Are you struggling to find content ideas? Too busy to write blog posts? Or are you lacking blogging motivation these days?

I can create content for you.

I offer ghostwriting services. I can write and email you blog posts. You then publish the posts under your name.

Benefits for You

  • Save time
  • Earn more money on auto-pilot by publishing practical, valuable blog posts
  • Stress less
  • Tap into 5 year’s worth of writing experience at the click of a button
  • No fuss no muss content creation for you
  • Build your brand
  • Boost your blogging traffic
  • Leverage your time and presence

My Experience/Client Testimonials

I’m a ghostwriter so on an ethical level I can’t reveal my client’s identity.

I can say that my list of clients includes large, respected SEO agencies, influential digital marketers and wildly successful social media rock stars. Did I spill the beans? I hope not. Your identity is safe and secure with me.

My clients entrust me with creating content which appears before hundreds of thousands of fans, new and established readers and trusted customers.

In short, I’ve helped power brokers create a great deal of influence and earn significant income through my services.

I’m also a really happy, fun-loving, easy-going dude – if you hadn’t already noticed – who’s a ball to work with.

I’ve published over 3000 articles/posts on my blog and hundreds of articles for my satisfied clients so I can also handle volume quite easily.

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