your Presence in Paradise
Chapter 7: How to Blog
Chapter 8: Learn from Folks Who Have Been There
Chapter 9: How Vomit and a Cambodian Mini Van Ride Reveal an Island Hopping Secret to You

Call to Action


Pick up a copy of How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping (Part 2)

Click it. Become a full time online entrepreneur. Visit me in paradise. Listen to my jokes in person.

Click it. Become a full time online entrepreneur. Visit me in paradise. Listen to my jokes in person.

Share it with your friends. Let’s inspire the masses.

Post a review on Amazon too. I’d love to know what you think.

Thank you for your support!

You guys rock!

Until next time…..enjoy paradise.

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