Check out this sunset shot, with huge cumulonimbus clouds. I finally used my meteorology degree. I snapped this image from the kitchen in Jimbaran, Bali

Check out this sunset shot, with huge cumulonimbus clouds. I finally used my meteorology degree (cloud type). I snapped this image from the kitchen in Jimbaran, Bali.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Stick that one in your noodle for a moment before you proceed. OK….has the moment passed? Good. Because now you’re ready for Episode 1 in the How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping series. Or, podcast. Whatever. I tried to do the Itunes bit but was thwarted. I shall try again. Until then, I’ll just call this a series, or whatever.

Each week I’ll share my thoughts on how to retire to a life of island hopping. Since I did it I’ll share my secrets with you. So they’ll no longer be secrets. In audio form.

Or I’ll interview folks. Each podcast/episode thingee will be 20 to 30 minutes. Each will be dripping with my positive energy, as my essence will bleed through the podcast. Audio file. Whatever.

I enjoy the hell out of doing these audio/BSing sessions, and hell, my fingers are SCREAMING at me for a break!

So I’ll likely publish these podcasts/audios/me chatting from paradise every Friday or Saturday. Then I’ll link up to each podcast in one of the 2 weekly newsletters I send out. Maybe Monday. Probably Wednesday.

Sound good?

Today’s episode will be about: Your Why.

The reason WHY is the fundamental driver behind what I do. I retired to a life of island hopping because this reason was crystal clear in my mind. In truth, all you touch, practical tip wise and blogging tip wise, will turn to custard unless you choose the right reason why you’re doing what you’re doing.

In this episode I mention:

  • that special tipping point/threshold you must pass to live your dreams
  • what drives me to publish eBooks weekly on Amazon (hint; not cocaine)
  • some of the shitty situations I had to overcome to go from broke joke security guard to island hopping, pro blogging, big pimping world traveler
  • the difference between absolute and relative wealth; and why Kelli and I are generating relative wealth out the wazoo…and how our absolute wealth is surging as we experience more relative wealth
  • why my European listeners may vomit during this podcast/audio

OK guys, click that play button. Enjoy!

Note; the tokay gecko podcast image represents the tokay gecko who lives inside of our home. He eats the scorpions, big old spiders and roaches which could potentially terrorize us in Bali. He gave me permission to snap his picture, in case you were wondering.

Your Turn


What’s your reason why?

Are you fighting to break the chains of the 9-5?

How have you retired to a life of pro blogging? Or of island hopping?

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Until next time….enjoy paradise!

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