Clickie clickie, my little chickies.

Clickie clickie, my little chickies.

Before we begin, let’s see what customers are saying about the Blogging from Paradise eBook series on Amazon (I did not bribe them with more than $46 per eBook….promise)…..



I really do…



You should have seen the sunrise. The image above, well, that was snapped by old RB, from the dock/deck/home office in Koh Lanta, Thailand. As gorgeous as the sunsets are here in Jimbaran, Bali, the sunrises in Lanta were more stunning.

I have to remind you; that camera was pretty Plain Jane, and the image is 100% no filter. Like, the opposite of Instagram. How freaking unreal is that picture, eh?

Anyway, I get the *sneaking suspicion* that you wouldn’t mind living in Koh Lanta, Thailand for 1 month, like we did. Imagine waking up to that sunrise? Kelli and I did, for 4 weeks, while our full time income generating blogs steadily raked in passive – and active – income. We worked of course, smartly and persistently, but the thing is guys, if you do things effectively you can travel the world, enjoy your spoils and not stress out about it.

With these ideas in mind I am excited to announce….drum roll please…the release of:

7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning Blog (click it, click it)


Benefits of Buying – and Reading, and Using – this Book


Well folks, this marks book #20 in the Blogging from Paradise library on Amazon. I’ve had it with the cutesy, trying to tabulate eBooks/books/combos, etc. Bleh. I have 20 books on Amazon, and I’m adding 1 weekly, so buy this bad boy so you can keep current, and so you can make money blogging, and so you can craft a freeing, inspired lifestyle, to live on the most stunning tropical islands on earth, as a full time pro blogger.

Oh yes, the benefits:

  • learn how to create your dream lifestyle through blogging
  • become a better – infinitely better, I should say – story teller
  • get practical, usable tips for inspiring famous people to be your friend….said famous people being the type of folks who give you mega profitable endorsements
  • uncover the dumbest blogging mistake I made, so you don’t repeat it, and so you can begin generating profits through your blog, today


Who Would Enjoy Reading this Book?


Lots of folks (anybody with a pulse….j/k), but more than anybody: bloggers who are starving to earn their first pennies through their blogs. Full time income earners, you too can use my tips to jump a few tax brackets. These practical, easy to understand, smart tips can help you break through your blogging limiting beliefs.

So for the folks who’d dig this book:

  • newbie bloggers looking for proven strategies to boost their blogging income
  • blogging bloggers – yes, the blogging tips crowd – who are more than ready to build a full time income earning blog (duh, yeah, I know)
  • travel bloggers who are disgusted with flying back home to make/save up that paper, just to fund future travels
  • digital nomads ready to take their blogging game to the next level
  • full time employees who are excited to build a home business, whether that home is in Jersey, or Jimbaran

Whether you are holding yourself back through writer’s block, or you chose the wrong blogging motivator, or you want to just gain that little extra edge, to boost your blogging income, or, you just want to freaking learn the secrets of the wealthiest folks on earth, this is the place to start.


My Full Time Income Generating Blog


My blogging profits soared with increasingly less effort by using the practical strategies shared in 7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning Blog. Yours will too. Not through some slight of hand magic, but through proven, actionable tips, plus some fatty funny – I had to use that term because someone from Bali shared it with me – travel stories, including sharing my famous/infamous incident in Kathmandu, Nepal, where a wild man bit Biddulph’s arm, instead of a buttered roll. You’ll want to enjoy that one.

Why Listen to Me?


  • I have funded my current, 4 year trip around the world with my blogging profits
  • I can do 100 push ups on waking
  • I assist people in slaying cobras
  • My Blogging from Paradise eBooks have been endorsed by famous folks like Chris Brogan (who’s been endorsed by Richard Branson), Nikki Woods (who was endorsed by Maya Angelou) and Yaro Starak (who just teaches folks how to generate HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars, online)
  • I spoke at NYU about how to make money blogging and about my good old Blogging from Paradise eBook series

I am all about crafting a freeing, inspired lifestyle. I can share with you, personally, how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. I struggled like hell to profit, then, it became a helluva lot easier after I stuck to the basics. The fundamentals. This book is full of those fundamentals, but it’s far from bland.
It’ll probably be the most colorful, entertaining, blogging tips type eBook you’ve ever read. I only say that because I feel my intent shines through, and those famous folks up top back me up on that.





Chapter 1: Blog to Free You: NOT to Make Money

Chapter 2: Target 1 Audience

Chapter 3: MSI or You Die

Chapter 4: Build a List or You Will Be Pissed

Chapter 5: Profits Rest in Stories, Valuable Stories

Chapter 6: Make Friends in High Places

Chapter 7: Mimic the Millionaires



Call to Action


Buy the eBook and post a review. Imagine waking up to THAT mesmerizing sunrise in Koh Lanta? Imagine living in Fiji, not for a quick, week long, hurried vacation, but for FOUR months? Imagine living in Bali for 6 months, as I am, now? Or, imagine taking 5 separate trips to Bali, all for months at a time?

All is possible if you know how to build a full time, income generating blog.

I know how to do it. I am freer by the day, and heck, I just want to take you with me.

Click here to live your dreams....and to buy the book of course.

Click here to live your dreams….and to buy the book of course.

I intentionally make my eBooks *super inexpensive* because I want to take millions and millions of people with me. I want you to click and buy in seconds, so you can be well on your way….so….buy:

7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning Blog on Amazon

post a review on Amazon and share this post with all of your friends. Let’s help a new wave of folks break free from their chains, to create a freeing, dream lifestyle.

Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can download the free Kindle reader on Amazon, to enjoy any one of my Blogging from Paradise books.

Thanks for the love guys!

Until next time…enjoy paradise.

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