If you want me to buy into your blogging excuse, I hack my breakfast from a tree with a machete. I ain't hearing it. We don't do excuses here in Fiji, folks,

If you want me to buy into your blogging excuse, I hack my breakfast from a tree with a machete. I ain’t hearing it. We don’t do excuses here in Fiji, folks.


“Damn. It’s 3:52 PM, Fiji time, and I’m just starting to write my blog post. I still have to finish my eBook (ok cat’s out of the bag, I have a new Blogging from Paradise eBook coming out soon), then on to networking, a bit of TV tonight, reading….How can I never reach 2500 words with that much to do? I mean, if I’m not publishing long posts, there’s no sense publishing.”

I don’t need to reach 2500 words. 2000 is OK. Or even, 1000, for this post at least. So the excuse I was setting up for myself in mind – which I didn’t honor – was, well, bunk.

Imaginary word counts that you buy in to, thinking that your post is good, or bad, based on those counts, are an excuse/limiting belief which prevents many bloggers from writing posts.

Or in the other direction, thinking that short word counts are the way to go, because “people are busy and don’t have the time to read long posts” (i.e., you may be lazy, or wrapped up in a cocoon of limiting beliefs, or afraid to set aside time to write something with some meat) is also another excuse that you need to release now.

Hey I’m Mr. 2500 word or longer post guy, right? Wrong. As I write, I find my groove. As I write more eBooks, and service my clients, 2500 will likely drop to 2000 words. I’ve no clue though; I may write a 3500 word post on Monday, next week. I’m fluid like that but more than anything I listen to my intuition.

Sometimes I may open a new income stream, at the drop of a hat. Like yesterday. I whipped up a page offering my blog consulting services.

If you’re confused about your blog’s direction, or are struggling to generate blogging income, or want to attract more readers, talk to me. I can help you.

The point is this; having someone point out your excuses to you can help you release them. Especially on the blogging front.

I’m writing as I look out on the bay in Savusavu, Fiji. Another quiet one today – hey, everyday is quiet here as not many folks are around – which helps me process what I’m seeing around me in the blogosphere.

Taking different approaches to blogging makes life interesting but in some cases, or in all cases, you must carefully investigate the motivator before you follow your blogging strategy to honestly say whether or not your blogging activities are motivated by excuses or by inspired beliefs.

Like me; I had no idea that I could sell Hootsuite Pro as an affiliate because in my mind…..”Nobody would buy a product from me….” I needed to address that excuse to prosper online through this affiliate channel.


Interview Time


Hey guys, before we go further, the dynamic duo – KC and I – have published our debut video together.

If you want to engineer a freeing internet lifestyle my fiancee and personal development blogging dynamo Kelli Cooper interviewed me today on her blog Life Live Made to Order.

Click through to learn more about how we are living the dream together.

Ryan Biddulph Interview on Live Life Made to Order

On to the excuses…


No Sense Selling Because Nobody’s Buying from Me


If you believe nobody will buy from you, then it is so. If you believe people will buy from you, then they will. It’s simple.  Most newbie bloggers make this excuse, which motivates them to create crappy content, to rarely practice writing, and to either ignore blogger outreach, or to simply connect with failures, or other people they possibly couldn’t learn from.
Get clear on why you’re blogging. Good. Now that you know why you’re blogging – like to be free, and to make your readers free – you’ll only promote products or services that you use, believe in, and feel that clearly vibe with your brand.


I Have no Time to Blog


You have 24 hours today. You *choose* to use them how you choose to use them. You chose to work a job, or you chose to work a job while starting a blogging business part time, or you chose to quit your job to blog full time (I wouldn’t suggest that BUT you’d have plenty of time to blog).


If you value the illusion of security, you may work a job you hate. Or if you value your job’s function, and enjoy it, you work a job that rocks to you. Either way, if you want to know why you think you have no time to blog, you are simply choosing to value something else, right now, over blogging, and engineering a freeing lifestyle.

I valued being free 5 years ago. As I became more clear on my life, and on my blog, that freeing feeling exuded through my being, and I built my day around activities that helped me be free.

That means, that I can write up to 8,000 or more words daily.

Right now I:

  • am writing 2 eBooks simultaneously
  • Publish three 2500 word posts weekly
  • Write for multiple freelance clients
  • Run a new blog coaching business
  • Have appeared on more than 30 blogs in 12 weeks (those interviews and guest posts take time to write, ya know?)

I make time for this stuff, because I value it….and I also exercise 1-2 hours daily, and do travel stuff in Fiji, because I value both activities.

By the way, buying Hootsuite Pro will help save you time too. (I had to write that.)


Nobody Will Read My Blog


Yes they will. I was an unemployed security officer 5 years ago. I knew how to send an email and type in “espn.com”, and now my eBook’s being endorsed by a New York Times Best Selling Author, and my eBook’s chapter on monetization is a study guide for students in a class at NYU.

In case you didn’t know:

  • Unemployed, broke security guards who know how to do 2 things online don’t know jack shizzy about blogging
  • NYU is a school filled with really, really smart kids, who become leaders in business, education and heck, they just about become world leaders too

This means, I worked intelligently and persistently, and overcame obstacles (check out my guest post on Don Purdum’s blog….thanks Don!) to hone my skills, from scratch, to get past that “nobody will read me” limiting belief to reach a point of having plenty of people read me, my eBook and my blog.

Bonus Inspiration: The guy whose blog nobody read 5 years ago will be speaking to a class at NYU in early December.

People will read your blog. Learn the skill of blogging, writing 500 words or more daily, rock it out.


My Design Stinks Because I Have Zero Design Creativity


So do I. I couldn’t create a square box with Photoshop. So I hired my man Phillip Dews and this web designing dynamo created a branded masterpiece. (Thanks PD, and folks, hire him for your design needs)

If you can’t design intelligently, or make your blog purdy, either devote your time and energy to learn the craft, and do it yourself, or hire someone who can do the job beautifully.

Fiji sunset from the beach in front of the crib.

Fiji sunset from the beach in front of the crib.

This excuse, like all, has been ripped to shreds, quickly.

On to the next one.


My Market Is Stale/Stagnant/I Can’t Make Money with It


I write for travel bloggers who want to officially retire, to a life of island hopping, so they don’t need to return home every few months or every year, to either save money for their next trip or who need to work a job to make money for their next trip.

Even successful travel bloggers (click that link to visit my friend Annabel Candy’s blog, she’s a gem who runs a top flight travel blog) want to pick the brain of someone who’s cracked the full time blogger code, so this is a fresh, prospering niche.

I blog for ANY part time blogger who wants to become a pro blogger. You can, too, if you believe that you’re living in abundance.

There is no limit on creative ideas, and creative ideas can be molded into tangible abundance…aka….”money.” Think long and hard about this excuse. The niche does not get stagnant, you do. Money is in consciousness. If you feel some niche is slow, or not prospering, either you don’t enjoy working it, or you’re mired in some poverty conscious limiting belief.

Think abundance. Release this limiting belief.


Well of Course So and So Has a Big Blogging Following and Can Sell Stuff Successfully, He or She Is Famous


I read a well known marketer – who I like by the way – note recently that if you’re not famous, nobody cares about what you have to say. He suggested that you *need* to put loads of facts, data, and studies in each post, to gain any credibility.

Ummmmm…..I have never cited a stat or study in 5 years on either one of my blogs.

I received Chris Brogan’s backing and I’m speaking at NYU – cyber speaking at least via a Google Hangout – in early December.

I have traveled the world for 40 months in a row, living in Fiji and Bali and Thailand, for months at a time, and chilling in Nepal and India and Costa Rica and other spots, for months at a time….and have a pretty good-sized blogging following, and of course, I run a blog I’ve used to engineer this ridiculously freeing lifestyle….and I never backed up my posts with stats.

Here’s my stats/data/facts: Look Below to See Picture

Savusavu, Fiji. Data/facts/proof.

Savusavu, Fiji. Data/facts/proof.


My million dollar view from our home office in Fiji, right now.

How’s that for data?

My experience is my credibility.

If you aren’t living your blogging dreams, right now, do what all freed or famous people do: work your way up from being a nobody in everybody else’s eyes (but have a FIRM belief in self), until more people find out about you, then when more folks know who you are, and you’ve earned credibility, people will buy your stuff and follow you in increasing numbers.

If you want to understand the type of mindset/energy it takes to succeed, follow my good friend Brittany Bullen’s Blog. What an awesome person, who simply gets how to make someone feel special, loved and cared for, through comments, social media and heck, through any interaction.

She’s an up and coming star folks. Mark it down.


Nobody Will Interview Me/Ask Me to Guest Post


Get clear on your blog’s direction. Point your blog in 1 direction. Write about 1 specific topic. Then, folks will know you as “The Blogging from Paradise” guy, or the guy or gal from 1 niche . Good. Clarity down.

Now, write 4 to 6 paragraph comments on authority, relevant blogs for weeks, and months. Bloggers and readers will click through, because they’ll need to learn about this guy or gal who writes such valuable comments….they’ll see your blog, feel your clarity, they’ll clearly know that you’re a guy or gal who does one thing well, and they’ll request to interview you, or ask you to submit guest posts for their blog.


I Can’t Write an eBook


Neither could I. For 4 years. Then I did. I was goaded on to write an eBook about a year ago to the date and it flopped…but I learned much from the experience.

Blogging from Paradise: How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging went live about 2 months ago. I wrote it, had it proof read, edited that bad boy and released it in 3 weeks.

It has done quite well.

Please write a review for me on Amazon too, so we can spread the word and inspire the masses.

Write a Review on Amazon

Thanks so much!

Write 500 to 1000 words each day. Know why you’re writing it; the purer your intent (to be free and to take everybody with me, etc), the easier the words will flow from your mind to the keyword, to your Word Doc.

If there’s one thing that helps you release virtually all of these limiting beliefs it’d be getting super clear on why you’re blogging, and why you chose your niche.

If you’re blogging to be free, and to help others to be free, and if you’re choosing a niche that makes you feel alive (aka, you love blogging about it), these limiting beliefs will melt like an ice cube in a cup of scalding hot tea.

 Your Turn


First off, thanks for all of your support.

I’m so humbled to be featured on over 30 plus blogs in 12 weeks.

Check out some of my features here: Ryan Biddulph as Seen On

Please share this post on your social networks if you liked it.

What limiting beliefs have you released to become a successful blogger?

What limiting beliefs do you need to release, to accelerate your growth?

What blogging limiting beliefs can you add to this list?

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