No roller coaster here. Phuket, Thailand from March 2013.

No roller coaster here. Phuket, Thailand from March 2013.


(Thoughts and prayers to the families of the Air Asia passengers. Kelli and I have flown the airline like 30 times over the years.)


I felt like I had been shot out of a rocket.

After wrapping up my cyber speech I was officially on top of the world.

I had just spoken to a marketing class at prestigious NYU. Damn it felt amazing. I was so excited to be inspiring the next generation of the best and brightest by sharing my blogging tips with them.

I delved into how to make money blogging. More importantly I explained how to create a freeing, inspired lifestyle.

I talked about my house sit in Fiji and my trips to Bali and all that good stuff too.

I shared how to retire to a life of island hopping.

I was pretty much ready to jump out of the window at that point because I knew my wings would take me higher, and higher, and higher, up into the stratosphere.

Yep, things were THAT good.

I’d rarely felt better during my 6 year online career.

Hell, I *never* felt better during my 6  year online career.

I spoke at NYU. Or, I cyber spoke at NYU. It went off like nobody’s business.


Can it get any better?


Plumb the Depths of Hell


I wanted to kill him.

I physically wanted to reach through my laptop, through the internet, to grab this guy by the throat.

I actually, if the guy were in the room, would have beaten the shit out of him.

I am not a fighter at all, but I am kinda strong, and in those moments of rage, I was quite terrified at what I could do.

I’d been able to bench press over 330 pounds during my bodybuilding days. I still carried a fair amount of my raw, primal power, and if this guy were sitting in the room with me, heck, if I didn’t kill him, I’d have beaten the living stuffing out of him. To where, like, he’d have to visit a local hospital.

The reason? He insulted me, and even worse, he backed out from joining my network marketing team.


2 Stories One Human Experience


The first story – my highest of highs – occurred in early December, 2014.

The second story – my lowest of lows – occurred …well, like 3 or 4 years ago.

You’ll hear more about my highs here because even during my lean days, I was a grateful SOB and through it all, I have experienced a progressive series of highs, with a few lows here and there.

(Call to Action Break: I started building my list last week. After my blogging buddies threatened to lash me with a wet noodle. Look to the top of this page and subscribe to my blog to get a free eBook….aka, a 7,000 word blog post sent to your email weekly…plus I’ll send you free updates too – including exclusive discounts only for my subscribers –  that’ll help you blog from paradise)

Each story is, well, a story. A high high, and a low low, all from the journal of good old RB. Ryan Biddulph.

I live in paradise. Or, I have lived in paradise for the past 44 months. Fiji, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and more than a few other tropical hot spots are where I laid my head. For like, months.

So I get that few folks understand my life. Or, understand that such a guy has had some low lows.

The point of this post – and this lead in – is to explain that you, as a blogger, will feel:

  • Elated
  • Disgusted
  • Generous
  • Greedy as hell
  • Joyous
  • Angry
  • Full of love
  • Full of rage

….and you’ll likely experience 1,454,987 emotions during your online career.

You are a human being. Each day will be a different story. Some will feel boring – days, and stories – others, will cause elation. Other stories may be terrifying, and others, life-affirming.

You will ride a roller coaster until you learn to take the golf cart. The golf cart, driven down a flat (largely), lazy, meandering country road.

I am leveling off a bit these days. Successes dwarf failures here on Blogging from Paradise™. I am becoming freer and I am taking people with me.

I am doing this, for you, because I believe in you and know that you can free yourself to blog from paradise.

Unless I share my story, explaining what you should expect, you’ll be blindsided. Strike that line; you WILL be blindsided no matter what, online, as an entrepreneur, yet if you know what to expect the shock of hitting a valley will wear off quickly, as will the drunken high of hitting a peak.

In truth, there is no peak or valley. There is no roller coaster. There are:

  • Feelings
  • Awareness

The problem is, most people believe they ARE the embodiment of feelings, so they tend to run around like wild animals, being drunk off of their high highs, and being terrified, depressed and enraged at their low lows, all because they believe that they ARE their collective feelings.


I Get Like “Most People”


I get like “most people” sometimes but most times I am bit more like the guy who understands this: we are awareness attending to feelings. If we can embrace positive or negative feelings – the objects of our awareness – the feelings fade and we move along. Like the golf cart driver taking a leisurely drive on a flat, lazy, country road.

We’re human so we’ll seek out the roller coaster ride at times.

We’ll get elated, and be through the roof, and hey, there’s nothing wrong at all with being joyous and excited. Great! The peak.

Then the bottom drops out. Being a human entrepreneur you’ll feel absolutely depressed, and miserable, and angry, and disgusted with yourself in certain moments. The valley.

Today I’ll help you understand how you can ride the highs and lows out, patiently, so that this blogging from paradise journey becomes an interesting, largely-good-feeling, freeing journey.

You are hungry to be free, right? That’s what I thought!


Benefits of Reading (and Using) this Post


  • Completely eradicate the urge to quit your blog
  • Ride the highest of highs to build friendships with influential – dare I say, “famous” – entrepreneurs
  • Work from a peaceful space
  • Free yourself from endless online worry (suffered by most online entrepreneurs)
  • Make more money blogging with less effort
  • Inspire your audience to know, like and trust you
  • Write 7,000 blog posts like you’re brushing your teeth in the morning (OK this one’s a stretch)

Seems like a wide range of benefits right? It is, because once you learn how to manage your emotions the world is your oyster.


Tony Robbins and Blogging from Paradise


I met a guy – a neighbor – who was Tony Robbin’s tech guy when we lived in Savusavu, Fiji. Cool dude.

The neighbor named Raja told me a story about Tony’s generosity, gratitude and just flat out developed gift, for making anybody feel like a special person.

I did more research on Sir Robbins. Turns out, he has an elaborate morning ritual centered on sitting deep in thought, thinking through his intent, then he jumps into a bath or stream of ice water to recharge his body and mind.

Tony talks continually about being pulled instead of pushed. Let God or the Universe inspire you, and speak to you, and pull you, to do amazing things, instead of trying to force yourself to do stuff, which almost always leads to miserable failure, and valleys, and failure, and depression, and poverty.


The 7,000 Word Blog Post a Week Guy


Ummm…..have you have tried writing a 7,000 word blog post? If you have good on you! You’re likely going places as long as the post was inspired, detailed, properly formatted, and most of all, uber helpful.

OK….now…..have you ever attempted to publish one, 7,000 word blog post per week? For like, a month? That gets a little bit trickier. Guys and gals do it, and I admire the hell out of them, because I know that it takes an intense desire to be free, to move your self into that mental space to, to receive the divine inspiration to get this stuff done.

There is no way in hell that Ryan Biddulph alone could publish one, 7,000 word blog post weekly while:

  • Doing fun stuff in paradises around the world (while snapping paradise pictures)
  • Running a freelance writing business
  • Running a blog coaching business
  • Exercising 1-2 hours daily
  • Massaging Kelli
  • Zipping around on motorbikes
  • Networking like a boss
  • Following the Knicks (Knicks losses)
  • And doing a bunch of other stuff

Example; after my latest post went live I hopped into writing my next post the same day. 1,500 words in and I’m still going strong.

Could I create a 7,000 word post weekly if I forced myself to do it? Or, if my energy sucked, to the point where each 100 words or so felt like a drag?

No way!

I need to become inspired to do this and to get inspired – like Master Robbins – I have learned how to better manage my energy so that I am PULLED instead of PUSHED though my day.


Large Mammal Analogy from Paradise


Kelli and I see plenty of large mammals in paradise. Usually, they are working the rice fields. One of our faves is the monstrously large water buffalo.

This sucker dots the rice fields of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam regularly.

SE Asia farmers whack these big brute’s rumps with switches to get them going. It’s largely an unpleasant experience for these gentle giants, as they’re either stung a bit or they fear the switch, and they move their behinds.

Me and small mammals in Savusavu, Fiji.

Me and small mammals in Savusavu, Fiji.

This my friends is using the PUSH approach to moving forward. Since force negates, the farmer – and water buffaloes – need to put in more effort to get the desired result.

Now think of those good old cartoons you’d see on TV as a kid. Picture a horse being led by a carrot stick, attached to a contraption connected to the horse’s head.

This, my kiddies, is the PULL approach in action. The horse moves with no effort by the farmer. He’s just eager to get the carrot because he knows how sweet it tastes, and he’ll gladly move himself forward, not based on the fear of being beaten with a switch but because he wants to taste sweetness.

Most online entrepreneurs or bloggers are like the water buffalo, and the farmer, at the same time.

They beat themselves, and use scare tactics, and force, to get places, wasting their energy, and moving forward if at all, in a begrudging, ineffective fashion.

A select few free, inspired bloggers do the carrot stick thing except they go one better. They find another horse to bite the string, to sever the carrot from the contraption.

Then both horses can enjoy the carrot together, sharing it with joy.

They were pulled by the sweet taste of freedom to do the creative, ingenious thing, which led to a freeing, delicious experience.


Me and Tony Robbins


Right now, I see 2 similarities: we both live in Savusavu, Fiji sometimes (his resort and one of his homes is there), and we’ve both learned how to manage our energies so we can avoid peaks and valleys and so we can free ourselves and our audiences.

Now Tony’s quite a bit ahead of me in some ways, and in other ways, he can have his life.

I’ve no desire to do 12 hour seminars virtually every day, for weeks or months at a time.

I’d rather do what I do, inspire through email newsletters and videos and blog posts and then, SIT on the beach in Savusavu for 3 hours, while he does his seminars, either in Fiji or in some other spot.

Hey it’s all preference, but in the end we’re both freeing ourselves and our audiences through some inspired experience.

These inspired experiences transpired because we both had to ride the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur without falling off.


I Know You May Be Struggling


I know you may be struggling and suffering. I know you are looking for a better way to live.

I know you want to be free.

My intent with this post is to free you by sharing the most practical tips for taking this ride to some pretty remarkable places, whether they be Fiji, or Bali, or just, in your home, after you retire from the 9-5 to work in the paradise of your home office.

Are you ready for the tips? I know you are. Let’s dive in, shall we?


1: Why?



People are probably so sick of this right now.

I can see your eyes rolling.

I can hear your sighs.

The “why” question again.

I know.

I’ll play the “why” card until the cows come home.

Here’s why (hahaha I made a funny).

As a guy who’s broken his hand by punching walls in rage, and as a guy who’s spent the majority of his online career, smiling, and as a guy who’s fallen flat to the floor in despair (I really did that once from a standing position….pretty neat trick), and as a guy who’s like rented villas in Bali, and as a guy who’s done his best to inspire a bunch of people to free themselves…..

……I can honestly say…..

….that wanting to be free more than I feared being uncomfortable was the 1, driving, simple, practical force behind my story.

I helped myself by knowing why I wanted to help me.

That reason why was – and always has been – grounded in me wanting to be free.

Since I wanted to be free more than I feared failing or more than I feared doing uncomfortable stuff I did the freeing stuff and here I am.


Examples of Being Free


  • Choosing to cut my writing duties short for the night so I can watch an NBA game
  • Traveling the world for 44 months
  • Being a professional, full time blogger who works when he wants to work
  • Never using an alarm (unless I’m flying somewhere)
  • Being picky about the clients I choose to work with
  • Flying back home at Christmas time to be with my family
  • Feeling free enough to express myself through my blog and eBooks
  • Traveling anywhere, when I want to travel
  • Living in Fiji for 4 months
  • Living in Thailand for over 15 months
  • Seeing some of the most stunning, pristine tropical paradises on earth
  • Seeing rare animals like Jesus Christ Lizards, squirrel monkeys and dusky grey lemurs up close and personal (like, touching them, or being like 10 feet away from them)

I want you here. I know you can taste this life. This freeing life.

How freaking cool would it be to see a Jesus Christ lizard up close?

Kelli and I did, in Costa Rica.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

We saw a primitive-looking lizard cruising on a tiny log, resting on a bank in the middle of a slow-moving stream.

As Kelli and I walked toward the bank the lizard started running….on the land….then… our jaws dropped…we saw Money run on the water!

Now you know why they earned their moniker.

The lizards run fast enough and are light enough on their feet where they skit or run on water.

It is a miraculous scene to behold in person. I frankly couldn’t believe the whole deal, when I saw it, because it’s not every day  when you see the laws of physics debunked in front of your eyes.

The deal is though I always knew deep down that I’d be living this life the moment I began working online. I went through highs and lows and wanted to quit at times but in the end, my love of being free, of experiencing ridiculously inspired moments like watching old Jesus Christ lizard run on water, well, that emotion and desire helped me overcome obstacles and it also helped me level myself off so I wouldn’t be experiencing so many highs, lows or doldrums.

What a freak!

I just progressively felt freer, and as this freedom momentum built itself up I naturally wanted to free my audience.

My kiddies, I love you, and I want you to be as free as I’m becoming.

This means you want to know why you’re blogging and you’ll want that reason to be to free you, and to free your audience.

Then you’ll do all the freeing but uncomfortable things to do to live a free life.

On to the next tip.

Calm yourself grasshopper! Just about half way there.


2: Establish a Morning Ritual


How you choose to feel dictates how you live.

Think through that line for a moment.

You’re making a conscious, deliberate choice, to experience your life the way you’re experiencing your life.

Sure you may not intend for certain things to happen and they do anyway yet, if you choose to work on your inner world, persistently, you’ll begin to make a series of freeing choices despite what happens in your life. Even if the happenings are kind of chaotic or difficult to deal with sometimes.


My Ritual


On waking I meditate for 40 minutes. I do a laying meditation since I spend a fair amount of time seated in front of a laptop during the course of a normal day.

Meditating on waking offers you a series of benefits, including:

  • Increased peace of mind
  • Acceptance of what is
  • Greater clarity of thinking
  • Increased creativity
  • Greater awareness of intuitive nudges
  • A more developed prosperity consciousness (yeah this means more money for you!)
  • Greater freedom
  • Less peaks and valleys (which means the rollercoaster rides will be less frequent)

Here’s why you should meditate; or at least why you should consider meditating, as a blogger…..Meditating daily helps you to see what’s stopping you.

For example, if you read my blog and think to yourself,

“How in the hell does this guy publish one 7,000 word blog post weekly while doing all of the other stuff he does online or offline?”

…well, if you think that thought, and harbor that feeling of doubt, you are clinging to a limiting belief rife with constricting thoughts like:

  • I am not prolific nor will I ever be
  • I cannot do what he does because he’s: talented, gifted, lucky, a hard worker
  • I am too lazy to do that
  • I am too busy to do that
  • I will never be that successful anyway so why bother?
  • Nobody would read my 7,000 word blog post anyway (they have no time, I am boring writer, etc)
  • I am a poor writer

This list goes on until infinity until you become aware that these ideas, these thoughts, these feelings, these limiting beliefs, that you cling to, are the energies you allow to stop you.

Meditation is a big old slap in the face.

I may appear to be brilliant or genius or inspired or some creative, prolific, automon, to some folks.

I claim none of those titles….what I did do however was:

*Hear, and listen to, the limiting belief that “I can’t write 7,000 word blog posts weekly”, and I let it go for good so I could begin writing 7,000 word blog posts weekly.*

Meditation was 1 vehicle through which I heard and listened to that crystal clear voice in my head. I actually heard it, speaking to me. The limiting belief was not me, so I let it go.

Meditating is a vehicle through which you listen to, understand and comprehend what’s really going on in your mind. Once you begin to understand what’s going on in your mind you’ll leave behind the negative, constricting thoughts and feelings, and you’ll generate inspired, positive, freeing thoughts and feelings, which will allow you to do neat stuff, like becoming a full time pro blogger who lives in Bali and Fiji for months.


The Roller Coaster Bit


I know more than a few well-meaning bloggers who flagellate themselves after not receiving 1, or 2, or even 10 opt ins to their list, daily.

They anger, and get more upset, then, embarrassed. Then they feel like a failure.

This predominant negative feeling of failure sticks with most bloggers for months, years, or for their entire online careers, which means that these bloggers fail for months, years or for their entire online careers, since you can’t outrun your feelings.

The secret – and meditating is the ultimate tool, I feel, for accessing this secret – is to feel your pain, and suffering, and anger, in minutes, or seconds, instead of suppressing it, then you move on to do inspired, freeing things.

Most people who fail blogging-wise or online business wise rarely feel their anger, their frustration, their doubt and their misery full. They bury it, and fight the feelings, and naturally, the feelings and their failure grow.

Many of these potentially free, awesome bloggers come to me with questions like:

  • Can you REALLY make money blogging?
  • I’m so sick of struggling for 1, 3, 5 years (or longer), what can I do NOT to quit?
  • Why are you so lucky/talented/gifted?

The questions are indicative of troubled, negative mind, filled with:

  • Doubt
  • Fear
  • Failure
  • Low self-worth
  • Envy or jealousy

In truth, I carried all of these emotions for many years and I still do here and there because I am human.

But the trick is, I meditate for 40 minutes each morning. Sessions could be for 5 minutes, or an hour. It’s really your call.

I just figure that if I meditated, I’d be able to identify the predominant negative emotions in my mind, I could feel them, instead of resisting them, then I could go on to do neat things to free me, and to free people.

Meditation helped me hear these voices, trying to bring me down, and it helped me feel my emotions. Once I felt these emotions – or large chunks of them – I could be largely free of them, since hey, you can’t get over something that’s already in you, right?

Anyway, I became super prolific and freer and happier after getting rid of my negative, dour, limiting beliefs in some areas of my blogging life.

This happened because I have meditated for the greater part of the last 5 to 6 years, almost on a daily basis. Some days, 5 minutes. Other days, 40 minutes. Some days, 2 hours.

Right now 40 minutes is the sweet spot for me.


Practical Tips


  • Find a quiet spot
  • Relax your body
  • Either lay down or sit with your back straight and legs crossed, or you can sit in your chair
  • Focus on your breathing, following the air in and out of your nose
  • When you notice some thought, feeling or anything other than your breathing note the object of your attention then move your focus back to your breathing
  • Continue this practice for the remainder of your meditation session

Now you have an idea of what to do, meditation-wise. Good.

After meditating I do 20 slow, deliberate pushups. Sometimes I do 100 quickies. Whatever floats my boat that morning.

After this I do 170 sit ups and about 100 leg lifts. Numbers increasing daily.

Exercising helps you to release your most creative, inspired energies. The type  of energies you may want to tap into if you want to publish a 7,000 word blog post weekly.

I also walk for at least 1 hour daily, later in the day, but since this tip focuses on my morning ritual I had to delve into the routine.

I then stretch for about 5 minutes to allow the natural flow of energy to stream through my body. Tension and tightness are both the great energy blockers, and when your energy flows freely you’ll be less apt to riding the rollercoaster that most bloggers ride.

Then, you’ll level off from a happy, peaceful, calm, inspired space.


The Roller Coaster Bit (Again)


I vividly remember my first day as a world traveler.

The Date: May 22, 2011.

The Place: Sanur, Bali.

I was seated outside of a hotel not 200 meters from the beach. I gazed at the bluest of skies. The smell of incense from temple offerings permeated the air, wafting into my nostrils.
This was one of those “highest of highs” moments.

Rewind a few years. I sold my car, and walked about 3 hours daily to the library for free internet access. During a brutal winter wind chill factors dove into -15 degrees Fahrenheit on some days.

Life wasn’t a picnic. The lowest of lows.

Meditating, and exercising, and stretching, helped me become aware of my bad habits, that led me into actions which created crappy results, and which also led me to believe that I’d be excited and on top of the world for eternity.

Meditating and exercising to start the day could darn well be the leveling factor that you need to follow to free yourself so that you can ramp it up a few notches as both a blogger and entrepreneur.

“Go within regularly to change the without.”

All the blogging tips and tricks and secrets, and all of the inspired ideas, and people, that you require now, to free yourself and to boost your traffic and sales, will find you when you allow them in.

Allowing goodness and freedom in happens with greater ease when you identify any mental blocks to this goodness and freedom that you cling to, and meditating and exercising helps you to identify and dissolve these blocks.

I hope you enjoyed this mini, mini eBook aka this tip.

Now on to your regularly scheduled programming.


3: Love Yourself


This may seem entirely unrelated to blogging tips, or blogging, or anything an online entrepreneur does but it’s the MOST relevant, important factor, next to blogging to be free, in a successful entrepreneur’s career.

Bloggers who get through the highs and lows, the peaks and valleys, the ups and downs, learn how to love themselves.

I know, I know, you may by rolling your eyes now, all of you practical tips fans, but you have to ask yourself one thing:

“Have I engineered a freeing – and prospering – enough lifestyle to where I could travel the world for 44 months straight, non-stop?”

(Note: “prospering” means among other things making enough money to pay for that lifestyle)

You know by now that I have engineered such a freeing lifestyle.

I am a digital nomad. Full time.

I live the internet lifestyle.

So even if you resist this self-love tip a bit bear with me because it will give you a glimpse into how to weather the highs and lows of being an online entrepreneur.


The High Highs


If you love yourself you’ll feel at peace during the high times of your blogging career.  Actually, you won’t get as high, as frequently.

Example; sure I was excited after I spoke at NYU. Ryan Biddulph speaking at NYU? This was a high! I felt so awesome inspiring the best and brightest marketers of today and tomorrow at such a prestigious institution.

Yet, I didn’t allow the honor to define me. I didn’t base my self worth or confidence on receiving the opportunity to speak at NYU.

I largely know how wonderful I am. Not from a cocky place. But from a clear, confident place. This knowing helps me embrace blessings, without getting all wrapped up in the blogging blessings, if you know what I mean.

If I love me, as is, all the good and bad stuff that may happen from time to time doesn’t define me, because I’m at peace with being me.

During periods of super high achievements I can be elated about the achievement and still feel happy and confident, after the emotions subside a bit.

Folks who don’t love themselves find themselves in a crater when things settle down after a high blogging achievement.

It’s like, your self-worth, and confidence, and love of self, is hinged on achieving something or receiving something, and when that achievement or activity fades away, or when you don’t get as much stuff (money, lauding, etc) the self hate bit grows and you love yourself less, and then, the bottom drops out.

Or you just grow bored with the blogging bit and throw in the towel.


The Low Lows


The bottom of the rollercoaster ride feels like the bottom of a rollercoaster ride because you lack a sense of balance and a sense of self love.

For example, I would beat myself mentally and physically after I received scant opt ins through my email list, like, 3 to 4 years ago.

I would go into a rage, and I’d punch walls, and do other whacky stuff at times, because deep down, a decent part of me hated myself.

The valleys felt like hell, an unending hell, and I just wanted to escape.

After a few of these violent episodes I decided to:

  • Spend more time on personal development
  • Smile more
  • Be more grateful for my good
  • Love Kelli more
  • Be more loving of myself
  • Surround myself with positive, loving, successful people
  • Be more gentle with myself when I felt self-hate arising from within my being

I noticed something neat happen: I became happier. I joked around more. I smiled more. I laughed more.

I busted people’s balls, more, joking around, teasing in a good-natured way, and more than anything, I finally began to conquer one of the problems of folks, who really, really, don’t love themselves….

I stopped taking myself too damn seriously!!!

As a rule, I was a serious idiot who took himself seriously for the first few years of my online career.

I still do it now, but since I largely love myself, and accept myself, I usually don’t take myself seriously at all.

This means, the valleys ain’t happening much.

So someone may leave a largely unflattering review of my eBooks, yet, I feel OK with it….most of the time.


I love me, and accept me, so folks who don’t love themselves, and spend time critiquing others, instead of resisting the urge to write a negative review, have no bearing on me.

Or, they are free to share their preference, because it has no bearing on my view of self, or how wonderful I am.

They have their take. I love me, and accept me most of the time, so I have my take.

It’s all good!

Besides, I’d rather agree with these lovely folks, who generously shared their reviews of my Blogging from Paradise eBooks.

Blogging from Paradise eBook Review from Adrienne Smith

Review by Sarah Arrow

Review by James McAllister

Love you. Use my practical tips shared above (the most recent bullet point list).

If you can love you, and more than that, accept yourself, you’ll not be prone to the circumstances of life, the stuff which torpedoes most online entrepreneurs.


4: Write 2,000 Words Daily (or More)


Blogging from Paradise is directed towards blogging entrepreneurs.

Blogging entrepreneurs will become richer, more successful entrepreneurs – who don’t go through the peaks and valleys bit non-stop – made creating a habit.

If you create regularly, feeling predominantly awesome about your creating, you’ll become good at what you do. When you become really good at what you do people will pay you money for what you do.

When people regularly pay you money for what you do you’ll not experience all those valleys/low points/depressive periods consistent with being broke.


Kyrie Irving and Me


We met like twice. Really nice kid.

For those not in the know Kyrie Irving is one of the most brilliant, talented basketball players on earth. He’s only in his early 20’s which makes the feat that much more amazing.

I followed Kyrie’s career at St. Patrick’s high school in New Jersey, before he went to Duke and became a star with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA.

Becoming one of the greatest basketball players in the world required him to do a few things:

  • He needed to develop immense confidence in himself and in his abilities
  • He needed to practice honing his basketball skills (which would help give him immense confidence in himself and in his abilities)

Kyrie estimates that he *already* had practiced 10,000 hours before he was 18 years old. If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, he postulates that people become virtual geniuses, or at least, really good at what they do after practicing their skills for 10,000 hours.

Kyrie hit that threshold as a kid so it makes sense that he’s probably the best dribbler on the face of the earth as well as one of the best finishers around the basket as a young blood in the NBA.

It was fun to watch his rise because even though he was already stupid talented as a higher schooler he just got better and better each year he played; first at Duke, then, each successive year he’s had with the Cavs.


How Does this Help You Avoid the Peaks and Valleys?



If you become really good at something, you know it. So nobody will get you off of your game.

Take my posts. I am learning and growing and freeing me from a humble space yet I know my posts are helpful, and valuable, and good.

If someone comes along to share feedback that my posts are garbage, I know that they are either:

  • Clinically insane
  • Intensely jealous
  • Drunk or stoned

Now, I am no arrogant SOB. Far from it. I self-deprecate more than the average bear, but think of it: if I write 6,000 to 10,000 words or more daily, I can write. I have found my voice.

I know my posts will help free you, because I’ve spent goodness knows how many hours working on blogging, and writing.


The Best Analogy


If I pick up a glass of water to drink, I know with certainty that the glass will reach my mouth and the water will flow down my gullet. I have no doubts when I reach for the glass that I will be enjoying the cool, refreshing water. No doubts whatsoever.

After I hit the “Publish” button on Blogging from Paradise I know that the post will rock. I don’t quite yet have the level of faith as the prior “drinking a glass of water analogy” but I am fairly clear on my writing ability, or more importantly, my ability to inspire you through my blog posts.

When I hit “publish” the faith and expectation of knowing the post will rock kicks in immediately.

I developed this level of faith and expectation by writing. A bunch.

One of the greatest newbie blogger mistakes is simply not writing daily.

One of the greatest new blogger habits to build is to write daily.

Fall in ♥ with writing.

I’ll start you at 2,000 words so you can hit the ground running. I want to free you so there is no sense playing small, and I also want to attract folks who are willing to let their love of freedom win over their fear of doing uncomfortable things.

The blogging lessons that I’m sharing today will do you little good unless you write daily. Bloggers blog. They network and they pretty everything up by working on their presentation but more than anything, they write from an epic, freeing, inspired space.

Otherwise, when they don’t practice writing, stuff like this happens.


Desperate Vietnamese Spa Girl


“Hey YOOOOUUU, come to spa!”

I recall the cute girl in Hoi An, Vietnam, pleading Kelli to go to spa after we rode by on our bicycles.

Here’s the deal; the language barrier played a part in this marketing approach, but really, business was a bit slow. Maybe she could have shored up her presentation somewhere to dissipate the desperation and to use attraction marketing more freely.

She screamed this plea most days we rode by.

I am not kidding.

It was mostly funny to us, but a part of me knew that she needed to find a better way to attract both old and new business versus yelling at previous customers.

You my blogging kiddies need to practice and practice and practice, to avoid the uber high highs and low lows which torpedo most online careers.

Again, be high! Enjoy the peaks but don’t allow the peak itself to define you or you’ll crash and burn after the feeling or elation wears, and after the experience passes.



5: Make a Gazillion – or a Handful – of Good Friends by Supporting them


My kind, generous friends help me out, tons.

They make my blog what it is because without them I am writing a diary, point blank.

I am debating whether or not to list out all of my friends here.

Well maybe not all of them, but at least a handful will get love from me.

A gazillion friends will:

  • Pick you up when you visit the valleys
  • Keep you up when you’re feeling inspired
  • Teach you how to make money blogging through their collective wisdom
  • Teach you how to build your blogging community
  • Teach you how to deal with obstacles
  • Promote you aggressively, expanding your presence quickly
  • Write glowing testimonials and ebook reviews

OK, here are some of my dear blogging friends who you absolutely should follow.

Don Purdum, for online marketing wisdom.

Donna Merrill, for blogging and marketing made simple.

I already mentioned Sarah, James and Adrienne above. Follow them!

Glenn Shepherd for internet business wisdom.

Kelli Cooper (not a dear buddy, but my fiancee) for inspiration, for conscious creation.

Fabrizio Van Marciano for smarter blogging tips.

Matthew Capala for growth hacking, SEO and entrepreneurship.

Naomi Dinsmore for tips helping you to escape the 9-5.

Richard Martin, for helping you build a profitable internet business.

Sue Anne Dunlevie, for giving you a step by step blueprint for beginning bloggers.

Marie Forleo (not a dear close friend but wow is she teaching me a bunch about branding!) for success and leadership

How can you make friends with folks? Easy. Be a friend to become a friend.

Comment on authority, relevant blogs.

Share blogger’s content on social networks.

Form bonds through email.

Do all that good stuff, keep writing to improve your game and you’ll naturally become a popular dude or dudette who can get through the ups and downs of this entrepreneurship bit with peace and grace.

Now we’re going to wrap everything up.

Sound good?




Know why you are blogging or why you’re running an online business.

Tie that reason into freeing yourself and your readers or customers. Once you blog to be free, and to free others, you won’t be as phased by the ups and downs of doing this blogging bit.

Next, you’ll want to establish a daily morning ritual to prepare yourself for your work/play day.

I am big on meditating, followed up by short bursts of exercise or stretching.

You do what vibes with you. I do suggest doing mental work and physical work and staying away from the computer on waking is the way to go, because diving into your work day without aligning yourself is a path to ruin.

Have a freshly picked Fijian banana on the way out.

Have a freshly picked Fijian banana on the way out.

Working on your inner world and exercising raises your energy to peak levels, which immunizes you from riding the rollercoaster. You’ll be more level, peaceful and calm throughout your work day.

Love yourself. Lack of self love is the root of online failure, frustration and all of that garbage.

When you, love you, as a blogger or as a human being, you won’t beat yourself up (low lows) nor will you crash after the high highs.

Write 2,000 words or more daily.

Hone your craft.

Enjoy your craft.

Do you work a 9-5 job? If so, how many hours did you work the job before you became proficient at the job? More than a few, methinks.

Blogging is no different my kiddies. If you write a bunch, and polish your skills, you’ll be able to make an impact and you also won’t be suffering through the rollercoaster ride bit, because you’ll see steady, incrementing blogging success.

Make a gazillion friends.

If you write for yourself, you’ll be publishing a diary, and you’ll be taking a wild ride.

If you write with a gazillion friends in your corner you’ll become free, rich and happy.

Make a gazillion friends.


Your Turn


How have you weathered the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur?

What tips can you add to this list?

How do you stay level through your blogging journey?


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