The home office view from Savusavu, Fiji today.

The home office view from Savusavu, Fiji today.

I like watching the sail boats cruise through Savusavu Bay, here in Fiji. Many glide effortlessly through the water.

We have some serious onshore winds here. Kelli’s 3 trashed umbrellas are a testament to the fact that we ain’t living in the doldrums.

The problem is, many bloggers get caught up in the doldrums. They feel stuck, or hopeless, sitting in a hole they can’t seem to dig out of.

If you feel stationary….or if you feel hopeless…or in an eternal blogging holding pattern….this post is for you.

I blasted through the blogging doldrums to blog from paradise. I wasn’t Lucky. Or Talented. Or “A Natural.” I blasted through my mental blocks.

I capitalized each word above to address how most people view prolific folks. No my friends, I worked on my mental game and pushed myself through uncomfortable but freeing situations to arrive where I am today.


Blogging from Paradise: Retiring


My blog’s focus is on retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. My readers want to retire. Or some have retired. Other readers have retired to a life of island hopping. Some of those cats are digital lifestyle bloggers, others, travel bloggers.

Some folks like Yaro Starak (click to meet the pro’s pro) are masters at teaching bloggers how to earn large sums of money through their online endeavors. I remember after starting Blogging from Paradise I made Yaro one of my chief inspirations.

I modeled some of what I did after his style and his teachings.

1 thing Yaro stresses was that you don’t need big traffic numbers to rock it out online. You need clarity. You need a super strict niche and an ideal reader and customer, to retire, to become a professional blogger.

Establishing full clarity in who you want to reach and letting go big number outcomes is damn uncomfortable but freeing. I get it because I’ve been there in the past.

I started BFP with a clear vision. Things took off because I had 1 core reader/customer for my blog, and I crafted every element of my blog for that core reader.

As for my old blog, I was all over the place. I changed niches like clothes. Naturally, I was stuck in the blogging doldrums and had a terrible time leaving the doldrums because hey, every time I attracted an ideal reader, that ideal reader changed by the next time I posted.

Lesson: to get clear on your ideal reader, and to craft your ENTIRE blog around that ideal reader, is a freeing, uncomfortable task that WILL help propel you through the blogging doldrums.

On to the blogging tips…..


Spotlight Fellow Bloggers


Feeling stuck? Shine the light on fellow bloggers. Doing so accelerates your outreach campaign, builds your friend network and of course, boosts your traffic and sales, as when you spotlight friends, many spotlight you.

Now, the “I scratch your back IF you scratch mine” approach (please click that link and read that awesome post by Carol Amato, to understand how the outreach thing works) is NOT the way to go. We spotlight people, then let go. Help, and cut the strings, my kiddies, to detach, and to allow your generosity to propel you through the “stuck” days.

Bloggers who need social media advice would read Rebekah Radice.

Bloggers who want blogging advice would read Adam Connell.

Bloggers who need networking advice would read Adrienne Smith.

That’s how easy it is, guys. Think about your friends, and spotlight them on your blog in a relevant, thoughtful manner, and doing so will make you feel good, which inspires you to leave the blogging blah days.


Get Back to Nature


Ya like videos? You’ll see a stunning video below. I betcha this video makes you feel alive. Goodness knows it inspired me, and I was the dude who filmed it.

Blogging tips are embraced or ignored. People who feel good, follow good advice. People who feel bad, ignore good advice, and follow bad advice.

People finding themselves in the blogging doldrums are following bad advice. These folks need a good feeling infusion.

Step outside. Get back to nature. Go to:

  • A national park
  • The beach
  • Your back yard
  • Your front yard
  • The local park

Go anywhere relatively green, or kinda green, for about 20 to 30 minutes. Soak up perfection. Then, see how quickly you’ll sail out of the blogging doldrums.

Far and away, this is one of my favorite strategies to churn out three, 2500 to 3800 word posts weekly, in addition to running my freelance writing business, engaging in an aggressive blogger outreach campaign, and of course, I’m also enjoying my time doing other fun stuff here in Savusavu, Fiji.




Why are you blogging? Revisit your why to exit the doldrums.

Visit Don Purdum’s blog if you want to meet someone with a crystal clear, razor sharp reason why he’s blogging. Don is a kind, generous person who continually shines the spotlight on others. Yep, he’s a master of good old tip #1.

Don’s why is directly related to helping folks with their web design problems. He’s a helper. He wants you to grow your online business and will go above and beyond to make your dream a fulfilling reality.

Just check out his testimonials. The man has a clear reason why he’s blogging, and that reason continually nudges him into new areas of growth and progress….said areas occurring outside of the doldrums.

Tie your reason why to being free. This emotion, this freeing, elated, unbound, unchained feeling, will drive you through any boring, dull, listless blogging stage you may find yourself wallowing in.

I love being free. That’s my #1 passion. Naturally, I did whatever it took to be free, because I’ve been circling the globe for the past 40 months

Rambling Mandie is an awesome travel blogger who I met recently. She mentions her passion, like mine, is the desire to be free, in a recent post. Please click her name to learn more about an inspiring, generous globe-trotter.




I’ll spare you; you’ve seen enough topless pictures of me. No longer a physique model, or body builder, but I do have so muzzles, as Ahnold, one of my idols, would say.

I walk for 5 to 10 miles daily. 2.5 of those miles are spent carrying heavy weights – aka our groceries for a few days, including 3 to 4 bottles of water – and on some days I carry a small boulder up and down a 50 meter high driveway with a good 25% grade in some spots.

I hit that 25% grade once, twice or three times a day. Which is why my legs are starting to look like small tree trunks.

The point is, when things are circulating in your body – aka, when you’re exercising – you CANNOT be stuck in the blogging doldrums. Writer’s block is an impossibly.

Everything is surging, so naturally, your creativity flows effortlessly.

Walk, run or jog for 30 minutes a day, 5 to 6 days per week. Hit the gym. Do pushups, or sit ups. MOVE! Beat the doldrums.




OK, I got this one covered. I’m living in Fiji until October 27. Then Kelli (click the link to see WHO inspired me the most, to become the Blogging from Paradise guy….hey, before I met her my last vacation was a 3 hour trip to Delaware, in 1989….she deserves a click for inspiring me to make my first international trip a 23 hour plane ride from New York City to Denpasar, Bali, some 22 years later) and I are heading to Ubud, Bali for 1 month.

Then we’ll head back to New Jersey for a month or so, then off to maybe Central America. We’ll see.

I spent January through June in Thailand, living in Chiang Mai, Pak Nam Pran, Koh Lanta, Phuket, and even Bangkok for a day or 2. I’ll debut those pictures for my new readers in December, when I return to NJ for a while, so you can enjoy them.

Anyway, when you’re really, really on the move, you can’t get stuck. Does that make sense?

The trips need not be halfway across the world. Go get a bottle of milk – or a plastic container of milk – or take a 2 hour road trip into the country with your family.

Whatever the case, get moving, and you’ll be guaranteed to cruise through the doldrums, quite effortlessly, and your blogging mojo will return.

A change of scenery puts you into a higher vibration. That higher vibe accelerates your blogging growth. Bye Bye, Doldrums.


Connect with Influencers


Ana Hoffman created a masterpiece of a post explaining how to connect with blogging influencers. (click her name to read it)

Take this blogging tip to the bank; if you feel stuck, a pro can teach you how to get un-stuck, better than anybody. Pro’s have been there, feeling stuck, many times, during the lean days, so they have all the tricks in the book to blast through writer’s block, and attachment to outcomes, to enter into a new stage of growth.

Connect with pros. I’ve already mentioned 8 of them up top. Take a few minutes to click through and introduce yourself to each leader, to grow your blog more quickly than you can imagine.




Sit, sit and sit some more. Meditating expands your awareness. After meditating, you can see your thoughts and feelings more clearly. Kind of like you’re watching a movie.

Me on the bay in Savusavu. That Ryan Biddulph sure knows how to live.

Me on the bay in Savusavu. That Ryan Biddulph sure knows how to live.


I meditate for 20 minutes each morning. Doing so has helped me spot the mental blocks (I have no time to post, I have no ideas, I have no connections, I am stuck, I need money, I need this blog to make me money) that I clung to, that prolonged my stay in the blogging doldrums.


What Are You Holding On To?


Money? Readers? Facebook Fans? Traffic?

If you’re stuck in the blogging doldrums you’re grasping at something. You’re attached to some outcome.

Attaching to outcomes retards your blogging growth.

Imagine a plane flying around in a holding pattern. After 10 minutes, or 20, you feel like jumping out of the plane.

I know the feeling well.

On our first “around the world” flight back home Kelli and I were stuck in a holding pattern above New York JFK. 7 other plans were queued up in front of us. After 14 hours on the plane we were prepared to sky dive, to hit sweet ground.

Finally, after our turn came, we landed.

When you’re attached to some blogging outcome, like making money, it’s almost like taking down your sails, in the doldrums.

Let me call on my meteorology degree. The doldrums are zones by the equator with little or no wind activity. The winds die down, and if you’re sailing, you’re screwed. If you find a little pocket of wind here and there, and work the sales intelligently, you’ll work through the doldrums.

Being heavily attached to money outcomes, or readers, or some other outcome, is like folding up your sail and burning it. It’s like, flooding your engine. Stuck.

Being in the blogging doldrums signals you’re heavily attached to some outcome. Identify the outcome, let it go, and you can create and connect from an inspired space – raising the sails and firing up the engine – and out of the doldrums you’ll flow.


Work Intelligently Not Hard


Trying to “hard work” yourself through the blogging doldrums is like trying to blow the sails with your own breathe, like, Old Man Wind, until you can travel through this stretch of ocean. If you can barely blow out the candles on a birthday cake, trying to blow the sails, of thousands of pounds worth of sail boat, to make it move, is kinda silly.

You can imagine, this approach, well, it may take a while.

Force negates. Try hard, and you’ll need to try harder down the road. And harder. And harder. That’s why hard work is stupid.

Hard work is for animals. Smart, intelligent, calm, persistent work, that’s where the fortune is. Working intelligently and calmly moves you through the blogging doldrums.

I once published 60 posts a day to 2 blogs. No, that’s not a typo. 60 posts. Mostly 30 to 60 second videos. This was part of my growth, and helped make me a creative dynamo, but it was borne of a hard work consciousness, and eventually, I burned out using this strategy.

Now I publish three, 2500 word or longer posts each week. Each post is detailed, well-thought-out, targeted for my audience and aligned completely with my brand.

Blogging from paradise has never been easier. Why? I’m simply cruising through the doldrums in an intelligent, relaxed, chill manner, working smart, not hard.

If you publish five, 600 word posts daily, to crickets, and I publish three, 2500 word, targeted posts weekly, and conduct an aggressive blogger outreach campaign, which connects me to leaders, who do you think will get noticed first?

Work smart, not hard. Relax. Cruise through the blogging doldrums.


Don’t Buy in to the Illusion


Change is the one constant. Everything is in flux. Being stuck is an illusion. You either grow, or die, create, or disintegrate, as my mentor Bob Proctor once said.

Knowing this, you can’t REALLY get stuck in the blogging doldrums. You’re always growing.

Detach from outcomes. Be present. Be in the now, by breathing deeply.

Help people. Spotlight bloggers. Connect with leaders. Connect with your commentors, and audience, and let go any need to make money, or to *get* readers.

Deactivate all metric tracking buttons/apps/plug ins. I did. Certainly didn’t hurt me, did it? You can always activate them again, when you’re more detached from outcomes.

Let go outcomes, to realize that you’re always growing, learning and expanding.

You’ll never find yourself stuck in the blogging doldrums again.


Your Turn


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What tips can you add, to beat your blogging malaise?

What drives you, blogging-wise, to propel yourself through the lulls?

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