BloggingfromParadiseBumsKelli and I were flummoxed.

Turns out that we need to supply proof of being in the country for extending our visa, even though we’ve been entered into the computer system on arrival.

Biddulph’s in Bali. My visa on arrival coupon makes it official though.

Hmmmm…..something seems a bit off, but no worries; traveling introduces you to a wide range of colorful individuals AND even more colorful circumstances.

As of this writing I’m waiting for the visa company contact to arrive at the villa.

She’s picking up whatever she needs to expedite our visa extension process.

I hope we have what she wants.

Looking into crystal ball as we speak, divining the Amazing Kreskin, hoping, intending, praying, wishing, worrying, caring, not caring, OK, caring again, wishing that we have whatever paperwork the lady needs.

Here’s the kicker; SHE is coming to OUR place to pick up the paperwork.

In no Universe does this type of thing happen. Usually, here’s how it works: you could be traveling from the Bering Strait to Charleston, South Carolina, just to drop off paperwork for your visa extension.

Bizarre example I know, but bear with me.

If you were missing paperwork the private business would ask you to please come back when you have your paperwork. Yes, please re-take the 2 day trip. Thank you for your kindness.

Many visa companies mean well but view tourists and ex-pats a bit like cattle, prodding, pushing and transporting these folks – the ones who do transport – much like a handful of steer, getting you where you need to be without killing you, but scaring the living poop out of ya in the process.

Avoiding Dangerous Drives


Turns out, we’re saving ourselves a trip back to the visa company.

I am elated.

Because riding a motorbike here in the Bukit of Bali is like trying to cruise a 10 speed through Penn Station at rush hour……i.e….it’s a maddening, harrowing experience.

Folks in these parts don’t look on turning into heavy traffic. I mean, heavy highway traffic. I mean, folks will drive directly into heavy volume, traveling at a high rate of speed, without looking to see if cars are coming.

I wish I were kidding. But I am not.

In New Jersey, such behavior is usually settled by a tire iron, set of fists, or perhaps, a potato stuffed in the exhaust pipe (the super sneaky crowd) after you follow ass-hole-ish offender, creepily, and persistently, for your road rage revenge.

Here in Bali people just drive how they drive. I’ve adjusted. But I still fear driving through high traffic, unsafe, more urban areas because I’d rather teleport myself Jetson style than deal with the sometimes insane, death-defying conditions on Balinese Jalans. Balinese roads, as I show off the few Indonesian words I know. If I got it right.

It’s How You Know and Who You Know


My network made the stop by possible.

We are house sitting for Kelly, who is friends with the woman at the visa company, who knew we were house sitting for Kelly when we mentioned the name of the property.

Knowing someone, and more importantly, being friends with someone, can open so many doors for you it’s not even funny.

I’d be schlepping my Boolie azz back to the business with the right paperwork if Kelly – house sitting Kelly not wifey – wasn’t close friends with the visa company lady. She’s her go to for all visa issues, for local cultural issues, and all that jazz, and has been for a minute.

I’m saving myself not only 30 minutes of death-defying, Evil Knievel style motorbike time, stunt driving through the streets of Bali, I’m also clearing up any confusion around the specific forms we need, by sorting through them when the lady arrives.

At your door service does not suck in a situation like this.

If you’re a world traveler, you know how precious these types of relationships are.

Namely, you’ll be less likely to bang your head against a stone wall if someone professional, compassionate and trusted is in your corner when it comes to all things visa.

Who we knew, and how we knew them, played a huge part in saving ourselves time, energy and anxiety.

Bloggers, I am in Bali for 4 months because of my friends.

Sure I create:

  • posts
  • eBooks
  • videos
  • articles
  • etc, etc, etc

..and I have published somewhat helpful content – at least I gather – over the years, but I can’t be here without you.

You support me, inspire me, promote me aggressively to your networks, hire me, offer advice, build my theme and grow our Blogging from Paradise community.

Without friends I’d be lost.

Without friends I’d be a goner.

But with friends, wow, has this journey been spectacular.

Of course, friends are friends if friends deeply, genuinely care about you. The “how you know” part.

If a blogger could give a rat’s rectum (yuck) about you and your blog, are they a friend? No. No bond formed, no lasting impact, no real sparks flying, no symbiotic, prospering relationship.

BUT….making impacts on fellow bloggers in the blogging tips niche, well, that’ll make you one popular and prospering blogger.

Impacts are made – especially when connecting with the wizards below – by being mindful as a Zen Buddhist, as compassionate as Mother Theresa, and as creative as Michelangelo.

I am joking.

Be as mindful as the average human being, as compassionate as the guy next door and as creative as an inspired slug and you still have a chance to make a lasting impression on someone.


By being authentic.

Hell, when I began this blogging journey I was as prolific as a tortoise with writer’s block. I moved that slow. I had little to offer, and as for my mindset, envision 2 million motorbikes traversing recklessly through Hanoi (we’ve seen it, it’s nutz) during a 7.1 earthquake while the creature from Tremors attempts to gobble up hapless Vietnamese riders.

Now, pack that image into Ryan Biddulph’s mind, circa 6 years ago, to understand that I had the spiritual and mental advancement of a Peking man with ADD.

I was lost.

But at least I was *fairly* genuine, kinda authentic, and since I did promote others and post in-depth, thorough comments on blogs, I made a bunch of lasting friends and I began to build a community around my blog.

Your Struggles


I know, I know, you’re not a networker. I’ve heard that one before. Reaching out and branching out feels:

  • as awkward as a high school prom
  • as uncomfortable as wearing a thick, wool sweater and knit cap in the 105 F heat index weather here in Bali
  • as terrifying as having Freddy Kruger give you a haircut

I know. I was that sheltered, feeble networker, feeling awkward, anxious, angry, uncomfortable and ready to piddle in my paradise pants.

But I chose to be free, over sprinting back into my miserable, but comfortable, experience, so I ran with it.

I overcame my networking fear by diving into the fear, and I assailed the networking anxieties one friendship developed at a time.

Before you reach that list below, remember; poor networkers publish diaries, and make little dough, and have a helluva time freeing themselves, and rich, skilled networkers were usually poor networkers who were disgusted with struggling online, as you may imagine, rich networkers tend to blog from paradise.

At least this networker likes Blogging from Paradise.

Remember the Loner, Remember the Jock


I was a shy guy in high school. Started off as a loner. Over time, I became more of a jock but I never fully entered the “popular jock who knows everybody” status, the rarefied air, reserved for the real playas out there.

I have aged more like a fine wine and less like a shriveled up prune – that is NO shot at my fellow high school classmates, ya hear? – but back before Biddulph budded into someone who’d Bali it out, and who beached on Balangan, and who bounced to Burma for visa runs, hell, I was more of a loner until I met my tight knit group of buddies.

Loners have a tough time in a social world. Loners have few friends to promote them, to support them, and to inspire them.

Jocks have the world at their feet – right or wrong – so a world of possibilities opens up for them.

I’m not suggesting you ditch your glasses and pick up a football, nor do I feel you should lose the pocket protector to pick up a basketball, but goodness gracious, if you want to make your life easier, let alone your business life, build meaningful, long term friendships with a handful of folks.


  • expand your presence
  • boost your trust factor
  • support you during tough times
  • support you during high times (no, not those high times)
  • increase your online revenue, by promoting you and by hiring you

The list is endless. Since I plan to actually share a list – and since I know your time is at a premium, and that you want the damn blogging tips already – we’ll be diving into the 23 fascinating bloggers shortly.

Why I’m Writing this Post


I want to be a grand connector.

I want you to meet my friends.

I want you to meet folks who I’m becoming friends with.

We all win.

If I introduce you to fascinating bloggers, and if you connect with these folks, all of our friend networks grow, and nobody can lose in that situation.

I enjoy spreading your presence. I enjoy helping you out.

I know that if I wasn’t connected a bit, here in Bali, I’d be at the whim of the visa company gods, and something tells me a dose of Bali black magic could have led to a frustrating, maddening experience, if I didn’t know who I knew.

But I do know them.

Thank the lucky stars.

Make Money Blogging


Goodness knows folks struggle to make money blogging.

I have been there. I know how frustrating it can be, as floors, walls, and feelings have been hurt, being the recipient of my former Hulk-like “don’t make me angry!” surges which weren’t too purdy, and which were related to money making issues. Or, non money making issues. Or, being as attractive to money as a leper reels in hypochondriacs.

So I, being keyword astute/ho, I included the “make money blogging” phrase in the title.

Want to know where the money is? In blogging?


  • the bonds you build with these folks
  • the creative, prospering ideas these folks share
  • the support dynamos below offer you
  • piggy banks (hehehe, hehehe….do you still use a piggy bank?)
  • between couch cushions
  • jeans you’re about to toss into the dryer (weird, right? Usually a $10 spot)
  • love these bloggers show ya (pushing you like a pimp, or in less raunchy terms, in their aggressive promotion of you)

The money is not in the list. Nope. Never was. Never will be.

The list is an inanimate object. Inanimate objects can’t give you money.

But the relationships, the bonds, you build, through list building, and through meeting, and befriending, and supporting, these fascinating blogging freaks – in a good way – these bosses, well, those bonds pad your pockets.

You’ll find inspiration, creativity and oodles upon oodles of prospering, ingenious ideas by networking with the list members below.

So yeah, that’s why I included the money making bit up top. I want to appeal to folks who want to ramp it up 15 notches in the scrilla department.

I want you to be able to walk around like Matthew Lesko, or Scrooge McDuck, swimming through a pool of doubloons….IF you intend to use the money wisely. To free you. And to free other folks.

Scrooge McDuck wasn’t really hoarding. Ducks need massaging on their behind. Honest. I watched ’em for hours in the rice fields around Bali.

Benefits of Reading this Post


Oh, stop it…..get away from my diary lock.

I’m having a blue day.

Does he love me?

Does he not?

Will I ever find true love?


Time to eat some bon bons (still exist, do they? I hear not about bon bons these days….then again, I live in Bali).

Lemme enter today’s journal.

Into my diary.

What image comes to mind when you think about diary journaling?

The previous 9 sentences come to mind. I think of:

  • the little lock on a diary
  • frilly designs
  • young girls journaling about crying in the bathroom during the big dance
  • yelling at brothers who try to break the lock on their diaries
  • blue days
  • longing for love

..maybe I watched too much Sweet Valley High.

But I think diary, I think these images.

What in the HADES does diary journaling have to do with this post?

Unless you make friends with influential bloggers your blog is a diary.”

Benefits List


  • have more than tumbleweeds around after publishing your posts
  • build your email list through your friendships
  • boost your blog traffic through the miracle of cross promotion/sowing seeds
  • increase your blogging income through prospering partnerships developed in paradise (or, in your home town)
  • build a strong support system to take you through the blogging doldrums, and the blogging highs

I implore you, to NOT take my word for it. Look at your experience.

Unless you have manifested some bizarre type of scenario, where you can buy from yourself, and make money by paying yourself, for your products or services, sentient beings other than you will need to read your posts, share your posts and hire you, or buy from you, in order for you to engineer a freeing lifestyle through blogging.

Those sentient beings other than yourself may be:

  • protozoa
  • otters
  • locust
  • sea worms (most loyal customers)
  • puppies
  • chickens
  • dragons
  • Alien Life Forms (or ALF’s, and if I didn’t work an ALF reference into my blog, eventually, life wouldn’t have been worth living)

(Note; protozoa like to welch. Beware.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to add human beings who need blogging help to that list.

Sentient beings of the human, blogging variety, outside of yourself, will be the folks who support you, promote you, offer you testimonials, and send you money.

These sentient beings arrive not to your blog through transporting, transmitting their essence through the ethers, a fine mist showing up in your comments field.

Where's King Kong? Is this Skull Island? I snapped this dramatic shot of a volcano is the distance at the beach in Jimbaran, Bali.

Where’s King Kong? Is this Skull Island? I snapped this dramatic shot of a volcano is the distance at the beach in Jimbaran, Bali.

You befriend these folks, who spread your word, unto their networks, and so on, and so on.

The befriending process involves:

  • promoting the heck out of these folks
  • commenting on their blogs
  • emailing them, asking how you can help them
  • doing whatever you can to serve them
  • chatting them up

So, you listen to me, like a good little Blogging from Paradise minion, follow the tips on the prior list, and something neat happens: your blogging dreams come true, your blogging goals manifest, through your efforts, and through the efforts of your friend networks.

Folks introduce you to influencers. Which is how I got to know so many power brokers, through my main man, Chris Brogan.

Folks hire you. Friends, Or friends of friends of friends, or those bastard protozoa who drive bargains as ruthlessly as Watto, of The Phantom Menace fame (pretty rough movie, better reference).

So, in a nutshell, building genuine, authentic connections, with these influencers, these power brokers, these folks who helped me fly to Fiji, and to ball in Bali, and to cruise through Costa Rica, and to play in Phuket, these are folks you should know, to grow, and to prosper.



Now that a day has elapsed since I started writing this post……….

……the woman never came to the villa. We still need to go to immigration once for photographing and finger printing, and I still find having friends really important, ha!

The Universe is chock full of irony. Or, humor. Haha. Thanks Universe.

BUT… assured our visa company contact is helping us through some high hurdles typically faced by tourists here, hungry to extend their stay.

She’ll be able to hook us up with long term visas should we go that route. We didn’t come in off the street, cold, walking into any old biz. We knew someone who knew someone, which opened doors for us and which caused us to trust the helpful biz owners, instantly.

So yes, it still helps to know people.

The Fascinating List


This will be a jambalaya of bloggers, a stew of different niches, a melting pot of magnificent bloggers.

I got guys and gals from:

  • network marketing
  • travel blogging
  • blogging tips
  • personal develop
  • web design

.niches, as well as a few other sub niches, so that’s a lot of niches, my bit….I am kidding. My kiddies.

Expand your networks. Tap into oodles of creativity. Get on the radar.

I’m providing you with this hodge podge of high rolling bloggers because I know you may be struggling like hell with the networking portion of your blogging campaign. You may be looking high and low for blogging tips, not knowing that those who blog professionally almost always have a sizable, like-minded, thriving community.

No, not a blog; the top dawgs, the big fish, have supportive communities….because they…..know people.

Well my Blogging from Paradise buds…..these are “the people” you want to get to know, and to befriend, to make your life easier.

Connect with these people. That means, click on the links, comment on their latest post, share their work socially, and shoot ’em an email.

These folks are but a handful of the legions of online pros who’ve made my life possible.

I retired to a life of island hopping through:

  • smart blogging
  • my friendships

On to the fascinating bloggers!

1: Kelli Cooper


Kelli’s fascinating because:

  • she’s my wife (under contract to say that)
  • she does and says funny things
  • she’s lived the life I live

Kelli’s the only person who can attest to the veracity of my stories. Or to my gross embellishments. Truth be told, she’s intriguing, because she offers you a rags to riches type story of immense manifesting power.

From being penniless, and in dire straights after losing her dad, to manifesting as much freaking cool things and experiences as any law of attraction coach on the web, Kelli offers you an inspired study into how you can…..drum roll please…Live Your Life Made to Order.

She’s a Master Manifestor, an Inspiring, Compassionate Coach and hey, she said “Yes” to me. Which makes her #1 on this list. Because if you like Blogging from Paradise she had as much to do with it as anybody on earth.

I’m her husband.

She cooks my dinners.

Connect with Kelli here:

Live Life Made to Order

2: Don Purdum


Don fascinates me because he’s built a thriving business online based on the fundamentals.

He’s impressively good at forming intimate bonds with each person he meets. Think of Don as being a people person. Not the type of people person who wears on ya, who you wish to boot from your home or place of business on sight, but the type of people person who’s warm, authentic and out to brighten up your day.

He is good people. He is an excellent study for delving into the power of relationship building.

Don is old skool with a new school twist. He sticks to the basics and applies them to growing your business on the internet.

He’s a dear friend and wonderful dude.

Connect with Don here:

Unveil the Web

3: Adrienne Smith


Adrienne Smith is the Networking Maven. She’s from the Don Purdum school of building strong, intimate bonds with friends.

Adrienne is caring, compassionate, empathetic and highly skilled at being…..human. I mean, she’s not trying to be that way. She’s just nice, thoughtful, authentic and honest.

She’s a heart felt blogger from deep in the heart of Texas (been waiting to use that line here since Pee Wee’s Big Adventure).

She’s one of the better networked bloggers I’ve met so that makes her a wonderful person to learn from, if you’re an aspiring island hopper wanting to know how to connect with folks the right way.

Get to know Adrienne today right here:

Adrienne Smith Dot Net

4: Matthew Capala


Matthew Capala is about the most inspiring dude you’ll see online.

He’s fascinating not just because he’s worked with me for so long, he’s also worked his way up from humble beginnings to become a super star marketer, a bootstrapping wizard, a networking machine and an NYU professor.

How many folks do you know who wear ALL of those hats?

Not many, methinks.

Matt’s an awesome dude too. Super positive, super supportive, and I almost see him as a foundation, a support system, who holds up so many new and experienced entrepreneurs as they take their freeing journey.

Mr. Capala is what you call, “Connected”. Didn’t happen by some ridiculous cosmic accident either.

The dude hustles!

When he releases a product Matt makes the Bubonic Plague ashamed at its lack of virality.

Get to know Matthew Capala today, he’s good people.

Search Decoder

5: Leanne Schmidt and Reinardt Gilfillian


Leanne and Reinardt (they are not conjoined twins I’m just doubling them up) are living with us here in paradise. We’re co-house sitters tending to the pets and some of the grounds here in Jimbaran, Bali.

I have to admit; I’d add ’em to this list based on their accent alone.

I feel the South African accent is about the coolest on earth, ever since I was first exposed to it on watching Lethal Weapon 2.

Thank goodness for me, this duo is not at all like the murdering, ruthless drug dealers in Lethal Weapon 2. If they were similar I’d give ’em a pat on the back for being able to score a house sit like this with a somewhat checkered past.

Leanne and Reinardt aren’t just house sitters; they run a colorful, beautifully-designed and chock full of content blog over at Explore Taste Travel.

Get to know these uber positive, helpful and inspired travel bloggers right here, ya see:

Explore Taste Travel

6: Gabe Johansson


Gabe and I go back like spinal cords.

We connected many moons ago when I was living somewhere warm, humid, and tropical.

Since that included most stops on my round the world trip over the past 46 months let’s just say we met back when I had fewer grays. Which doesn’t narrow things down much either. Oh well.

Gabe will help ya prosper online. He’s adept at forming bonds because he’s UBER authentic. Code word; he doesn’t bullshit ya. Which I enjoy.

Gabe’s another HEB – High Energy Baller – who brightens up every cyber room he enters.

Get to know Gabe here:

Gabe Johansson Dot Com

7: Erik Emmanueli


Erik is another world traveling guy but he’s more of a dare devil.

He makes Evil Knievel look like Monk, from the TV series of the same name (Google it to see what I mean).

The guy makes my tiger petting episode (Kelli and I petted three, 400 pound tigers in their cage, as I checked my drawers for…..) look like a tiny tussle with a tabby, a cute cuddle with a cat, a fun frolick with a feline.

This guy’s got cajones. Or in Italia, they may call ’em “pietres” (Me dispiace per il translation ruvido, Erik).

He’s a kick butt blogger who is the creator and owner of No Passive Income. He breaks down social media and blogging topics like a boss.

Connect with Erik here:

No Passive Income

8: Adventurous Miriam


I stumbled upon Miriam’s blog like last week.

(Hey stop tickling my feet Sari the mischievous Bali cat!…..we now return to our scheduled programming).

She’s brilliant, funny, clever and writes with sass! Now that’s what a travel blog should be like.

She rocks. Get to know her. Awesome energy, awesome blog, awesome writing style.

Adventurous Miriam

9: I Am Aileen


The thing so fascinating to me at least, about Aileen, is her path from worker to world traveler.

She shared how she grew up in a traditional Filipino family where let’s just say her decision to up and become a globe trotting gal didn’t vibe with her parent’s view of how she should live her life.

I’ve known a few cats – and kittens – with uber traditional parents who gave ’em hell for making freeing, albeit contrasting choices, in terms of their parent’s take on things.

More than anything though, her rebel spirit, her creativity and her smooth writing style makes her someone ya gotta get to know.

Connect with Aileen here:

I Am Aileen

10: Phillip Dews


The man.

The myth.

The legend.

Phillip Dews is the web developer behind Blogging from Paradise.

He’s the wizard behind the curtain.

He recently TOTALLY re-did my theme, creating an authentic, one of a kind Paradise Theme that’s all the rave.

He’s not huge into blogging these days but he runs a fascinating blog and more than that, he’s a fascinating guy.

Big league birder and a purveyor of pubs too.

We’ll have to pound a few pints when we meet up.

Get to know Phil here. Really, get to know the guy, he’s an A1 dude, kind, generous and oh so helpful.

Brum Design Dot UK

11: Lisa Niver


Lisa runs the wildly popular and stupid prolific blog We Said Go Travel.

Every time I turn around I am being besieged with updates from said blog through my Triberr feed. I almost feel like a speed bag. But this is in a good way.

The content is wonderful, the stories are emotional, and Lisa’s ultimate goal is to spread global awareness.

She shares the platform with many up and coming travelers who cover all corners of the globe.

Super inspired blog and a great person to connect with.

Get to know Lisa here:

We Said Go Travel

12: Ande Lyons


Ande Lyons is a high energy, positive dynamo, and she’s also the creator of Possibility Partners.

The thing that most fascinates me about Ande is her unending, genuine positive energy.

Some folks, you can just FEEL how much they care about others. Count her in this crowd.

We recently did a pretty darn popular show together, with Ande graciously inviting lil old me to be a guest.

I can honestly say it seemed like she Jetsoned her way some 12,000 miles from Boston to Bali, teleporting instantly, because it felt like she was sitting beside me having an in person chat.

Yep, she has “it”.

Ande has the warmth and loving kindness of a Buddhist Monk and the business building skills of a Robert Kiyosaki. She’s a champ, through and though.

What a bright light and must follow blogger guys.

Connect with Ande here:

Ande Lyons Dot Com

13: Donna Merrill


Donna and I go way, way back.

We probably met through Adrienne Smith somehow because we both rolled in those circles for many moons.

I dig Donna because she’s grew up in the Tri-State like myself. She was Brooklyn bred while I am a NJ guy.

I also vibe with Donna because she shares practical, powerful, sensible business-building tips.

Donna has a wonderful business background including growing a prospering brick and mortar store and she’s fiercely loyal to her buddies.

Awesome person, fab blogger and definitely someone you need to know.

Connect with Donna here:

Donna Merrill Tribe

14: Ramsay Taplin


I remember reading about some dictator on Pro Blogger, many eons ago it felt like. Maybe it was a few years.

Anyway, I saw the name “Blog Tyrant” pop up again and again. Turns out, he’s not some strong man dominating a third world, impoverished country, he’s actually a really good dude and tremendously knowledgeable blogger.

His name’s Ramsay Taplin. He’s no Pinochet, Saddam Hussein or Stalin. He’s just helpful, and I gotta say, I find his writing style most intriguing. A bit self-deprecating sometimes and uber packed with value. Unlike how a dictator would do it.

Get to know Ramsay here:

Blog Tyrant

15: Ray Higdon


Other than Adrienne Smith, Ray Higdon is the first guy I met/followed from this list.

He was a broke joke who was getting smoked by life, it seems, until he honed his mental tools – craftily – and started making gazillions of dollars. Joking….remove the “g” and add a “t”. Joking….add a “b” take away…..ok the joke’s gone cold.

Ray’s made millions of dollars through network marketing. He’s an awesome study in positivity, working on your mindset and being able to attract a large group of readers to your blog.

Fabulous human being and a must follow guy.

Connect with Ray here:

Ray Higdon Dot Com

16: Mark Januszewski


Mark is someone who I followed for many years when I did the network marketing thing.

He’s super fascinating because he’s the World’s Laziest Networker.

Like Ray, Mark does networking marketing. He’s so good at providing real, simple, practical tips to grow any online venture.

Mark is a masterful relationship builder. Pay close attention to how he builds and fosters bonds, fanning the relationship flames – in a good way – through each interaction.

He lives in gorgeous, stunningly beautiful Hawaii. So yes, he’s also blogging from paradise.

Connect with Mark here:

World’s Laziest Networker

17: Danny Iny


Danny is in the “I am about as connected as any blogger on earth” type rarified air.

His content touched more people than the flu during a stretch not many moons ago. Danny was everywhere, spreading the word through inspired, informed and helpful guest posting.

He wrote so many guest posts on Problogger I thought he was Darren Rowse, with a light goatee.

Now is Firepole Marketing has taken off. Big Time.

Danny specializes in creating practical, inspired blog posts. These days he has a whole stable of top shelf bloggers churning out quality content at his blog.

Check it out here and get to know Danny better:

Firepole Marketing

18: Neil Patel


Neil Patel is the genius behind Quicksprout.

He’s a brilliant marketer AND content creator.

Yep folks, we don’t see that too much these days.

Neil is adept at building strong, meaningful bonds with his audience. Check out his posts. Responding, connecting, engaging and bonding, that’s what Neil does so well.

Pay attention to the man’s content too; he’s a pro’s pro when it comes to publishing stats and hard data to back up his viewpoint.

I stole Neil’s About Me page. No, not the page, because if that were the case, I’d have lived his life…..but I gained inspiration from his long form, in-depth About Me page, and I ran with that idea here: Ryan’s About Me Page.

Get to know Neil, the Sultan of Quicksprout:


19: Raymond Walsh


What can I say?

Man on the Lam – created by Raymond Walsh – is a stupendously creative, engaging travel blog specializing in over delivering. Like, each post makes an impact. My type of blog.

I could see Charlie Chaplain hop out of his sidebar one of these days. Awesome period-style theme mixed with an air of escapism.

Posts are chock full of inspired travel images, helpful information and like I said, the blog is a community, a big old party for yearning travel bloggers who want to connect with pros from within the niche.

Get to know Raymond here:

Man on the Lam

The Inspiration for this Post


I am as greedy a bastard as The Cookie Monster.

I implore every blogger on this list to publish a comment below, to promote me, and to expand my presence immediately. That’s an order, maggots!

Joking of course, joking, oh yes, I really am joking. No I’m not. Yes I am.

Nah, no jocularity for now……Reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell inspired me to write this post.

I have done the feature bit here a few times. I love giving my blogging buds some shine. BUT… I am reading this brilliant book now, I envision myself as a Great Connector, a blogging conduit, a match maker that’d make Chuck Woolery of Love Connection fame green with envy.

I am learning how to not only promote my buddies, but to think of perfect matches for you, so both parties can accelerate the other’s careers, freeing all involved.

I am big on sharing practical blogging tips, but I am even bigger now on connecting you with high rollers, with influencers, with the dons of the online world, to put your blogging career into overdrive.

Blogging Tips for Today


I have homework for you, whether you’re in Dubai, or Dublin, or Danang, or Dalat, or Denpesar……connect with at least 5 people from this list today. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Do it now. Create connecting momentum. Click a link, comment on the latest post, share the post on social networks.

You’ll be amazed at how many blogging tips you’re exposed to, as well as power brokers, and prospering potential, and “P” style alliteration.

These folks have – and continue to – afford me the ability to blog from paradise because:

  • I learn from them
  • I gain inspiration from them
  • I receive cash from them (not reverse payola in paradise; I gots clientz on here’z)
  • I gain support from them
  • I pick up wisdom from them
  • I watch my presence expand through their promotional efforts

I also wanted to introduce you to some new blood through this list. You’ve likely met a few folks up top already as they are dear connections but I added some Young Turks, some fresh-faced bloggers and a few folks not specifically in the blogging niche because viral ideas – and blogs – often germinate viral, infectious seeds from within and outside of relevant niches.

Again, that’s The Tipping Point talking. Thanks, Malcolm.

Cutting this Post Short


This post will be shorter than usual. No 7,000 words. For me, that’s short.


I want you to take the time to introduce yourself to these folks, through their blog comment fields, and through email, and through their social media accounts.

Even though I don’t know everybody super well, you can still tell ’em Ryan sent ya.



You have the list.

You have the compelling reasons.

Well…what are ya waiting for?

Grab yourself a coconut water, whip yourself up a banana shake and get to meeting these fine folks.

Call to Action


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OK…I have a second call to action here. I uploaded all of my Blogging from Paradise eBooks exclusively to Amazon. I did this to get them into as many hands as possible. Because I am freer by the day and I want you to free yourself and to live your dreams too.

Heck, why NOT retire to a tropical island as a blogger, right? If that sounds good to you or if you want simple, practical, usable blogging tips – with a travel story here and there – download my eBooks on Amazon. I’ve enrolled them in a few Kindle special programs and even lowered the prices a bit for easier, quicker, stress-free downloading.

Post a review after reading to share your thoughts, OK?

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Until next time….enjoy paradise!

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