I snapped the dramatic cover image in Jimbaran, Bali, to inspire you to be 1000% committed to your goals.

I snapped the dramatic cover image in Jimbaran, Bali, to inspire you to be 1000% committed to your goals.

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I am publishing 1 eBook weekly. I may kinda know about how to commit to your goals 1000%. I am also:

  • co-authoring a soon to be released book with dynamo Matthew Capala about how to become a super successful solopreneur
  • writing one, eBook-sized blog post weekly here
  • writing for clients
  • blog commenting like a freaking boss
  • doing average, ho hum stuff in paradise, like breaking up fights between spitting cobras and chickens
  • engaged in 1,004 other things

I am kinda busy. But I am also all in.

So I wrote: How to Commit to Your Goals 1000%

This is the 19th product in the Blogging from Paradise Library on Amazon.

I enjoy being all in. Back in the day I was a lazy slob. Or, a lazy, uninspired guy. That all changed when I blogged from paradise because I was forced into many freeing but uncomfortable situations which of course, made me grow like a weed. I HAD TO become a goal achieving machine to live this life and I HAD TO inspire my readers, customers and clients to do the same because I am bringing y’all with me.

RB is super excited to release this book because he enjoys speaking about himself in the 3rd person. He also loves inspiring folks to live their dreams, and in most cases, you need to be fully committed to some intent, or some goal, to be really free. What an exciting lifestyle though, eh? Living in:

  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Laos

….for months at a time has been the experience of a lifetime. I want to take you with me, so I want to help you be all in. I know damn well how tough it was to commit to goals, during my struggling, BOF – Broke As F… – days, and I also know how to navigate through the minefields to create a freeing, inspired, type of life that jealous folks would gladly murder you over….or, that inspired folks would happily mimic.

Why I Wrote this eBook


For you, you BFP stars who wanted to know if in fact a doppelganger or cyborg or inspired, human-like dummy replica of me was doing all this stuff, while I sat on my duff, sipping coconut shakes, here in Jimbaran, Bali.

Benefits of Buying this eBook



  • you’ll get inside my mind, so you too can become a goal-achieving machine…and since few folks on earth are living in Fiji and Bali for months at a time, as a pro blogger, that advice is pretty dang valuable, and authentic, and proven
  • you’ll live your dreams, quite quickly, by learning the secrets of the high achievers of the world
  • you won’t need to pay a pretty penny for these secrets; each of my eBooks is the price of a cup of coffee, because I want millions of people on board with me
  • you’ll gain access to a slew of practical, easy to use tips, that you can put into action now, to reach your goals more quickly
  • you’ll get a funny travel story or 2
  • you’ll become REALLY popular when you refer this eBook to 20 of your closest friends, who want to get the 411 on how to be a committed, goal-achieving machine (hint, hint)
  • you’ll be able to show off your new found success by publishing a review for this eBook on Amazon (hint hint)

Ok…now on to….

Who Would Benefit from Reading this eBook


Heck, anybody who:

  • is having a difficult time committing to a goal
  • wants to live their dreams
  • wants to blog as a full time income earning kinda guy or gal
  • is focused on freeing a whole bunch of their readers and customers
  • finds being a full time digital nomad or travel blogger really, really sweet
  • wants to free their mind of distractions to focus in on 1, clear goal

Now, on to….

What’s in the Book?


Well, these chapters.

Introduction: Why Am I Qualified to Write this eBook?

Chapter 1: Why?

Chapter 2: Destroy Negative Influences

Chapter 3: Trim Activity Fat

Chapter 4: Mindset Before Everything

Chapter 5: Let Go Old and Worn out Ways of Living

Chapter 6: Take Baby Steps

Chapter 7: Blast through this Tipping Point

Chapter 8: Go Deeper than Goals; Set an Intent


Guys, I keep these posts super short and super sweet so you can buy the book, to post a review, to share it with your buddies, and to reap the benefits of achieving your goals so we can meet in Fiji. Or maybe we can bump into one another in Bali.

Or maybe I can travel to your hometown, in the good old USA, or perhaps, to your hometown in India, or in England.

Call to Action


Buy the book today. Become a goal-achieving machine.HowtoCommitGoalsCoverPost

Buy How to Commit to Your Goals 1000% on Amazon

PS….post a review too. Help me help you, so I can keep publishing eBooks that will inspire you to live your dreams.

Until next time….enjoy paradise!

PSS….thank you for your endless support!

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