Home office in Koh Lanta, Thailand.

Home office in Koh Lanta, Thailand.


Some mornings I work topless.

Ladies, please take a deep breath. I am not the man I used to be. I am no Greek god yet still can just about grate cheese on my abs.

I published a Facebook update 5 minutes ago. While eating oatmeal with raisins and sugar cane.

I love sugar cane. I would finish the entire tapas de dulce block of sugar cane in one sitting if my mouth were as wide as a python’s, if my teeth were as sharp as a Great White shark’s or if my jaw strength rivaled that of a hyena.

Alas, I am human, with no superpowers save writing weird stuff and living in the tropics.

So the tapas de dulce sits there, laughing at me, mocking me, as I shave off little smidge by smidge, getting my high 1 teeny little sliver at a time.

Work at Home and Blogging


Imagine if your job was writing silly stories about blocks of Costa Rican sugar cane? While you gazed out from the home office on some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery?

To some folks, working at home is a dream. To other folks it is the absolute nightmare.

The Nightmare Crowd

When I tell folks I am a professional, full time, island hopping pro blogger who’s traveled the world for the past 57 months some people:

  • threaten to stab me with their car keys in a fit of jealous rage
  • ask me how I do it (what does this question even mean? Seriously?)
  • marvel at the fact that I can count to 57
  • dream of living the same digital nomad lifestyle
  • tell me they could never do it because they are too damn lazy

Hey, I get the last crowd.

I was a lazy bastard for years online. Then I became a Doing Monster, frothing at the mouth, falling ego-in-love with achieving, fighting, straining and striving my way to the top.

After successfully breaking down – only like 10 to 20 times over the years, it was not too bad – I came full circle.

I am officially lazy again. But this time there’s a twist. I have fun online (less fortunate souls call this “work”) for some time each day without worrying about outcomes at all. Then I laze around for the rest of the day. Or maybe Kelli and I will bus into town for batidos. Or maybe we’ll stroll through the hood here in Rivas, Costa Rica.

Get to the Point Ryan…..


The point is this: I’ve created a neat lifestyle with Kelli by learning how to grow a blogging business without having a boss bark orders at me.

I have fun doing what I do. It is no longer work. I shall call it, “play all day.”

But it wasn’t always that way…..(poet, without even knowing it.)

Slave Drivers


I rarely worked for slave drivers but did hold jobs like being a:

  • janitor
  • warehouse worker
  • inside sales rep
  • glorified secretary
  • temp worker doing God knows what
  • security guard

..jobs where I was in frequent contact with my boss, or where managers checked in on us. I was a “good worker” (whatever that means). I mostly completed my jobs. But I never put my heart and soul into jobs. And if my boss wasn’t around, I coasted. I mailed it in. Like the Knicks on the 6th game of a 7 game West Coast trip I mailed it in when nobody of authority was breathing over my shoulder.

When I hopped online I had to change this habit REALLY quickly. Because I had no boss. No task masker peering over my shoulder. No manager begging me to make quota. No authority figure keeping me in line.

Of course, it *only* took this bright bulb some 6 years blogging before I got it right.

My Blogging Career


First, I didn’t work at all. No discipline, or so I thought. Failed through this period. Big time.

Then I worked like a dog. Failed terribly.

Then I worked like a dog. Check that; I worked like an asshole. Like a coked-out speed demon. Had some success.

Then I decided to HAVE FUN and OUTSOURCE the results side of my blog. I played at home. Naturally, this stage has marked the most stunningly successful period of my online career to date.

Your Deal


I have spoken to enough guys who are terrified to make the jump from 9-5 to work at home entrepreneur because they see themselves as lazy.

I have spoken to enough cats who fear doing all the wrong, failure-producing stuff online because they have not a boss to teach them the fundamentals of blogging (wink wink, wink wink….I ain’t no Boss Man but I *can* help you).

I wrote this post because I want to dissolve these cruddy limiting beliefs into the proven, practical tips I follow to rock out my blog from the tropics.

How to Work at Home without a Boss Man (or Woman) Breathing Down Your Neck


Ok….here we go…..

1: Follow Your Fun

When I was a basketball addict I did not ask for permission to go to the park. I had so much fun hooping it up, I just went. Ma Biddulph or Pa Biddulph never had to tell me to stop playing Zinzendo (we could not afford Nintendo) to go ball up. I love playing basketball. So I played basketball. Sometimes, for 10 hours a day. Which is why, even though I had no handle to speak of I could fill it up like my main man Mark Price from back in the day.

When I scrapped the whack ass niche and focused on writing about my loves of blogging and traveling I had a freaking blast. I created Blogging from Paradise. Since I had so much fun writing about my life I didn’t need anybody over my shoulder telling me to write, or to network.

I naturally lean toward doing what’s fun. You’re likely wired the same way.

Work at home entrepreneurs, follow your fun. Choose your passion. Work that passion. You won’t need motivation (motivation sucks, by the way, because if you need outside drivers you picked the wrong niche) or inspiration. You’ll just do stuff for the fun of it and since your day will be all play, you’ll have no issues writing and publishing and networking with like minded folks.

Practical Tip

Blog your passion. Or work a home business directly related to your passion. For me, that includes gabbing about blogging from paradise.

2: Do 2-3 Fun Things Daily (Business Things, But, Fun Things)


I recall running around like a headless chicken at my glorified secretary job.

I had roughly 15 responsibilities.

I answered 3 phone lines. I checked 2 email inboxes. I was tossed into the position without a life preserver. No experience in the industry.

Nightmare time.

I walked out 1 day – after 3 weeks on the job – and never returned. Just mailed in the key.

I was overwhelmed. Jack of 15 trades; overwhelmed by all.

I did the same stupid crap online por muchos anos (we are still in Costa Rica but I can’t find the tilde on the keyboard). I had roughly 7 to 12 separate tasks set up for each day. I burned out.

Good Bosses Keep Things Reasonable


Just as an a-hole boss burdens you with way too many responsibilities, leading to worker revolt, or, sick turnover, a good boss delegates the proper amount of work. Working at home means no boss. Which can lead to overwhelm, burnout and quitting if you’re not being a good boss of yourself.

Here’s What I Do on Most Days:

  • Write (either for my blog or for other blogs)
  • publish 1-3 in-depth comments on authority blogs
  • tweet here and there

That’s it. 3 things. I spend roughly 5 minutes on Facebook daily. I check my email once weekly. I check Skype once in a blue moon.

I’m a good boss. Since I’m in charge I may as well do what I love doing and I may as well be fair with myself.

3: Take a Lot of Time Off…and I Mean…*a LOT*


TOM – The Old Me – worked like an asshole.

Meaning, I’d sometimes work 14 to 18 hour days.

What Brain #1 didn’t get was this; you win zero rewards for the amount of time you work.

The New Me has appeared on a few of the most famous blogs on earth. I have been blessed to see my presence expand weekly. No not my stomach. Although I am on a mild bulk. I’m talking ’bout being recognized more online. Being followed by celebrities on twitter. Seeing really, really neat results……..

…and the New Me has worked as little as I ever have…..sometimes, 2-3 hours a day. Other days, I don’t work at all.

I take off days. Here and there. I may work 4 to 5 hours a day. Don’t go above that.

Because when I do work 2 or 4 hours a day, those are 2-4 fun hours. I am creative. I am playful. I am colorful. My posts generate 5 times as many shares as I used to snag.

If you’re gonna work at home, honest to goodness….take time off! A lot of time. The more relaxed you are, the more creative, innovative, profitable ideas you’ll generate. The more folks you’ll reach.

Perfectionism Is Fear


OK all of you perfectionists….I see ya from here 😉 Enjoy this quote by multi multi multi millionaire coach and money magnet Rika:

Perfectionist is protectionism.” ~ Rika Zimmerman

If you work 8 to 10 to 12 hours or more daily with your blogging business because you’re a perfectionist you’re trying to protect yourself from:

  • critics
  • poverty
  • failure

Since force negates, you will need to work harder and longer and harder and longer to AVOID critics and poverty and failure. You’ll burn out. You’ll never enjoy the journey.

Cut the shit. Admit that you’re afraid. Follow your fun. Feel whole and complete. Outcomes don’t shake the fun-loving, whole and complete being.



If you’re absolutely in a mad, insanely passionate, X-rated love affair with your blogging niche, and work 12 hours a day or more….get a freaking hobby dudette. Get outside dude.

I love writing more than anything. But I’m infinitely more than a blogger. I exercise, I travel the world and I’m an avid reader. I enjoy meditating. I enjoy stretching. I enjoy helping out street dogs in whatever tropical locale where we happen to be.

Hablo espanol con los campesinos. At least here in Rivas, Costa Rica.

Bahasa Indonesia (at least with the 6 words I know) with the village locals in Bali.

A boss ain’t around to tell me to get my ass home. Or, to get my ass out of the home office. I take mad time off. Taking mad time off relaxes me. Which skyrockets my effectiveness. Which puts my creativity levels into the stratosphere. Which detaches me more and more from outcomes. Which allows me to surrender to the Universe. Which makes me hyper attractive to readers.

Which helps me to work at home effectively, to grow my blog like the blazes and enjoy the ride.

Call to Action


I mucked up my work at home business for years. Because I had no clue in Hades how to work at home. Like a priest in Las Vegas, or a nun in Atlantic City, or the current day me in a full time, office, 9-5 job….damn was I lost.

So….I wrote this eBook. Jam-packed it with super helpful tips to grow a successful work at home business

Download 6 Tips for Work at Home Entrepreneurs on Amazon


6 Tips for Work at Home Entrepreneurs Blog


PS….I snapped the cover image at Ganung Payung Beach, Bali.

I scout out potential cover shot locations quite thoroughly.

I also happened to be in Bali.

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