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Do you want to know my secret? The key to becoming a full time, island hopping, joke-telling, story recounting fool? I mean, how in the HELL did a broke ass security guard become a full time income earning, travel story telling, humorous bench pressing, globe trotting blogger?

I became an influencer.

Sure, I had the full time income thing down for years BUT I was not an influencer yet. That didn’t happen until the successful launch of Blogging from Paradise.

With this idea in mind, this influential blogger X Factor, I am excited to release:

How to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less

I explain in detail how you too can mimic my success, whether you want to blog from Tahiti, or Tennessee, in this fascinating, funny and easy to understand read.

OK, now let’s see….

What’s in It for You?


I share with you, through a neat little, inspired, affordable – hell, SUPER affordable – eBook the routines I follow to blog from paradise. My practical tips. My travel stories, linking how I became an influential blogger in 6 months (more like 3 months) so you too can grow your influence, expand your presence, make more money blogging, attract more rabid, savage readers (savage, because they’ll froth at the mouth for your next post), grow your blogging community and yes, how you too can retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Literally, chapter wise, here’s what’s in it for you:




Chapter 1: Set a Freeing Intent

Chapter 2: Create Your Products

Chapter 3: Network with the Big Dawgs

Chapter 4: Gobble Up Interviews and Feature Requests

Chapter 5: Do 1 Thing Well…..Really Well

Chapter 6: Work on Your Mental Tools

Chapter 7: Publish Impacting Content Regularly

Chapter 8: Build a Brand Not a Blog

Chapter 9: Are We Having Fun Yet?


Call to Action Break: after you finish reading the book leave a review. This is the best way to help me out, to spread the word and to help out a whole new wave of bloggers who want to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Now….the benefits.

Benefits of Picking Up this eBook


You will:

  • learn how to inspire your readers by choosing the right blogging intent (it ain’t blogging for money, kiddies, it ain’t blogging for money)

  • learn the secret of my super successful Blogging from Paradise launch so you can mimic my success with your blog

  • figure out how you can create content that knocks the socks off of your readers

  • see how you can make more money with your blog

  • learn how to get celebrity endorsements, as I dissect how I received backing from some ridiculously powerful, influential bloggers

I mean, unless you have reached your blogging goals already, and you’re retired from the online game, you have some influence to build up. We all do. Not because you need to be the best of the best to engineer a freeing life but because your audience must know, like and trust you before they buy into your message.

Biddulph peeped this blug bug in Bali. Try saying that quickly 5 times. I snapped this image in the driveway.

Biddulph peeped this blue bug in Bali. Try saying that quickly 5 times. I snapped this image in the driveway.

If/When they do buy into your message – after you become an influential blogger – well, damn…..the world is your blogging oyster. What would a blogging oyster look like, anyway? Sounds disturbing, but you get my drift.

That’s the goal of this book. I want to free you. I want to help you go from amateur blogger, or veteran blogger who needs to jump up about 2 or 3 circles, to influential, inspired, full time pro blogger who frees SO many people through their blogs, and through their eBooks, and any product that they bring to market.

In 6 Months….or Less?


It happened. Honest. I had a network of friends in place but it was dwarfed by the attention I received once I went live with Blogging from Paradise. My old blog was fine and dandy, but no way in Hades was I an influential blogger, while running it, because I was missing a few key components.

Those few key components, those secrets, those practical tips, are what this eBook is chock full of.

Just in case you forgot the title, or you are antsy as a rock star groupie in a convent, waiting to gobble this eBook up now….you will read the name and download it here (aka, buy it)

How to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less (buy it, click it, kick it)

Honestly, interview requests flew in the day after I published my first post on Blogging from Paradise. I’d say, being fair, that I received influential blogger status after the 3 month period, but I made it 6 months because I know that the 3 month time frame may be a bit ballsy for you.

As for my qualifications:

  • tweet endorsed by a New York Times Best Selling Author twice

  • tweet endorsed by an ambassador for Oprah Winfrey’s television network

  • spoke about Blogging from Paradise at prestigious NYU

  • over 100 features/guest posts/interviews on blogs within a 9 month time frame (70 or more in the 6 month period)

Most of this stuff happened from June, 2014 to December, 2014. So I wrote the book.

For you. Yeah, for me too. Amazon checks are cool. But seriously guys, I did this because I wanted to give you a glimpse into my world.

More bloggers are asking me how in the hell a broke, depressed security guard became a professional blogger, let alone a professional blogger who lived in Fiji for 4 months or who visited Bali 5 – or is it 6? – times. Losing track here.

Influencer. Influential blogger. Caveman talk. Unga Bunga. Captain Caveman.

The “how” was wrapped up in a tidy, neat little present, titled “Influential Blogger.”

What Is an Influential Blogger?


A blogger who tells folks to do stuff, and they do it. Or, more nicely put, a blogger who influences people to do stuff, that benefits both parties. Like, a blogger who people:

  • know well

  • like a bunch

  • trust easily

.that right der is an influential blogger.

It’s not terribly difficult to become an influencer…..AFTER you’ve put in the leg work. For example, I built bonds with fellow influencers to inspire them, to promote me. Naturally, I had to patiently build friendships with these folks through:

  • blog commenting

  • promoting bloggers on twitter and Google Plus and Facebook

  • helping them out a ton of different ways

.to make this whole influencer thing happen. I delve, in depth, into these practical strategies in the book. As for bloggers I mention in the eBook: John Chow, John Lee Dumas, Adrienne Smith, Darren Rowse, Don Purdum, Chris Brogan, Matthew Capala, Zac Johnson, Sabina (Girl Versus Globe), you’re all wonderful examples of influential bloggers, so I figured, why not give ya’ll some extra pub in this eBook. You and your readers will likely dig these influential blogger book thingee, so feel free to share with your communities, OK?

Why Buy the eBook?


You like:

  • funny travel stories (I have a few for you)

  • dead on practical blogging tips (the ones that have helped me, by using them, live in paradise)

  • neat analogies between my experiences on the road and becoming an influential blogger

  • learning my….drum roll….secrets to becoming a popular blogger, quickly, so you too can become a popular blogger quickly

  • understanding how to bring your blogging game to the next level (for both struggling bloggers and those cats who want to jump a few tax brackets, blogging income wise)

  • Kindle….Kindle…Kindle….

  • Amazon….Amazon…..Amazon (I know both Kindle and Amazon nuts respond to the name, so I chanted both, thrice)

Call to Action


Click the eBook cover – my mug in front of the villa pool in Jimbaran, Bali – to buy it.

This week’s post will be short because…..drum roll….I want you to download the book now. I realize that 7,000 word posts take a while to read, and to study, and to re-read, so take the time you’d spend sitting here in front of Blogging from Paradise, soaking up my post and get nice and comfy cozy in front of Amazon, buy my new release, enjoy it and please post a review on Amazon to chat about the read.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, or a spot of tea, or maybe a coconut shake if you’re living in the tropics, relax and enjoy the read!

Many new readers – and eBook buyers – find me through the reviews that you leave and the links that you share so I deeply appreciate your support. Let’s spread the word guys!

Buy How to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less

Until next time…enjoy paradise.

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