Kelli and I were mesmerized by the stunning beauty of Manual Antonio, Costa Rica, so I used this photo as the cover. Are you ready to become an unstoppable blogging networking machine?

Are you connected?

I hope so.

The chickens are clucking. The cats are waiting for mackerel and rice. Crickets and other jungle bugs are peacefully serenading me with their beautiful, melodic calls.

At 5:04 AM in Savusavu, Fiji, I’m getting down to work. We’re flying to Nadi, then Sydney, then Bali, shortly. Life is freeing. We’re blogging from paradise.

My blogging buddies helped make this happen.

Being an unstoppable networking machine helped me make blogging buddies.

Since you’ll accelerate your online growth by networking like a freaking boss I’m excited to release:


Blogging from Paradise: 13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine


My Blogging from Paradise Story


To understand how to network, study a networker.

I’ve been featured on just about 60 authority blogs in a stretch of over 4 months.

My friends made this happen, but first, I had to make it happen. Retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging required me to make a bunch of blogging buddies. I built powerful bonds with influential bloggers. I networked persistently. I leveraged my presence.

Leveraging. There goes that word again. I use it frequently. Going from Fiji, to Bali, to the US, and then, off to some tropical paradise again, Kelli and I need to leverage our presence, to rock out the island hopping bit.

Blogger outreach rocks.


Why Become a Networking Machine?


Your friends make your blog. Your readers make your blog. If I wrote about Fiji, and Costa Rica, and Bali, sharing how I retired to become a pro blogger, for an audience of none, I’d be publishing an online diary.

People buy my eBooks – this eBook marks #8 (catch up by picking a few up my kiddies), by the way – and hire me to review their blogs and hire me to write their articles and buy my affiliate product and:

  • Read my blog
  • Share my blog posts with their networks
  • Inspire me
  • Support me
  • Entertain me
  • Educate me

People helped create Blogging from Paradise. Friends. Readers. Supporters.

Networking machines connect with leaders, who teach, who inspire, and who expand your blogging presence. Why would you network? Making your blogging and life dreams come true lies in your hands, and in the hands of your network.


“Wealthy people build networks. Everybody else looks for work.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki


The Old Versus New Me


Old RB abused the RSS stream and networked little. He tried to do it all by himself. He struggled. Big time.

New RB wrote inspired posts less frequently and networked like an unstoppable machine to connect with The Big Dogs of Blogging, the power brokers, the Chris Brogans and Yaro Staraks of the world, and a whole slew of other leaders.

RB intended to make seismic impacts wherever he showed up, from:

  • Blog comments
  • Guest posts
  • Interviews
  • Features

Where I was, I intended to be all there. Does that make sense?

I am free to travel and prosper online and I want to take you with me.

Knowing this, I intend to make an impact on each like-minded person I meet.

That makes one a networking machine, not playing any type of numbers game.


Numbers Do Lie


I explain the dangerous approach of playing the networking numbers game. Numbers do lie. Patting yourself on the back after posting 2 sentence comments on 100 blogs is asinine. Been there done that, as an experiment, it doesn’t work.

Play the impact game. Live in Fiji. Or Bali, or Phuket, or Koh Lanta, or anywhere I’ve been, or anywhere you wish to be.


Look to Your Right Folks


Check out the endorsements. Peep ’em. Chris Brogan. Yaro Starak. Clicking through to my endorsement page gives you a glimpse; I’ve made a bunch of powerful blogging buddies along the way.

Being a networking machine means being a guy or gal who makes intimate connections with Blogging Big Dogs. Being a guy or gal who makes people feel special. Being a blogger who cares.

I explain why impressing the Golden Rule on your mind will make you a stunningly successful blogger – who connects with some seriously well known power brokers – and an unstoppable networking machine. Free givers are mightily prospered.

I also delve into why your head trash prevents you from networking and succeeding online. Successful, island hopping, full time pro bloggers address their mind viruses to face, embrace and release these emotions.


Sample from the Head Trash Chapter


I’ll expose a few common forms of head trash which stop most bloggers from becoming networking machines. These limiting beliefs keep you shy, self-conscious, bound, and the dangerous ideas also keep you mired in blogging failure.


Here’s a sample from the eBook…..


Common Forms of Head Trash


Nobody cares about what I have to say; no sense commenting on blogs.


Blog commenting is a waste of time; nobody reads them, especially influential bloggers.


Why promote other folks? I need to take care of A1, to promote me first. I can do it all on my own.


No online big dawg will promote me anyway. No sense networking.


The List Goes on Forever


I care not to take you down a dark, negative road. I just wanted to give you some examples. Hey, I’m soaking up a million dollar view from the home office in Savusavu, Fiji these days.


Fiji sunset from the beach in front of the crib. Jaw-dropping enough for ya?

Fiji sunset from the beach in front of the crib. Jaw-dropping enough for ya?


I intend to send out good vibes, so you can retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging too.


How to Remove the Head Trash to Become a Networking Dynamo


Meditate. Sit for 10 to 20 minutes on waking, to observe your true thoughts and feelings. You’ll be able to observe them, to hear them, to listen to them in your mind. Feel free to write them down on a piece of paper, as you hear them, and burn them in your sink or bathtub. Bye-bye, head trash.


Dive into freeing but uncomfortable networking. Comment on the big dawg’s blogs. Seek out the pros in your blogging niche. Read their posts, learn from them, and share your thoughts on their blog.


This’ll do 2 things; one, you’ll habitually do freeing but uncomfortable stuff, which is your tuition for being a successful blogger, and you’ll learn from some of the best networkers on earth. Re-examine your reason, why you are blogging.


Tie that reason to being free. When you want to be free more than you fear networking, and more than you fear dealing with your head trash, you’ll have uncovered a great secret of success.


People who rock out the blogging bit, and the networking bit, simply want to be free, and to succeed, and to provide value to others, more than they want to surrender to their head trash, or limiting beliefs.

Dive in folks! Purge your head trash, so you’ll be free to network with successful, influential bloggers.



I Was an Anti-Social, Self-Conscious Blogger Hiding in My Cyber Cave…


..yet my eBooks have been endorsed twice by a New York Times Best Selling Author and I’ll be speaking at NYU in December.

If I could blast out of my shell to become an unstoppable networking machine you can too.

I promise you, that you can do this.

You need to know which opportunities to buy in to, and which to let go.

I’ll explain how to:

  • Become friends with some of the most influential blogging minds on earth
  • inspire blogging power brokers to support you
  • overcome your networking head trash
  • use the principle of leveraging
  • go from employee to entrepreneur as an island hopping pro blogger using fundamental networking principles
  • uncover the stunning secret of how to promote yourself quickly and powerfully (it will make you do a double take)
  • find the effective ratio of sharing other’s content to sharing your own content
  • use the one secret that inspired Richard Branson’s business coach to twice endorse me, without me ever asking him to do so

I gotta roll guys. Flights, hotel stays, time at the beach, Nadi, Sydney, and Ubud, Bali are awaiting me.

I have retired to a life of island hopping.

I want to take you with me.NetworkingMachineCoverSmallTrey

I’ve discovered how to build an income and savings generating blog so I can live in paradise.

Networking played a ridiculously important role in building my current digital nomad lifestyle.

I’m sharing my experiences here.

Pick it up.

See you in paradise!

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