What do naked Balinese women and chicken murdering dogs have in common?

Both are linked to blogging lessons from my new Kindle eBook on Amazon:

10 Lessons I Learned in Bali (to Accelerate Your Online Success)

As I sit here scratching the most annoyingly itchy mosquito bite ever I knew Bali had too much flavor NOT to write an eBook about my experiences here.

Of course, I had to link the experiences to successful/smart blogging…otherwise, this wouldn’t be Blogging from Paradise, would it?

I wanted to release this eBook on the previous Monday – to keep up with publishing 1 eBook a week – but ran into a little snag. No worries! We’re live now.

Benefits of Buying this eBook

  • you’ll learn how to build a growing blogging community through the art of storytelling
  • you’ll also receive more than a few chuckles – the phrase “Bali Boobies” pops up more than a few times
  • you’ll read a heartwarming tale about an inspirational 4 legged friend and you’ll become a better blogger for it
  • lessons are conveyed in an easy to understand, simple to digest format, so you can use them quickly for your benefit

I want to take you with me.

You know the drill by now.

I know you can break the chains of the 9-5 – if you want to – or that you can start traveling as a blogging college student, or that you can open a prospering, part time income stream through blogging as you work the job you love. Or, you can flat out become a full time income earning, professional blogger who calls the shots in their life.

I continue to meet more inspiring bloggers, folks who are breaking free, including:

  • travel bloggers
  • digital nomads
  • home based business owners
  • offline professionals

.all of whom are taking the steps to create a freeing internet lifestyle.

I gotta admit; I kinda get high off of their supply of boundless energy, and I love when say, a blogger trashes his old, worn out blog to start a new blog from an intelligent, focused space….just like I did before I created Blogging from Paradise. Yes, I’ve been meeting more of these folks recently…makes me feel stoked!

The Chapters

Chapter 1: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan Think Slowly

Chapter 2: Naked Balinese Woman Are Branding Gold

Chapter 3: Go Hard Because Your Time Will Be Up One Day

Chapter 4: Herding Chickens Is Just Like Riding the Blogging Wave

Chapter 5: Desperate Tour Operators Teach You How NOT to Make Money Blogging

Chapter 6: Nyepi Is the Best Holiday for Struggling Bloggers

Chapter 7: Paying a Few Extra Cents Is Well Worth the Blogging View

Chapter 8: Your Environment Makes or Breaks You

Chapter 9: Stories Sell Features Suck

Chapter 10: Get Creative to Speak Your Reader’s Language

Bali Is Full of Flavor

The thing is, Bali is full of flavor and then some.

I ain’t talking about those tourist traps in Kuta. No way. I mean the villages outside of the rice fields in Ubud, or the farmlands, where we’re staying, here in Jimbaran. Even when you head toward tourist spots you’ll get that flava, from corrupt police, to colorful characters, to seeing a family of 5 riding on ONE motorbike.

But as you stray, as you take the path less traveled, you’ll be blessed with a much different Bali, bursting with flavor, pregnant with countless life and blogging lessons for us to take to the bank.

I love Bali.

I want to share Bali with you.

I want you to enjoy a kick ass travel story along with the corresponding blogging lessons that will accelerate your blogging growth.

These eBook posts are short, intentionally, to give you time to:

  • buy the eBook

  • read the eBook

  • leave an eBook review

Guys, let’s help more and more folks break the chains. Let’s help you, and your neighbors, retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Let’s help more bloggers become full-time online entrepreneurs with steady, increasing incomes.

Let’s help more solopreneurs become well known, influential commodities.

Let’s inspire the masses.

Where the Biggest Blogging Profits Are for You

Storytelling. That’s where the money is.

I’ve said it before; exposing yourself to story tellers – and to interesting stories – is the easiest, quickest way to become a better storyteller yourself. This eBook gives you permission to tell your story. Outside of writing your 1,000 words or more daily, reading neat stories is the simplest, most direct way to become a better storyteller yourself.

The money is in the story telling. Any monstrously large, well known, iconic brand tells a story.


  • Apple

  • Coke

  • McDonald’s

  • Nike

Each brand became world renowned by telling a compelling story, and by associating that story with a product.

Well folks, I’ll spin some yarns – true ones actually – for ya, helping you become a more frequent storyteller and when you start telling those stories the blogging world really is your oyster.

Quick one today guys; you have 2 guesses as to your call to action, and the first 1 don’t count.

Call to Action

Step into paradise.

I told you, you should have bought Ryan's latest Blogging from Paradise eBook!

I told you, you should have bought Ryan’s latest Blogging from Paradise eBook!

No matter where you are on earth you can dive into the villa pool, right now. You can laze with Kelli and I on Pandawa Beach. You can experience the mysterious, fascinating holiday of Nyepi…and please, no talking! We don’t want to disturb ancient demons from the netherworld….yeah, like this guy. 

Yes, I’ll delve into Ogoh Ogoh too. We’re talking evil gods, huge effigies and some pretty wicked energies out there.

Go ahead, pick it up, enjoy the stories, take the lessons with you and grow your blogging income, your readership and your online brand at a breakneck pace.

It’s a simple, powerful read.

Click me, click me.

Click me, click me.

Buy 10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali (to Accelerate Your Online Success)

Post a review on Amazon too. Many new readers find me through these reviews and you’ll also generate some good blogging karma for yourself.

Until next time…..

…enjoy paradise!

Did I forget to tell you…..

….you guys rock!

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