Blogging from Paradise hits Amazon....and Bali. This is the view from the home office.

Blogging from Paradise hits Amazon….and Bali. This is the view from the home office.

If you love my 7,000 word blog posts you may just go gaga over my blogging tips eBooks.

Richard Branson’s and Tony Robbin’s business advisor, Chris Brogan?

Loves ’em.

Yaro Starak?

He’s in.

Dino Dogan?

Another satisfied customer.

Hell, who DOESN’T want to hear the story of a guy who was a bum, broke-ass security guard turned into current day island hopping entrepreneur?

The Living Dead, the Nazgul, and perhaps a few other soul-less presences may not be too keen on the Blogging from Paradise Library on Amazon (that link was meant for clicking) but a growing number of folks dig what this brand is about.

Enough about endorsements. You can get those on the Endorsements Page.
Today I want to discuss 2 things about my books: benefits and features.

Benefits draw you in to a product. What’s it gonna do for you, eh?

Features tell you more about the product itself. So you know how you’ll be spending your Baht, or Ruppiah, or US Dollars.

This post is a quickie….gotta head off to the beach in a bit, here in Jimbaran, Bali, because when I’m by the beach in Bali I got to the beach. Duh. Right?



Buying Blogging from Paradise eBooks on Amazon:

  • puts hair on your chest (if you’re a pre-pubescent boy)
  • eases your blogging struggles
  • boosts your blogging income (yes, you can monetize your blog more easily by following my practical tips)
  • makes you more handsome, or more pretty (who doesn’t look cool with a Blogging from Paradise book in hand or with a BFP eBook on their Kindle??)
  • helps you grow your blogging community
  • inspires you to become a full time income earning, professional, dare I say, island hopping blogger?
  • Helps you cut through the confusion of picking a blog topic

If you’re a smart puppy you already clicked the Amazon BFP Library link. You’ll see something neat; I published a collection of eBooks AND books/workbooks for your reading pleasure. 

Nope, this ain’t just one eBook. I gotz da Motz. Or, double figure blogging eBooks, and networking eBooks, and mindset eBooks.

You brought your blogging problems to me. Your eBook publishing struggles were on my desk. I had to hook ya up.

My flagship BFP eBook is there, as well as eBooks – and books – helping you:

  • tell stories through blogging
  • build a thriving online business through a mysterious marketing strategy
  • publish a prospering eBook
  • avoid calamitous, monkey mind maddening blogging mistakes
  • become a well know, famous, inspired networking machine
  • churn out a crap load of inspired products quickly

In the end, the chief benefit of buying any one of – or all (yeah, you can afford it) – of my Blogging from Paradise eBooks/books (on Amazon, wink wink) is: you, my blogging buddy, can make your life’s dreams come true by following the practical, sometimes funny, inspired advice of a guy who’s been there.

These books are a study of my life, and what I did to become a full time blogger who left his 9-5 job behind.

If I can do it, you can too.

Or if you’re an established blogger, wondering how in the hell I change time zones like most people change pants, the books contain my spicy, tell all secrets, and you’ll get ’em before TMZ gets to me (SO sick of the helicopters over the villa here in Jimbaran).



Before you go to Amazon and purchase 1 or 10 of my eBooks (Obi Wan waving hand) and books I betcha you want to know what you’re getting. Or, what you’ll be spending.

Here’s da features:

  • each eBook is between 6,000 and 15,000 words in length
  • each eBook costs $2.99 (no bank breaking here my kiddies)……BUT…….and here’s a nice little added bonus….I’ve enrolled the books in KDP Select, Kindle MatchBook and other special Amazon programs which offer discounts…..and freebies….keep an eye out for them…I intend to spread the Blogging from Paradise word!
  • The paperbacks cost $6.95
  • each eBook is meant to be read multiple times; treat both eBooks and paperbacks as workbooks, doggy ear the hell out of them, take notes, study, and I’ll see you frolicking in Fiji
  • Each eBook shares practical, usable, proven tips I’ve tested in the lab of life…..if you read it, I’ve used it to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging
  • customers keep telling me the eBooks are light reads, easy to digest, and even easier to put into action, for their benefit….honest, they told me this!
  • each eBook can be downloaded in like a few seconds on….Amazon….
  • I’ve been told the paperbacks are absolutely phenomenal for beach reading, large, easy to flip through, great to toss into a bag and take with ya

Guys, frankly, today is about the most gorgeous day we’ve seen in Bali over the past month. I gotta get offline to soak up the sun’s equatorial rays. 

Yep, we’re here a month already.

I snapped this picture from the kitchen in Jimbaran, Bali. What a sunset, eh?

I snapped this picture from the kitchen in Jimbaran, Bali. What a sunset, eh?

Isn’t that nuts.

Bonkers, I tell you.

So as time flies by I need to live the dream. That means working and playing. I feel like my online work IS play mind you but being a true digital nomad requires me to spend time on the beach, to feast at the local warungs, to laze in the pool and to enjoy the property here, off the grid, in Bali.

Buying these books and these eBooks can help you engineer a similar, spectacular life…..or an even more spectacular life.

Folks, if you’re a:

  • travel blogger
  • digital nomad
  • blogging tips blogger
  • SEO blogger
  • tech blogger
  • any blogger
  • budding entrepreneur who wants to build your own digital empire

you can find value in these books. Because any blogger can use practical tips to grow their community, to boost their readership, to make friends with influencers and to effectively monetize their blogs.

I Know You Noticed this…..


..the price.

I received an inspiration, a telegraph from the Universe, a diviner delicious message: set that price. Formerly, I charged a different price. Today, I found clarity. Done deal.

I wish I could tell you voodoo, black magic and necromancy played rolls in the price change, but alas, no form of influence other than my intuition screaming at me, caused the change.

I’ve a sneaking suspicion the change will get my eBooks and books in more paws, and hands, and claws, and that’s my goal: to take you with me. So if you’re buying my books you’re one step closer to become a full time, island hopping, or a full time, work at home-ing, blogger.

My intent has always been, to keep freeing me, and to free you. Methinks this is my intent, just speaking to me, so we can create a life of freedom for an army of people who want to leave their chains behind.

Make sure to share this post with all of your friends, OK?

Through your support we can reach a mammoth, monstrous network of bloggers who want to free themselves from their blogging struggles.

Call to Action


You have 3 guesses at today’s call to action. The first 2 don’t count. Hehehe…..

Visit the Blogging from Paradise Library on Amazon.

Load up on them. They’re entertaining, fun, practical, easy reads, for new bloggers, to experienced veterans.

As you scroll down on Amazon you’ll see reviews. Make sure to write a review after reading, OK? Share your thoughts. We’re seeing a nice community build over there.

I genuinely want to take you with me, to show you the world’s most stunning tropical hot spots in person.

Enjoy paradise with me.

Buy Blogging from Paradise eBooks on Amazon

Click it. Click it. Buy an inspired Blogging from Paradise eBook for a few bucks on the way out.

Click it. Click it. Buy an inspired Blogging from Paradise eBook for a few bucks on the way out.


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