Blogging from Paradise eBooks. Available on Amazon. And in jungles.

Blogging from Paradise eBooks. Available on Amazon. And in jungles.


19 months ago I made my virgin foray into the eBook world.

Since then I have written and self-published 123 Blogging from Paradise eBooks.

Most of those puppies are bite-sized (I’m talking eBooks. Not the endless waves of savage, ankle-biting Chihuahuas which plague the hills and valleys here). Some a bit longer.

ALL of my eBooks can help you retire to a life of island hopping. I’ve written many blogging tips themed eBooks. Some eBooks detailing my wildest travel stories. Some are directed at aspiring digital nomads. Or solopreneurs. 123 eBooks. Remember.

I jam pack all of the tips, tricks, secrets, techniques, black magic spells, voodoo, necromancy, prayers and strategies for:

  • sprinting from your 9-5 to a life of full time travel
  • becoming a professional, full-time blogger
  • taking selfies while fighting off mosquitoes
  • increasing your blog traffic lickity split
  • increasing your blogging income lickity split the eBooks I wish to share with you today.

How it All Went Down


A few readers implored me to write an eBook after I created Blogging from Paradise in July of 2014. So I did. Had loads of fun writing it.

My friend Rob Cubbon said I deserved to write a 2nd eBook. I took him up on that.

123 eBooks later I decided to stop writing. Because I value my fingers. And it was time to begin a promotional campaign.CreatingMindsetCoverSmallBlog

In late September I began the promo by pricing all of my eBooks at 99 cents. Price has held. I also published a blog post showing off my first 7 eBooks.

This post is a little throwback job. Because instead of promoting eBook #20 (probably not even there yet, now that I think about it) of my 123 eBooks I wanted to revisit the first 7 jammies in my library to give ’em some shine.

And to use the word “jammies” for the first time on Blogging from Paradise.

Click this link to pick ’em up today:

Download the First 7 Blogging from Paradise eBooks

How Do the eBooks Benefit You?


How did ya do it RB?” – Inquiring Mind, Wanting to Know

How did you retire to the tropics?” – Inquiring Mind #2, Wanting to Know

I got asked these questions. A lot.

How did a bum, depressed, bloated, fired, Little Debbie gobbling, pale, pasty security guard go from a life of broke-ness to balling in Bali?

CommentEmpireSmallCoverThumbSince you wanted to know how I did it I figured that writing a series of eBooks to explain exactly, specifically, how I created this Life of Rye so you can do the same would be most beneficial to my Blogging from Paradise minions.

In essence, I wrote these eBooks so you can be my neighbor in the tropics. If you wouldn’t mind the late night tomfoolery which occurs when we blast Comedy Central Roasts on Youtube.

I did my best to shove as many tips as possible into these reads so each eBook is dripping with sugary sweet, syrupy benefits.

OK, the goodies:

  • learn how to think, feel and act like a swashbuckling, globetrotting blogger
  • leave your old employee mindset behind to make room for your entrepreneur mindset
  • learn how to brainstorm, create and publish a successful eBook
  • enjoy my wildest travel stories for an uproariously outrageous laugh
  • get the practical tips and strategies to build an online empire through a wildly underutilized relationship-building technique
  • Boost your blogging efficiency by learning how to organize your blogging day

My Life


I’m sitting here with Kelli watching Conan O’Brian bits on YouTube. (I’ve always preferred the gangly Ginger. I even wore a Conan O’Brian T-shirt during my formative years. Before it frayed into oblivion. Think I turned it into a meat head muscle shirt….I am not kidding.)

We’re in beautiful Rivas, Costa Rica. Living in the hills. Perfect sleeping weather. 60’s at nighttime. Mid 70’s during the day. Sunny skies. No rain. We’re enshrouded by the forest, with dramatic mountain views in every direction.CreateandPublishSucceBookCoverSmallThumb

Rio Chirripo flows powerfully across the street, providing us with the most peaceful, serene, calming background noise imaginable.

I watched 2 Ticos trim bushes this morning. We took a walk with an overbearing but Bambi-eyed dog on waking. After spending 30 minutes doing nothing but watching the river flow – while our doggy buddy Caballon (he of the Bambi eyes) pestered us for affection.

I published a post. I emailed my list. I wrote 2 guest posts. Did a spot of social sharing. Walked to the pulperia to buy ice cream, platano chips and cookies. Napped. Chilled.

Here I am, having fun, writing a blog post and living the dream.

If this Life Sounds Appealing to You….


…you can live The Life, too.

You can live your dreams.

You can have fun writing, laze and rock this blogging bit out.

I jam-pack all that I have been and done to live this life into my:

  • blog
  • newsletter
  • audio course
  • eBooks
  • audio books

.because I can’t wait to see you here in Costa Rica.

I dole out a bunch of free and premium information. I love offering freebies. I love offering goods where you can send me a monetary exchange for the goods I’m bringing to the table.

The Deal


These are fun, entertaining reads that may cause you to look at blogging in a different light.

ComboCoverSmallBlogTreyPicture melding blogging tips laden reads with the silliness of late night comedy.

Or dive into my most harrowing tales on the road. Told from my bizarre, off-kilter, humorous perspective.

Learn the in’s and out’s of blog commenting.

Become as efficient as a Blogging Terminator; AHHHhold would be proud of your cyborg-like, ruthless efficiency, after you read this one.

So many of you awesome souls are new to my blog. So many are just joining the party. Other early adopters of the Ryan Biddulph brand (God bless your patient souls) and the Blogging from Paradise brand (God bless you for skipping the lean years) may want to download an eBook….or 7….or over 100, like my friend David Boozer has….so I’m sharing these first 7 eBooks for your reading pleasure.

Calling All Aspiring Island Hoppers….Come In….


Click this link:

Download the First 7 Blogging from Paradise eBooks




After downloading a few or all of my first 7 eBooks make yourself a coconut shake. Seriously. I can feel it from here; your electrolytes are low. Add a banana to the shake. A dash of sugar too. Just a dash though. Add crushed ice. Mix in a blender. Post image of yourself here in the comments section enjoying the shake.

Living La Pura Vida Loca,

Ryan Biddulph

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Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.
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