Joe Cool aka me on Savusavu Bay, soaking up another postcard-perfect day.

Joe Cool aka me on Savusavu Bay, soaking up another postcard-perfect day.


I read a post recently. Or I mean I read the post title. The title didn’t motivate me to click through.

The blogger explained why you should double your failure rate. Honestly, they did. I’ve seen other bloggers explain why seeking out failure is a great thing.

One blogger recently made an argument that setting the goal of failing a bunch of time is the way to go.


If this is the case why bother succeeding?


Blogging from Paradise: 1 Pressing Problem Faced by Struggling Bloggers


Setting a goal to double or triple your failing rate is about the most asinine piece of advice you could give to a struggling blogger. Some of the bloggers above mean well but taking a look at their blogs revealed a few things:

  • Unless they’re miraculously clear on their blog design/traffic/presentation they’re struggling like hell
  • They’re heavily focused on failing, and are doing a pretty good job of failing
  • Their self image is in the crapper
  • They carry an “Underdog Mentality” that causes them to program themselves to fail, because they continually set up difficult obstacles to overcome on a subconscious level
  • They have issues with deserving, in most cases, because the only person who feels that you need to/should fail many times, in order to succeed, believes that they don’t deserve good things now

Guys, before you trust some blogger’s advice check the source, OK?

1 problem is faced by virtually all struggling bloggers. I know because I suffered through that problem. Despite all of the good advice you see, use and process, and despite all of the fab posts you’re writing, and despite all of the industry leaders you’re connected with, if your mindset sucks, DEEP DOWN, on a subconscious level, you’re  guaranteed to fail.

My problem for about 4 years online was that even though I was largely positive I still had deep rooted issues surrounding:

  • Deserving good things
  • Money
  • My subconscious tendency to set myself up as an underdog who faced struggle after struggle

Kelli Cooper (click it to follow my guru), my astute fiancée and blogger extraordinaire, noted these tendencies. On more than a few occasions I mentally told her to “F*ck Off” after she pointed out my mental blocks to me. But she was right. I had to face these issues to be free of them, and I did have these issues.

Sure I was largely a positive, high energy dude who ran a kinda neat but not at all clear blog. My mental game needed some work.

Deep down I believed in the advice that failures shared with me. I wanted to double my failure rate. I wanted to push myself to overcome more obstacles.

If you think this sounds silly, and that there’s no way you’re in the same boat, I have news for you; you’re likely lying to yourself if you’re struggling or if you feel frustrated about your blogging growth.


The Worst Problem with Doubling or Tripling Your Failing Rate


If you seek out failure, failure will follow you because….

“Wherever your attention and energy goes, grows.”

What you focus on expands. So if you’re setting the asinine, foolish goal to fail like crazy because you believe this will lead to success you’ll actually:

  • Fail more miserably than you could ever believe
  • Attract failures to your blog
  • Attract losers to your blog
  • Attract unhappy, angry people to your blog
  • Ignore good advice
  • Ignore prospering blogging ideas
  • Network with failures
  • Never network with the blogging leaders you need to connect with to succeed
  • Make little money blogging
  • Avoid writing eBooks or offering services or developing your own products because naturally, these activities would promote your success, and since your compass is set to fail, you’ll fail, and do stuff that promotes your failure

Stop making it your goal to fail, because you believe that failing leads to success. It doesn’t. Trust me, it really, really doesn’t. Listening to successful advice, talking about your victories, acting on successful advice and surrounding yourself with wildly successful people promotes your success.


One of the Dumbest Blogging Mistakes


Sharing your failures, post, after post, after post, after post.

Throwback picture time. From March 2013 in Phuket, Thailand, one of my favorite spots in the world.

Throwback picture time. From March 2013 in Phuket, Thailand, one of my favorite spots in the world.

What would I want to learn from a failure? How to fail?

Did guys like:

  • Tony Robbins
  • Richard Branson
  • Jeff Bezos

….become some of the most successful business people on earth by talking about their successes most of the time or by talking about their failures? Of course, they shared their mess ups here and there but if all they did was share their mistakes they’d attract to their business people who:

  • Had no money
  • Had no direction
  • Were mired in failure
  • Were mired in struggle
  • Were mired in the habit of blaming, or giving away their power

As you may imagine, these folks are poor candidates for growing an online business. Both as mentors and customers.

Broke people can’t pay for products or services. Failure conscious folks don’t know what it takes to succeed.

Tony Robbins noted how early on in his blogging career that he sold a product for $5000 dollars. Do ya think he’d attract people who could afford to drop $5000 on a freaking personal development course if he talked about his screw-ups more than once in a blue moon?

Hell no!

Tony explained that he was flat broke when selling big ticket produts, with minestrone acne, fake gold chains, a 2 piece suit bought from a thrift shop and a piece of sh*t car he parked 5 blocks away from his clients, all of whom were rich doctors, lawyers or other professionals, who drove Mercedes, and who would have laughed and drove away if they saw his piece of sh*t car.

The broke loser spoke so much of success, and what his products would do for you, that he broke sales records, selling these $5000 products to a massive audience, and this guy went on to have a net worth of $300 million when his company went public.

Do you see how speaking about your successes most of the time and going light on your failures attracts to you successful people, money, and success, SO much more quickly than mentioning your failures frequently?

The money, large audiences, and success lies in the hands of successful, rich folks you need to connect with, and soon-to-be-successful folks who’ll pay their last freakin’ dime to buy your product or service, or who’ll stay up until 3 AM to read your latest blog post and to put that bad boy into action, using your practical tips immediately.

Check out Lewis LaLanne’s golden Tony Robbins lost tapes recording for a ridiculously inspiring story detailing these experiences.


Do Not Fake It till You Make it Blogging Wise…..But….


……accentuate your successes. I don’t care much about learning how struggling bloggers, fail, but I do love folks who focus their attention on their successes, as this shows me they may be a good match, for me, and maybe, if they keep vibing high, I’ll comment on their blog or promote them, because I believe in people who are going places.

Here’s how it’s done: for every time you tell a story about the failures you’ve experienced, and the mistakes you’ve made, talk about your successes 20 or 30 times.

Example coming next.


Blogging from Paradise Is a Rousing Success Because….


….I overcame being a broke security guard with 4 cents in his pocket and little clarity in life (the failure part) to:

  • Travel the world for 40 months in a row
  • Build a blog which pays for my travels
  • Build a blog which pads my savings account
  • Build a blog which has seen a massive surge in traffic and social media shares in under 11 weeks
  • Write an eBook endorsed by a New York Times Best Selling Author and also a million dollar earning blogger
  • Gain an invite to speak to a class at prestigious NYU
  • Run multiple prospering online businesses
  • Publish 3400 blog posts (on my old blog)
  • become a damn inspiring dude
  • rent villas in Bali for a month at a time
  • live in a home with a million dollar view in Fiji for 4 months
  • travel to places like Costa Rica, Peru, Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, India
  • travel through places like Japan, Taiwan, Australia, El Salvador, Myanmar
  • be featured on nearly 30 blogs in 12 weeks
  • inspire a ton of folks to chase their dreams to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging
  • give successful bloggers a platform to spread their word and to inspire more people
  • be retweeted by dudes like personal development icon Brian Tracy
  • generate 16,000 page visits in a single day to my old blog
  • write posts like this
  • become free of mental demons from my past, including depression

That’s 20 success stories versus 1 failure story. Sounds about right to me because I’m here to teach you how to succeed, not how to fail, and fail, and fail again, to then succeed.


The Glimmer of Blogging Hope


Speaking of your successes and focusing on successful people’s daily activities makes you, too, believe that you can succeed despite any temporary struggles you may be experiencing.

Inspired folks make you believe that you too can become an inspiring, island-hopping, pro blogger.

Buy my eBook here to crack the blogging income code. You may just engineer a freeing lifestyle too.

That’s my job. To share my successes….and more importantly, to focus on teaching you how to succeed as *quickly as possible.* Now we’re not hurrying here; patience is required, to do things right….but there is absolutely, positively no excuse, or reason, for you to be in a holding pattern, or to fail, for 1, 2 or 5 years, or longer, blogging-wise.

If since my first post went live 12 weeks ago on Blogging from Paradise, you’re not generating more traffic, or more blogging sales, or you’re not being interviewed regularly, you’re:

  • ignoring my advice
  • not writing 500 to 1000 words EVERY day
  • not posting 5 paragraph or longer, in-depth, thorough comments on authority blogs
  • not promoting authority bloggers aggressively
  • not trashing your old, failed blog
  • not automating intelligently
  • not setting aside 4 hours or 6 hours to sit quietly in a room to get through your mental sh*t/problems, to gain clarity in why you’re doing what you’re doing, to trash your old blog, to buy a new, inspired domain, so that you can move forward with full clarity in what you’re doing, so that you can talk about your success 99% of the time, and attract successes, and become more successful…

When Blogging from Paradise becomes 12 weeks old I’ll likely have been featured on 30 blogs.

Re-read that; let that success soak in. A 12 week old blog helped me generate 30 plus features, from guest posts, interviews, eBook reviews (read Adrienne Smith’s helpful review of my eBook please) and smaller features/snippets.

How’d it happen?

I shared my failures, via my About Me page, and I shared some more failures, via my posts, then I talked about my successes 99% of the time because I quickly learned that talking about your successes attracts freakin’ SUCCESSFUL people, and it also attracts struggling bloggers who’ll run through a brick wall to follow your advice and who’ll do anything short of pimping themselves out, to buy your product or service.

These folks showed up immediately, after I went live with Blogging from Paradise, because I was 100% clear on my blog, my niche, my ideal reader, and since I persistently did my mental homework, to defeat Underdog Syndrome, I talked mostly about my successes, to attract success.

Do mention what you overcame. Connect with folks. Prove that you’re human. But of course, push that stuff to the side quickly.


John Chow


John Chow is a guy who makes $50,000 a day through blogging. Or at least he’s made $50,000 on some days. He’s made millions and millions and millions of dollars through blogging yet he rarely if ever talks about his failures or struggles.


He’s too darn busy talking about his successes and sees how much more success he’s experiencing by talking about his success!

Makes sense, right?

Some struggling commentators on his blog ask why he doesn’t share his failures more. He never responds.

He’s already shared his struggles. Get your lazy a** over to his bio, to read them, if you want to learn how to be broke, and then buy his damn book, and start making money….at least, that’s the response I can imagine the no-nonsense John Chow crafting for these folks who need to wake up, get their self image out of the toilet, and get serious about prospering online.


Tips for Overcoming Underdog Syndrome


  • spend 60 minutes or more daily on developing a success consciousness; meditation, affirmation, reading self help books and practicing what the books preach
  • speak of your successes – dig to find them if you’re struggling, it’ll be worth it – 95% of the time on your blog
  • If you are still struggling to find success here’s what you do: set aside 3 to 4 hours daily to write 1000 or more words and to write 5 to 7 paragraph comments on 5 authority blogs…..even if you work full time…..then I GUARANTEE you’ll have a boatload of successful stories to share with your readers in 1 to 2 weeks…..
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Surround yourself only with successful people and let go failure conscious matches
  • Subscribe to my blog
  • Buy my eBook


Your Turn


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Or are you reeling in successful bloggers?

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