Click it. The cover photo was snapped by old RB in the rice fields near Kleban Moding, Bali.

Click it….click it. The cover photo was snapped by old RB in the rice fields near Klebang Moding, Bali.

What do peace-building tips have to do with retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging? Everything! Which is why I am excited to announce the release of:

Blogging from Paradise: 25 Tips to Develop Peace in Your Life (click to buy it)

I wrote this book because chaos seems to dominate the mind of the average blogger or person for that matter. I was no different, many moons ago. I suffered through Racing Thoughts Syndrome for years. I felt the painful after effects of carrying worry, fear, anxiety and all types of mental shit, through my life.

I also know what it’s like to live in paradise. Hell, I know what it’s like to develop peace of mind in an environment that wasn’t too peaceful for me, back before I left the US to travel to paradise.

Life on the road – in Bali and Fiji and in other hot spots – is chaotic at times, too, so I have more than a few lessons to share with you, to help you be more at peace.

Benefits of Buying this eBook


If you’re stressing, download the book immediately. I share with you 25 proven, actionable tips, that I routinely use, to develop my peace of mind. Hey, if you want to know the secrets of the guy always smiling in those endless selfie pictures, it goes much, much deeper than me simply being in paradise.

Oh yes, the benefits:

  • discover how to feel at peace despite being in stressful situations
  • find out the #1 strategy I use to develop my peace of mind
  • learn what daily activities you can follow to kill worry in its tracks
  • receive a whole freaking slew of resources – blogs, etc – to inspire you to live a more peaceful, serene life
  • yes, you’ll get 1 or 2 funny travel stories too

Guys, I know how crazy life gets. I also know how sweet life is, living in a paradise like Jimbaran, Bali. The power just popped out at the time of this writing, so I am being serenaded with the peeps of songbirds, the peaceful, smooth flow of water into the koi pond and yes, the sounds of the jungle around me.

Does that sound peaceful to you? Sure as hell sounds peaceful to me.

The thing is, by learning how to build your peace of mind now, no matter what situation you are in, you can more easily and gracefully live your dreams. That’s the goal of this blog; to help you live your dreams. I want you to retire to become a full-time income earning blogger, so you can travel to whatever exotic destinations you so choose. Becoming a more peaceful, serene dude was one of the chief reasons I’ve had the success I’ve had online.

Ummmm…..guys… do you think I publish 1 book weekly? Do you think I could be that prolific with a frenzied, panicked, chaotic state of mind? I need to be at peace, to create regularly, to network, and to enjoy the freedoms I am blessed to enjoy, in paradise. So….if you’re wondering how in the heck you too can be mind-blowingly prolific, well, this book is for you.

Who Would Benefit from Reading this Book


  • anybody not named “The Dali Lama”

What’s in the Book


I am not spilling the beans entirely – as I usually list chapters at this point – but I can clue you in.

  • practical tips for developing your peace of mind
  • personal experiences stressing the benefits of using those practical tips
  • some Ryan Biddulph humor; bawdy or not, here I come!

More than anything, it’s just 25 things you can do to be happier. That sounds like a fun, fulfilling read to me, so go on ahead and pick up a copy and of course, post a review too.

So….it’s time for the Call to Action…..three guesses you got, and the first 2 don’t count, my kiddies.

Call to Action


Buy 25 Tips to Develop Peace in Your Life on Amazon

Click it.

Click it….click it.

Post a review so we can spread the Blogging from Paradise word.

You mean worlds to me. Your endless support and helpful reviews inspire me to free myself, and to free you. Let’s get a nice chat going to help other folks find the eBook that may just free them. If that cover looks hella peaceful and if you wouldn’t mind living in such a spot for a month or 2 – we did a quick month in Klebang Moding because we were heading back home for the holidays – buy the book. Imagine the cool, light breezes, the quacking of little duckies and the sweet, fresh, aromatic incense of Balinese temple offerings. Peace.

Thanks guys!

Until next time…..enjoy paradise.

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