One of the most stupid, idiotic and dingbatish things I’ve done as an entrepreneur is to *not* tell folks when I was featured on prominent blogs.

Call it a mental block.

Or call it moronic behavior.


Lesson learned.

Now I tell everybody and their brother about being featured on top blogs.

I attempted to relay this exciting β€œcreature feature” (me being the creature) message to a red headed iguana at the beach in Dominicalito here in Costa Rica a few hours ago. He gazed into my eyes with a vacant stare.

Anyway, when I told the lady at the local pulperia she looked at me like this gringo just got off of the Weirdmobile from Mars.

If I am telling iguanas and ticas in Costa Rica about being featured on one of the top entrepreneur blogs on earth you just knew I had to tell ya.

Virgin Appearance….


I am so excited, appreciative and floored to announce that……

I have been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Entrepreneur Blog!

I shared my biggest digital nomad failure. Important message here for travelers and hell, for any human being, and I feel you’d be interested in my feedback/take on my biggest failure on the road. Note; it is related to my recent torturous and enlightening house sit in Buena Vista, Costa Rica.

Click this link to enjoy the article:

10 Lessons in Failure from 10 Digital Nomads

OK….I’ve had a….

Banner Month


This Virgin appearance comes on the heels of being featured on Forbes and also on Neil Patel’s blog.

What a whirlwind month! And I barely worked. I was stranded in a jungle hut with an outhouse, no electricity, no internet, and hell….not much of anything, 3 miles deep into the wilderness of Costa Rica.

Talk about the power of surrender, eh?

Team Effort


Without you I am writing a diary here at Blogging from Paradise.

I love you. I appreciate you. I know you made these sensational features possible.

No way I’m making an appearance on Richard Branson’s blog unless you’re:

  • reading my blog
  • tweeting my posts
  • sharing my posts on Facebook, G Plus, LinkedIn and….everywhere
  • buying my eBooks
  • buying my audio course
  • hiring me
  • being brand advocates/rabid fans

This has been a team effort so this celebration post is about you and me, because YOU made this possible.

Call to Action


That’s it my lovelies.

Quick one today so you can read the post about *the other RB* on Richard Branson’s blog.

Check out that Virgin post and please leave me a comment, OK?

You know I’ll be there to respond to it.

Living La Pura Vida in Costa Rica,


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