“This book can be really helpful for anyone who is interested in writing and publishing their own ebooks. For me personally, the most important part of the book is the chapter formatting and how to create ebooks in PDF and Kindle formats. I looked into the possibility of writing ebooks in the past but the details of Kindle formatting were kind of confusing and overwhelming. Ryan’s tips for fomatting are based on keeping things simple so there will be minimal work needed to format for Kindle. I haven’t tried to implement these formatting tips yet, but everything seems like it should work nicely.MarcAndrade

Ryan also covers all aspects involved in creating and selling ebooks, including how to choose a topic, how to write and format the text, how to process sales, and how to promote your ebook.

Something I really appreciate about the ebook is that it is a quick read. It’s 63 pages, so it is thorough, but it can be read pretty quickly.”

~ Marc Andre, Creator and Owner of ProfitBlitz


If you aren’t writing eBooks you’re missing out.

Authors command authority. Kinda neat how the words relate, right?

I figured, if I’m churning out eBooks at the pace that I’m churning out eBooks I may as well publish an eBook explaining how to create and publish a successful eBook.


“This eBook is amazing,

If you stopped by and are wondering whether you should buy Ryan`s new eBook, I highly recommend you to do so!

I haven`t heard of Blogging from Paradise until two months ago. That time I was already writing my eBook. It should have consisted mainly of recipes, so I picked up beautiful layout and I was cooking and taking pictures from morning to night. All was looking amazing, more and more pictures in my eBook, ingredients well captured in the bullet points (Ryan, I can hear you laugh :D).

JaneBrownAfter successfully writing half of the eBook (with pictures taken for the whole) I considered buying some guidance. I came across this blog again and I noticed Ryan wrote an eBook about writing an eBook, so convenient. I read the post and all the comments here and it sounded great. Still, I was considering buying it for 2 weeks! Yes, 2 weeks. That`s why I decided to write this comment for you, if you are considering to buy it. DO IT NOW.

Finally, I bought it, as my first of Ryan`s eBooks. I dived into it immediately. For me, it was a total eye-opener. He basically saved me and my eBook from being a total failure! I never knew all the formatting problems one can have when publishing an eBook: pictures, bullet points, bolding… Reading chapter by chapter Ryan explained to me with his honest and unique style what I was doing wrong. His eBook is like a good friend giving you the right direction, motivation and inspiration. He gives everything into his eBook, and I`m buying it all. I`m re-writing my eBook now, because I want it to rock.

I`m really glad I invested into Ryan`s eBook. Do the same in case you are considering writing your own eBook.

And Ryan, your eBook is awesome, thank you!”

~ Jane Brown, Travel Blogger, Spreader of Joy, Creator and Owner of Jane Brown Dot Org


So, without further delay, I’m excited to announce the launch of my new eBook!

Blogging from Paradise: How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook

Who would dig this eBook?

Quite a few folks, methinks, including:

  • Travel bloggers who want to build a branding tool
  • Any blogger who wants to establish their authority
  • Any aspiring author who’s learning how to create and publish a successful ebook, and wants to cut their learning curve
  • Any entrepreneur hellbent on adding a passive income stream to their online or offline venture
  • Any employee who wants to cut their online learning curve by many years, through learning how to get a jump on their competition by publishing an informative, entertaining and inspired eBook
  • Anybody who doesn’t want to waste time learning the pain in the butt formatting stuff you need to learn before publishing eBooks (OK not that much of a pain in the butt, but, well, it was)

OK, now on to the truth. Or, the part where you think/question, “Why should I listen to this guy?”,  or “Why buy HIS eBook?”

Well….my eBooks:

  • Have been endorsed twice by Chris Brogan, NY Times Best Selling Author and business advisor to Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Paulo Coelho, Microsoft, Google, GM and Disney
  • Have helped me land a speaking gig at NYU, where I’ll be addressing a marketing class of tomorrow’s brightest stars
  • Are just darn fun to read
  • Have taught me – through my experience publishing them – how to cut your creating and publishing learning curve like mad (i.e., save yourself weeks or even month’s worth of time learning all the in’s and out’s of self-publishing)
  • Have pretty covers you can stare at for days….yep, each cover photo was snapped by yours truly, or by Kelli
  • Are just the right length; not too long and boring, and not too short, and weak on content/low on meat
  • Are neatly formatted and excellent study guides for aspiring island hopping pro bloggers
  • Have received endorsements from top earners like Yaro Starak

OK….that’s enough bullet points for now.

But first, check out these professional endorsements for my eBooks.

From one of the world’s greatest business minds to blogging coach for top earning bloggers, to networking queens, to marketing wizards, all of these folks endorsed my eBooks…..and I promise, no bribing was involved, save a backlink, and maybe, an offering up of my eternal gratitude.

“Well, having read the book myself, I can attest it is awesome, and like the rest of your work, you put together an interesting read that is a great mix of practical advice and inspiration. Who better to give advice about writing successful ebooks? Creative passive streams of income is a must for anyone whoKelli Cooper really wants to take advantage of the freedom online ventures have to offer, and you present awesome advice for creating one of the most promising streams. You never cease to amaze me!”

~ Kelli Cooper, Inspired Happiness Coach and World Traveling Dynamo, Owner and Creator of Live Life Made to Order


I wrote this eBook after the fine folks at Selz.com – chatted with me about writing a post explaining how to publish an eBook.

What a perfect fit!

Look to your right. See the pretty pictures, along with the tweet-endorsements from Chris Brogan? I publish eBooks at a nice pace.

Maybe you’d say I publish eBooks at a breakneck pace.

I just want to take you with me. I’m blogging from paradise. I’m blogging from Fiji now, and I’ll be blogging from Bali in about 18 days, and I believe that you can do it too.

Writing and publishing eBooks is such a plain simple way to establish your blogging authority, and it’s a darn simple way to generate income online.


My eBook Journey


I published a stinker earlier this year. It was OK, but I wasn’t clear on my eBook topic, nor my audience, so naturally, I failed mightily on the sales front.


  • Picked the wrong topic
  • Picked a poor title
  • Picked the wrong online store
  • Had a poor vision of the eBook
  • Had all types of blocks associated with the eBook
  • Associated the eBook with a substandard blog

After getting super clear on Blogging from Paradise, both with my blog, and with my eBooks, I knew I’d be popping these babies out like a bunny pops out baby bunnies.

I love writing. I like the sound of “Author”, associated with good old RB, and I like “Author of the Blogging from Paradise eBook Series” even better.

I may just ID myself with such a moniker, to create a bity buzz, and to have fun with my brand. But seriously though, I am the Author of the Blogging from Paradise eBook series, which gives me some serious clout and of course, which makes it easier for me to attract blog coaching clients and freelance clients.

Between generating eBook sales and all of the already mentioned income streams, I’ve been able to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging, and I believe, without a doubt, that writing and publishing eBooks is one of the quickest ways to inspire folks to know, like and trust you.

Once I got that stinker out of my system, I went on to publish successful, inspired, fun to write eBooks. I enjoy creating and shipping them, and I intend for my playful, joyful energy to bleed through my eBooks, so you can feel it after picking up the finished product.

The Blogging from Paradise eBook series has taken off.

This is eBooks #4.

Yep, you know that eBook #5 is being written now.


Bloggers and eBooks


When I see a blogger who’s published at least 1 eBook, I’m impressed. I trust them a bit more. I feel they’re an authority, or an expert, because they’ve been published….or self published.

Either way it makes them look like a pro.

You, as a travel blogger, or blogger from any niche, would be super wise to share your story through an eBook because folks want authorities to tell ‘em what to do. Or, they want authorities to explain how to live your dreams, or how to solve your problems, through a helpful, value-packed, conveniently packaged read.


Mobile Adoption Rates….


….are going through the roof. Each time Kelli and I sit in an airport, or at a restaurant, folks are glued to their iPhone, or iPad, or tablet, consuming content, content, content.

So much so that they never look up and have an actual conversation with the people beside them….because they’re consuming content, content, content.

Well my friends, your eBooks – or yet to be published eBooks – are content, content, content, that folks will be consuming/digesting/going bonkers over, on their mobile devices.

Now is the time!

Again, I know you can do this. I’m a fired security guard who couldn’t write 300 damn words 5 years ago without crying in frustration at my BS, “Writer’s Block”, and now I’m publishing inspired eBooks like nobody’s business, from:

  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • Malaysia
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Peru
  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam

I’ve been island hopping, and paradise-living, and pro blogging, and digital nomading my way around the globe, and now I’m an eBook publishing fool who wants to teach you how to create and publish eBooks, because you deserve it.


Why Would You Publish an eBook?



You want to:

  • Establish your authority
  • Entertain the masses
  • Open a passive online income stream
  • Position yourself as an expert in the digital nomad or travel blogger niches
  • Sharpen your writing skills
  • Identify yourself as an author (Did you know I’m the Creator of the Blogging from Paradise eBook series?)
  • Generate income for life

Here’s a fun fact:


eBooks Are Forever


You need to be in front of the computer to offer a service, because your physical action is required, to coach, or to write articles, or to *do* anything, to benefit your clients. I get it, as I offer services, and feel that it’s an uber prospering online income channel.

One thing though; eBooks are forever.

I need to be working, to prosper, by offering services.

When I’m 40,000 feet above the Outback in 3 weeks, traveling to Bali, my eBooks will be selling. When I’m retired, 2 years from now, or 22 years from now, or 42 years from now…..will I still be ripped and muscular when I’m 80? Who knows……but anyway, my eBooks will sell, because eBooks are forever.

Once you create one, and of course, once you promote it, and  upload it to digital stores, an eBook provides you with a permanent online income stream, and a darn passive one at that, until you decide to pull it. In most cases, unless your brand moves in a different direction, you have absolutely no reason to pull an eBook, because why not prosper online as a digital nomad, as long as you’re around to collect royalty checks?


The Digital Nomad Lifestyle


Opening passive income streams through the many eBooks you publish fits nicely with the digital nomad lifestyle of any island hopping blogger.

Like, anybody who wants to travel and prosper should open as many passive income streams as possible.

Sure I work. It’s 11:23 PM here, Savusavu time – yep right by the International Date Line so I see today before just about all of you – and I’m typing away. But I get that work and play are part of the equation, and more than that, I understand that being on the road and doing fun traveling stuff like visiting Nagigi Village here in Vanua Levu, Fiji, requires me to be away from the laptop.

If I’m away from the laptop and I’m a true digital nomad, being a full time blogger, I better still be making money.

This is the idea of relative versus absolute wealth, manifest. People with relative wealth make money while playing, and make money from anywhere on earth, whenever they want to.

People with absolute wealth only make money when they are offering some product or service, whether they’re in an office, or some other place of employment. Even if folks have staggering absolute wealthy they’re still bound, because they are tied down. Not me. Not Kelli. We can travel to wherever we want to, whenever we want to, and we’re opening passive income streams to maximize our relative wealth.

Passive income rocks. Publishing eBooks rocks

eBook Chapters


Let’s take a look at the chapters covered in Blogging from Paradise: How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook.

Chapter 1: My eBook Publishing Experience

I tell the story of my eBook publishing experience to start things off. Getting over your self doubts and getting clear are 2 steps to publishing a successful eBook, and I chat about these steps.

Guys, I’m a fired security guard turned world traveling blogger, and I’ll be an NYU speaker in 2 months, and I’ve been endorsed by New York Times Best Sellers (or 1 best seller, but he endorsed me twice). If you drink up my story and realized that I did this stuff, with my background, I know that you’ll be well on your way too, because if I did it, you can do it.

So I share my eBook publishing experience (failures, successes) to inspire you to rock this eBook thing out.

Chapter 2: Why?

Why do you want to publish an eBook? Anybody lacking direction – or with a low energy driver – may want to dive deep into chapter 2. I share my why finding process and explain the biggest question you’ll need to answer before shipping.

In the past I was screwed because I wrote an eBook – and some old skool unknown eBooks, the “missing RB eBooks” I haven’t discussed until today – because I wrote each with a low energy driver. After getting super clear on my why, and tying that reason to a most powerful intent, things really took off for me.

I’ll share my thinking and also my practical strategies to help you get clear on your why.

Chapter 3: Deciding on a Topic

Are you confused about picking an eBook topic? Get down to figuring out the 2 P’s; yep, I give you practical tips for selecting a topic which will vibe with your audience and which will be a darn fun topic to flesh out for your eBook.

As you know, I get personal with my stories, and I’m all about doing what sings to me. You’ll gain a bit more clarity about how you can pick prospering topics through this chapter.

Chapter 4: Deciding on a Topic (Part 2)

I’ll dive into my listening story and I’ll also share tips for drilling down your audience/target readership.

Of course, drilling down is the great secret to finding a buying, hungry audience, so you’ll take some notes on this chapter, for sure, unless you’re best-selling away as I write these words from Vanua Levu.

Chapter 5: Smart Tips for Writing the eBook

You may be entirely confused about how to actually write the eBook. I know I was. I had no clue in hell how to sit down, organize my thoughts and churn out a successful, profitable eBook. Well, Chapter 5 lays out smart tips for getting the juicy content from your noodle to your keyboard to your Word Doc.

I chat about eBook length and I share writing habits of one of the world’s greatest best sellers. OK, the guy’s sold over 250 million books, so you may want to listen to his advice.

Chapter 6: How to Slay Every Author’s Worst Enemy: Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block. Do I hear you shaking in your cyber boots? I know how to slay this sometimes overpowering enemy – or at least, it seems overpowering  – so much so that this is eBook #4 for me, in 3 months, and eBook #5 is almost complete. I’ll offer you practical, real-world tips for making Writer’s Block your b*tch.

You’ll see what I mentally and physically do to smack around that silly little mental block which forces so many talented authors to toss their eBooks into the cyber graveyard.

Chapter 7: The Finishing Touches: Things You Need to Do Before Getting into the Publishing Side of Things

Before you publish, you’ll need to get your finishing touches down pat. In the past I failed miserably in this department but now I’ve learned my lesson. I’m a guy who spent some time learning how to present my eBooks, and I got the formatting side of things down cold.

Like it or not, your eBook must look pretty to make an impact. So I’ll give you tips on how to gussy up your eBook to boost those sales and to make your mobile readers happy.

Chapter 8: How to Go from Word to Cash

How can you go from a Word document to creating a passive online income stream with your eBook? I got that one covered in Chapter 8.  I chat about what to look for in a digital storefront as well as making sure that your formatting is tight for the storefront you choose. Pricing and the seller’s mindset are also fleshed out in this chapter.

Chapter 9: Tips for Promoting Your eBook Effectively

Most folks are still scratching their heads on this one. I have a little itty bitty eBook promoting secret I need to share with you – come in closely – and lemme tell you, it’s not what you think, when you’re dwelling on how to promote your eBook. May appear to be an azz backwards approach but it works SO well.

I’ll explain how you can use this most simple concept to boost your eBook sales dramatically.

Chapter 10: How to Get Past Your Head Trash: Tips for Dealing with Your eBook Publishing Limiting Beliefs

I explain how to crush the specific limiting beliefs which you cling to, which prevent you from creating and publishing a successful eBook.

Yep, I share each of those lame excuses which need to go, along with practical tips to banish these ideas, because you need to examine your head trash before you take it out to the curb.

I’ll also share a little fairwell, from paradise, and of course, I’ll link up to this good old blog so you can subscribe to my latest Blogging from Paradise updates.


The Ball Is in Your Court


Pick up Blogging from Paradise: How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook

I see so many potentially successful authors brimming with possibilities, blessed with opportunities, and I just want to bring you along for the ride to your paradise of choice.

Travel bloggers, you can do the eBook thing.

Digital nomads, you can do the eBook thing.

Part time bloggers, you can do the eBook thing.

Employees, you can do the eBook thing.

I believe in you.

I’m excited to listen to your feedback.CreateandPublishSucceBookCoverSmallThumb

Until next time….enjoy paradise!

Buy Blogging from Paradise: How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook

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Let’s inspire a new wave of bloggers to create and publish successful eBooks.

I appreciate your support!


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