Me by a few stone(d) Komodo Dragons in Ubud, Bali

Me by a few stone(d) Komodo Dragons in Ubud, Bali

I love Ubud.

Bali is one of our fave spots on earth and Kelli and I dig Ubud more than any spot on the island. Ubud offers us the perfect mix between East and West. We experience the awesome culture and beauty Bali has to offer yet we have our neat little veggie restaurants and other creature comforts too.

To us, that’s paradise.

I’m blogging from paradise to take you with me. I’m blogging from paradise to free you. I’m selling a dream. All the blogging tips on earth have little to do with actually living your dream.

You need practical tips, and proven ones at that, to make your blogging dreams come true. I get that. That’s why I write eBooks, and that’s why you can use the search bar – and related posts below – to find all the practical tips you need, to reach your blogging goals…..BUT……you’ll move into inspired action if you know why you’re acting.


Living by the Rice Fields


I am listening to roosters spreading the morning word, while hearing pigs squeal, while watching ducks waddle across the rice fields. Right now. Imagine that?

We’re living in a Balinese neighborhood. We’re surrounded by temples, nature, beauty, and we are infused with the Balinese culture. I’m blogging to be here, and here I am. The dream. The reason why.

I write posts like these to inspire you to:

  • Live in Bali
  • Travel the world as a digital nomad
  • Become a full time travel blogger (who never needs to return home to make money again)
  • To work from home full time
  • To begin your transition from employee to entrepreneur

I want to take you with me to paradise.

This post gives you a real, genuine taste of what it feels like to blog from paradise.

Here’s why I love Ubud, Bali


The Beauty


We are surrounded by miles of rice fields. Kelli and I are awaking now to cool, crisp temperatures, deep blue skies, and endless miles of rice terraces. What a blessing. What a dream.


Bride and groom from the Balinese wedding we attended

Ubud is a gorgeous spot. So much beauty, from the rice fields, to the jungles, to the smiling faces of the local warm Balinese. We love the people, and we love the beauty in and around Ubud.


The People


The Balinese people are warm, kind and just about the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet. Our friend Wayan has taken care of us the second we arrived here at almost 1 AM a few nights ago.

She is so accommodating, friendly and kind. We could call her at 3 AM and she would walk upstairs smiling, asking for what we need.

Wayan is like so many of the people in Bali; she’s authentically warm. She wants to help you experience Bali.


Watch out for the cheeky monkeys at Monkey Forest. Seriously.

She’ll be cooking breakfast for us in about an hour. Soon she’ll take us on a private tour through the rice fields.

The Balinese will bend over backwards to make you feel at home. We’ve received large plates of delicious food brought to us from temple celebrations, and the prices we pay for motorbikes and other items, when we go through local channels, is ridiculously low.

The Balinese know how to make you feel at home, like no other people on earth. Once you’re here, you’re treated like the Most Esteemed VIP Guests.


The People (for another Reason)


You know what? I appreciate the touts. I appreciate the persistence of the Balinese who may not know you entirely well.

Case in point; 2 nights ago a luggage porter tried to grab my suitcase and walk off with it while I was pulling it. I had a firm grip; he wanted to snag it, and charge me.

If you rent a home through somebody in a Balinese neighborhood you will have a 100% different experience of the country, versus then if you fly in without planning anything. You may be at the mercy of touts who see you as money, not people, from when you arrive at the airport, and although they are almost all friendly, you’ll learn a few things:

  • How to appreciate dogged persistence in folks
  • How to be polite and firm with people
  • How to blame yourself fully if you allow these folks to annoy you

I learned that this phrase works: “No Thank You,” said with a big smile, and saying nothing else, works perfectly. Or, since you didn’t ask for the service in virtually all cases, simply carry on without noting the request. Don’t take it personally.

I love Bali because when I’m in tourist areas – unlike our tiny Balinese village which is unlike any area where I’ve lived, authenticity-wise – I had to address any uncomfortable feelings I harbored, about being clear, polite and unruffled by folks who are persistent by nature, and who make their living by asking you every single time you walk by, whether or not you want a transport, or a massage.



Intriguing Stuff


Tonight I walked to the warung to pick up a candy bar. In our village/compound I saw a man taking a shower in a pigsty. Then I saw an older woman walking topless around the compound. Only in Bali kiddies, right? Well I’ve seen neat stuff all over the world but Bali is right up there as far as stuff you may not see in other spots.

I’ve also seen much younger….ummm….well, pretty darn hot women bathing naked in a stream, and I’ve seen an older naked man laying on the beach in Jimbaran. To some Balinese a body is just a body, nothing to be ashamed of. I find that neat in that they don’t have that same sense of shame drilled into many folks, from the West, concerning their bodies.


The Wildlife


In Bali we have seen:

  • 4 foot long monitor lizards
  • Many types of snakes
  • Kingfisher birds
  • Large cane toads
  • Monstrously big spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Tokay geckos
  • Fruit bats
  • Various lizards

Bali is chock full of wildlife. I’m likely forgetting more than a few critters, but we always enjoy seeing a wide range of awesome reptiles and stunning insect life. I was always a bit leery living beside the rice fields in Lotunduh because the house keeper and gardeners reminded us that the 4 venomous snakes that reside in Bali lived in the fields surrounding our villa. Yikes! I always kept my eyes out during late night motorbike rides back home from Ubud. Even now, we’re in a little Balinese village but the rice fields are but 50 meters from our place. With the many farm animals below my window I think about pythons working their way in to snag a chicken, or to steal a piglet, for a midnight snack. Yep, my eyes are peeled.

I’ve seen more insects here than I’ve seen anywhere else on earth. From spiders which look like crabs to multi-colored, prehistoric-looking beetles, Bali has it all.

Bali is full of flavor. From the people, the wildlife, the culture, to everything about this island in the Indian Ocean, if you visit the right spots, you’ll likely have yourself an amazing experience.


Your Blogging Tip of the Day


Now that you have the dream part down I wanted to sell you a little bit more. Toss in this practical tip to help yourself retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Kelli and I just watched the first entire season of American Horror Story in about 4 days. Today was a marathon session. We watched some 5 episodes in a row. If this post seems to be taking an ominous twist, you have it twisted. I’m sharing our fascination with the show now to stress the macabre but to explain how darn important it is to detach entirely from your blogging work to allow things to manifest more easily. You can get stuff done, and more stuff at that, by taking frequent breaks from your work. Detaching helps boost your blogging creativity and it also helps you enjoy the ride.

I am not a machine. I promise you that. But many bloggers beg me for my secret tips, or for the secrets to my seemingly unlimited energy. I don’t have unlimited energy. I just know how to manage my energy. If I pushed myself too much I’d burn out. On the contrary; I’m really good at spotting when I’m burned out so I can take long, extended breaks, like I did today, because taking breaks helps boost my creativity, which helps me build more creative, thorough posts, which helps me naturally reach my targeted readers with greater ease.

Detaching also helps me – and you – devote your attention to more pressing matters. Like, having a life. I enjoyed the heck out of the marathon today, because I was able to soak up a brilliantly written TV series from the rice fields of Bali. I’m blogging from paradise because I chose to retire to this life, then I moved into action – and inaction – to manifest my lifestyle. Being away from your laptop for a day, or for days, can completely change the direction of your blog in a snap of the fingers. I was forcing, straining and a striving fool for a better part of my first 3 years online, then I woke up during my 4th year, then during my 5th year, I really hit my stride. I progressively worked less and less to reach this point, because I didn’t care to miss out on enjoying the internet lifestyle.


Heart Felt Blogging


Taking frequent breaks for TV – or DVD – marathons, or for a ride somewhere nice, or for a night out with the family, inspires you to return to your work/blogging duties from a heart felt space. Heart felt bloggers act from their hearts, or their divine centers, meaning that you’ll be the recipient of quite the gift when these folks move into action. My message to you now is from my heart because I’m not writing to write, or to hit a specific number of blog posts for this week, nor do I want to increase my content depth on this blog; I want you to be in paradise with me.

I want you to attend a Balinese wedding, and I want you to take a breathtaking stroll through the rice fields, and I want you to attend a Kecak Fire Dancing show in Bali because I want you to feel the trill of these experiences. The day to day happenings that form an energy drag on most bloggers can be shed like an out grown piece of clothing, and you too can become a heart felt blogger who inspires your readers, by learning how to let go. Surrender has been a chief player in building my internet lifestyle.

Example; today, I blogged from my heart because I pulled back from my daily routine. I’d been missing this heart-felt element for a little bit because I got caught up in attaching to outcomes. I detached from outcomes by spending hours watching DVDs. No work, all play, which of course helped recharge my batteries. I am blogging from an entirely different space right now because I’m not trying to get at all, in terms of reaching some set goal. I am blogging to give. I’m blogging to inspire you and I need not push myself to create when I’m blogging for you.

Yep, I may blog for me, too, but by purifying my intent just a little bit more each day, and by gaining clarity in what I do, I can better blog from my heart, to reach your heart.


Think About It


Do you blog from your heart? You will need to dig deeper than you ever dug before when you become a heart felt blogger. This is not easy, nor is it comfortable, when you’re new to the idea of digging deeper and deeper, and of blogging from an authentic, real space. It’s much easier to just *write a blog post*, but pouring out your genuine thoughts and feelings takes a bit more effort. That’s why taking extended breaks from your online duties, for hours, or for days, is paramount, because you’ll need to cut through all of the stuff that one needs to cut through to let the real, authentic voice, out.


Why I’m Here

I’m in paradise because I wanted to be free more than I feared surrendering, or more than I feared doing uncomfortable stuff. Today was maddening to me at times. The emails piled up, as did my overall workload. I have articles to publish and networking to do but non mattered because I lacked the crystal clear clarity, blogging-wise, I’d established many months ago. I found that clarity again today, and finding it was a matter of surrendering, of shutting all down on the blogging front, so that I could detach entirely from work, to let my creative juices flow. It’s not a pleasant journey at times but if you want one of my success secrets, the idea of surrendering, and of letting go work, and of playing for hours, or sometimes days, at a time, helped me dig deep to tap into reserves of talent I was previously unaware of.

On a side note, I really dig American Horror Story. Must watch TV. Sure I’m behind a few seasons as we just discovered the show – world traveler bit bites again – but Kelli and I became hooked oh so quickly.

Your Turn


Have you visited Bali?


What was your experience like?


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