In the name of full transparency I used to wish my blogging critics would be targets of the Predator.


I wished the 7 foot tall, murderous demon from another galaxy would hunt down these jagoffs and eviscerate them, slowly savoring the horror on the face of lower life forms who would *dare* criticize old RB.

I have since evolved. I now only wish a mild cold on my critics.

In either case I know you may be either horrified or terrified of critics. Or you may be ready to lay the BOOM on your harshest detractors. Been there. Done that. I eventually learned that you can actually turn harsh blogging criticism into sweet blogging profits (guess what’s next, you grand prognosticators, you)…….without further ado….I am excited to release this blogging eBook to maximize your blogging cash flow in a creative fashion:

Download How to Turn Harsh Blogging Criticism into Sweet Blogging Profits (Amazon eBook)

Why Buy the eBook?


As I listen to the slow but steady flow of nearby Rio Chirripo in Rivas, Costa Rica, I recall how I arrived to such a tropical paradise. Colorful birds flit from branch to branch. Towering mountains create some of the most stunning, dramatic scenery I have personally seen.

How did I get here? How do I blog from paradise?

In many ways, my journey to paradise was the result of learning how to mold harsh, biting criticism into something valuable and profitable. I turned sour-ass, critical lemons into sugary sweet limonada (Vivo in Costa Rica ahora, como no!).


Hey critics, let's dance.

Hey critics, let’s dance.


You may be so darn hungry to build a freeing, fun, inspired lifestyle through full time blogging but feel handcuffed by critics. Or you may spend hours on end fighting these individuals, wasting precious time while folks like myself churn out helpful, inspired content like hot cakes.

This eBook is chock full of tips to help you:

  • turn blogging criticism into steady profits
  • learn how to take the sting out of criticism by framing it effectively
  • see why income resides in the nasty barbs of unhappy folks
  • uncover the secret and profitable “critic pain points” (lobbed by the most insidious critics) that most offended, unclear bloggers miss entirely
  • prosper through my experiences; outsource the hurt of receiving negative feedback by living vicariously through some of my most painful moments, to spare yourself the agony
  • establish the difference between the rantings and ravings of a crotchedy a-hole versus intelligent, helpful feedback
  • access my favorite secret for boosting my blogging income after a particularly traumatic experience with a lecherous critic
  • greedily gobble up my tips via a bite-sized, practical-tips-laden, convenient eBook….bookmark helpful pages and chapters, take notes, revisit and prosper from my experiences


Why Did I Write this eBook?


I estimate that I wasted 3 weeks to a month of my blogging career:

  • worrying about getting criticized
  • feeling hurt by critics
  • getting angered by critics
  • fighting critics
  • rallying troops to assail critics
  • proving I am right
  • proving critics wrong
  • putting voodoo spells on critics
  • wishing critics various forms of painful, excruciating death (see Predator reference above)

I ain’t getting that month back. I want you to save yourself a month. Or longer. Because we all know the feeling of suffering through “Racing Mind Syndrome” after someone tells us our blog looks like shit. For minutes, hours and yes, even days after, our Monkey Minds check in here and there to feel offended, to feel annoyed, to feel embarrassed, and to want to fight.

Blogging Resource

This eBook is a valued resource for quieting the bullshit, time-wasting, money-losing, confining ego chatter that all of us have suffered through after a critic lobs a dangerous bomb WAY too close to home.

We have all been there. So I wrote the eBook.

Conversion to Chedda


Rather than simply teach you how to skillfully handle criticism I figured, why not help ya open an income stream (or 10) with your new found skill? Why not grab the arrows, break them down into kindling and sell the fire wood?

Embracing the sting – or humor – of criticism and turning it around to increase my blogging income has been a most enjoyable, fulfilling and freeing way to build my digital nomad lifestyle.

I want you on board.

I want you to avoid the persistent nightmares, headaches, embarrassment, shame, anguish, or any other emotions which arise and cling to you when you’re dealing with criticism.

Basically, I am the Blogging from Paradise guinea pig. My life has been an experiment. A fascinating one at that. I wrote 123 eBooks (and self published 141 books in total) to help you live your dreams. This one is a fun study of criticism, specifically, blogging criticism, and how you can profit from this Silent Killer of Blogs.

On to the chapters….




Tip 1: Blogging Criticism Has Everything to Do with the Critic

Tip 2: Accept the Truth and Profit

Tip 3: Let Go the Ludicrous to Make Room for Creating and Connecting

Tip 4: Allow Critics to Deal with their Own Stuff

Tip 5: See Receiving Heavy Criticism As a Sign of Greatness

Tip 6: Learn How to Focus on Fans Amid Critics

Tip 7: Haters Fuel Profits

Tip 8: Learn how to Act During Highly Uncomfortable Experiences

Tip 9: Critics Steer You in the Right (ie Profitable) Direction

Tip 10: Write an Ebook or Blog Post about How to Deal with Harsh Criticism

Tip 11: Critics Leave Profitable Pain Points

Buy the eBook


You know what’s next.

Turn venomous, hurtful blogging criticism into steady blogging profits. Stop licking your wounds. Open a creative, prospering income stream – or 4 – by monetizing the bestial barbs tossed your way by critics.

Download How to Turn Harsh Blogging Criticism into Sweet Blogging Profits (Amazon eBook)

Enjoy the read!



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