8MoneyMakingTipsforDigitalNomadsCoverImagePodcastYou are special. Really. I mean, I genuinely love you guys. SO much, that I entrust you with my brand.

The Blogging from Paradise community has been overwhelmingly supportive of me over the….almost…..year! Wow, amazing right? Anyway, to boost our blogging income collectively I am genuinely, positively, excited to announce that I found a neat, prospering, fun way to become a Blogging from Paradise affiliate on Amazon.

Why I’m Doing this


I want to get these eBooks and paperbacks in the hands of millions of bloggers (HA….a blog commenting book). I want to free a gazillion peeps who want to retire to a life of island hopping. I can only do so much by myself. But you, my growing army of readers and leaders and epicly awesome folks, you can help me spread the word, and you can generate income as ya help me, so we can both set a deluge of folks free.

Guys, I know more than a few of you have asked me about becoming an affiliate and more than a few will be turned on to this idea after reading this post because it’s so incredibly easy to set up.

Step 1: Sign up as an Amazon affiliate.

Step 2: Create the carousel widget for your blog.

Step 3: Post the code on a widget, and post the widget to your blog.

Who’s the Ideal Affiliate?


Travel bloggers.

Blogging tips bloggers.

Digital nomads.

Website owners who crave generating a steady, passive income stream, without spending the time to brainstorm, create and publish a product.

Any breathing blogger.

OK, maybe not any living, breathing blogger. But:

  • travel bloggers
  • blogging tips bloggers
  • digital nomads (buy my new eBook)
  • retired from the 9-5 bloggers
  • dot com lifestyle bloggers
  • internet lifestyle junkie bloggers

Basically, any blogger who wants to align with the Blogging from Paradise brand, who wants to generate affiliate sales and hey, who doesn’t want to take the time or energy to create your first – or another – product at this time.

It’s like me saying, let me do the grunt work, the legwork, and you pop in and get a cut. Of course, we both benefit.

I have to give props to my friend Leanne Schmidt at Explore Taste Travel as she shared the idea with me a while back. I’m acting on it now.



Strong ass commissions for eBooks. I sell Blogging From Paradise eBooks for $9.99. I don’t do the common $0.99 to $2.99 price window. You also have a mad selection of eBooks to choose from. 124 eBooks in the library currently. Also, align with a brand which has appeared on both Virgin Dot Com and Forbes Dot Com.


  • make money through a passive income stream (no need to create a product; I did that for ya)
  • align with a fascinating, exotic, rapidly-expanding brand (it doesn’t hurt to be known as a Blogging from Paradise affiliate, and God knows you’ll earn karmic brownie points)
  • it’s easy and quick to set up this affiliate income stream
  • my covers do some sweet selling for you
  • you’ll be doing me and you a solid
  • newbie to veteran bloggers, and intermediate ones too, can all optimize their online earnings by becoming an affiliate

How to Do it.

1: Sign Up as an Amazon Affiliate



Click that link. Set up your account. This is a 1-2-3 affair. I know, because I’ve been an Amazon affiliate. So after you sign up for an account….

2: Create the Carousel Widget



Click on that link.

Under Search and Add products

leave the drop down box to Amazon.com.

In the little box to the right, search for: blogging from paradise

The results yield a whole bunch of my eBooks.

Click “add product” and 6 to 10 products to your widget carousel.

Click the Next Step button, below the Added to Widget section.

OK, now you’ll see a Layout & Size section.

Work with that.

I like the Shuffle Products option, with Show Title.

Then I select the Ferris Wheel Orientation.

Widget Size, 600 by 200.

On the right side of the page you’ll see a Preview section.

Click on the up and down arrows below the carousel, holding each button down, to see the carousel rotate.

Pretty dang neat.

If you like it, click Add to my Web page.

Then, after clicking Agree to that legal mumbo jumbo – joking – copy the code.

3: Add that Code to a Widget on your Blog


Paste the code into a widget on your blog.BFPAffiliate

You’re now a Blogging from Paradise Amazon affiliate!

Exciting, right?

The carousel widget thing looks kinda like the stack of book covers….to your right. 

Your Turn


So guys, are you eager to become an affiliate?

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments section, OK?

Calls to Action


After becoming a Blogging from Paradise Amazon affiliate – that’s a Jedi Mind Trick my kiddies – sign up for my email list. Find that ugly green bar at the top of my blog. Type in your email address.


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